The Best Callahan Brake Parts for You and Your Vehicle

Any discussion about Callahan Brake Parts invariably brings great historians out of the woodwork.

Mention Callahan brake parts, and some self-proclaimed genius responds, “There’s no such thing, man. Callahan was the name of Tommy Boy’s dad’s business in the movie.”

Truth or fiction? A bit of both. While Callahan Auto Parts was the name of the fictitious business in Sandusky, Ohio, that employed 300 people, Callahan Brake Parts is a real-life manufacturer in Illinois.

Although the logos have a similar appearance, the two are unrelated. While Tommy Boy fought against the odds to save the family business, Callahan Brake Parts is fighting the disinformation campaign about their seeming non-existence.

Or perhaps, they are riding out the popularity of the movie to garner sales?

In fact, Callahan is among the best of U.S.-manufactured brake parts available. Parts arrive ready-to-install with no cleaning or preparation necessary.

Exploring the History of Callahan Brake Parts

Brakes are an integral part of a vehicle’s safety system. Although most professional mechanics will instruct you to use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, aftermarket parts are still a huge business.

Callahan Brake Parts fall into the aftermarket category. While they conform to OEM specifications, they are significantly less costly. The goal was to produce a quality, American-made product that will outlast many OEM parts.

With a singular focus on producing great braking products, Callahan has achieved a healthy balance in the brake world. They have managed to remain viable in an aftermarket world full of competition.

Despite the confusion with the more famous Callahan Auto Parts of Tommy Boy fame, Callahan Brake Parts has carved a niche in the industry.

They are thriving and have a reputation for affordable quality. They offer a complete line of brake parts, including wheel bearings, rotors, calipers, and pads.

There is little-to-no information on when Callahan actually began producing brake parts. With the original filing for the trademark in 2012, we can ascertain that they have been around at least that long.

The only company profile we could find states they have been in the brake parts business for 20 years.

The Company Behind Callahan Brake Parts

Power Stop, LLC (formerly Brake Business, LLC) in Bedford Park, IL, which owns Callahan, is not as elusive when searching for company information.

We discovered that Power Stop, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor specializing in (surprise) brake parts. They have been doing business in the brake industry since 1995 under various names.

Owner and CEO Arvin Scott has managed the company under its various names for the duration and remains in charge at this time.

Power Stop was acquired by Sterling Investment Partners, LLC, in 2015. As an investment firm, Sterling acts as a partner to promote business growth.

The trademark for Callahan brake parts was renewed in 2019 under the Power Stop business name.

In comparing the looks of the two product lines, (Power Stop vs. Callahan), they appear very similar. The packaging for Power Stop is fancy, while you don’t see much focus on that with Callahan parts.

The pricing on the two products’ two lines is noticeably different, with Callahan being much lower in almost every area.

The largest difference in their caliper lines appears to include a powder-coated finish on the Power Stop calipers.

Callahan calipers have a lower-level finish, which doesn’t affect the calipers’ operation but does cause them to look ugly quicker. That would also account for the pricing difference.

Quality Assurance for the Stop

In life, it is the little things that matter the most. At Callahan, they do one small thing that other brake part manufacturers don’t. Clips.

Simple little clips for your brake pads make a huge difference, which sets Callahan (and Power Stop, too) above the rest of the crowd.

What are we talking about? When you change the brake pads on a vehicle, the pads are held on with a simple clip made of thin metal.

Most low-end (inexpensive) brake pad kits neglect to include new clips, so you usually reuse the old ones. No one ever thinks to order new clips when they purchase new pads. It’s an oversight that most home mechanics are all guilty of.

But at Callahan Brake Parts, they know that the best brake pad replacement should include installing new clips. They know that most mechanics neglect this small little detail.

The simple inclusion of this one small item in Callahan pad kits puts them ahead of the crowd.

Callahan appears to have all the same quality measures as Power Stop products without the fancy paint and pretty boxes. Callahan has rightfully earned a place in the industry based on its own quality, customer ratings, affordability, and reliability.

Looking at Callahan’s Product Line Up

Because brake products differ for each vehicle on the market, we review the type of product rather than a specific model.

This allows us to rate the product line rather than each part. Callahan specializes in braking components and wheel bearings.

ALWAYS verify that a part will fit your vehicle prior to purchase. Most online outlets that sell or distribute brake parts have a search engine feature that verifies part numbers against vehicle model numbers.

While our review may focus on a set of calipers and pads for a Toyota Camry, we look at several different models and use only one focus product or kit.

Kits for the different vehicle models will contain the same individual parts, quality, and quantity. The difference is only in sizing and configuration.

CRK11228 FRONT Brake Disc Rotors, Ceramic Pads, Clips

The CRK11228 Front Brake Disc kit contains all the parts needed to do a complete rotor and brake pad change.

This kit is specific to 2003-2008 Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Corolla and the 2003-2006 Toyota Matrix. Kits for your specific vehicle should include the same basic components.

The rotors in this kit can go right from the box onto your vehicle. No additional machining or preparation is necessary. Made to G3000 specifications, this rotor set conforms to SAEJ431. The design produces vibration-free stopping.

Also included in this kit are ceramic brake pads, which produce less dust and noise than standard metallic pads.

The ceramic material increases heat dissipation along the rotor’s surface for better overall braking action and longer life. Just like the rotors, these pads are ready to use right out of the box.


  • Better than OE parts
  • Reduced dust and noise
  • Ceramic pads more durable than metallic pads
  • Includes stainless steel hardware


  • Poor wear reported by some users

CCK02479 REAR Caliper Assembly Set

This rear Caliper Assembly set is for Ford Super Duty trucks in various model years. Please verify the correct part numbers for your vehicle.

These are remanufactured calipers. That means the main body receives reworking, but the internal, working components are all new. This caliper set will offer a quieter ride and has a 12-month warranty.

Calipers receive pressure testing after remanufacture to ensure quality and consistent braking. As with all Callahan parts, these are ready to install right out of the box with all of the hardware.

If you do a lot of off-road driving, spray them with a rust-proof finish before installing.


  • Includes all stainless steel hardware
  • Lower pricing than OEM parts
  • OE quality remanufactured parts


  • Lack of paint can lead to early surface rusting

CCK11013 FRONT Brake Kit

Another complete kit, CCK11013, includes rotors, calipers, pads, and all hardware to rebuild the front braking system.

This is an aftermarket kit for older model Honda vehicles with a rotor measuring 9.45 inches (240mm). Please verify the correct fit for your vehicle.

The calipers in this set may be new or rebuilt to OEM standards. All parts receive pressure testing (new and remanufactured) prior to shipping.

When calipers are rebuilt, they include new springs, bleeder screws, bushings, seals, and all hardware. The only “old” part is the caliper body.

Drilled and slotted rotors combine with ceramic brake pads for great stopping power. The slots and holes in the rotors aid in heat distribution.

Ceramic pads offer a quiet ride, less dust, and a longer-lasting pad. As with other Callahan products, this kit includes a 12-month warranty.


  • Provides excellent braking ability
  • Pricing is good
  • Perfect fit right out of the box


  • Poor design around mounting bolt holes

CDS02589 FRONT/REAR Rotors, Brake Pads, Hardware

Made for Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, this CDS02589 brake kit includes rotors, pads, and hardware. This kit contains metallic brake pads which achieve maximum stopping power with no break-in period.

The rotors are drilled and slotted for better heat dissipation, which also adds to the stopping power. You should experience quiet braking and lower dust with this set of rotors and pads.

The front rotors are 336 mm, and the rear rotors measure 352 mm in diameter. Eight metallic brake pads and all necessary hardware are also included in this complete kit. 


  • Perfect fit for specified vehicles
  • Excellent wear
  • Great value for the dollar


  • Inventory parts on receipt (some kits missing components)

Callahan 513084X2 FRONT Wheel Hub Bearing Assemblies

If you hear the unmistakable hum of failing wheel bearings, this hub assembly will be music to your ears.

The Callahan 513084X2 wheel hub assembly is for older model Jeep vehicles (1990 to 1999). It includes many vehicles in the Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee, TJ, and Wrangler lines.

These hubs are complete assemblies that include wheel bearings. They are a sealed unit pre-lubricated with high-temperature grease.

As a fully assembled unit, these are fairly easy to install for the average home mechanic. When replacing front hubs, you should always do both sides.


  • Complete sealed unit ready for installation
  • High-temperature grease sealed in the unit (preventing dirt)
  • Available for older model vehicles


  • Problems with lug studs stripping out
  • ABS sensor not high quality or reliable

Callahan CCK03884 REAR Caliper Pair

As with all Callahan kits, the CCK03884 Rear Caliper Pair includes all necessary mounting hardware. These are remanufactured calipers with new springs, seals, bleeder screws, hardware, and bushings.

The kit contains both right and left rear calipers that have been inspected for quality and safety. All refurbished caliper sets are pressure tested against leaks.

This part number fits on GM vehicles including: Chevrolet Captiva Sport (2012 – 2015), Chevrolet Equinox (2007 – 2017), GMS Terrain (2010 – 2017), Pontiac Torrent (2007 – 2010), and Saturn Vue (2008 – 2010). Be sure to verify the suitability for your vehicle before purchase.


  • Calipers are painted (but not powder-coated)
  • Universal fit on specified models


  • Paint chips easily, allowing rust to develop

Callahan CRK02410 FRONT  + REAR Brake Kit

The CRK02410 Brake Kit has all the components for a complete front and rear brake replacement. Although this kit is for various models in the Mitsubishi Outlander line, Callahan offers similar complete kits for other makes and models.

This kit includes ceramic brake pads, which produce less dust, vibration, and noise than metallic pads.

The rotors are precision balanced to create vibration-free stopping. Both rotors and pads are manufactured to OE specifications.

As with other Callahan kits, this one contains all the required hardware to ensure installation success. Quality stainless steel hardware means you won’t have to reuse any old nuts, bolts, and clips.


  • Kit includes all new hardware for installation
  • Front and rear rotors and pads included
  • Ceramic pads create less dust


  • Limited in vehicles it will fit

Come to a Complete Stop with Callahan Brake Parts

Whether you found Callahan Brake Parts because of the movie or looking for a great bargain, you will appreciate the value for the dollar you receive.

Callahan engineers every part for peak performance without the performance price tag.

To repeat our earlier warnings — ALWAYS ensure that the parts you are buying are the correct parts for your vehicle.

Auto parts stores and online outlets maintain databases to verify this information before you make a purchase. Installing incorrect parts on your vehicle can lead to very unsafe driving conditions, even if they “fit.”

For home mechanics with a lower budget, Callahan provides top-quality brake system components at an affordable cost. As the “budget” version of high-performance Power Stop brake products, Callahan holds its own in the after-market product world.



Gifts for Car Lovers: Get Them Something They’ll Love

With the Christmas holidays rapidly approaching, you may find yourself searching for the perfect gifts for car lovers. Christmas this year may feel a little different from previous years, with many of us locked down or unable to browse the stores to find the ideal present. Consequently, the season of joy and goodwill may seem extra stressful than usual, and so you need some help to find those perfect gifts for car lovers.

Perhaps your budget is stretched further than usual this Christmas, and you need some ideas that won’t break the bank. And if you need to do your gift shopping online, then a list offering a whole host of affordable inspiration may be just the answer you are looking for.

Don’t stress out trying to find the perfect gifts for car lovers because we’ve got you covered.

The Perfect Gifts for Car Lovers

Do you find it increasingly difficult to find ideal Christmas gifts? The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a present that gets stuffed in a drawer never to see the light of day. However, if the recipient is a car lover, then you may breathe a sigh of relief because we have solved your quest and produced a list of gifts for car lovers.

Why not present your friend with a cheeky gift of gas clutch socks? Most car users appreciate clean vehicles, so that a portable car vacuum cleaner may prove the ideal solution. And with most of us reliant on our mobile phones, an in-car wireless charger will allow us to remain effortlessly connected to the digital world.

If high-tech gadgets appeal to you, then the Amazon Echo Auto is the perfect solution to add to your list of the ideal gifts for car lovers. Why not consider the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker, so they never lose track of their car keys again?

Whatever you choose, and whatever your budget, we have the perfect list of gifts for car lovers to solve your gifting woes.

So many cars, so little time

In 2018, the USA had 273.6 million registered vehicles. That’s a lot of traffic and a lot of gifting potential. If your loved one or friend is a car enthusiast, you cannot go wrong with a car-related gift.

The average American spends 18 days a year in a car, so it’s not surprising that many of us feel so attached to our vehicles. Our vehicles represent a significant financial investment, so you can bet that finding the perfect gifts for car lovers is much appreciated.

The Perfect Gifts for Car Lovers on a Budget

If your budget feels a little tight this year, then we have found some fun and useful gifts for car lovers that may earn you some brownie points.

Kokkn Gas Clutch Socks

The gas clutch socks from Kokkn offer a tongue in cheek solution for those car enthusiasts who love their stick shift vehicles. With the labeling of the clutch on one sock and gas on the other, they may never again forget which side is which!

The socks consist of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent elastane, making them incredibly comfortable and stretchy. Plus, the socks wick away sweat making them the ideal gift for anyone who loves driving.

Classic Cars coloring book

The Classic Cars coloring book from Bruce LaFontaine is the ideal gift for those car enthusiasts who have everything.

The coloring book has 100 drawings of classic cars for the car lover to while away the hours. This book makes the perfect stocking stuffer for someone difficult to buy for.

Vintage Speedometer Photo Glass Cuff Links

The Vintage Speedometer Photo Glass Cuff Links from Huang-Nine-sisters make a smart alternative for the car enthusiast. The cuff links, made from silver-tone base metal, feature a glass dome with a speedometer set behind it.

If you find yourself looking for gifts for car lovers, then these cuff links offer the perfect choice for men and women.

BESTEK 150W 2-Socket Power Adapter

The BESTEK 150W 2-Socket Power Adapter allows the user to charge up to four electronic devices using the cigarette lighter port. Dual USB ports provide fast charging solutions for your mobiles, iPad, or dash cams.

In a world governed by technology, this represents the perfect gift for gadget lovers and car enthusiasts alike.

KMMOTORS Jopps Car garbage can

The Jopps foldable car garbage can from KMMOTORS is the perfect solution to add to your list of gifts for car lovers.

By nature, car lovers like their vehicles to remain clean and clear of litter. So, this foldaway garbage bin provides the ideal addition to any car. The bin is made with adjustable straps so that the bin straps to various places within the vehicle for convenient disposal of the rubbish.

Gifts for Car Lovers: Next Level

With some great budget items added to our list of gifts for car lovers, it’s time to explore ideas that may constitute the main present.

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Any car lover wants to keep their interiors immaculate, so the Portable Car Vacuum by ThisWorx represents an excellent gift idea.

Crumbs and dirt become a thing of the past with this powerful handheld vacuum. The power comes from a plug-in adapter for the lighter port, and the ergonomic design makes for easy cleaning.

The vacuum features three all-purpose cleaning nozzles and comes in a handy carry bag to keep everything together. Also, the vacuum has a HEPA filter, which makes this fantastic gift value for money.

TopWan Wireless Charger for mobile phones

The TopWan Wireless Charger for mobile phones represents a fantastic addition to our list of gifts for car lovers. Many of us may find ourselves caught short while driving, and the ability to charge our mobile phones on the go is a must in this day of digital connectivity.

The charger will charge various iPhone and Samsung mobile phones and features a wireless charger and mount.

The unit has a built-in chip to protect against overcharging, and the smart gravity sensor means you may operate it with one hand. And the 360-degree rotating unit may adjust to any angle.

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker

The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker is the perfect gift for anyone who regularly loses their keys. With a range of up to 400 feet, the tracker helps you quickly locate your keys so that you may never feel frustrated again.

Plus, this nifty device may allow the owner to use an extensive network of Tile users to find your keys if you find yourself out of range.

When you consider gifts for car lovers, the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker makes the ideal present.

KeySmart Twist NanoTorch

The NanoTorch Twist swivel head LED flashlight from KeySmart represents a practical gift idea for the safety-conscious driver. There is nothing worse than breaking down, especially in the dark, and this handy torch may prove a life-saver.

The flashlight’s magnetic qualities mean it easily attaches to the underside of your hood while you work on the engine. And the swivel head allows for accurate aiming of the light to make the torch a versatile and essential piece of equipment.

Car lovers may appreciate this thoughtful gift, which makes it the ideal addition to your gifting list.

Riparo men’s leather driving gloves

The Riparo men’s leather reverse stitched, fingerless half-finger driving gloves is a must for car lovers. Comfortable to wear, driving gloves may come in handy for long-distance drivers.

The gloves come in a variety of colors with reverse stitching for extra comfort. In addition, the lambskin leather is soft and supple against your hands.

Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto is the ultimate gift for car lovers who regularly use Alexa. The fantastic gadget allows the user to integrate Alexa into their car. The virtual assistant may access your mobile’s playlist and help you get around.

The Echo Auto features eight microphones and accesses radio stations and GPS tracking. And the device allows the driver to access the news on command.

The Amazon Echo Auto may feel like a luxury, but it represents the ultimate gift with its intelligent connectivity and superb usability.

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

The Cobra RAD 450 Laser Detector provides long-range information to identify police hot spots. Driving enthusiasts may love the connectivity of the device. And the device helps drivers remain safe and responsible on the road.

The innovative detector quickly detects radar guns at a range of up to two miles, and the instant ready-on technology means the detector is ready to go instantly.

The Cobra RAD 450 features a high-quality display and comes complete with a 1-year limited warranty.

Lamborghini: Where, Why, Who, When, What hardcover book

The “Lamborghini: Where, Why, Who, When, What” hardcover book remains the essential guide for car lovers to this iconic vehicle. The stunning hardcover book is the perfect coffee table addition and is a fantastic idea to add to your list of gifts for car lovers.

The book provides a comprehensive official monograph that relates the complete history of one of the most renowned brands in the luxury automotive landscape.

Lacoste Men’s Concours 118 1 Driving Style Loafers

The Lacoste Concours 118 1 Driving Style Loafers make a smart addition to your list of gifts for car lovers. The shoes, crafted from high-quality leather, offer comfort while driving and help to keep your feet cool.

The rubber treads of the shoes provide excellent traction with vehicle pedals, and the classic style of the shoes makes them a smart addition to any wardrobe. The shoes, built with a flexible moccasin construction, provide freedom of movement with an easy slip-on, slip-off design.

Also, the cushioned foam insole provides extra comfort and shock absorption.

SkyNature Tire Rim Clock

The Tire Rim wall clock from SkyNature is a smart addition to keep the car enthusiast on track when working in the garage.

The unique tire trim design demonstrates a modern, industrial-style which is perfect for car lovers. The clock features luminous hands, and the high-quality quartz movement keeps accurate time.

Furthermore, the clock uses a AA battery and is eco-friendly rubber.

When you consider gifts for car lovers, the Tire Rim clock adds a quirky sense of style to any motor enthusiasts home or garage.

VAVA Dual Dash cam

The Dual Dash cam from VAVA features a front and rear camera that simultaneously captures views with crystal clear clarity. Also, the dual camera provides a superb night vision for continuous monitoring and safety.

The dashcam connects to a mobile phone via built-in Wi-Fi technology. Additionally, the ingenious device acts as a security camera for the car when parked.

Car lovers may love the dual camera’s security and safety features, which provides peace of mind when driving and when stationary. Smart, sleek, and versatile, the dual dash cam offers the car enthusiast various useful applications combined with superb safety features.

Gifts for Car Lovers Explored

We grow very attached to our vehicles. In fact, our cars represent a large investment, and many drivers view their vehicles with adoration and passion.

If you need to stick to a budget, then fun gifts such as the Gas and Clutch Socks or the Vintage Speedometer Cuff Links may provide the perfect answer to your gifting needs.

On the other hand, the Amazon Echo Auto provides a gift idea suitable for car lovers who adore gadgets. Also, it’s a thoughtful and useful device that car lovers may love.

Additionally, the Cobra RAD 450 laser radar detector is a great gift to keep drivers safe and responsible. It shows the recipient how much you care, which is the best type of gift of all.

Finding the perfect gifts for car lovers doesn’t have to feel stressful. Think of it as the ideal excuse to buy them something they may love and treasure because you have taken the time to think of them and their passions.

Do you have any suggestions for the perfect gift? Why not leave a comment below and share your ideas with us?

Author bio

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.