Top 16 Most-Wanted Kids Toys This Year: Don’t Miss Out

Whenever an occasion comes around that you need to secure one of the best kids’ toys for a special child in your life, you may feel like you are utterly clueless about what to buy.

This year, there are many new items and old favorites with updated twists making it on all the top toys lists. There’s something fun in every category.

Electronic Kids Toys

It’s hard to go wrong with an electronic toy because kids these days are so well-versed in high-tech things. They are usually a winning choice if you can’t figure out what to buy.

Nintendo Switch

For ages six and up

The Nintendo Switch is the latest offering from this game giant. It offers three ways to play: TV, tabletop, and handheld. You’ll get the screen with two attached controllers and a dock.

The screen measures 6.2-inches and features touchscreen technology. The system has up to nine hours of battery life. Do note that the second generation systems have much better battery life than the first generation ones.

You connect to wi-fi to play, and there are multiplayer options, allowing you to connect to up to eight other consoles.


  • Portable
  • Multiple playing options
  • Parental controls available


  • Does not include a game
  • Lacking in memory space

Tobi Robot Smartwatch

For ages four and up

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch has a design made for children. It looks and acts much like a real smartwatch, but instead of allowing messaging and internet access, it provides games and other fun activities. It does fully function as a watch, stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock.

The child can set reminders using it as well. There is also a pedometer and motor sensor included.

It is a functioning robot with moving arms and legs. It interacts with the child and has a playful personality. There are rewards to unlock and customizable features.

The watch has two built-in cameras for pictures or video. It can store up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video. You’ll get the watch, watchband, and a clip that also serves as a stand.


  • Encourages dancing and moving
  • A variety of functional uses


  • Can only communicate with other Tobi watches

Squeakee the Balloon Dog

For ages five and up

Squeakee the Balloon Dog is a unique toy idea. This interactive robot dog looks just like a balloon dog. Kids can even “deflate” and “inflate” him. Squeakee comes with a pin, pump, and squeaker toy.

Squeakee is a lot of fun as he is responsive and does tricks. He even will pee and fart on command. He’s highly trainable. He’ll move and make sounds in response to the person operating him.


  • Nothing else like it on the market
  • Easy to train


  • No volume control and is loud

Crafty Kids Toys

Part of the challenge with kids is keeping them busy. Crafty toys are a great way to engage them while also encouraging their creative side.

Play-Doh Compounds

For ages three and up

Play-Doh Compounds is a set of various substances that go beyond the traditional dough. It comes as a variety six-pack.

The options include a gooey slime, fluffy and soft cloud, hard-beaded crackle, firm and squishy foam, stretchy putty, and grainy sand.

The various textures provide an engaging tactile experience, encouraging kids to squeeze, stretch, squish, and ooze the compounds. They are fun to touch and come in various colors.


  • Play-Doh quality product
  • Washable


  • Some versions are messy

Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit

For ages seven and up

The Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit allows children to make their own paper flowers that bloom and change colors right before their eyes. It includes everything needed to make 12 flowers, but you can use coffee filters to make more with the kit.

The kit features wicking paper, which forms the flower. When put in colored water, it soaks up the color and changes instantly.


  • Provide hands-on science lesson
  • Encourages creativity


  • Flowers do not stay on the stems

Building Kids Toys

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing a toy that a kid can build on his or her own. There are options for small and big kids in this category.

Mega Bloks Peek-a-Block

For ages 12 months and up

The Peek-a-Block set from Mega Bloks is a fun way to introduce little ones to building blocks. They feature three round animal figures: cow, tiger, and whale. The shape is a perfect design for small hands.

These blocks will play peek-a-boo with the child when he or she puts them on another Mega Blok. The animal’s ears or arms fold to cover its eyes and open again when placed on a block. They are compatible with all other Peek-a-Block sets and other Mega Bloks.


  • Help with gross motor skills
  • Develop imagination


  • Need other blocks for full experience

Lego Dots Rainbow Jewelry Stand

For ages six and up

The Lego Dots Rainbow Jewelry Stand creates a functional stand to hold a child’s jewelry. It features a large cloud with five hanging hooks and a rainbow stand. It also has a tray for smaller items.

The child can design it in a range of ways. It comes with instructions for various designs. The kit has 213 pieces. The finished project stands about seven inches high.


  • Packaging is sorting and storage tray
  • Encourages creativity


  • Not very functional for hanging necklaces

Games and Learning Kids Toys

Children are at a critical stage of life where their minds are rich with potential. To help them be the best they can be, you can offer up games and learning toys that stimulate their minds while offering them a ton of fun.

Osmo Math Wizards Magical Workshop

For ages six and up

The Osmo Math Wizards Magical Workshop teaches first- and second-grade math. It’s a self-paced hybrid game that works using an iPad or Amazon Fire and encourages experimental learning.

The magic theme features a village called Wyverndell and a cat named Mumbles. As they play, children work with Mumbles and brew potions to help dragons fly.

The games teach addition, subtraction, place value, regrouping, and mental calculations. It does not require internet to play and comes with the number board playmat, sticker sheets, spellbook, counting cubes, and counting rods. It doesn’t include the required Osmo base or tablet.


  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Builds math confidence


  • Require extra purchases to play

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

For ages eight and up

The Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game treats you to an experience based on the Jungle Cruise ride from Disney theme parks.

It includes a game board, navigation cards, dice, boat movers and placards, specialty cards, waring shot tiles, passenger tokens, river tokens, clue tokens, outpost tokens, tip tokens, and a rule book.

Playtime is about 45 to 60 minutes for two to four players. The mission in the game is to transport passengers and cargo to the Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters. Once you reach Headquarters, one family of passengers will become the caretakers.

The challenge is that you will lose and gain cargo and passengers along the way as you face dangers. Whoever brings the most valuable boat to Headquarters wins.


  • Easy to understand instructions
  • High on nostalgia for Disney fans
  • High-quality components


  • Luck, not strategy, determines who wins
  • Too much repetition in gameplay that becomes boring

LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum

For ages two and up

The LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum allows a child to pretend clean. The vacuum comes with 10 “dust bunny” discs that it picks up as the child sweeps over them.

The vacuum recognizes the discs’ colors. It includes counting and color recognition games. This toy encourages imagination and pretend play.

It is engaging with a light-up panel, bouncing balls inside the toy, sounds, and songs. It includes six educational games and three learning modes: number, color, and play.


  • Tiltable and height-adjustable handle
  • Attached dust bin that holds disks


  • Dust bin comes off easily

Active Kids Toys

Making exercise fun is the best way to get kids moving. These active toys will encourage them to get up and have fun through physical activities.

Schwinn Krate EVO Bike

For ages three and up

The Schwinn Krate EVO Bike is a throwback design to the 1970s classic bikes. It has complete ’70s styling with Sting Ray inspiration featuring an adjustable banana seat, Slik rear tire, and steel frame.

The bike measures in at 38 to 48 inches tall and has 16-inch wheels. It comes in red, blue, black, and pink. There is optimization to the frame specifically for smaller children and more stability. It has removable training wheels and coaster brakes.


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Geared for an easy start


  • May not work for larger children due to the design

Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster

For ages eight and up

The Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster by Hasbro features everything we love about Nerf products. It comes with soft darts that fit in the included clip that shoots 10 darts. It also has a rail riser for adding accessories.

The styling for this toy is from the Halo Infinite MA40 blaster from the Halo game. It features battery operation, making it simple to shoot, even for younger users. It’s also simple to load the clip and uses standard-sized darts.


  • Compatible with all Nerf clips
  • Look is authentic


  • Requires 4 C batteries, not included
  • Not much power

Vehicle Kids Toys

Kids love to pretend they are driving, so vehicle toys are always an excellent buy.

The Animal Unboxing Truck

For ages four and up

The Animal Unboxing Truck allows a child to have fun before he or she even opens the box. In fact, opening the toy is part of the fun.

By using a key, the child can unlock the crate. Then, he or she can yell and shake about to make the truck mad. It will then burst out of its box. Children can recreate the unboxing as many times as they want.

Usable indoors and outdoors, the monster truck features retractable claws, sounds, and lights. It can climb up to three-inch obstacles. It also includes a tow strap for pulling and towing.


  • Interactive
  • Can turn sound off


  • Requires batteries, not included

Playmobil Scooby-Doo! Mystery Machine

For ages five and up

The Playmobil Scooby-Doo! Mystery Machine is a classic. It allows a child to recreate the adventures of the gang using the included Fred, Velma, and Daphne figures.

The van looks just like it does in the cartoons. All the doors open, and the roof and cab remove for easy access to inside. It also features an illuminated monitor that allows for viewing ghost cards.

The toy includes various accessories, such as a map, flashlight, spyglass, and Scooby snacks. It requires two AAA batteries, which do not come with it.


  • Durable design
  • Authentic look


  • Scooby and Shaggy sold separate
  • Ghost cards not included

Dolls and Figurines Kids Toys

Dolls and figurines are a common choice in kids toys, and there are many from which to choose.

Jurassic World Epic Roarin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex

For ages four and up

The Jurassic World Epic Roarin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex is a figure from the Jurassic World animated series, Camp Cretaceous. It has a super realistic look with a tail that moves and a mouth that chomps.

It also roars and has movable joints. A standout feature is the soft, squishy tongue that brings together the realism of the dino.

When you move its tail up and down and side to side, it will thrash its head in the primal attack move. Push the button, and it will roar and shake. If you hold the button, it gives a mega roar. It takes three AA batteries, which are not in the package.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Very realistic


  • Very loud

Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise Playset

For ages three and up

For an out-of-the-box doll experience, try the Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise Playset. This unique toy is a set of three dolls that grow out of their flower pots when you water them.

You get three dolls, three water pots, and a watering cloud. What dolls you get is always a surprise, but you can count on big and sparkly hair no matter which one grows for you. You’ll also get a range of surprises, including accessories, mini friends, fashions, and stickers.


  • Easy to use
  • Watering cloud can water real plants, too


  • May get duplicate dolls

So Many Great Kids Toys This Year

There are fantastic kids’ toys in every category this year. And there is something for every age group too.

Even for the kid that seems to already have everything, you’re sure to find the perfect give for them. Shopping has never been this much fun before.

Did we miss the toy your kids say they can’t live without? Let us know what it is in the comments.


214 Snarky, Funny, and Friendly Sayings You Need on Your Holiday Heat Press Goods

Heat press printing is a great way to begin your own business. You can sell a variety of products with snarky sayings that catch the eye.

Heat press printing is fast, colorful, and durable. It also is a much cleaner option than some other printing processes, and it’s low cost. Plus, you can print on a variety of mediums.

The professional results are something for which people definitely will pay. Couple that with a variety of sayings that speak to people, and you have a winning idea.

A Few Words about Heat Pressing

Heat press printing works by using high temperature and pressure to transfer an image onto a material. It embeds the transfer permanently. You can use a heat press to apply all types of wording and images onto a range of mediums:

  • Mugs
  • Tote bags
  • Ceramic tiles
  • T-shirts
  • Mouse pads
  • Hats
  • Ceramic plates
  • Robes

You can find the blank products upon which to print available in bulk, which allows you to get them for a low price. For example, a 12-pack of plain, white Fruit of the Loom t-shirts would make a great canvas upon which to print.

Choosing Snappy Wording

Products with printed sayings are popular, so it is an excellent choice to aim for heat press projects that feature snarky sayings or funny sayings. You can even use friendly sayings that will evoke emotion in the buyer.

Whatever your choice, make sure that you hit some chord with your target customers.

You can use an expression of almost any length. It is greatly dependent on how big you want your letters and how much space you have. Also, think about the delivery. With t-shirts, for example, you may want to use more simple sayings so that they are easy to read quickly.

You can adjust font size and spacing as needed to fit a saying on a medium. Just be sure that you don’t try to get too wordy. That usually doesn’t work well unless it is a quote.

If you want to give your products a leg up, consider adding your own art to them to give them a boost. Some sayings require an image to accompany them so that they make sense. Images can also help enhance a phrase or add some more humor to it.

A Word About Copyright

You should be aware of copyright as well. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a copyright is the legal right someone has to a piece of work. Trademarks are another thing you may run into.

In general, you can’t use anything that has a copyright or is a trademark without the permission of the owner. In general, copyrights will cover song lyrics, book quotes, and anything someone says in a movie or on television. Trademarks often cover catchphrases and company names or tag lines.

You can use anything available in the public domain, which means it no longer has any intellectual property protection. Your best bet is original designs. However, you are usually going to be okay using cliches, common sayings, or short sayings as these are all difficult to copyright.

Examples of Sayings

Figuring out what to print on your products is not easy. It takes a lot of creativity and hard work. Even if you are simply hunting for sayings online, it takes a lot of time.

To help make things easier for you, we offer you the following categories of sayings to give you some ideas:

  • Snarky
  • Funny
  • Friendly
  • Trendy
  • Pop culture
  • T-shirt specific
  • Mug Specific
  • For kids
  • For parents
  • For romantic partner
  • For best friend

20 Snarky Sayings

Snarky is another way to say sarcastic, and snarky is crazy popular right now. People love a good snarky reply or comment, which makes snarky sayings ideal for products you want to fly off the shelf.

You can do snarky in a few different ways: observations, statements, or humor. Whatever way you want to do it, here are some sayings to get you off to a good start.

Have you ever just wanted to state the obvious? Try some of these snarky sayings:

  • Duct Tape can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound. (See this saying at work on this t-shirt.)
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • An apple a day will keep anyone away if thrown hard enough.

Are there things you wish you could out loud but hold yourself back from saying? The following list features ideal ways to speak your inner truth.

  • If my mouth doesn’t say it, my face definitely will. (Check this one out here.)
  • I like whiskey and maybe 3 people. (Want to see how it looks on a tee?)
  • So, apparently, I’m dramatic.
  • I’m not bossy. I have leadership skills.
  • Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah. Me neither.
  • Me? Sarcastic? Never!
  • One of us is right. The other one is you.
  • I’m silently correcting your grammar.
  • Sarcasm: It’s just one more of my many talents.
  • I’m sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud? (See how this looks printed out.)
  • It’s way too peopley outside.
  • I run on caffeine, dog hair, and cuss words.
  • If you’re going to be salty, bring the tequila.

Some snarky sayings just seem to roll off the tongue. Gives these a try:

  • Nope. Not today.
  • Don’t be a Karen.
  • Throw sass like confetti.
  • A large group of people is called a “no thanks.”

19 Funny Sayings

Funny sayings can be everything from a cute observation to puns. Here are some of the best ideas we found that are sure to be a hit with your customers.

Some funny sayings address interesting tidbits about the person using the product:

  • Of course, I talk to myself… Sometimes I need expert advice (An example of this in use.)
  • I’m more confused than a chameleon in a bag of skittles.
  • They said don’t give up on your dreams, so I went back to sleep.
  • I’m great in bed. I can sleep for days.
  • I tried to be normal once. Worst minute of my life.
  • I hate being late, but I’m so good at it.
  • I came. I saw. I forgot what I was doing.
  • I’m not a hot mess. I’m a spicy disaster.
  • I broke up with my gym. We just weren’t working out.
  • Don’t rush me. I’m waiting until the last minute.
  • Dear naps, I’m sorry I hated you as a kid.

Other sayings give some interesting advice:

  • Let’s eat kids. Let’s eat, kids. Punctuation saves lives. (Check out the cute way they illustrated this on a t-shirt.)
  • When nothing goes right. Go left.
  • IDK. Google it

There are also a lot of hilarious sayings that have to do with food:

  • I’m into fitness. Fit’ness taco in my mouth. (This looks great with a taco image.)
  • There is no “we” in food.
  • God made pizza, so I wouldn’t be lonely.
  • Alexa, I need wine.
  • Ugh. I need a taco.

20 Friendly Sayings

Friendly sayings are pleasant quips. They may be inspirational sometimes or merely cute. Sometimes they lift others up or just bring a smile to the face of anyone who reads them. Here are some friendly sayings you might want to try out.

Many friendly sayings try to spread good feelings:

  • Do more of what makes you happy. (See how this saying looks on a t-shirt.)
  • Be kind. (Check out how this looks printed out.)
  • Be the reason someone smiles. (Discover how to make this look good on a shirt.)
  • Kindness is contagious.
  • Family is not an important thing… It’s everything.

Others give some great advice:

  • Keep your lashes long and your standards high.
  • Faith can move mountains.
  • You can.
  • Whatever you do, make it epic.
  • Just breathe.
  • Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.
  • Stay strong and sparkle on.
  • Be awesome today.

Some even make a pleasant statement:

  • Created with a purpose
  • I’m here to pet all the dogs.
  • No Probllama
  • #Blessed
  • I just want all the dogs.
  • Simply blessed
  • Braver, stronger, smarter

20 Trendy Saying

Let’s face it. The year 2020 brought about a lot of unique situations, which made for some amazingly funny sayings.

Nobody is going to forget the train wreck that was 2020 anytime soon, but why not immortalize it and everything associated with it by using trendy expressions on your products.

Of course, it was the Covid-19 virus that set it all off. Sayings that tackle the whole pandemic and elements of it are hits. Tackling everything from toilet paper to social distancing, you will find the following phrases bring everyone together (yet six feet apart).

Many sayings pinpoint the new ways of life in 2020:

  • I was social distancing before it was cool.
  • Quarantine vibes
  • I survived the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.
  • Social distancing champion since 1999
  • United we stand… six feet apart
  • Socially distant
  • Covid-19 sucks.
  • I’m essential.
  • Keep calm and wash your hands.
  • Quarantine and chill
  • Washing and wiping before it was cool.
  • Can you spare a square?
  • Everybody vs. Covid-19
  • Not today, ‘Rona.
  • My first pandemic

Some simply address the whole year and give a brief statement of everyone’s feelings about it:

  • 2020: Very bad. Would not recommend.
  • 2020: The one where it hasn’t been our day, our week, our month, or even our year
  • Alexa, reset 2020.
  • Ew, 2020
  • 2020: The one with the pandemic

20 Pop Culture Sayings

Some of the most annoying yet catchy sayings come straight from pop culture. If the youth are saying it, then it’s got to be cool, so why not put it on your products? Check out these popular sayings.

Some phrases are timeless. They are usually very short, often just one word, but they are instantly recognizable. They also often stand the test of time and even cross generations to become a natural part of the vernacular. Such sayings make perfect text to print.

  • On fleek
  • That’s hot!
  • As if
  • Awesome sauce
  • Fo shizzle
  • Stay woke
  • Cool story, bro.
  • That’s what she said.
  • Keep calm
  • Whatever
  • Girl power

Others address specific aspects of pop culture, such as song lyrics or jokes:

  • It was me. I let the dogs out.
  • Future reality star
  • Surely not everybody was kung fu fighting…
  • I wanna be where the people aren’t.
  • No pictures, please.

Then there are sayings that just strike a mood the wearer wishes to convey to the world:

  • I’m kind of a big deal. (This is also often done with an image of a dill pickle and the word “deal” changed to the word “dill” to make a quirky pun.)
  • Don’t be salty.
  • Fight like a girl.
  • Bad choices make good stories.

13 T-Shirt-Specific Sayings

While you certainly can use a heat press to print on many different mediums, t-shirts are one of the most popular choices. It’s great fun when you bring the t-shirt in on the joke. Here are some t-shirt sayings that will only work on this wardrobe staple.

Some of the sayings are just stating a fact about the shirt:

  • This is my wedding planning shirt. (You could also replace “wedding” with other occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, etc.)
  • I have nothing to wear.
  • Does this shirt make me look fat?
  • My lazy t-shirt
  • This is my costume.
  • Last clean t-shirt
  • This is my blank t-shirt.
  • Shhhh… This is my hangover shirt.
  • This is my too tired to function t-shirt.

Other sayings are perfect for the introvert:

  • You read my shirt. That’s enough social interaction for the day.
  • If you can read this, you are too close.

Finally, there are sayings that give you insight into the wearer’s life:

  • My parents went to Hawaii, and all I got was this shirt (This is highly customizable. You can change parents to any other relationship, and Hawaii can become any location.)
  • T-shirt today. Toilet paper tomorrow.

20 Mug-specific sayings

Mugs are another incredibly popular choice for printed sayings. Here are some options that work as sayings to put on mugs.

Coffee lovers will get a thrill out of these sayings that speak right to their hearts:

  • Living on a prayer and coffee
  • May your coffee kick in before reality does. (Check it out on a mug here.)
  • I’m sorry for what I said before I had my coffee.
  • Coffee because Monday
  • Coffee now. Wine later.
  • My java lets me espresso myself.
  • First, we drink the coffee, then we do the things.
  • I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it. (See an example of this on a mug here.)
  • Coffee… because it’s too early for wine.
  • I thought I liked coffee. Turns out I like creamer.
  • I don’t rise and shine. I caffeinate and hope for the best.
  • I tried starting a day without coffee. My court date is pending.
  • Coffee makes me poop. (Give someone a laugh with this product.)
  • My husband is hotter than my coffee.

Perhaps you have a friend that loves wine who will fall for these cute sayings:

  • Got wine?
  • This may contain wine.
  • Breakfast wine
  • Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can, and give me wine to accept the things I can’t.

Not everyone is drinking coffee or wine from their mug, so here are a couple of alternative options:

  • If you’re reading this, you’re spilling your drink.
  • When you drink from this cup, think of me.

Note: You can always mix up any of the sayings to include the beverage of choice, including tea, milk, soda, or even beer.

19 Sayings for Kids

Your littlest customers deserve some funny, snarky, and crazy products of their own. Cater to the little ones with sayings that are perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Babies often get to wear the cutest things, and that includes shirts or other printed items with adorable and catchy sayings:

  • I get my charm from daddy. (You can change this up to say mom, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, or any other relationship instead of dad.)
  • My big brother is a St. Bernard. (You can make this say brother or sister and use any dog breed or other animal type.)
  • I get my good looks from my Dad. (You can change “dad” for any relationship, such as mom or uncle.)
  • My mom is kind of a big deal. (This could also say “dad” instead of mom.)
  • Feed me or nobody sleeps.
  • Future president

Toddlers also can pull off some crazy sayings:

  • Potty like a Rockstar
  • Santa’s favorite kid
  • Young, wild, and three

Don’t forget the older kids. They have just as many things to say that make for great sayings on printed items:

  • I paused my game to be here. (Get this on a t-shirt for a gamer kid in your life.)
  • Dear Math, Solve your own problems. I am not a therapist.
  • A day without video games is like… just kidding. I have no idea. (This looks great on a shirt.)
  • 2nd grade just got a whole lot cuter. (You can insert any grade level for “2nd grade.”)

Last but not least, sometimes kids want to show a little snarky side too:

  • Thou shall not try me. Mom 24:7
  • I do what I want. (Except I’ve got to ask my mom first.)
  • Ain’t nobody got time for a nap.
  • Trouble maker
  • Professional patience tester
  • I didn’t do it.

22 Sayings for Parents

Being a parent is like being a part of a club. Some days, you couldn’t imagine not being a part of it. Other days, you can only hope you make it through the hazing.

However you are feeling, there is a snarky saying that will fit your mood or an uplifting tribute to parenthood that you want to share with others.

Here are some printable sayings that are perfect for parents who love to let the world know they have mini-mes running around out there:

  • Best. Dad. Ever. (Could also say “mom” instead of “dad.” See the “dad” version here.)
  • Dirt and glitter: Mom of both
  • My favorite people call me mom. (Again, you can substitute dad, aunt, uncle, or any other relationship for “mom.”)
  • Boy mama: Less drama than girls but harder to keep alive.
  • Dad joke loading
  • Nacho average dad
  • Dad: The man, the myth, the legend
  • Notorious D.A.D.
  • Tattooed dad
  • Papa bear (This could say “mama bear.”)

Then, there are sayings for parents who feel a little like the animals have taken over the circus:

  • I was normal two kids ago. (You can customize with any number of kids.)
  • I’m that mom. #sorrynotsorry
  • Mama needs a nap.
  • Chaos coordinator
  • Mamacita needs a margarita.
  • Toddler tamer

You also have sayings that speak to the heart of things and address moods that parents may sometimes have:

  • Boss Mom
  • Adult-ish
  • Mommin’ ain’t easy
  • But did you die?

Not all parents have human children. We can’t forget about the animal parents out there:

  • World’s best dog mom (This could also say “dad” and use any animal.)
  • My dog is better than your dog. (This could use any animal.)

20 Sayings for a Romantic Partner

Buying the one you love a gift featuring a special saying can tell him or her just how you feel, which might be completely in love, or you could lace it with humor. Whatever you choose, here are sayings that fit the bill.

Try your hand at humor with these funny sayings:

  • Once in a while, someone amazing comes along… and here I am. (Take a look at this on a t-shirt.)
  • I am currently unsupervised. I know. It freaks me out too, but the possibilities are endless! (Here is the look printed out.)
  • My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me.
  • I’m with stupid. (This classic shirt requires an arrow pointing either right or left to finish the joke.)
  • My wife said no, but I did it anyway.
  • I’m not spoiled. My husband just loves me.
  • Be nice to me. My wife’s pregnant.
  • My husband’s wife is awesome.

Here are some that are very interchangeable. You can mix them up using wife, husband, or other options as shown:

  • Husband, Daddy, Hero
  • King/Queen
  • Sorry, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Best wife/husband since 1999
  • Taken by a hot chef/mechanic/cop/etc.
  • His/her honey
  • His/hers (The styling for this is like the “I’m with stupid” shirt where there is an arrow pointing to the right/left at the other person.)

Let’s wrap up these romantic partner shirts with a few other examples:

  • I love my tall boyfriend.
  • Happy wife. Happy life.
  • I’m a proud husband of a freaking awesome wife.
  • Husband and wife: Best friends for life
  • Just married

You can customize these any way you want by interchanging the terms husband/boyfriend and wife/girlfriend.

21 Sayings for Your Best Friend

A best friend is a special person. What better way to say thank you for being a friend than with a gift featuring a saying that sparks smiles or even giggles?

While many of the following expressions are more for women, men, too, can give a gift with a fun saying to a best friend.

Inside jokes are something every pair of best friends shares. Here are some sayings that could fit the bill as a joke between friends.

  • It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. (Check out how this looks in print.)
  • Just remember, if we get caught, you’re deaf, and I don’t speak English.
  • Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are.
  • Fries before guys
  • That’s a horrible idea. What time?
  • Friends don’t let friends do stupid things alone.
  • Saltmates: Two friends who are salty together
  • You’re my person.
  • Life is better with my girls.

Best friends bond over a lot of things. Some sayings help to highlight those things.

  • Boots, flannels, and pumpkin spice
  • Messy buns and Target runs
  • Wine o’clock with my bestie

Sometimes, you just want to put a label on your friendship. These sayings are the perfect way to tell that special person that he or she is your best friend.

  • Best friends forever
  • Soul sisters
  • Sisters separated by birth
  • Besties
  • Partners in crime

These last few are double options where each friend gets a product with its own saying that complements the phrase on the other person’s product:

  • I get us out of trouble./I get us into trouble.
  • She’s my Rachel./She’s my Monica.
  • Peanut butter/Jelly
  • Salt/Pepper

Get Printing

Now that you have all these ideas for snarky sayings, you have no excuses. Start your business or give your existing business a boost with some heat press products that will knock their socks off. Just choose a category, pick a saying, and start printing.


Setting up a Podcasting Studio in Your Home for Beginners

Anyone can create a podcast with some minimal equipment, but if you want to create a podcasting studio and make a serious effort in the venture, then you need to start with the right equipment.

Podcasts can be about anything you want. You can also record them anywhere you desire, but if you really want to take your podcast to the next level, then you need a well-equipped podcasting studio.

The equipment you need is fairly standard. You may already have some of it on hand. It is also possible to furnish your studio without breaking the bank as long as you know what to look for.

Considerations Prior to Shopping

Before you start buying items for your podcasting studio, you need to take a little time to plan what you need.

Start with deciding how much money you want to spend. Keep in mind that your podcast could take off and be a hit, or it could be a long time before your podcast starts bringing in any money.

With that in mind, it is almost always best to start off with the bare essentials. You don’t need the fanciest equipment right at the beginning. Start off with decent options that you can upgrade later.

One important thing to keep in mind, though, is that you cannot sacrifice the quality of your sound. If your podcast does not have a clear sound, you will have a hard time getting and keeping listeners.

So, don’t be afraid to invest more in microphones and other audio equipment that will directly affect how your podcast sounds to the listener.

Setting up a Podcasting Studio

You also want to prepare your space as part of the plan prior to buying your equipment. The space you choose can help you to minimize the equipment you need while also boosting your sound quality.

Make sure the space is somewhere that you will feel comfortable spending a bit of time as you record. It also needs to be quiet. Ideally, it will have good acoustics that won’t provide a lot of noise as you talk.

The space also needs to have enough room for you, anyone else who will be there during recordings, and your equipment without it being too crowded.

Basic Equipment You Will Need

Now that you have those few considerations out of the way, you can begin looking for the actual podcasting studio equipment that you need to get your podcast up and running.


The first thing you want is a computer with internet access. Some people try to use smartphones when they first start, but it is not ideal.

You will find having a laptop is usually the best option as it allows you to travel if you need to while also providing the adequate abilities to record and edit that you need for a high-quality podcast production.

Recording and editing software

Recording and editing software can be something you download to your computer or that runs in the cloud.

The cloud is a virtual place where you access the software, and everything saves to virtual storage without you having to download or save on your own hard drive.

You’ll want to start with something simple. GarageBand is an excellent option, and you can buy the Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand kindle book to help you learn how to use it and get the most from it.

Audacity, Pro Tools, and Adobe Audition are other good options if you want something you download to your computer. Cloud-based options include ZenCastr and Ringr.

Make sure whatever you choose is something you can learn to use quickly. You don’t need anything with a lot of advanced features or something that costs a lot of money.


While you may be able to use the microphone built into your computer or in your headphones, these do not offer the best quality for podcasting.

If you want a high-quality production, then you need to buy a separate microphone. There are plenty of affordable options available.

One of the top choices is the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone. It comes with an adjustable stand, and you can buy other accessories to upgrade it in a bundle pack.

Another popular option is the Blue Yeti. This one comes at several price points. It also comes with a stand, and it comes in a range of colors.

You may want to get a boom arm for your microphone, but it depends on your setup. If you will need to move the mic a lot, then get an arm.

In addition, if you will have guests or a co-host, then you’ll need to buy multiple microphones, which can limit your options if you have a tight budget.

However, don’t be too cheap when it comes to your microphone. This is one of the most critical pieces of podcasting equipment you will buy because it directly affects audio quality.

Take time to shop around and really scrutinize the options so that you can get the best for your money.


Headphones are something that matters most to you and your overall comfort during the podcast.

Using them isn’t mandatory, but it will allow you to cancel out noise and hear the true sound quality of your recording. It is highly recommended that you buy a pair of decent headphones.

Some options include LyxPro HAS-10 Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones and Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones.


The last piece of essential equipment you will need is a mixer. You may be able to get by without one for a little bit, but if you really want high-quality, then you need it from the start.

A mixer will allow you to control the audio levels for premium sound. It will take some time to learn how to use a mixer, especially more advanced ones.

Start out with something simple that you can learn quickly. This is one of the pieces of equipment that can advance with you as your skills improve, so it is worth the investment.

One option is the Mackie Mix Series 8-Channel Compact Mixer. It’s one of the more affordable options and is relatively simple, so you should be able to learn to use it quickly.

Another product to consider is the Behringer XENYX 1202FX. This is a little more expensive and advanced. It will be a good choice if you have some experience using a mixer.

More Advanced Equipment to Consider

There are additional items that you will eventually want to add to your podcasting studio. These items all help with the overall quality.

Shock mount

A shock mount helps to reduce vibrations and keeps your microphone stable during recording.

Your microphone may come with a shock mount, so always check before you buy one.

A good choice that is also affordable is the Rode PSM 1 Shock Mount.

Pop filters or windscreens

A pop filter or a windscreen will help stop harsh sounds that happen when you pronounce certain letters, such as “p.”

It fits in front of your microphone and also can assist with cutting noise from air or wind.

A nice choice is the Nady SPF-1 Pop Filter. It clamps on your mic and has a flexible arm for perfect positioning.

Audio interface

An audio interface expands your audio capabilities. It also helps to improve quality. You can connect multiple inputs and outputs with it, including your mixer.

It is kind of an extension of your computer, allowing all your podcasting equipment to work together. An example is the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD.

Headphone amplifier

If you will have a co-host or regularly have guests on your podcast, then you will need a headphone amplifier.

It allows you to plug in multiple headphones at one time. You also can control each of the headphones levels.

One option is the Fifine Headphone Amplifier with four channels.

Acoustic treatment

If your space has acoustic issues, you may do well to add in acoustic panels. These are simply foam squares that you hang up on the walls and area around you.

They absorb sound and help control issues, such as echoes. The good news is that they are very affordable if you don’t need too many of them.

You can get them in multi-packs. One option is the 12-pack of foam mushroom acoustic panels from Fstop Labs.

Portable digital recorder

If you want to take your podcast on the road, then you will need a good quality digital recorder. Do not rely on your phone for this.

The recorder needs to be able to capture high-quality audio if you want the finished podcast to have superior sound quality.

It is especially challenging to redo audio recordings for things you got when on location or meeting subjects outside the studio. You need to make sure that you get it right the first time.

Consider the EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder. It’s a top-selling product that is easy to use without confusing controls. It also will hook directly to your computer for file transfers.

How to Set up Sound Equipment for Your Podcast

Now that you have everything you need, you are ready to set up your podcasting studio.

Start with an empty space and add in any kind of soundproofing items you have. If you bought acoustic panels, then go ahead and hang them up now. You can also add in rugs and curtains to help with soundproofing.

The next step is to determine where your computer and controls will go. This will depend on whether you will serve as host and producer or if you will have someone else handling the producing duties while you host.

If you will be doing everything, then make sure to set up your equipment all in the same area so that you have easy access as you record to adjust sound levels and make other adjustments.

If you will have someone else handling the producing, then set that person up away from your hosting area to help avoid any outside sound interference or issues.

He or she doesn’t have to be very far away, but try to give some space between you and the producer so you won’t pick up every sound he or she makes.

Once you get the equipment in place, take a seat and see how it feels. Make sure your microphone and any controls you will use are in a good position.

You want to be comfortable during recording, so make adjustments as needed to get to a place where you are feeling good and ready to go.

Once you start recording, you may need to further move things around and change up your space. Just be sure that before you start a podcast that you feel good so that you can focus on recording and not whether your equipment is well situated.

The Bottom Line

While you certainly can start up a podcast with nothing more than a laptop, it won’t help you to make a very good podcast. You want to invest a little into your endeavor if you are taking it seriously.

Those people making the top podcasts have some outstanding equipment.

If you want to compete, then you need to make an investment in securing the bare minimum equipment for your podcasting studio. You can keep things simple, but do focus on quality when making your choices.

Keep in mind that the bottom line in creating a podcast is always going to be your sound quality. It has to be top-notch. If any piece of your equipment is compromising your audio quality, then you need to replace it.

The recommendations we’ve made here are all good quality options. Take your time to shop around and see what you feel would best meet your needs and make the most sense in your podcasting studio.

Do you have any other suggestions for podcasting beginners? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your wisdom in the comments below.


Holiday Destinations: Sunny San Antonio Missions Historical National Park

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park makes a great destination at any time of the year. But if you want to avoid the crowds, try checking it out during the fall or winter.

Not only is it less crowded, but the weather is also quite lovely. And both of these factors make it an ideal option for holiday vacations.

To prepare for your trip, take the time to learn about what you can see and do at the park and each of the missions.

Background on the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a part of Texas history. Established by the Catholic religion, the missions were part of the colonization of the Spanish Southwest.

The goal was to create communities where priests and other religious workers could spread Christianity to the natives. These missions also helped to spread Spanish culture and language.

According to the San Antonio Visitor Information Center, the missions represent the largest Spanish colonial missions in North America.

Today, the focus of the missions is to preserve and restore the history and the physical buildings. The four missions and their culture represent an important part of Texas and early American history.

You should be aware that the churches in the missions are all still fully operational. They hold services regularly in Spanish and English, which you can attend. You can even arrange to have your wedding there in one of the churches.

Visitor Details

Part of the National Park Service, you will discover the missions at 6701 San Jose Drive in San Antonio, Texas, which is on the upper San Antonio River.

Note: The park is not open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day. And the standard hours are every day of the week, from sunrise to sunset.

There is a visitor center where you can begin your visit to gather important information you will need to travel from mission to mission. Additionally, the visitor center is home to a bookstore, some exhibit areas, and a 20-minute interpretive film that can mark an excellent start to your visit.

The visitor center operates with the same holiday closures as the park from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.

The best thing about visiting the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is that admission is always free. You can see all the exhibits and explore every mission with no admission fees or other fees.

The Missions

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is home to four of the five missions in San Antonio and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each provides a unique look into life in the time when the missions were active.

They give you some background on the culture and how the missions operated.

You should visit all four missions on your visit, but some of them have more to see and do than others. As you plan your trip, make a note of the main attractions at each mission, so you make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Mission Concepcion

Mission Concepcion is a National Historic Landmark and one of America’s oldest unrestored stone churches. Its full name is Mission Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion de Acuna. The dedication for this mission took place in 1755.

It’s most known for its paintings. Once colorful paintings covered the whole outside of the church, but due to time and the weather, these paintings faded and are no longer visible.

However, inside the church, the original fresco paintings still exist, and they are beautiful.

Viewing the paintings and the architecture of this mission should take you about 30 minutes. It’s a great place to take some pictures and take in the art of this period.

Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose is the largest of the four missions and almost fully restored. It features a lot to see. When mapping out your plans, you may want to start here because the visitor center is at this mission.

Mission San Jose is known as the “Queen of the Missions.”

The priests built it in 1720. And it has some interesting architectural details you’ll want to note while here, including polychromatic plaster, flying buttresses, and quatrefoil patterns.

It also features examples of Spanish colonial ornamentation. Particularly, make sure to check out the Rose Window.

The mission includes the church, Indian quarters, workshops, convent, and a granary. You can explore each area and take in the different displays and exhibits available to learn a lot about the missions before you see the other ones.

It’s the perfect way to begin your visit to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. You’ll also spend the bulk of your time here. Plan to take about 1.5 to 2 hours to see everything at this mission.

Mission San Juan

Mission San Juan will also take a while to explore as it has a historic demonstration farm that is fully operational. In the fall, you may be able to see the harvest occurring, while winter is a more quiet time where you can learn about how the farm works throughout the year.

The mission is on the Yanahuana Trail, and early settlers started it here in 1731. It was always a self-sustaining community with everything the occupants needed right in one place. Its full name is Mission San Juan Capistrano.

The architecture of note here includes the Romanesque archway at the entrance.

Expect to spend about 30 minutes exploring this mission.

Mission Espada

Mission Espada was the very first mission in Texas, established in 1690. However, at that time, the mission wasn’t in its current location. It didn’t move to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park until 1731.

In 1826, the mission suffered a horrible fire that destroyed most of the original buildings. However, there are still parts that remain, such as the unique door and the stone archway that are ideal spots for a photo op.

There are two main attractions at this mission. The first is that it’s home to the best-preserved segment of the original irrigation system in this area, and it’s still operational.

The second attraction that will likely garner your attention for a little while on your visit is the loom. The park does live weaving demonstrations here, showing authentic wool weaving.

As a side note, right near this mission is Arbol de Vida. This “Tree of Life” features personal stories from San Antonio locals. These are stories you’re not likely to hear anywhere else.

A visit to Mission Espada will take you about 30 minutes.

The other mission

As mentioned, the missions in the park are only four of the five in San Antonio. The other mission is one you probably already have some familiarity with: the Alamo.

The Alamo is the best-known mission in Texas due to its integral part in the war in 1836. It’s the place where Custer took his last stand.

The Alamo is in downtown San Antonio, and the state of Texas owns it. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a famous landmark.

A visit here will allow you to see a living history presentation with various demonstrations. The attractions also include an educational film and history talks from experts in the field.

Trip Tips

Before heading to the missions, you will want to make sure you understand some important rules and guidelines.


The NPS does allow professional and commercial photography, but you must secure a permit before your photoshoot.

Trail system

The park has a recently expanded trail system, which provides a walkable route from mission to mission and then into the city of San Antonio. You can also bike along the trails.

But beware that some areas have uneven walkways. You also want to pay attention to the height of doorways to avoid an injury.

Cell service and Wi-Fi

Cell service is available in the park, but you will run into some dead spots. The park also offers free public Wi-Fi access.

Visit time

You should allow for about three to four hours total for your visit to the missions. That could give you enough time to take in all the exhibits, roam the grounds, and see any demonstrations occurring.

It will also accommodate visits to the visitor center and bookstore.

Weather in Texas

From November to February, the average high temperature is 68 degrees, with an average low of 40 degrees. Evenings are often quite windy. But winter is very mild here, so you usually won’t have to worry about snow. Fall, however, is often wet, so be ready for rain and mud.

Since you’ll be outside most of the time, make sure to dress accordingly. Make sure that you always know where nearby shelter is in the event of a lightning storm. The weather in San Antonio is often unpredictable, so be ready for anything.

Plan Your Visit

A visit to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park can make for one of your family’s most memorable holiday vacations.

If you love history, architecture, and the beauty of nature, then this can make the ideal spot for your next family trip.


Best Massaging Inserts for Feet Can Heal Your Foot Woes

Shoes are a one size fits all type of product. Unless you get them specially made, they will not have a design that is custom to your foot. This is where the best massaging inserts for feet can help.

The problem with the mass production of footwear is that everyone’s feet are different. We could all benefit from custom-made shoes because of our various needs. However, because it is incredibly expensive to get all your shoes made just for you, most of us are stuck with mass-produced options.

That does not have to mean you need to deal with pain or other issues resulting from shoes that don’t fit right. You can actually fix things yourself by using shoe inserts. Massaging insoles are especially nice if pain is an issue for you.

This brings up another issue. There are tons of massaging shoe inserts on the market, and it’s hard to choose the right one. It can help you to take a look at the best massaging inserts for feet as these are the most popular options that might work for you.

How Inserts Work

Since manufacturers make shoes to fit a variety of feet, they may have areas that don’t offer the support that you need. A shoe insert can step into that role and fill out the spaces in your shoe to give a more custom fit.

In addition, explains that inserts should provide support with a mixture of hard and soft areas. You don’t want a super-soft insert because it will just wear down and not provide you with any kind of structure to support your foot properly.

The insert helps to absorb show when you walk as your feet contact with the ground. The insole will absorb it instead of it traveling through your joints. They also fill space to prevent slipped and provide a bumper to stop rubbing. They can also align your foot correctly to correct your posture.

You should note, though, that shoe insoles are not the same as orthotics. Insoles treat pain and provide support, but they are only made to help you feel better. Orthotics, on the other hand, correct problems. They are medical devices specifically made for your foot.

Benefits of Inserts

Insoles can help everyone. They perform many duties by aligning the foot, managing the pain, and making your whole body feel better.

Dr. Scholl’s explains that massaging inserts especially provide lasting comfort and work to reduce muscle fatigue in your feet and legs. The special design of these inserts allows your feet to receive massaging action with each step.

Inserts can even make you feel energized because they remove foot pain. Your shoes become more comfortable to wear, and they may help prevent future foot issues.

Considerations When Buying Shoe Inserts

There are several things you can look at when making the decision on which insoles to buy. Start by being aware of common characteristics of insoles:

  • Length
  • Arch type
  • Material
  • Footbed
  • Recommendations


All of the massaging insoles on our list are full-length inserts, but there are also those on the market that will not cover the full length of your shoe. Some are just for heel support and more like a cup that fits on your heel. Others are 3/4 length, which provides support for your heel and arch but not the ball of your foot.

To know what you need, consider your support needs, and how your feet feel after a long day. Note where your pain is because this is where you will need the most support. For example, if you only have heel pain, then a heel only insole might work the best.

Arch Type

If you get a 3/4 length or full-length insert, it should have some type of arch support. You want to match this to your needs for the most comfort. The support will either be high or low. Some insoles may not have any arch support, so make sure to note that if you have issues with arch pain.


There are a variety of materials manufacturers use to make show inserts. According to Shoe Zone, there are five main material types of insoles:

  • Foam
  • Memory foam
  • Gel
  • Air Cushioned
  • Leather

Foam inserts provide the best shock absorbing properties. Memory foam is the best for comfort since it molds to your foot. Gel insoles increase grip and stop slipping while also relieving pain. Air-cushioned options provide excellent support while also boosting comfort. Leather inserts are mainly for arch support.


The footbed refers to how soft or ridged the insole feels. Some are quite firm and solid to offer extreme support while others are so soft they are floppy.

The footbed will affect overall support and comfort. Rigid insoles are more common with orthotics prescribed by a doctor than over-the-counter options. Semi-rigid provides some solid support with flexibility. Cushioned are more for comfort and usually have no real rigidity.


You should always read the manufacturer’s information on the product. They will offer recommendations on which insole is best for different foot issues. Dr. Scholl’s, for example, provides extensive information on store displays that can assist you with choosing the right insole to match your problems.

Best Massaging Inserts for Feet

We scoured the market to find you the best massaging inserts for feet. We looked through reviews and read plenty of material about each insole to determine the performance. Our picks are those we feel offer you the highest level of quality, comfort, and support.

We do want to note that we chose only inserts that are currently in stock. A former option that was quite popular was the Abusa Gel Shoe Insoles Massaging Inserts, but they are now out of stock with no indication of when they will return. This would have made a nice addition to our list, but since there is no way to know if or when they will be for sale again, we didn’t want to include them.

We’ve included 10 of the top options in no particular order for you to consider when looking for the best massaging inserts for feet.

Dr.Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

These Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles have a range of impressive features with a design to specifically target foot fatigue and pain from standing all day on the job on hard surfaces. The insoles have a responsive-wave cushioning, multi-layer massaging gel that absorbs shock on the heel of your foot while also giving you a rolling massage as you walk.

The ball of the foot gets support from extra forefront cushioning. The inserts also have reinforced arch support and cooling vents to keep your feet dry all day.

These fit any size shoe. You simply cut them along the guidelines to fit them to your foot. They also come with a money-back guarantee.

Cloud9 Dynamic Liquid Massaging Insoles

If you want something a little unique, try these Cloud9 Dynamic Liquid Massaging Insoles. They feature a liquid gel that moves around and provides a rolling massage effect with every step. These are great if you have to walk a lot.

They can help soothe plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, arthritis, and joint pain. These insoles also have shock-absorbing built into the heel to combat common heel pain issues.

You can trim these to fit your shoes easily. They come with a one-year replacement guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Dr. Scholl’s Stimulating Step Insoles with Massaging Gel

Dr.Scholl’s is a leading name in foot care, so it is no surprise to see a second entry from the company on this list of best massaging inserts for feet. Dr. Scholl’s Stimulating Step Insoles with Massaging Gel are great for everyday wear.

They feature raised nodes to massage and stimulate along with comfort pads and massaging gel that adds some cushioning. There is a harder gel part to the insoles that offer heel and arch support.

Like most inserts from this company, they are trim-to-fit and have a money-back guarantee.

Billy The Tree Magnetics Magnetic Foot Insoles

If you follow reflexology, then you will appreciate these Billy The Tree Magnetics Magnetic Foot Insoles. They have a reflexology map of massage nodes to provide stimulation for specific pressure points. These insoles help reduce pain and fatigue while relaxing your feet.

They also help to soothe your muscles with the massage while also stimulating blood flow to your feet. You should note this company does not accept returns.

Bringsine Massaging Insoles

Aches and pains are a thing of the past with Bringsine Massaging Insoles. They massage your feet as you walk. The memory foam gel also absorbs shock.

These insoles are a silicone material with a velvet top layer for comfort. They have reinforced support for the ball of the foot and the heel. You’ll also find they offer arch support and have sweat absorption properties.

MileStep Massaging Gel Insoles

The MileStep Massaging Gel Insoles are a medical silicone material that is non-irritating and has elasticity. They are quite flexible and soft. The insoles also are antibacterial.

You can expect them to provide comfort while also absorbing shock. They offer a full foot massage and prevent slippage, which can increase stability.

You can trim these insoles to fit your shoes.

Dr. Zen Adjustable Orthotic Massaging Gel Shoe Insoles

These Dr. Zen Adjustable Orthotic Massaging Gel Shoe Insoles provide you with two layers of cushion for maximum support and comfort. They also do a good job at absorbing shock.

The insole has a raised heel to provide more support in this area. It also has arch support. They are excellent for issues with flat feet, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

You’ll easily be able to fit them to your shoes, thanks to the guidelines that let you cut them to fit.

Love Your Feet Now Orthodic Massaging Insoles

Do you suffer from soreness or need more arch support? Try the Love Your Feet Now Orthodic Massaging Insoles. They work nicely to soothe feet and correct common issues that cause pain.

The insoles feature a liquid that moves with your feet, providing a continuous massage, and assisting with circulation. They absorb shock and provide custom arch support.

The company makes these inserts from vegetable-based food-grade glycerin and adds wider edge seams for durability. Plus, these have a special design that allows you to wear them with flip flops.

FIKY Anti-Fatigue Work Massaging Gel Insoles

Another top pick is the FIKY Anti-Fatigue Work Massaging Gel Insoles. These insoles have a comfortable, soft top layer. They regulate the temperature to help prevent sweating. They also are anti-microbial.

You’ll get high arch support, heel support, and shock absorption from these insoles. They provide relief from pain by adapting to your foot to provide superior support. You also can trim them to fit your shoes.

Rullaco Active Fluid Massaging Shoe Insoles

The Rullaco Active Fluid Massaging Shoe Insoles are a closed-cell polyurethane high-density material. The insoles are breathable with a U-cup shape and velvet cloth surface.

These insoles have several unique design features. They have a bearing point for additional massage and a shock-absorbing implant on the heel. The inserts also have an anti-shock sheet for the ball of the foot. The whole insole uses a stable wire shell for optimal support.

Tips for Wearing Insoles

You may have pain when you first start wearing inserts because they correct what’s currently wrong. This may mean realigning your foot or even leg. That can be uncomfortable. So, wear your inserts for short periods until your feet adjust to them.

You also should buy a few pairs so that you have one for each pair of shoes. You can handwash them as needed. Just make sure that you let them completely dry before putting them back in your shoes.

Wrap Up

We recommend taking the time to choose the right massaging insoles. While our list of the best massaging inserts for feet provides you with a nice range of options, you have to be sure that the one you buy will suit your needs and help you with whatever foot issues you are having.


Skywalker Trampolines Review: Is This the Best Brand on the Market?

If you’re looking to buy a trampoline, you will probably come across Skywalker Trampolines. This popular company makes some of the most affordable trampolines on the market. But you want to know if it is worth your money and safe for your family.

Before making a trampoline decision, you should learn some facts about the company itself first.

About Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines first began selling its products in 2004. The company is in Utah, but the production facilities are in China.

One of the things that make the company’s trampolines stand out is that every single one comes standard with a net enclosure. Other companies make you pay extra for a net, and since Skywalker Trampolines already have reasonable prices, it only increases the overall value.

Not only does the company include a net with your purchase, but it’s not your standard net. It has a design for ultimate safety against falls and spring accidents.

Skywalker Trampolines Product List

Skywalker Trampolines come in an array of colors, including purple, green, blue, navy, and camo. They also provide various size options. The company’s trampolines come in four shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Round

The company also has two premium trampolines. The Colossal is a 16-foot square trampoline. The other option is a 17-foot Olympic-sized rectangle trampoline.

Other products

Skywalker Trampolines also offers special combo deals, such as a sports arena or lighted spring pads. You can also buy different add-ons to give you more options.

The company does sell mini trampolines that use cords instead of springs. Minis also have padded handlebars and sewn-on netting for small users.

Skywalker Trampolines Review

This brand is one of the most popular on the market. The general Skywalker Trampolines review is that it strikes the perfect balance between budget and quality.


Safety is always a top concern with trampolines because the injury possibilities can be quite severe. The good news is that this brand has a focus on safety.

To prevent spring-related injuries, the net sits inside the unit to prevent any contact with the springs. In addition, there are no gaps in the bottom of the net for a secure barrier.

Weight and standards

Every trampoline from this brand has a weight limit carefully set to ensure safe use. Weight limits for most of the products are 200 pounds.

The 13-foot square model has a limit of 275 pounds, and the 15 by 9-foot rectangle, 14-foot square, and 15-foot square have a weight limit of 250 pounds.

All trampolines from this brand meet or exceed ASTM safety standards. The ASTM International safety standards for trampolines help guarantee that the products meet certain safety specifications for components, assembly, and use.

The aim is to reduce the hazards associated with these products.


Safety extends into the construction of Skywalker Trampolines products. They use the most secure joints and reinforced T-sockets. The material used on metal parts is a rust-resistant Galvanized steel.

All trampolines feature heavy-duty springs, and they come with anchor straps and spikes to secure the frame to prevent it from blowing away.

The netting is a soft, polyethylene with tight weaving for durability.


The biggest issue with Skywalker Trampolines’ products is the tricky assembly. In fact, the instructions are confusing.

It’s very easy to miss a step and have to backtrack and disassemble the unit. The confusion comes during spring installation, requiring that you install the netting before installing the springs.

Other than this portion of the instructions, assembly isn’t too difficult. The product comes in neatly organized packages with proper packing materials.

The parts and boxes have labels to prevent any confusion and to make it easy to ensure you have all the parts before you begin.

Product options

When shopping for a trampoline, the size relates to how much room you have for the product and how much jump space you want. The primary consideration to make is the shape because each shape has different characteristics.

If you want to bounce high and get the bounciest experience possible, you’ll want to choose the rectangle shape. The square has the second-best bounce. Plus, it usually has the highest weight limits and offers the most surface space.

The round and oval shapes have a natural redirect pattern where no matter what spot you start in, the trampoline will bring you back to the center.

The oval shape will provide you with the longest jumps. The round has a lighter frame and is also the sturdiest shape.

Skywalker Trampolines also sell a range of accessories:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Volleyball nets
  • Toss games
  • Lights
  • Enclosures

Customer service

If you have an issue, question, or concern, you need to be able to contact the company and receive attention immediately. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives this company an A+ rating since 2014. The BBB rates companies on their interactions with customers.

The takeaway here is that Skywalker Trampolines is responsive and attentive to consumers. While people will often report bad experiences, you have to consider the overall experience, which in this case, seems to be positive.

Warranty information

Skywalker Trampolines provides a guarantee that when you receive the product, it will be free of defects in the construction and materials when you use it under normal conditions.

The warranty on the steel frame is 3 years with a 1-year warranty for all other parts. The premium class trampolines have a 4-year frame warranty.

Remember, taking care of your trampoline is critical to making warranty claims. The warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Rust
  • Replacement parts not purchased from authorized agent
  • Weather damage
  • Third-party assembly errors
  • Loss during shipping
  • Fading

You will need to ensure that if you live in an area with harsh winter weather that you properly store the trampoline during this season. Leaving it exposed to the elements will cause increased wear and lead to an early breakdown of the parts.

When you decide to buy a trampoline from Skywalker Trampolines, you should only do so from an authorized retailer to protect the warranty.

Pros and cons

To provide an in-depth Skywalker Trampolines review, let’s look at the company’s general pros and cons.


  • W-shaped legs and reinforced frames
  • Multiple color options
  • No gaps between jumping space and enclosure net
  • Rust-resistant springs
  • Polyethylene netting
  • Padded enclosure poles
  • Thick spring pads
  • Overall excellent value
  • Attentive customer support
  • Focus on safety


  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • Lightweight frames that blow away easily

Compare to other brands

Getting the best idea of the overall quality and value you get with a Skywalker Trampolines product helps to see how this brand stands up to other popular trampoline brands.

We’ll compare with the 10-foot Round Trampoline from Skywalker Trampolines, which is Model #SWTC100G. It includes the patented net enclosure with no gaps and connection inside the springs. It has a durable steel frame and is compact in size for space-restricted back yards.


Jumpsport generally is a lower quality product. Its products have lengthy assembly requirements, and they do not offer netting as a standard inclusion with purchase. Finally, this company has a very limited warranty that doesn’t cover all the parts.

A top pick from this company is the JumpSport 14-foot Elite trampoline. It boasts easy installation and an integrated safety net. The company also claims it is highly durable and will last longer than the competition’s products.

Propel Trampolines

Propel does not offer netting as standard, and netting isn’t even available for all models. However, it does design nets to sit inside the springs, just like Skywalker Trampolines. Plus, this company has trampolines with weight limits up to 300 pounds.

The Propel 14-Foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, model #P14P-BE, has a smooth bounce. The company also states it has a Sure-Lock frame pad. Stability comes from the engineered steel joint brackets.

Pure Fun

Pure Fun provides you with easy assembly and no confusing instructions, which you know is the biggest issue with Skywalker Trampolines. However, this company’s products have issues with sturdiness and lack durability.

Pure Fun 12-foot Dura-Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure, Model #9312TS has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. It uses 72 springs and has U-shaped legs for stability.

Springfree Trampoline

Springfree is probably the only company that really gives Skywalker Trampolines some serious competition. As the company’s name suggests, its products do not use springs.

The quality, durability, stability, and other features of this brand’s trampolines are about equal to Skywalker Trampoline products.

The biggest issue with Springfree, and one of the top reasons you may choose Skywalker Trampolines’ products instead, is that the price is much higher.

The spring-free design increases the cost by a considerable amount, and that is what you pay for. Since Skywalker Trampolines takes so many steps to reduce hazards with its products, it almost doesn’t even give Springfree much of an edge.

A top seller is the Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline. This measures 8-foot by 11-foot, but the company states it has a surface equal to 10-foot by 13-foot. It’s best for narrow yards and has a weight limit of up to 220 pounds.

Trampoline Safety Tips

We want to end our Skywalker Trampolines review with some safety tips. While this company produces one of the safest trampolines on the market with several features that aim to protect users, there are still inherent risks that come with jumping on one.

We urge you to use these tips to ensure you and anyone who uses your trampoline avoid injuries and have only a fun experience with your new purchase.

One of the top rules for trampoline use that most consumers ignore often is one person at a time on the jump mat. When more than one person jumps at the same time, it puts everyone off balance.

It can lead to uncontrollable jumping and movements that increase the chances of an injury. So, you should always enforce the rule that only one person may jump at a time.

You also need to pay attention to the weight and age limits stated in the owner’s manual you get with your trampoline.

Never exceed the weight limit. Doing so can stretch springs and cause excessive wear on the mat, leading to holes or weak spots.

When it comes to age limits, the recommendation is that trampolines are only for those age six or older. Remember that Skywalker Trampolines does sell mini trampolines that are specifically for smaller children.

Safety Setup

When setting up and installing your trampoline, make sure to do so away from trees or other hazards. You need to keep an adequate clearance above it to allow for jumping.

Make sure you also install all safety equipment that comes with the product. Double-check that you installed it correctly.

Finally, make sure that you check the trampoline regularly for wear and tear. You should make sure that the springs are tight without any signs of stretching or rust. Also, check the welds on the frame to ensure they are secure. All metal parts should be free from rust, and if you see any, clean it as soon as possible.

Check the mat for rips, fraying, or other signs that the mat may be weak.

Jump on a Skywalker Trampolines Trampoline

Now that you’ve read the complete Skywalker Trampolines review, you should have enough information to determine if this brand suits your needs.

Take time to read back over the Skywalker Trampolines review portions that are of most importance to you to ensure that this brand offers exactly what you want.

By ensuring you have complete background information about this brand, you can be positive about your satisfaction with the product when you make a purchase.

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Self-Watering Planters That Wick Water for Perfectly Moist Soil

Water is essential to all life. That is never more apparent than with plants. If you forget to water them even for one day, they will begin to droop. In no time, they will wither away without proper watering.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems people have with growing plants is remembering to water them. Plants that require water every day are a little easier to care for since you develop a habit, but it is the plants that don’t need everyday watering that are a challenge.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your plants watering needs, then you might want to consider self-watering planters. These ingenious pots use a watering wick to ensure your plants can get water whenever they need it.

You only have to fill the reservoir on a regular basis.

Self-watering pots can make plant care simple because they remove the biggest mistakes many people make when it comes to watering: overwatering and underwatering.

How They Work

Self-watering planters have a unique design that allows you to provide water that your plant will use as it needs it. Common Sense Home explains that there are two basic self-wicking planter designs:

  • Soil foot
  • String wick

The concept behind both is to provide water at all times and allow the plant to water itself as it needs using basic scientific concepts.

A soil foot has a reservoir at the bottom of the planter that holds water and soil. The soil foot portion is separate from the water but can absorb it to keep the soil moist. The plant’s root will grow down into this space to use the water. This is a natural instinct of the plant because the roots have a job to seek out moisture.

The string wick style of self-watering planters uses physics to convey the water to the plant over time. It involves a string or other cotton wicking material that runs from a reservoir of water to the soil of a plant. The string transfers water from the reservoir to the plant.

Benefits of Using Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters are incredibly handy if you are forgetful about watering your plants. They also are nice for those plants that do not need a lot of water on a regular basis, such as cacti. It is a great option for watering plants while on vacation if you don’t have anyone or want to find anyone to do it for you.

In addition, when you move outdoor plants indoors in the fall, it requires a lot of work. One part of that is making sure you have a space that can handle the mess associated with watering your plants.

If you know how to water potted plants, you should always avoid getting water on the leaves. Instead of pouring water over the top of the plant, you should pour it on the soil. A self-watering pot makes this simple to do and eliminates the hassle of doing it. You can eliminate that mess from spills and overspray, which makes your indoor storage area tidier.

The Spruce notes that using this type of planter is also ideal if you have a container garden. Sometimes the setup makes it tough to reach into the tight spots and water properly. It is much easier to fill reservoirs than to try to water the plants.

DIY Options

If you want to give self-watering planters a try, then you can buy one or make one yourself. A DIY self-watering planter is not too difficult to make, but you will want to choose which type to create. A soil foot model will be a bit more complicated to make than a wick type.

Soil foot type DYI

To make this DIY plant waterer, you will need:

  • Large pot
  • Smaller pot
  • Pipe
  • Barrier, such as screen or burlap
  • Rocks
  • Soil

The smaller pot should be about 1/4 the height of the larger pot. Both pots will need holes. The smaller one should have various holes all around it so that it can wick up the water. The larger one needs to have a drainage hole in the side that is just below the height of the top of the small pot. This will help with overwatering issues.

To start making your planter, you need to put the barrier material inside the small pot to line it. Fill the pot with soil, and then trim the barrier, so it isn’t sticking out of the pot. Now, put your small pot inside the larger pot.

Add rocks around the small pot to fill the bottom of the large pot. Also, put the pipe down into the large pot. It should be at the side of the pot, and you want it to stick out a few inches from the top of the large pot.

After you have rocks in the bottom that reach the top of the small pot, you need to put more barrier material on top of the rocks, but do not cover the small pot. The small pot is your wick, so you need to leave space for the roots to grow down into it. The barrier material will prevent the plant from growing its roots into the rocks where they would get too much water and be at risk for rotting.

Now, you can add in the right soil and your plant. Finally, pour water into the pipe until it comes out the bottom drainage hole.

String wick type DIY

A string model of wicking planter can be very simple. To make the easiest version, you will need:

  • Planter moisture wicking string (cotton works the best because it is very absorbent)
  • 2 containers
  • Paperclip
  • Soil
  • Plant

Start your planter by securing one end of the string with the paperclip. This will act as a weight, so make sure that you securely wrap the string around the paperclip. Take the other end of the string and place it in one of the pots.

Hold the string about two inches from the top of the pot and add soil. Add your plant and carefully pack the soil around it. Ensure the string stays down in the soil so that it can transfer the water properly to the root system of the plant.

Now, fill the other pot with water. Put the paperclip end of the string in the pot filled with water. Place this pot higher than the other pot and ensure the string runs in a direct line from one pot to the other.

Wicking Pots for Purchase

If you are not feeling handy or you don’t want to mess with making your own self-watering setup, then you can buy self-watering planters anywhere that sells gardening supplies. Most stores will have a wide variety of options.

Here’s a look at some Lowes flower pots that have the self-watering option.

The self-watering planter from Bloem is incredibly popular among consumers. This pot comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect size, measuring 14 inches x 12.5 inches. It is a resin material with UV protection and made in the USA. It has a 4-gallon capacity and is lightweight.

Another top choice is the Tierra Verde self-watering planter. It is 14 inches x 27.5 inches in size. Made from recycled materials, it is durable in all seasons. It has a built-in wicking basket to prevent root rot.

If you are looking for something a little different, then consider the Mayne hanging self-watering window box. Made with resin, it measures in at 60 inches x11 inches. It has a fancy crown molding design and comes in a variety of colors. The planter also comes with steel wall mount brackets.


Making the move to self-watering planters can leave you with a lot of questions. To ensure that you have the best experience, you may want to consider some of the frequently asked questions people have before they start using this type of planter.

Do I need to use a special soil?

The soil you use is dependent on the plants. In general, you can use any type of soil you want in a self-watering pot. However, if you are growing plants that do not need a lot of water or that are susceptible to root rot, such as root vegetables, then use a lighter soil.

You can also create your own soil DIY for moisture wicking planter that can help avoid root rot and too much moisture for sensitive plants by mixing in some sand with your soil. If you have issues with the moisture evaporating too fast, then add some mulch on top of the soil.

Can I use self-watering pots with any kind of plant?

Established plants of any kind can work in self-watering planters. However, they need to have a developed root system before you can rely on the planter to handle the water needs.

You can use this type of plant for all types of flowers and even vegetables and fruit. If you want to grow root vegetables or other vegetables with delicate roots, you will need to take special care to provide enough room in the planter for the growth and drainage. You may need to add more rocks and use a stronger barrier material to ensure the vegetables or roots stay separate from the water reservoir.

Always match the pot size to your plant. If you try to use too small of a pot, then your plant will not get enough water. If the pot is too big, you run the risk of it getting too much water.

As mentioned, this type of planter is ideal for plants that do not need a lot of water, such as succulents. The key to ensuring you do not overwater is to let the reservoir dry out between watering.

Which type of self-watering planter is best?

The best self-watering planter really depends on your needs. While you can certainly learn about the overall quality of a planter through customer reviews, you should take time to match the style of the planter to your needs.

In general, the soil foot style is easier if you need to conserve space. It also looks neater than the wick style. It allows you to have more plants in a smaller area. This style also provides the best outdoor wick because it will keep more moisture in the planter without evaporation issues.

The string wick style does require more space, but it can be simple to create. It’s ideal for temporary situations, such as when you go on vacation. It also is nice for those who are not very good at DIY projects and just want something simple. The string wick style also works well for plants that do not need a lot of water since water transfer is very gradual.

You may find it is easier to manage the string wick style, too. You can easily see how much water is available. You also can adjust the size of the reservoir to suit y our needs. For example, if you know you won’t be able to water your plants for a few days, you can use a bigger reservoir to ensure there is enough water to last the time you will be away.

Self-Watering Plants Are a Miracle

Many plants really are fairly easy to take care of, save a few drama queens (I’m looking at you, polka dot plant). Watering correctly is the biggest care they require. So, when you start using self-watering planters, you pretty much remove the majority of the work of keeping plants.

It’s quite nice to know that your plant is taking care of its own needs. The self-watering setup allows you to focus on other aspects of care. If you are forgetful about watering, it also takes some of the stress out of gardening, which can make it a more enjoyable experience overall.

Regardless of why you are considering using self-watering pots, it is something that is well worth it in the end. It helps keep your plants healthy, reduces the work you have to do, and lets you set up your garden to meet your needs.


Essential Tips for Proper Trampoline Care and Maintenance

One of the best ways to entertain older kids is to get a trampoline. Even teenagers have a ball playing on one. And, there isn’t a whole lot you’re going to need to know about trampoline care to take care of one.

Trampolines are not without their risks, though. One of the best ways to ensure that yours stays safe is to do routine trampoline care and maintenance.

These structures can demand a little bit of attention to ensure they do not have a failure that could lead to injuries. If you don’t want to waste your money on something that only lasts a few seasons, following a proper maintenance schedule can help you avoid common issues with trampolines.

You’ll likely find trampoline care and maintenance instructions in the paperwork you get with your purchase, but these are not always complete. While you should always follow the instructions that come with your trampoline, we have some additional tips and advice that can make it much easier to know how to take care of a trampoline.

Routine Cleaning Steps

You’ll notice that your trampoline easily attracts dirt. The most common issue is a black coating on the mat, which can get all over anyone who jumps on it. To avoid this messy situation, you need to clean it regularly.

Hunker explains that the best time to clean is when the sun is out and can quickly dry the mat. You’ll want to begin by sweeping it off with a broom.

Then, soak it with a hose, and scrub it with soapy water. Use a brush with soft bristles as stiff bristles can tear the mat.

Make sure that you rinse all the soap from the mat and let it dry completely before anyone tries to jump. Both soap and wetness make for a slippery surface that can easily cause injuries.

As part of your regular cleaning, make sure not to overlook the springs. Check for debris and remove it. Also, go over the springs with your brush and soapy water.

You should spot clean your trampoline before every use. Just use a broom and dustpan to remove any leaves or other debris that has gathered on it since the last use.

Seasonal Maintenance Schedule

Each season will bring some specific maintenance tasks you’ll want to do. SkyBound USA explains that aligning your maintenance tasks with the season changes can help you to get into a routine and makes it easier to remember to do important safety checks.

You will focus on a seasonal schedule for winter and spring as these two seasons bring about the most changes and specific issues you must tackle.

Winter care

How to take care of a trampoline in the winter depends on where you live. Winter can bring some very harsh weather in certain areas. Snow and ice can be hard on your trampoline. Many people decide to take it down over the winter months. You can do this by removing and storing away everything except the metal frame.

You can also leave it up if you don’t want to store it or don’t have anywhere to keep it. If you do this, you will need to winterize it.

In both cases, you will need to start by securing the metal frame. Winter storms can bring strong winds, and you don’t want your frame blowing away. Not only could it make you liable for any damage but also it is likely to bend or break the structure.

The natural urge may be to put a cover over the trampoline, but if you get a lot of snow, this is not advisable. The snow will become too heavy and can bend the frame. Your better bet is to stay on top of snow removal.

You can use a broom to wipe away snow as it builds up. Do not leave snow sitting on the mat as the moisture buildup can lead to excessive wear. It also encourages rust on the metal parts.

Spring care

In the spring, you are ready to prep the trampoline for use. Again, you want to ensure the frame is secure just in case you get some violent spring storms that could include strong winds.

This is also an excellent time to do a quick check of each part to ensure there is no wear and tear or other issues. Check the springs to make sure they have a tight coil, and there is no rust buildup.

Look at the mat. Make sure the stitching is tight. Check for rips and tears. Also, make sure there is no fraying.

Give the frame a once over to check for bending or other issues. If you notice rust on the springs or the frame, you can use a toothbrush and a mixture of vinegar and water (1 part to 3 parts) to scrub it away.

You also want to give the whole thing a good cleaning to get it ready for jumping. Before you let the first child on it, though, you want to test it for strength.

To test, sit on the edge and slowly roll onto the mat. Sit up and lightly bounce on your bottom in the middle of the mat. If it feels good, then stand up and do a few light bounces.

Pay attention to how things sound and whether the mat is as reactive as it should be. Move around the mat to check the whole area. If you notice anything is off, then get down and recheck the springs, mat, and frame. Redo the test until you are happy it is safe.

Trampoline Care and Maintenance Checklist

It is relatively easy to overlook things as you do regular trampoline care and maintenance, especially the seasonal duties since you only do them twice a year. To make things easier and ensure that you are properly caring for it, you can create a trampoline care and maintenance checklist.

When caring for your trampoline, your primary focus will be on the three parts of it that will affect safety and function:

  • Springs
  • Frame
  • Jumping mat


The springs allow for the mat to react properly when someone is jumping on it. They must maintain a tight coil. If the coil loosens, it can easily lead to problems. It also means the spring is weak and more likely to break.

Always make sure that the coils are tight and rust-free. Rust also will weaken them, so remove it if you see it, and stay on top of rust control.


The frame provides essential support. If it fails, when someone jumps, he or she will fall. It can be very dangerous to have a frame failure.

To avoid this, always check the welds. You will find them at any spot where two pieces of metal meet. You want to ensure they are solid without cracks. They need to be secure and not loose.

Also, look at the integrity of the frame. Make sure there are no signs of bends or bowing. Also, make sure it is free of rust.

Jumping mat

All it takes is a small weakness in the mat for someone to go ripping through it. You have to carefully inspect every inch to ensure there are no tears, weak spots, fraying, or other signs of wear.

Also, ensure that it securely attaches at every point to the springs with no signs of weakness, such as frays or excessive stretching. Check the stitching to make sure it is not coming undone.

Trampoline Care and Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts’s

Trampoline care and maintenance involve everything from set up to washing. You want to be sure that you don’t make a mistake anywhere along the way that could put safety at risk or lead to issues with maintaining your trampoline.

To help make it easier for you, here is a look at some do’s and don’t’s that you will want to keep in mind about your trampoline.


Do be careful about where you set up your trampoline. Turf Mechanic explains that you should be cautious about putting it too close to the edge of your property. You never know what neighbors may do. All it takes is one backyard bonfire with escaping embers to damage your mat beyond repair.

Do make sure it is in a shaded area, but it should not be too close to tree limbs, which could injure jumpers. Avoid full sun all the time, if possible, as UV rays can damage the mat. You can also use a cover, but be careful if you get a lot of precipitation as it can become too heavy and lead to damage.

Do be careful putting it around sprinklers. While the water will not cause much damage if it dries quickly, moisture buildup can lead to a breakdown in the integrity of the mat. Furthermore, too much water can lead to rust, and jumping on a wet mat is very dangerous.

Do remove covers to allow springs to dry after a storm or after other exposure to moisture.

Do use a rust protectant on exposed metal parts to delay rusting. Make sure you don’t get any of the spray on the mat as it will create a slick and dangerous surface.

Do make cleaning a job that everyone pitches in on. Make it a rule that before jumping, they have to sweep off the mat. Encourage your kids to assist with routine maintenance and care throughout the year.


Don’t forget to check springs often, especially in autumn. Debris caught between springs can cause a lot of damage and equal a pricey repair.

Don’t use chemicals on any part of the trampoline, according to The Morning Call. Chemicals can lead to damage and accelerated wear. Always stick with soapy water when cleaning and only add vinegar to clean rust.

Don’t let anyone jump on a trampoline that does not pass your safety inspection. Always handle issues right away and make it off-limits until you complete the repair.

Have a Jumping Good Time

Trampolines can be a blast, but that doesn’t mean you can just put on up in your yard and forget about it. They may be fun, but they can also lead to serious injuries if you do not properly maintain them.

Create a trampoline care and maintenance schedule, and stick to it. Hold everyone accountable for ensuring your trampoline stays safe.