10 Best Running Shoes for Beginners (Plus a Guide to Must-Know Terms!)

Ask any running enthusiast, and they’ll tell you: “The only way to find the best running shoes for beginners is to go to a physical store and get fitted.”

We agree that your local running store is a valuable resource. But for many, paying them a visit isn’t an option right now.

So if you’re ready to jump feet-first into shopping for running shoes online, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to get you started.

Best Running Shoes for Beginners: Anatomy 101

From a manufacturing viewpoint, running shoes are made of dozens of small, interconnected parts. Fortunately, as a consumer, there are just a few of these parts you need to be aware of.


Watch a few running shoe reviews on YouTube, and you’re sure to hear this term. Luckily, it’s extremely straightforward.

The term “upper” encompasses everything on a shoe that covers the foot. This includes the heel counter, tongue, toe box, and lacing system.


Your running shoe’s insole is the piece of material your foot actually rests on. Insoles are normally quite thin and exist to protect the heftier midsole underneath.


In the simplest term, the midsole is a running shoe’s actual underfoot cushioning.

Midsoles range from extremely thick and cushioned to hard and thin. When you see shoes advertised as including air, gel, or foam, the brand is talking about the midsole material.


Since midsoles are made from somewhat soft and forgiving materials, exposing them to the elements would spell disaster. The outsole’s job is to protect the shoe’s inner-cushioning and provide traction against the running surface.

Running shoes (and their outsoles) are typically classified as either road or trail shoes. If you plan to run on both types of terrain, you’re going to need multiple pairs of shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Beginners: Terms to Know

Shopping for running shoes can feel like interpreting a foreign language. Here are the must-know terms for beginners and how to use this information to find the perfect pair of shoes for your newfound hobby:

Stack height

When running shoe manufacturers talk about stack height, they’re referring to the amount of material between your foot and the ground — i.e., the insole, midsole, and outsole. The larger the stack height, the more cushioning between the running surface and your feet.

Stack height plays a big role in running shoe comfort and performance. For example, the barefoot running trend saw an increase in shoes with stack heights as thin as one millimeter (mm). These shoes offer little more than a thin piece of rubber between you and the ground.

For beginners, we recommend a stack height near 20 mm. This is what most runners prefer but still gives you plenty of room to experiment with different stack heights down the road.


Directly related to stack height, a shoe’s drop refers to the differential between the heel and toe box heights.

Most running shoes have a non-zero drop. The higher the drop, the higher up your heel sits in relation to your toes.

Zero drop shoes feature a heel and toe that are the same height. This mimics the angle of your feet when standing barefoot. While zero drop shoes go hand-in-hand with minimalist running, you can also find zero-drop models with tons of cushioning.

Again, the best running shoes for beginners are somewhere in the middle. Look for a drop between 8 mm and 12 mm for your first pair of shoes.


Running shoes that advertise greater stability are inherently better, right? Well, depending on your foot shape and running gait, this may or may not be true.

Runners can be grouped into several categories, depending on how their feet hit the ground:

  • Neutral runners land in the middle of their feet. Their ankle stays in a neutral position, and weight is evenly distributed across the foot.
  • Supinating runners land on the outer edge of their foot. This angles the ankle inward and can put the runner at greater risk of injury.
  • Pronating runners land on the inside of their foot. The ankle flairs inward, again putting them at increased risk of injury.

Stability and control shoes are designed specifically for those in the last category. These running shoes offer more support and help “steer” pronated feet into a more neutral position.

Neutral and supinating runners should always wear non-stability shoes. These models are typically marketed as “neutral” shoes or simply lack any mention of control.

Learning your foot strike pattern can be difficult, especially as a beginner. If you don’t know which category you fall into, invest in neutral shoes for your first pair.

10 Best Running Shoes for Beginners You Can Buy Today

Looking for a way to maintain your fitness without stepping foot in a cramped gym? Or just ready to try out running for the first time?

Here are the best running shoes to spend your first miles in:

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 7

Want to ramp up your hiking and turn it into trail running? Or are you a casual road runner looking to hit the dirt? The ASICS Gel-Venture 7 is a great shoe to start with.

Since off-road running involves a lot more wear-and-tear on your feet and ankles, the ASICS Gel-Venture 7 offers extra shock absorption in the heel and a stiff upper.

Despite the extra midsole padding, these shoes feature a stack height of 20 mm and a drop of 10 mm. This makes them some of the best running shoes for beginners or fans of mid-range cushioning.

The ASICS Gel-Venture 7 does weigh a bit more than average, but this is to be expected for heftier trail running shoes. The women’s version weighs 8.7 oz, and the men’s version weighs 10.3 oz.

2. Brooks Ghost 12

If, after trying on a few models, you think you’d prefer a pair with lots of cushioning, the Brooks Ghost 12 might be the perfect fit.

The Brooks Ghost 12 is a neutral road shoe with a standard 12 mm drop. However, the heel stack height measures a whopping 31 mm.

Yes, this means lots of soft padding between you and the ground. But it can also mean a shoe that feels unstable or cumbersome on non-flat surfaces.

Brooks is known for making extremely lightweight shoes, but with such a thick sole, the Ghost 12 is an anomaly. The women’s version weighs 9.3 oz, and the men’s version weighs 10.4 oz. For beginners, though, the extra weight shouldn’t be a big deal.

3. Altra Escalante 2

The Altra Escalante 2 is a shoe experienced runners either love or hate. When it comes to finding the best running shoes for beginners, though, it’s definitely a unicorn worth mentioning.

These road shoes feature a moderately thick stack height of 24 mm. But this cushioning is contrasted by a zero-drop design. In other words, the sole is the same thickness at both your heel and your toes.

As far as the upper is concerned, the mesh knit material is extremely breathable and flexible. Yet it also won’t slip around during wear.

Overall, the Altra Escalante 2 is a neutral, lightweight shoe built for speed. The women’s version weighs just 7.4 oz, while the men’s version weighs 8.8 oz.

4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

One of the best ways to save money as a new runner is by buying “outdated” shoes. After all, companies are constantly releasing new and improved models of their most popular shoes and putting the older versions on sale.

Nike’s Pegasus is one of the best-selling running shoe lines of all time. This is largely because of its simple, middle-of-the-road design. And with the release of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37, the most recent predecessor is more affordable.

Unlike other shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 varies in a few ways between the women’s and men’s versions.

The women’s version has a 20.75 mm heel height with a 9.45 mm drop. It weighs 8.08 oz.

Meanwhile, the men’s version boasts a 22 mm stack height and a 10 mm drop. It weighs a bit more at 9.58 oz.

5. Adidas Duramo 9

While the Adidas Duramo 9 are technically running shoes, they really work best as cross-trainers. Instead, they’re ideal for anyone who does light running workouts alongside interval training or weightlifting.

Adidas does market these shoes as suitable for road or trail running. You’ll likely have no issue on manicured gravel roads or soft grass. Realistically, though, the Duramo 9 outsole won’t provide enough traction for rough terrain.

These running shoes feature the Adidas Cloudfoam material in the midsoles for supportive cushioning. The heel stack height comes in at 23.5 mm with a 9.5 mm total drop.

Adidas states the women’s version weighs 8.2 oz while the men’s version weighs in at 10 oz.

6. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Another great pair of older running shoes are the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20. Since Brooks tend to be a bit expensive sometimes, last season’s models are a great place to find the best running shoes for beginners.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 has a thick sole, measuring 30 mm at the heel. Paired with the shoe’s 12 mm drop, these are very similar to the Brooks Ghost 12.

The big difference is that these are stability shoes and have built-in support for runners who overpronate.

Compared to the Ghost 12, these Brooks shoes are also nearly identical in weight. The women’s version weighs 9.4 oz, and the men’s version weighs 10.6 oz.

7. Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2

Looking for any shoes, not just the best running shoes for beginners, is a challenge when you have wide feet. If you’re someone who needs or prefers a wide toe box, we recommend the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2.

This is another neutral shoe built for running on the road, indoor track, or treadmill. What you sacrifice in heavy-duty traction, though, you really make up for in weight and comfort.

These shoes feature a rather thick stack height of 29 mm. A standard drop of 10 mm balances the thick heel out quite a bit.

Reebok’s Forever Floatride Energy 2 lives up to its name as the lightest pair of shoes on our list. The women’s version weighs just 7.3 oz, while the men’s version weighs 8.8 oz.

8. Merrell Trail Glove 4

Overall, we encourage beginners to try out moderate cushioning and drop for their first pair of running shoes. But if you just can’t resist the “barefoot” trail running trend, the Merrell Trail Glove 4 is a good middle-ground.

At first sight, these sleek shoes certainly don’t look like they’re built for the trail. The rugged outsole and lightweight mesh upper beg to differ.

The Merrel Trail Glove 4 is lightly cushioned with a stack height of 11.5 mm. Since these are zero drop shoes, the heel and toe are level with each other.

Both the women’s version and men’s version of the Trail Glove 4 weigh 8 oz on average.

9. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi v3

As far as premium running brands go, New Balance is certainly up there. So if you’re looking for the best running shoes for beginners, stick with a budget-friendly model like the Fresh Foam Arishi v3.

New Balance doesn’t actually share an exact stack height for the Fresh Foam Arishi v3. Based on the brand’s similar running shoes, the heel likely measures around 30 mm thick.

We do know that these shoes feature an 8 mm drop, which is slightly less than the average.

Despite the thick sole, these shoes aren’t outrageously heavy. The women’s version weighs 8.2 oz and the men’s version weighs 9.2 oz.

10. Saucony Cohesion 11

The Saucony Cohesion 11 is a simple introduction to a brand known for running tech and innovation. This simplicity also means these shoes won’t cost a small fortune.

New runners can expect a neutral, road-friendly design from the Cohesion 11. While great for short distances, you won’t want to put in dozens of miles at a time wearing them (something beginners don’t need to worry about, anyway).

With so much cushioning inside, the 29 mm stack height isn’t surprising. The 12 mm drop is also a little more than average, but nothing crazy.

The Saucony Cohesion 11 falls right in the middle in terms of weight. The women’s version weighs 8.2 oz, and the men’s version weighs 9.6 oz.

Time to Hit the Road with the Best Running Shoes for Beginners

On your search for Cinderella’s slipper, remember that every runner is different. Just because someone you know or follow online loves a specific pair doesn’t mean they’ll be the right fit for you.

With that said, running is one of the most accessible sports in existence. You don’t need any expensive equipment or gear. All you need is a pair of shoes and a bit of motivation.

What are the craziest shoes you’ve run in? Share your story in the comments below!


Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete for Long Hours: The 12 Picks

When your feet are aching all the time, the pain would hardly let you work properly or enjoy your spare time. Your job is the culprit here, especially if you’re a basketball coach, a factory supervisor, or a teacher. In such cases, those fatigued feet need the best shoes for standing on concrete for long hours.

​The occupations we mentioned above have something in common; they all involve standing and walking on hard surfaces for long periods. No matter what your job is, though, we all agree that foot fatigue isn’t acceptable.

It’s also not just about your feet, either. Not having the right shoes can result in extreme pain and aches in the hips, back, neck, and joints.

Let’s now talk about the best kind of shoes that will hold up to daily usage on hard surfaces. We’ll discuss the requirements for these and talk about the top options out there.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete for Long Hours

Whether you’re standing on hard surfaces for long hours or continuously on the move, it’s essential to give your feet the best support. However, don’t just pick up the most expensive pair or even the one that your friend recommends.

When it comes to shoes, everyone has their unique requirements. Consider the following factors first, and then look at the top options before making a final decision.

Proper arch support

The balls, arches, ankles, and heels of our feet demand proper support if we want to use them extensively. For your demanding job, you’ll need a shoe that provides cushioning and support in just the right areas.

Dealing with foot issues

Since our feet have to withstand rough usage, they also undergo several issues. These include corns, bunions, scaly skin. If you get the right kind of footwear for your needs, though, the risk of such problems will likely go down.

The right material

Along with a sturdy design, make sure that your work shoes have breathable material that’s also lightweight. Such a precaution is essential as you don’t want to lift unnecessary weight and all the other demands of your job.

As for breathable material, you should keep in mind that air circulation is necessary for preventing foot sweat and foot fungus. You can prevent shoe odor and make sure your feet stay healthy when the material is breathable and has strategic valves or holes for air movement.

The 12 Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete for Long Hours

The foot structure of males differs from that of females. That’s why it makes sense to pick the shoes according to gender. We have both shoe types covered!

Men’s shoes

There are all kinds of men’s shoes available in the market today. So, let’s first check out the best men’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours:

1. Skechers Segment – The Search

Skechers shoes are great for rough use at work. Their Segment – The Search pair is a perfect example. If you covet the comfiest and hardy shoes, this name should be on your priority list.

It seems as though the people at Skechers understand what we want from a shoe: comfort, a bit of style, and supportive technology.

This particular loafer has a memory foam cushioning with cooling gel. The result: Your feet won’t overheat even after standing or walking on concrete all day.

The midsoles are delightfully supportive as well. Each step is comfortable even when you’re making a sharp turn.

Other features for this option include an elastic goring for easy maneuvering and more flexibility. Plus, the design is quite roomy and will fit most feet shapes. On the other hand, this loafer just might be too roomy for some.

2. New Balance Slip Resistant 626v2

Another choice for the best men’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours is the New Balance Slip Resistance 626v2. It features real leather, a non-slip sole, and a stylish design.

If you’re used to getting your shoes dirty at work, have no fear. The material of this industrial shoe makes it fairly easy to maintain and clean.

We especially like the double layer of memory foam here, as it can mold to your heel for the perfect fit. If you want great comfort and a proper fit each time, this is where you’d get both.

The 626v2 has a lace-up closure, which you can tighten or loosen as required. The midsoles have compression molding, which is suitable for athletes who need arch support along with balance.

You’ll get the support foundation you need for your daily workday as well. The two cushioning systems (at the back and the front) will absorb the shock and protect your body.

Be warned: These shoes seem to run long in design. It might be best to order half a size down from your usual choice. Another option is to fit in properly by making them smaller.

3. Dunham Windsor Oxford

Dunham Windsor Oxford is one of the best shoes you can get if you have to walk or stand out of doors most days.

And the leather is waterproof, so it can easily withstand the elements. The material will also wick away the foot sweat and leave your feet fresh, clean, and cool.

The pair also comes in a lace-up style, which is excellent for getting a nice, snug fit. With this design, you can easily loosen the laces to get more comfortable around noon.

Dunham shoes are known for their durability. Plus, the high comfort of this shoe complements its stylish look. With the rubber sole, you’ll give your feet the protection and comfort they need.

Note: The tongue of this shoe may be a bit stiff.

4. Dansko Wayne

​The Dansko Wayne is for anyone who walks or frequently stands on a hardwood or concrete surface. They’re available in black and mocha, with the effect being dressy-casual.

The Wayne is durable and doesn’t need much effort to break-in. It’s an especially great choice if one is suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The outsole will absorb all those nasty shocks while the EVA insole will provide the necessary cushioning while you’re walking. Plus, its 1.5-inch heel will give you some height but may not be for everyone.

5. Rockport Eberdon Loafer

The Rockport Eberdon Loafer comes from a company that’s known for giving its clients high-quality prints. With this loafer, you get a comfy yet elegant shoe.

The highlights here include amazing cushioning and a professional appearance. The leather is on point, with a pull-on structure that saves a lot of time.

You also don’t have to worry about laces, but you lose out on the customized fitting. Plus, there’s a definite break-in period before you get the full potential of these shoes.

You also get a rubber sole for that necessary traction on all kinds of surfaces. The padded collar provides even more comfort, but the mesh lining steals the show. It gives you air circulation while keeping the feet fresh and active throughout.

6. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Shoe

The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Shoe is a slip-on design that provides both comfort and function. The footbed is OrthoLite, which is a supportive material that won’t pull you down.

There’s also a microbial solution in this shoe’s lining that absorbs most bad odors. The heel will add a couple of inches to your height. So, the design might be a favorite for men on the short side.

However, this shoe isn’t for walking long distances. You can choose it for a standing job or running short errands, though.

7. Men’s Timberland PRO Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe Eh Work Shoes

Timberland is an excellent brand for work shoes, and the Men’s Timberland PRO Powertrain shoes are one of the best items on this list. The name is known for its waterproof shoes, leather options, and extensive experience.

With this choice, you’ll get a sturdy design. The middle is ESD-resistant, which means it can withstand several shocks from hard surfaces. The upper has a synthetic mesh for extra breathability. Plus, the microbial lining will prevent bad odor.

All in all, these shoes’ technology makes them lightweight, breathable, and protective all day long.

Unfortunately, the insoles aren’t removable.

Women’s Shoes

Let’s look at some of the best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours.

8. Clarks Hope Roxanne Loafer

The Clarks Hope Roxanne Loafer has a nice detail for those who want a fashionable shoe. Luckily, it doesn’t compromise on cushioning either.

Plus, the OrthoLite and other shoe material will keep your feet dry even if you’re in a humid atmosphere.

On the downside, though, you’ll have to skip this option if you need orthopedic insoles. The insoles aren’t removable, which makes them less versatile.

9. Alegria Keli Professional

The Alegria Keli Professional is a work clog that gives you comfort throughout the busy week. Alegria also adds a bit of elegance to your appearance with the 1.5-inch heel.

Finally, the dual goring and padded collar come together to keep the shoe on your foot even when you’re walking fast. The footbed is removable, which means that you can customize the shoe according to your needs.

But expect a tight fit with this clog in the beginning. If it’s too much, you may have to order a size up.

10. Skechers Sure Track

The Skechers Sure Track won’t disappoint because it has flexibility, sturdiness, and comfort all in one. It’s a pull-in design equipped with memory foam that will give you the best support for your workday.

You can remove the insoles and put in orthotics or any other insert. The midsoles will always make sure to lessen any shock impact no matter what.

Finally, we love the leather overlays on the toes and heels. They look great and will keep your feet safe even if you experience a fall.

However, this shoe is also not true to size. So, it would be best if you went for a size larger than what you usually wear for the best fit.

11. Dansko Paisley Suede

For the woman who works outdoors, the Dansko Paisley Suede could be a perfect choice. The laces will ensure a snug fit while the comfort accompanies decent support and flexibility.

The reinforced overlays also make this a great choice, as does the inbuilt shank. With the suede material, you get a lightweight, comfy shoe.

There might be some squeaking when you first put these on. But there are different ways to stop shoes from squeaking.

12. Clarks Everlay Heidi Loafer

The Clarks Everlay Heidi Loafer has a trendy design that can also lend support to hardworking women. You’ll get a fashionable flair here along with stability and comfort.

Among the amazing features are an OrthoLite footbed, a skid-resistant outsole, and strategic cushioning. And the leather finishing has a hook and loop for perfect fitting.

Unfortunately, there might be some issues with the leather peeling after rough use.

Which Brand of Shoes Will Help You Be Unstoppable?

Spending most of the workday on hard surfaces isn’t the best deal for your feet. But the right shoes will give you a real boost.

You want a shoe with higher durability, great traction, superb flexibility, and cushioning in all the right places.

The best shoe of all our picks is hard to choose, especially as every individual’s needs are different. We encourage you to look at these choices and pick one that’s best for you.

Author’s Bio:

I believe that it is the power of words that influence people, decisions, directions, and above all: the readers! With the passion for exploring new ways to bring ease and comfort to my readers’ lifestyles, I am here to guide you with all that you need to know.

Wondering how things keep evolving and how to fit in by making the right choices? Keep reading 🙂


The 10 Most Comfortable Work Shoes and Boots On The Market

Are you look for the most comfortable work shoes or boots on the market for those long hours on your feet?

Comfortable work shoes are vital, not only for your feet, but also for your body as a whole. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to issues with your posture that can grow serious over time. They are also very distracting.

What to Look For

When shopping for comfortable work shoes, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s important to have a solid understanding of the type of footwear your work requires, so you can choose the right pair for the job.

While some activities call for heavy duty protection, others need a comfortable lightweight shoe with plenty of breathability. Still others may require waterproof shoes, or shoes that clean easily.

The goal is to find the most comfortable work shoes or boots for the job. Since simplicity often means more comfortable work shoes, we only want what features we absolutely need.


No matter what you choose, durability is key. You want a pair of work shoes or boots that are capable of offering you comfort while on your feet day in and day out for months – if not years – to come.

Why is a long life span so important?

Cheap shoes may look like a bargain, but they’re more expensive in the long run because you have to replace them far more often.

Not only that, if you’re stuck wearing a broken down pair of cheap shoes while waiting for a new pair to arrive then you are going to feel miserable.

Do yourself a favor and opt for a more expensive pair of shoes now. Your feet, body, and wallet will thank you for it.

Sneakers vs. Boots

Sneakers have the benefit of being more comfortable than practically any other kind of shoe. Generally they are lightweight with plenty of arch support and superior traction.

They are also usually quite breathable, although this depends on the material. The advantage to less breathability is extra durability and more protection.

On the other hand, sneakers will almost certainly wear down faster than boots, and there is a limit to the amount of protection they offer.

Boots are more durable, more waterproof, and easier to clean the sneakers made of fabric. They also offer extra ankle support and feel sturdier in general.

The downside to boots are that they are heavy, and therefore more tiresome to lug around all day. You also won’t be able move around as fast in them, we recommend sneakers if speed is more of a factor for you than protection.

Some boots may have flat soles that offer far less traction, but this not a given and you won’t find them on our list.

Finally, boots can be hot and sweaty since they are thicker and extend further up the ankle.

Safety toe shoes

Certain careers, such as construction, may require you to wear safety toe shoes. Or, you may decide that you prefer them on your own.

Safety toe shoes are just what they sound like: shoes with reinforcement around the toes for extra protection.

Because toes are much smaller than the main part of the foot and contain joints, they are extra vulnerable to injury.

There are many reasons you might consider buying a pair of safety work shoes. Fractures from falling objects, cuts, burns, punctures, and more are preventable with these types of shoes.

The two types of safety work shoes are steel-toed and composite-toed. While steel-toed are slightly cheaper, more durable, and offer more protection, they are also significantly heavier than composite.


Sole are another important factor to consider when shopping for comfortable work shoes and boots.

Most soles you come across will be made of rubber and offer a fair degree of traction. If you work in a job that might require extra traction because of slippery terrain, then keep your eye out for lugged soles.

High-quality comfortable work shoes and boots should have soles that are thick enough for you to stand on concrete and other rigid surfaces without feeling pain in your feet, ankles, legs, or knees.

Insoles and Footbeds

Footbeds are the inside part of your shoe that you stand on. They are an extremely important part of what makes comfortable work shoes and boots.

The best way of determining whether footbeds are comfortable when shopping online is by reading customer reviews.

Many work boots and shoes use removable insoles as the footbed, allowing you to replace them with better ones if you wish.

The Most Comfortable Work Shoes and Boots

Without further ado, here are 10 of the most comfortable work shoes and boots on the market.

Timberland PRO Titan Safety Toe Oxford

These Timberland Pro Oxfords offer the perfect combination of durability, functionality, and comfort, making them one of the best comfortable work boots available.

The leather Oxford design resists wear and tear and conforms nicely to the shape of your foot. The footbed is molded to cup the heel and ball of your foot while supporting the arch, making these boots extra stable and comfortable.

Furthermore, the padded collar ensures there is no uncomfortable friction against your angle.

These comfortable safety work boots have steel toes and the tough leather will not tear or puncture easily. Finally, the thick soles are also very high-quality. Customers report still having tread after over a year of use.

The Timberland Pro Oxfords are waterproof.

KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool II

The KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool II is a fantastic pair of comfortable work shoes more in the sneaker style. Their strength is in their combination of medium durability, protection, and breathability.

These comfortable work shoes are lighter weight and more breathable than the Oxfords, although they are not waterproof. They also may not be suited for construction sounds where maximum protection is paramount.

However, these work shoes do have steel toes. They are ideal for a fast-paced environment that requires a lot of maneuverability and a low to medium amount of protection.

The incredible traction and thick sole combined with breathability make them perfect for hot and potentially slippery environments, such as a kitchen.


Keen Utility Women’s Canby AT

These Keen Canby ATs are a pair of comfortable work boots for women.

The leather and textile upper is extremely durable and conforms nicely to your feet. Aluminum alloy safety toes cut back on weight while still offering a high level of protection.

As you would expect from a pair of comfortable work boots, the Canby ATs are waterproof. Customers report that the treads work well and are fairly slip-resistant.

We recommend this pair of comfortable work boots for women who work in construction or similarly demanding jobs.

They are also great for walking through mud.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

The Birkenstock is a pair of comfortable work shoes perfect for environments that don’t require safety toes or an extreme level of durability.

They have no laces and slip easily onto your feet.

The Alpro-foam footbed and sole make these shoes a bit different from others on our list. However, many customers describe these shoes as being very comfortable work shoes.

As they are slip-resistant and very easy to clean, we recommend these shoes for certain restaurant work; for example, a chef or baker. They won’t offer quite the same level of speed, maneuverability, or protection as the KEENs though, so take that into consideration.

These shoes are vegan.

KEEN Utility Men’s Sparta Industrial Shoe

These KEEN Sparta make for very comfortable work shoes. They sacrifice some of the protection and durability of the other KEENs for a lighter weight construction.

The shoes’ upper is made entirely of breathable mesh material. This means that your feet will stay cool and dry all day long.

However, this material can be very frustrating to clean, so don’t buy them if you think they will get dirty often. Additionally, these shoes are far from waterproof.

Although they probably aren’t suitable for construction work or similarly dangerous jobs, they do have steel safety toes. The thick rubber sole and leather heal are also very durable.

We recommend these shoes if you spend a lot of time on your feet but just need a comfortable work shoe that’s lightweight.

Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer

These Rockport Loafers are similar to the Brickenstocks in many ways and we recommend them for the same kinds of jobs.

Like the Brickenstocks, these comfortable work shoes are slip-on. Their simple design also makes them a bit easier to clean than other shoes and boots.

However, the Rockport Loafers are made of leather with thick rubber soles. These will be more durable, but be a little less comfortable than the Brickenstocks.

Additionally, these shoes are not vegan.

The thick rubber sole puts more distance between you and the ground. Ultimately it will come down to your personal preference.

Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500

These GR500 work boots are slip-on and therefore perfect for anyone who feels laces are a nuisance.

The majority of the boots are 100 percent leather, but unlike most other work boots, have waterproof side insets for a little extra breathability.

With just one layer of leather and no safety toe, we don’t recommend these boots for jobs where protection is your number one priority. However, they are lighter weight than other boots on this list and still quite durable.

The synthetic soles are high-quality and although the treads are somewhat simple, this makes them easier to clean.

These work boots are ideal for jobs that require something more than work shoes, but less than heavy-duty work boots.

Thorogood Men’s Infinity FD  Composite Work Boot

The Thorogood Infinity FD work boots are a little on the expensive side. However, they have nearly every feature you’ll ever need.

The multilayer soles provide plenty of flexibility for walking on uneven terrain. The leather upper conforms nicely to the foot for stability, and the leather cuff collar feels wonderful against the skin.

Additionally, the insoles are removable so you can easily replace them whatever you wish.

With a multi-traction, anti-slip, self-cleaning outsole, they offer more than enough traction while preventing you from tracking mud and dirt inside.

In addition to a composite safety toe, these work boots also have heel and toe caps for extra protection.

Highly durable and waterproof, we recommend these boots for any job where boots are needed, assuming it doesn’t require steel toe.

New Balance Men’s 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe

Despite being steel toe, these New Balance make for such comfortable work shoes that you will feel like you’re wearing normal sneakers.

The synthetic upper is durable and waterproof but doesn’t breathe as well as work shoes with mesh fabric.

The treads are average but will last for a long time.

Finally, the insoles are comfortable but also removable so you can replace them if you choose.

Overall, we recommend these as a cheaper option for people who simply want a high-quality and durable pair of comfortable work shoes. They are not necessarily for construction but are excellent for other workplaces such as a warehouse.

Reebok Men’s Athletic Oxford 

The Reebok Athletic Oxfords breathe well and are light-weight, flexible, and extremely comfortable work shoes. The upper shoe and footbed conform to the foot for added stability and comfort.

These shoes are advertised as construction shoes on Amazon, but we don’t recommend them for that. Although they do have steel safety toes, there are other comfortable work shoes that offer more protection.

Instead, we recommend these shoes for jobs that involve a lot of mobility and only minor protection.

Finally, these shoes are affordable and will last longer than most other light-weight mesh shoes.

May The Best Shoes Win

Only you know which shoes will fit best. Are you looking for heavy-duty protection, flexibility, or light-weight mobility? Which shoe appeals to you the most?

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