Top 20 Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country Songs That Got Us Through 2020

Tons of artists released music during quarantine. Let’s be honest. The year would have been a lot worse if they hadn’t. Whether you’re a music fanatic or not, you’re sure to agree there are some songs that got us through 2020 more than others.

20 Songs That Got Us Through 2020 (and Everything It Had to Offer)

Go ahead. Add these hits to your rotation, and be on the lookout for new releases in the coming months!

1. “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

As the realities of the rest of 2020 were becoming clear in early spring, The Weeknd’s new single “Blinding Lights” took over pop radio charts for four weeks. Even now, with 2020 laid to rest, no other song has been streamed more times on Spotify in the past year.

Both fans and big-name publications have suggested that this song references The Weeknd’s rocky romance with model Bella Hadid.

Neither party will confirm this theory, at least not publically, but the rumors certainly haven’t hurt the popularity of “Blinding Lights.”

2. “Dance Monkey” by Tones And I

Every musical era has that one song you just can’t get out of your head but that you couldn’t name the title or artist to save your life. For a lot of people in 2020, “Dance Monkey” by Tones And I perfectly fits the bill.

This hit first gained traction in Australia — which is, non-coincidentally, the home of singer/songwriter Tones And I. Within a few months, though, the tune gained worldwide recognition.

Despite earning its “viral” status pre-COVID restrictions, “Dance Monkey” still holds strong as one of the top songs that got us through 2020.

3. “Rockstar” by DaBaby feat. Roddy Ricch

After releasing two albums in 2019, DaBaby earned two Grammy nominations back in January. Neither nomination ended in a win. That might change in 2021, thanks to the rapper’s chart-topping single “Rockstar.”

In 2020, DaBaby worked alongside artists like Pop Smoke, Jack Harlow, Dua Lipa, and — of course — Roddy Ricch.

“Rockstar” might have stolen the show, but the rapper also features on three other songs to land on Billboard’s Top 100 this year.

4. “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion

This year has been huge for female rappers. No one understands this as well as Megan Thee Stallion.

“Savage” deserves special recognition as Megan Thee Stallion’s first number-one single. Back in March and the very beginning of COVID quarantines, it was the most played song on TikTok.

The Texas-native had several chart-toppers this year, many of which also went viral on social media. With any luck, “Savage” was just the beginning for this rap powerhouse’s career.

5. “WAP” by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

We can’t talk about women in rap or Megan Thee Stallion without discussing Cardi B’s “WAP.” It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying it was one of the songs that got us through 2020.

Cardi B has a few more years in the industry under her belt than Megan Thee Stallion, but the two artists are both new faces compared to stars like Nicki Minaj or Beyoncé. After the release of “WAP,” though, the duo became one of music’s biggest acts to watch.

There’s no knowing what Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion will come up with next.

While “WAP” certainly earned its fair share of criticism, parodies, and memes, it’s hard to argue any other song was more culturally significant in 2020.

6. “Fake Happy” by Paramore

Paramore’s “Fake Happy” came out in 2017. But the winning combo of TikTok popularity and pandemic melancholy launched the single back into our collective consciousness.

The entire After Laughter album is a raw look at lead singer Hayley William’s divorce and resulting depression.

While the lyrics paint a grim picture, though, the synth backing beats create something you can dance to (regardless of your mood).

7. “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles split with his One Direction bandmates back in 2015, and it seems those five years working on a solo career (and identity) paid off.

“Watermelon Sugar” wasn’t the singer’s first single of 2020. It wasn’t even his most popular.

Really, though, it was the music video that made “Watermelon Sugar” one of the songs that got us through 2020. Following its release in May, critics and fans alike quickly fell in love with the video’s visuals, styling, and euphemisms.

The video was so beloved, in fact, that Billboard’s readers voted it their favorite music video of the year.

8. “Juice” by Lizzo (covered by Harry Styles)

Another of our favorite examples of Harry Styles coming into his own is in his cover of “Juice” by Lizzo — whose songs, by the way, got us through 2019.

This cover was never turned into a studio recording. Instead, Harry Styles featured the song in a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge concert in December 2019.

In January 2020, Lizzo invited him onstage to duet the song at a live Sirius XM concert. So she seems to be as big a fan of the cover as we are!

9. “No Time to Die” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish proved she wasn’t just a young pop singer with her recording of the James Bond theme song “No Time to Die.”

The song was first shared in February 2020. Sadly, some Bond fans expressed criticism over Eilish’s style and age.

In many ways, though, showing this more serious and mature side set the stage for the rest of Billie Eilish’s career through 2020 and (hopefully) the coming years.

COVID delayed the companion film’s release, but Billie Eilish still received a Grammy nomination for the track.

10. “Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish

Admittedly, “Therefore I Am” is one of the year’s newest hits. Still, its release in mid-November was perfectly timed for 2020’s unique holiday stress.

Rumors claim that Billie Eilish’s most recent single addresses body shamers on social media and in the traditional press.

Even the accompanying music video sticks to the theme by featuring “candid” footage of the singer wandering through and stealing food from an empty shopping mall.

Whether or not you can sympathize with Billie Eilish’s struggles as not just a young woman but one thrust into the public eye, her confident attitude in “Therefore I Am” makes it one of the songs that got us through 2020.

11. “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett feat. Charlie Puth

For pop country fans, no list of the songs that got us through 2020 would be complete without “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett.

Gabby Barret finished third on American Idol’s second-to-last season. Like many finalists before her, though, losing the singing competition did little to hamper her eventual career.

“I Hope” originally came out in 2019. But the re-release featuring Charlie Puth topped the charts for 16 weeks in 2020.

Even if country isn’t your music style of choice, Gabby Barrett’s hit single broke records and bridged genres for a reason.

12. “Say So” by Doja Cat

First released at the very end of 2019, “Say So” by Doja Cat never made it past Billboard’s Top 50. It did, however, stay on the charts for over four consecutive months.

That all changed in May 2020, when Doja Cat released a remix of the song featuring Nicki Minaj. In just a few short days, the “Say So” remix was at the top of the Billboard chart.

This remix was the first number-one song for both Doja Cat and, surprisingly, Nicki Minaj. Several months and countless TikTok dances later, it’s safe to say that “Say So” was one of the songs that got us through 2020.

13. “Roses” by SAINt JHN (Imanbek Remix)

“Roses” by SAINt JHN has an interesting history that’s extremely reminiscent of the current music industry.

First released in 2016, the song didn’t gain much traction. In 2019, a 19-year-old music producer remixed the song and seemingly launched a viral sensation overnight.

Whether trying to maintain some semblance of a morning routine or fighting off those quarantine pounds, “Roses” by SAINt JHN is an unexpected hit that never fails to get us moving.

14. “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

Another One Direction alumnus, Lewis Capaldi, carved out a successful solo career that rivals Harry Styles’.

Capaldi’s style is a bit more subdued than his fellow bandmate’s, however, almost comparable to Ed Sheeran’s debut album “+.”

Lewis Capaldi might not have the name recognition of Harry Styles (at least outside of old One Direction fans), but his song “Someone You Loved” sits comfortably at number-ten on the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart.

15. “Ghosts” by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s heyday might have been the 1980s, but that hasn’t stopped the so-called “Boss” from releasing almost two dozen albums throughout his career.

“Ghosts” is the lead single from Springsteen’s most recent album, released in October 2020. The song is emotional and powerful, a perfect complement to some of the more upbeat songs on our list.

The song received praise from long-time fans and critics and spent two weeks at number five on the Billboard Global 200 charts.

16. “Betty” by Taylor Swift

We recently saw the release of Taylor Swift’s second — yes, second — quarantine studio album, Evermore. But this new album fails to outshine the one before it, Folklore.

The track “Betty” tells the tale of a love triangle, a story that continues throughout the entire album. Part of the song’s popularity came from fans speculating on who the song is actually about.

The other part is largely a result of “Betty” paying homage to Taylor Swift’s country roots. A fact made abundantly clear in her live performance of the song at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

17. “Bloody Valentine” by Machine Gun Kelly

While balancing dual-careers as a musician and an actor, Machine Gun Kelly recently put out a new album. The lead single of this album, “Bloody Valentine,” kicked off Spring 2020 for lovers of rap and pop-punk with a May release date.

“Bloody Valentine” instantly gained the attention of Machine Gun Kelly fans following its release. But the track and video also drew media coverage because of the artist’s collaborations.

Machine Gun Kelly created “Bloody Valentine” with Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink-182. In the official music video, “Transformers” star Megan Fox takes on the titular role opposite Machine Gun Kelly.

18. “How You Like That” by Blackpink

K-pop has been on the rise for years. With the explosion of Blackpink both at home in South Korea and abroad, there’s no more questioning whether the genre can compete with the western music industry.

The girl group Blackpink had multiple hits come out this year, many of which we’d classify as pop songs that got us through 2020 and all it threw at us. But nothing compares to the group’s song “How You Like That.”

Even if the song weren’t a banger, the music video almost immediately broke Youtube streaming records with its June 2020 premiere.

“How You Like That” gained more views within 24 hours than any other music video (the record-holder was another K-pop group, BTS). With 2020 coming to a close, the video now sits at over 700 million views.

19. “Heart of Glass” by Blondie (covered by Miley Cyrus)

Miley Cyrus, who has been working for years to distance herself from the Disney Hannah Montana persona, dropped jaws this year with her live cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.”

The song, performed at the iHeart Music Festival in October, is not the singer’s first foray into covers. All the way back in 2012, she gained recognition for a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

Like many of the songs that got us through 2020, Miley Cyrus’ cover was boosted by users of TikTok and similar social media platforms. But don’t let the song’s viral status take away from Miley Cyrus’ skilled, breathtaking performance!

20. “Positions” by Ariana Grande

As pop music’s darling, it would be near-impossible to exclude Ariana Grande from our list. She may not have had a meme-worthy hit like “thank u, next” this year but did release a studio album in October.

The single “Positions” became the top song globally within a few days of its debut. By November, every song on the album claimed a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

If you’re looking for pop songs to get you through 2021, Ariana Grand’s newest album is a great place to start.

It’s Time to Start Your Playlist for 2021

Everyone is crossing their fingers that 2021 will be a better year than its predecessor. But that doesn’t mean your playlists should be any more stale.

What songs have helped you deal with the 2020 blues? Are you adding any of the songs on our list to your own playlists? Let us know in the comments below!


Top 10 Bluetooth Audio Devices for Sound Lovers This Year

Anyone who loves to listen to music may have a deep appreciation for their Bluetooth audio devices. The use of sophisticated Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music and watch television.

Furthermore, with the sheer volume of music many of us store in our mobiles, the ability to easily connect to Bluetooth audio devices is a godsend.

Bluetooth arrived with a bang in the late 1990s and became set to revolutionize many industries. Not surprisingly, many of us used headphones connected to our music devices through wires, which frequently tangled.

However, when Bluetooth arrived, such a problem became a thing of the past.

Bluetooth Audio Devices

Bluetooth audio devices allow us to connect various pieces of equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, to wireless external speakers. For audiophiles, it represented the ability to listen to music at any time and in any place without disturbing others.

Headphones such as the Stealth Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from iJoy give us freedom of movement from a surprisingly economical set of wireless earphones.

The Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones from TOZO do away with the earmuff look to provide an intimate, high-quality audio experience.

Bluetooth went on to revolutionize our home theatres with soundbars that effortlessly connect to our televisions to produce excellent quality, immersive sound.

The Bestisan Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar for TV from BYL provides the perfect wireless audio experience for anyone who enjoys high-quality sound with their television viewing.

Ease of use

Most Bluetooth audio devices prove remarkably easy to pair up with your chosen equipment. Now, with the press of a button, you may easily and quickly reap the wireless technology benefits with the capability for freedom of movement.

You may pair your phone with a portable speaker that you may use in your home or garden in no time at all.

Our 10 Favorite Bluetooth Audio Devices

We have chosen a range of Bluetooth audio devices which we feel you may find of particular use. From soundbars to headphones and Bluetooth audio adaptors, we have you covered.

Our products come with a slew of positive reviews, which remains of paramount importance when choosing.

1. Soundbox Touch Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundbox Touch Bluetooth Speaker from Doss features easy to use touch controls that amplify any party’s mood and energy. You may effortlessly pair the portable speaker with any device and change tracks or adjust the volume at a touch.

The innovative speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to provide superb connectivity with all Bluetooth devices. The speaker even remembers which device you used last to allow for an instant connection.

Sound reaches a new level of excellence as you enjoy your music in 12W full-bodied stereo realized through dual high-performance drivers and unique, enhanced bass.

The Soundbox Touch Bluetooth Speaker from Doss provides extended playtime through its built-in Li-lon rechargeable battery, giving you up to 20 hours of playtime when used at 50 percent volume.

The micro USB cable included with your speaker recharges the device in only 3 to 4 hours.

The superb quality speaker provides excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Also, the superb charge time and charge provide the user with a versatile listening experience.

The compact size of 6.6 inches by 2.9 inches by 2.7 inches makes the speaker genuinely portable and convenient to use anywhere you go. Additionally, the speaker makes a fantastic holiday gift due to its superb value for the money.

2. Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker from Cambridge Soundworks offers crystal clear stereo sound with accurate mid-ranges and precise high ranges from dual precision acoustic stereo drivers.

Furthermore, the bass output is enhanced by a proprietary passive bass radiator with a unique triangular design and downward-facing aspect.

Surprisingly loud volume derives from the volume booster 10 plus watt power amp without distorting the sound’s quality. Consequently, the speaker proves particularly useful for larger events, larger rooms, and outdoor applications.

Superb Bluetooth connectivity achieves effortless connection with a range of up to 100 feet of the paired device. The speaker employs sophisticated Bluetooth 4.2 technology with an advanced radar design to pair with various Bluetooth audio devices.

Additionally, the speaker is splash-proof and rainproof, although you cannot submerge it in water. Consequently, if you want a convenient speaker to use in a shower or for outdoor events, the Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker from Cambridge Soundworks proves the ideal choice.

The value for the money, style, and superb functionality combine in a speaker that easily connects to various Bluetooth audio devices. Sound quality and a robust build with a long battery life make the speaker a perfect gift for any loved one.

3. Bestisan Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar for TV

The Bestisan Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar for TV from BYL provides the perfect wireless audio experience for anyone who enjoys high-quality sound with their television viewing.

The speaker employs Bluetooth 5.0 technology to give the viewer 360 degrees of interference-free sound.

Using an extremely sensitive and intuitive remote control, you may control the various modes of the speaker. The sophisticated DPS technology includes three choices of sound effects with news, movie, and music functions.

Such flexibility allows the user to control the mood and expansiveness of the viewing situation.

The soundbar features powerful speakers that deliver booming sound with crystal clear audio quality. The speaker brings an enticing home theatre experience to your home without the need for wired systems.

When you consider Bluetooth audio devices, the Bestisan Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar for TV from BYL offers an exceptional value and superb sound quality.

4. Bluetooth Soundbar With Subwoofer

The Bluetooth Soundbar With Subwoofer from Vmai is a wireless Bluetooth speaker system for TV and home theatre.

The elegant and immersive device is 36 inches in length and 2.5 inches high in a smart matte black finish. You can mount the soundbar on a wall for a convenient and neat installation.

The speaker contains two 6-inch mid-range drivers, a 1-inch tweeter, and Vmai’s exclusive power bass technology to contribute to deep and intense sound. The dual side symmetrical bass reflex ports allow the user to feel the sound in a truly immersive audio-visual experience.

Vmai uses Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology for stable, uninterrupted transmission with up to 50-foot connectivity.

The Bluetooth feature provides instant connectivity to a host of Bluetooth audio devices at the touch of a button. Consequently, you may enjoy your music through this sophisticated soundbar.

The Bluetooth Soundbar With Subwoofer from Vmai offers an excellent value for your money with a powerful speaker to enhance your visual and audio experience.

As such, the speaker makes the ideal gift to give a loved one this holiday, especially if they love their music and films.

5. Stealth Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

The Stealth Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from iJoy is the ideal set of headphones for anyone who enjoys listening to music. The set offers deep, accurate bass response with an extended frequency range to provide excellent reproduction of your favorite songs.

Moreover, the rechargeable nature of the headphones makes them incredibly versatile and convenient.

The sophisticated headphones use a five-button control system including play, pause, answer hang-up, equalizer, next track, volume up, previous track, and volume down. The set proves intuitive and offers complete control of your listening pleasure.

The ear cups fit around your ears to give you a truly intimate listening experience, while the built-in mic allows for hand-free telephone calling.

The Stealth Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from iJoy provide a budget-friendly solution for anyone looking for Bluetooth audio devices that deliver high-quality sound and convenience.

6. Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

The Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from Mpow use noise cancellation technology and Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a seamless, crystal clear audio experience.

The Bluetooth chip ensures a fast connection and pairs microphones with a noise reduction algorithm to accurately pick up and enhance your voice while making hands free calls.

Hi-fi audio sound comes complete with robust bass as the highly flexible silk diaphragms reproduce crisp, thumping sound.

The advanced quick charging technology streams music for up to 2 hours after a 10-minute quick charge. The built-in rechargeable battery may provide up to 35 hours of playtime.

The soft, comfortable memory foam cups encompass the ears to envelop you with quality sound. The value and quality of the earphones make them a top pick for Bluetooth audio devices.

7. EP-T21 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The EP-T21 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones from AUKEY offer superior sound with crisp, high fidelity sound. The set uses advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a truly wireless experience with fast transmission speeds and stronger connectivity.

One step reconnection automatically connects to your phone when you remove them from their case. The convenient touch control effortlessly manages your audio playback experience. Also, with a battery life of up to 5 hours, you may easily listen to music on the go.

When you consider Bluetooth audio devices, the EP-T21 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones from AUKEY offers excellent value for money. The earbuds provide a sophisticated and convenient alternative to anyone wishing to enjoy their music.

8. Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones from TOZO use Bluetooth 5.0 technology to capture your music with crystal clear stereo sound seamlessly. The wireless earplugs fit neatly and comfortably inside the ear to give you a tangle-free audio experience.

The TOZO in-ear headphones employ powerful 6mm speaker drivers with powerful bass to give you authentic sound and enhanced performance.

The innovative plugs instantly connect when you remove them from their box. You can achieve connectivity with a host of Bluetooth audio devices at the touch of a button.

You may achieve 6 hours of playtime in a single charge while the compact case holds a further 24-hour extra charge. Additionally, the case supports wireless charging for added convenience.

9. Firefly Bluetooth Receiver

The Firefly Bluetooth Receiver from TUNAI is amongst the smallest USB wireless audio Bluetooth adaptors on the market.

The USB transforms your home stereo and car audio systems into wireless and Bluetooth compatible speakers with one easy-to-use plug. Firefly automatically switches on when you start your engine or turn on your speaker.

The Bluetooth USB remembers eight paired devices so that you may connect as soon as you turn the Bluetooth on. You can pair up to two devices simultaneously to make music sharing even more effortless.

The Firefly Bluetooth Receiver from TUNAI provides an economical alternative to convert your music players into Bluetooth audio devices. Consequently, this economical device is ideal for any audio lover who doesn’t want to change their equipment.

10. Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver

The Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver from TaoTronics is a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver that transforms 3.5mm audio-out media devices into a Bluetooth device capable of streaming music Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth audio receiver lets non-Bluetooth devices like car or home stereos receive high-quality audio.

The innovative Bluetooth device gives the user full control, including play, pause, and track selection. Also, you may control the volume with buttons on the adapter.

In addition, the adaptor can connect to traditional wired headphones or speakers to receive Bluetooth music direct from phones and tablets.

The Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver from TaoTronics is a practical solution to transform your equipment into Bluetooth audio devices on a budget.

Bluetooth Audio Devices Explored

Technology remains a wonderful tool to make our lives easier. Clearly, Bluetooth has undoubtedly made a significant difference to how we listen to music.

Whether you like to listen to your favorite album or watch an action-packed movie, Bluetooth plays an essential and relevant part in our entertainment experiences.

The EP-T21 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones from AUKEY offer superior sound with crisp, high fidelity sound. In addition, the Bluetooth Soundbar Vmai is a wireless Bluetooth speaker for TV and home theatre to enhance your audio-visual experience.

However, the value that these devices represent makes them ideal candidates to give as gifts this holiday season. So, sit back, touch a button, and enjoy crisp, clear, stunning sound from your Bluetooth audio devices.

Author bio

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.


Setting up a Podcasting Studio in Your Home for Beginners

Anyone can create a podcast with some minimal equipment, but if you want to create a podcasting studio and make a serious effort in the venture, then you need to start with the right equipment.

Podcasts can be about anything you want. You can also record them anywhere you desire, but if you really want to take your podcast to the next level, then you need a well-equipped podcasting studio.

The equipment you need is fairly standard. You may already have some of it on hand. It is also possible to furnish your studio without breaking the bank as long as you know what to look for.

Considerations Prior to Shopping

Before you start buying items for your podcasting studio, you need to take a little time to plan what you need.

Start with deciding how much money you want to spend. Keep in mind that your podcast could take off and be a hit, or it could be a long time before your podcast starts bringing in any money.

With that in mind, it is almost always best to start off with the bare essentials. You don’t need the fanciest equipment right at the beginning. Start off with decent options that you can upgrade later.

One important thing to keep in mind, though, is that you cannot sacrifice the quality of your sound. If your podcast does not have a clear sound, you will have a hard time getting and keeping listeners.

So, don’t be afraid to invest more in microphones and other audio equipment that will directly affect how your podcast sounds to the listener.

Setting up a Podcasting Studio

You also want to prepare your space as part of the plan prior to buying your equipment. The space you choose can help you to minimize the equipment you need while also boosting your sound quality.

Make sure the space is somewhere that you will feel comfortable spending a bit of time as you record. It also needs to be quiet. Ideally, it will have good acoustics that won’t provide a lot of noise as you talk.

The space also needs to have enough room for you, anyone else who will be there during recordings, and your equipment without it being too crowded.

Basic Equipment You Will Need

Now that you have those few considerations out of the way, you can begin looking for the actual podcasting studio equipment that you need to get your podcast up and running.


The first thing you want is a computer with internet access. Some people try to use smartphones when they first start, but it is not ideal.

You will find having a laptop is usually the best option as it allows you to travel if you need to while also providing the adequate abilities to record and edit that you need for a high-quality podcast production.

Recording and editing software

Recording and editing software can be something you download to your computer or that runs in the cloud.

The cloud is a virtual place where you access the software, and everything saves to virtual storage without you having to download or save on your own hard drive.

You’ll want to start with something simple. GarageBand is an excellent option, and you can buy the Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand kindle book to help you learn how to use it and get the most from it.

Audacity, Pro Tools, and Adobe Audition are other good options if you want something you download to your computer. Cloud-based options include ZenCastr and Ringr.

Make sure whatever you choose is something you can learn to use quickly. You don’t need anything with a lot of advanced features or something that costs a lot of money.


While you may be able to use the microphone built into your computer or in your headphones, these do not offer the best quality for podcasting.

If you want a high-quality production, then you need to buy a separate microphone. There are plenty of affordable options available.

One of the top choices is the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone. It comes with an adjustable stand, and you can buy other accessories to upgrade it in a bundle pack.

Another popular option is the Blue Yeti. This one comes at several price points. It also comes with a stand, and it comes in a range of colors.

You may want to get a boom arm for your microphone, but it depends on your setup. If you will need to move the mic a lot, then get an arm.

In addition, if you will have guests or a co-host, then you’ll need to buy multiple microphones, which can limit your options if you have a tight budget.

However, don’t be too cheap when it comes to your microphone. This is one of the most critical pieces of podcasting equipment you will buy because it directly affects audio quality.

Take time to shop around and really scrutinize the options so that you can get the best for your money.


Headphones are something that matters most to you and your overall comfort during the podcast.

Using them isn’t mandatory, but it will allow you to cancel out noise and hear the true sound quality of your recording. It is highly recommended that you buy a pair of decent headphones.

Some options include LyxPro HAS-10 Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones and Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones.


The last piece of essential equipment you will need is a mixer. You may be able to get by without one for a little bit, but if you really want high-quality, then you need it from the start.

A mixer will allow you to control the audio levels for premium sound. It will take some time to learn how to use a mixer, especially more advanced ones.

Start out with something simple that you can learn quickly. This is one of the pieces of equipment that can advance with you as your skills improve, so it is worth the investment.

One option is the Mackie Mix Series 8-Channel Compact Mixer. It’s one of the more affordable options and is relatively simple, so you should be able to learn to use it quickly.

Another product to consider is the Behringer XENYX 1202FX. This is a little more expensive and advanced. It will be a good choice if you have some experience using a mixer.

More Advanced Equipment to Consider

There are additional items that you will eventually want to add to your podcasting studio. These items all help with the overall quality.

Shock mount

A shock mount helps to reduce vibrations and keeps your microphone stable during recording.

Your microphone may come with a shock mount, so always check before you buy one.

A good choice that is also affordable is the Rode PSM 1 Shock Mount.

Pop filters or windscreens

A pop filter or a windscreen will help stop harsh sounds that happen when you pronounce certain letters, such as “p.”

It fits in front of your microphone and also can assist with cutting noise from air or wind.

A nice choice is the Nady SPF-1 Pop Filter. It clamps on your mic and has a flexible arm for perfect positioning.

Audio interface

An audio interface expands your audio capabilities. It also helps to improve quality. You can connect multiple inputs and outputs with it, including your mixer.

It is kind of an extension of your computer, allowing all your podcasting equipment to work together. An example is the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD.

Headphone amplifier

If you will have a co-host or regularly have guests on your podcast, then you will need a headphone amplifier.

It allows you to plug in multiple headphones at one time. You also can control each of the headphones levels.

One option is the Fifine Headphone Amplifier with four channels.

Acoustic treatment

If your space has acoustic issues, you may do well to add in acoustic panels. These are simply foam squares that you hang up on the walls and area around you.

They absorb sound and help control issues, such as echoes. The good news is that they are very affordable if you don’t need too many of them.

You can get them in multi-packs. One option is the 12-pack of foam mushroom acoustic panels from Fstop Labs.

Portable digital recorder

If you want to take your podcast on the road, then you will need a good quality digital recorder. Do not rely on your phone for this.

The recorder needs to be able to capture high-quality audio if you want the finished podcast to have superior sound quality.

It is especially challenging to redo audio recordings for things you got when on location or meeting subjects outside the studio. You need to make sure that you get it right the first time.

Consider the EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder. It’s a top-selling product that is easy to use without confusing controls. It also will hook directly to your computer for file transfers.

How to Set up Sound Equipment for Your Podcast

Now that you have everything you need, you are ready to set up your podcasting studio.

Start with an empty space and add in any kind of soundproofing items you have. If you bought acoustic panels, then go ahead and hang them up now. You can also add in rugs and curtains to help with soundproofing.

The next step is to determine where your computer and controls will go. This will depend on whether you will serve as host and producer or if you will have someone else handling the producing duties while you host.

If you will be doing everything, then make sure to set up your equipment all in the same area so that you have easy access as you record to adjust sound levels and make other adjustments.

If you will have someone else handling the producing, then set that person up away from your hosting area to help avoid any outside sound interference or issues.

He or she doesn’t have to be very far away, but try to give some space between you and the producer so you won’t pick up every sound he or she makes.

Once you get the equipment in place, take a seat and see how it feels. Make sure your microphone and any controls you will use are in a good position.

You want to be comfortable during recording, so make adjustments as needed to get to a place where you are feeling good and ready to go.

Once you start recording, you may need to further move things around and change up your space. Just be sure that before you start a podcast that you feel good so that you can focus on recording and not whether your equipment is well situated.

The Bottom Line

While you certainly can start up a podcast with nothing more than a laptop, it won’t help you to make a very good podcast. You want to invest a little into your endeavor if you are taking it seriously.

Those people making the top podcasts have some outstanding equipment.

If you want to compete, then you need to make an investment in securing the bare minimum equipment for your podcasting studio. You can keep things simple, but do focus on quality when making your choices.

Keep in mind that the bottom line in creating a podcast is always going to be your sound quality. It has to be top-notch. If any piece of your equipment is compromising your audio quality, then you need to replace it.

The recommendations we’ve made here are all good quality options. Take your time to shop around and see what you feel would best meet your needs and make the most sense in your podcasting studio.

Do you have any other suggestions for podcasting beginners? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your wisdom in the comments below.


14 Halloween Sound Effects You Need to Up Your Spooky Game

Halloween sound effects
Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

Leaves are turning, and pumpkin spice is on the menu, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming. And nothing adds more spookiness to your display or haunted house like Halloween sound effects.

No matter if you’re setting up a scary yard, home, party, or a full-blown haunted house, we have the best effects and track ideas to add to your sound system.

The thing is, having the scariest sound effects in your Halloween display is only part of what brings spookiness to your home.

The other part is where you put that sound.

So, we not only help you pick the perfect scary sound effects, but we’ll even give you ideas on placement. Use our ideas as a creative jumping point to interject the ideal amount of spook this Halloween.

Which one of these sends a chill down your spine?

  1. Shrill Screams
  2. Door, Floor, and Stair Creaks
  3. Gutteral Growls
  4. Zombie Groans
  5. Ghostly Moans
  6. Werewolf Howls
  7. Demented Laughter
  8. Rattling Chains
  9. Electric Chair Sizzle
  10. Bats Flapping
  11. Raging Storms
  12. Witches Cackling
  13. Cat’s Screech and Hiss
  14. Spooky Whispers

1. Shrill Screams

Nothing gives you the shivers more than a surprise scream on a haunted Halloween night. You might think these scary noises are only women’s screams, but men’s and children’s screams work just as well for a Halloween fright.

A nice set of bookshelf speakers can help you place this Halloween sound effect anywhere in your home.

Whether you place them in your window for some scares on the front porch, right as you walk in the door, or behind a creepy display, this sound is sure to make anyone jump.

2. Door, Floor, and Stair Creaks

While these Halloween sounds won’t make anyone jump, they will surely increase the anxiety around your spooky display.

Is there a monster behind you or coming up the stairs? Maybe it’s a zombie, a ghost, or an evil spirit ready to take you to the underworld.

This sound effect is best for long hallways, at the bottom of the stairs, and near faraway doors where the light is dim. Set up your speakers out of sight to amplify the fun.

3. Guttural Growls

Give the illusion of monsters and feral animals lurking around your house with guttural growls. You can place these Halloween sound effects in dark corners or behind bushes.

Help everyone’s imaginations soar as they wonder what is waiting for them in the dark.

Another idea is to buy monsters and crazed animals for your display that already make growling sounds. They’ll add a scary dimension to your Halloween home.

4. Zombie Groans

You might think recent zombie shows took the bite out of zombie fear.

But the truth is, nobody wants a zombie running up behind them without Daryl or Michonne by their side. Zombie Halloween sound effects pack the biggest punch in your yard, accompanied by lifesize zombies.

Don’t forget to use your waterproof Bluetooth speakers because they’re perfect for bringing sound to the outside.

On the other hand, you could also place the sound in a corner or a dark hallway, to make your guests whip around with fright.

5. Ghostly Moans

A classic Halloween sound effect that you can’t forget this October is ghostly moans.

After all, you can’t have Halloween without ghosts, and since ghosts can be invisible, you don’t have to worry about matching the sounds with display items — although you could.

Adding ghosts to dark hallways or a charred fireplace is a perfect addition to your scary Halloween space. You can also add this sound effect to ghosts hanging in your trees or emitting their sound from empty rooms and behind closed doors.

6. Werewolf Howls

It doesn’t have to be a full moon to add werewolf howls to your list of Halloween sound effects. In fact, it’s one of the best sounds to have in the distance.

You want people thinking that out there somewhere, the werewolves are turning in the light of the full moon, and maybe they’re on their way to your yard.

Place this sound in the far corners of your yard or your home. If you don’t have space inside, play the howls with the volume or settings low to give it the appearance of distance.

7. Demented Laughter

Isn’t it funny that with just a small change in the way we laugh, we can bring the sound from infectious to insidious in seconds?

Demented laughter might be the perfect sound in your haunted display tucked away on your porch behind a scarecrow.

Another idea is to have the soundtrack playing quietly on the mantle or in the kitchen where it’s barely audible. You’ll have your guests looking around and wondering if they’re hearing what they think they’re hearing.

8. Rattling Chains

Rattling or dragging chains are a great addition alone or along with your favorite ghostly Halloween sound effects.

Add the sound at the end of a dark hallway or, if you have an upstairs, point the speakers so you can hear the chains rattling from a distance through the floor.

If you don’t have an upstairs, the same concept will work with a basement. Come to think of it, chain sounds coming from the basement is even scarier.

We bet you won’t have anyone approaching those stairs.

9. Electric Chair Sizzle

Electricity’s sizzle and crackle will put everyone on edge, but if you make it an electric chair and pair it with a scream, it’s the perfect Halloween sound effect.

Although you could put this sound in a far-off room, a better idea is to plant a chair on your porch or in your house and rig the noise underneath or behind it.

For a scarier effect, you could make it motion-activated for an extra Halloween punch.

10. Bats Flapping

When you think of Halloween, Dracula probably crosses your mind, and bats aren’t far behind. And while you might not usually be afraid of bats, if a bat sound is coming from the trees, you’ll duck.

So, the sound of bats flapping or screeching is a great sound effect to put in your trees or the top corners of your front porch.

Not only is the sound a great addition, but you can hang bats from high above for an extra kick.

11. Raging Storms

Add to the Halloween ambiance by conjuring up some rain clouds for a good old fashioned thunderstorm.

This idea is especially effective if you have a Halloween party.

Your guests know it’s not really raining outside, but the sounds of a storm with lightning and thunder make a spooky night feel a whole lot creepier.

The trick with this sound effect is to get the right volume. You don’t want to overwhelm your other sounds with the storm; you want to keep it in the background.

12. Witches Cackling

Witches are active on Halloween, gathering up ingredients for their cauldron and brewing their magical spells. The sound of witches cackling while they mix their brew is something you need in your display.

You never know what those witches are cooking up or if they’re planning to send a spell your way, but their cackling means you should beware.

You could have them as disembodied voices, but having witches in your haunted display brings the cackling to life.

13. Cat Screeching and Hissing

With witches inside and outside your scary setup, you need to add some cats too. The great thing about bringing in cats is that you can put them anywhere and easily add sounds.

Of course, you don’t want these kitty cats purring; you want to have screeching, hissing, and growling coming from these scary beasts.

Place your cats or cat sounds in your trees, under your porch, or on your shelves. Motion-activated is best for cat sounds, or you could choose a soundtrack with angry cat sounds on it.

14. Spooky Whispers

Do you hear that? What are they saying?

Spooky whispers strategically set around your yard or home will add a scary undertone to your Halloween decor. Not only are eerie whispers frightening, but they’ll also have your visitors questioning their own sanity.

Set up whisper sounds behind where you’re guests will gather or sit.

You want the sound not only in those places but at your front door entrance as well. That way, when trick or treaters wait for their candy or guests wait for you to answer the door, the whispers will be there to keep them company.

Where Will You Add Your Halloween Sound Effects?

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, chances are, you want to decorate better than last year. Sure, last year was scary, but it’s time to kick the spooky up a notch by adding sound effects.

Do you already have sound effects in your display? In that case, change it up and scare your guests like never before.

Whether you just give them scares or candy, you also want to send chills up and down their spine. After all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?