Sink Stinks and What to Do About Them to Stop the Stench

Whether you use a garbage disposal or a sink strainer, you’ve probably dealt with sink stinks. A smelly drain is enough to ruin your desire to cook — or even eat! — in your kitchen, so it’s important to get rid of the smell as quickly as you can.

Luckily, the problem is easily solved. Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, here are some DIY methods that will help you get rid of the stink.

What Causes Sink Stinks?

When you clean your house, chances are that you don’t even think about cleaning your sink drain. The truth is that a kitchen sink drain is one of the dirtiest places in your house.

That’s because every time you put something down the drain, it can stick to the garbage disposal blades, the sidewalls, or even to your pipes.

And all that stuck and hardened food grows bacteria. And guess what? Bacteria stinks. In fact, that’s the number one reason your sink stinks.

So, what can you do about a stinky sink drain? Let us count the ways. Here are some great ways you get rid of those sink drain smells—whether you have a garbage disposal or not.

How to Get of Sink Stinks When You Have a Garbage Disposal

Cleaning your sink drain is easier done when you have a garbage disposal because it affords you more options. Here are five ways to rid your sink of stinks when you have one of these handy pieces of equipment.

1. A sink full of water may do the trick

One of the easiest ways to get rid of sink stinks is to put a stopper in the sink drain and then fill it with hot water. As it’s filling, add some liquid dish detergent to form a soapy mixture. Once the sink is full, remove the stopper and turn on the garbage disposal.

The reason this may work better than simply running water down the drain and pouring in some dish soap is that when you empty an entire sink full of water into the disposal, it fills up the garbage disposal. And if that’s the source of your sink stinks, it will wash it away.

2. Grab the lemons

If that doesn’t work, you will have to grab some other odor-eliminating items from your kitchen and give it another whirl. To do this next step, grab some ice, lemon peels, and some coarse salt.

The idea behind this method is to clean the blades on your garbage disposal because sometimes, a stinky kitchen drain is caused by crud that’s attached to the blades.

To perform this method, put a handful of ice cubes and coarse salt down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal. This should rid the blades of any stuck-on substances.

Then, throw a few lemon peels down the drain and run the garbage disposal again to completely rid it of any lingering odors.

Not only will this method help clean the sludge off of your garbage disposal blades, but it will leave your kitchen smelling fresh and lemony. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Lemons a different way

If you love the idea of your kitchen sink smelling like lemons instead of sink stinks, you can make the job easier by pre-preparing some lemon and vinegar ice cubes and using them to rid your sink of the smell.

Start with some ice trays (we recommend these cute green lemon-shaped silicone ice cube trays!) and then add cut up some lemon wedges and add one to each cube.

Next, pour vinegar over the lemon wedges and put the ice cube tray in the freezer overnight. The next morning, put a couple of the ice cubes down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal.

It’s easy and the result will be well worth the overnight wait!

4. No baking soda? No problem

If you don’t have baking soda or vinegar lying around the house, you can use other methods to rid your sink of the stink. Start by pouring eight tablespoons of Borax down the drain and follow it up with a handful of ice cubes.

Then, turn on the garbage disposal and allow the abrasiveness of the ice cubes to mix with the cleaning power of the Borax to wash away all the stink.

5. The flange could be the culprit

This method of cleaning requires a bit of elbow grease but is well worth it.

The sink flange — that round area located at the top of the garbage disposal where it meets the sink drain — can easily become caked with crud and stinky bacteria. When it does, it will emit an odor that you will recognize as the sink stinks.

When gunk collects around the sink flange, it can’t simply be rinsed away with water. Instead, it requires scrubbing — and that’s where you come in.

Start by unplugging the garbage disposal from underneath the sink. As an alternative, you can cut the power to the disposal from the breaker box.

Next, put a few drops of liquid dish soap on a cleaning bush and lower it into the sink drain. Your goal is to scrub the sink flange with the brush as thoroughly as you can. After you’ve scrubbed it, run the hot water to rinse away any gunk you removed with the brush.

To make your kitchen smell good again, you can throw some lemon peels in the garbage disposal afterward to completely remove the sink stinks you’ve been living with.

If none of these tricks work, you may have to resort to more drastic measures to get your garbage disposal clean.

How to Get Rid of Sink Stinks When You Don’t Have a Garbage Disposal

Even if you don’t have a garbage disposal, you could still have sink stinks when running water in your kitchen sink or even when the dishwasher runs.

Here are six ways to get rid of sink stinks when you don’t have a garbage disposal.

1. Boil it

If your kitchen drain stinks and you don’t have a garbage disposal to clean, you can always try the boiling water trick.

To do it, simply boil some water and take it directly off the stove and pour it down the sink drain. This will remove any sludge from your pipes or release any out-of-sight food that’s hardened.

You can also use this as a preventative measure. Every time you boil water—whether it’s for your morning coffee or nightly tea, pour it down the drain to prevent any gunk from sticking to your pipes.

2. The trio

For an effective way to rid your drain of sink stinks, gather together one cup of baking soda, two cups of vinegar, and some hot, boiling water.

Start by putting the baking soda down the sink drain, then add the vinegar. Let it sit and bubble for a few minutes and then pour the hot water down the drain.

Other people put the vinegar in the microwave before putting it down the drain. The thing is this: the hotter the water and vinegar, the more bacteria it will kill. And to rid your kitchen of sink stinks, you have to kill whatever bacteria is causing the smell.

3. Ramp it up

If you love the idea of the tried and true baking soda and vinegar trick, but your sink stinks too much, try adding some coarse salt to the mixture.

The idea behind this is that the salt adds just enough abrasiveness to lodge free any stinky bacteria. You will carry out this method a little differently.

Start by pouring 1/2 cup of course salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and one cup of vinegar down the drain. Put the stopper on and allow it to sit for 30 seconds. Then, pour at least one kettle of hot, boiling water down the drain and wash away all those sink stinks.

4. Lemons for the disposal-less!

If you love the thought of your kitchen smelling like lemons but don’t have a garbage disposal to chop up the peels, take heart. You can also use lemons as a way to combat sink stinks. It may cost more, but the delicious smell will likely be well worth it.

Start by juicing some fresh lemons or buying some lemon juice. Then pour some baking soda down your stinky sink drain followed by the lemon juice. The combination of lemon juice and baking soda will bubble just like it does with baking soda and vinegar.

After you allow the mixture to sit in your sink drain until it bubbles, pour some hot, boiling water down the drain. Now your kitchen should smell like a fresh lemon instead of the stinky crud that caused the problem!

5. Do it the fancy way

If your sink stinks and you want to replace that icky smell with the scent of roses, citrus, mint, or any other smell, you can use a combination of baking soda, essential oils, and hot, boiling water. Just think: you can create a custom smell for your kitchen?

Wait until you’re ready to go to bed for the night before starting this process. First, pour some baking soda down the drain, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Let the mixture sit in your sink overnight.

The next morning, boil a kettle full of water and then pour the hot liquid down the drain. What a way to start the morning: no more sink stinks but instead the luxurious smell of the scent of your choice!

6. Coffee pot vinegar

You know you have to clean your coffee pot with vinegar every now and then to keep that coffee flowing and the parts clean. But don’t you feel wasteful when you throw out the vinegar at the end of the cleaning cycle?

Here’s the great news: you can use that vinegar to keep the sink stinks out of your drain.

After you’ve cleaned your coffee pot, pour the hot vinegar down the drain. Doing this every time you clean your coffee pot should help to keep those ugly sink stinks at bay!

When All Else Fails

Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, this last method is what you should resort to when all else fails. In other words, if you’ve tried some of the above methods and are still dealing with sink sinks, it’s time for drastic measures.

Your final step is to clean the P-trap and cleanse it of all the grunge that has likely collected there. But beware—this is a dirty job!

Start by disconnecting the power to the garbage disposal and turning off the water to sink. Then, place a bucket underneath the sink and use a wrench to unscrew the P-trap. Place a rubber pipe plug in the open end of the main drain pipe.

Now, run hot water and allow it to fill the sink to just above the level of the drain. Pour some powdered oxygen bleach into the sink and allow it to sit and help disintegrate the concealed crud for about an hour. After an hour, remove the pipe plug and you should see the sludge fill the bucket.

Reinstall the P-trap and then run hot water in your sink. The sink stinks should be gone!

Call in the Pros

If you’ve attempted all of the DIY methods and your sink still stinks, it may be time to call in the professionals. Every house has a plumbing vent, and that vent runs out of the top of your roof. Sometimes it can become clogged, which can cause a smelly sink.

Either climb to the roof and investigate the vent yourself or call in a professional to do it for you. If a clog is the reason for your sink stinks, the smell will go away as soon as the clog is cleared.

Solved: How to Get Rid of Sink Stinks

When your sink stinks, it can cause you to avoid your kitchen because the smell can be difficult to take. But by following the tips listed above, your sink will be smelling fresh again in no time.

Do you have any sink stinks remedies that we didn’t mention? If so, please leave them in the comments below!


Delta Cassidy Kitchen Faucet: Which Is Right for You?

Installing a Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet in your kitchen provides peace of mind that you have invested in a fantastic quality product.

The world of faucets is wide and varied, and it is easy to find yourself wandering confused through a forest of taps. However, with a little bit of research and some handy reviews, you can make your purchase knowing you have the perfect faucet.

Everything in your kitchen serves a vital purpose, and it is no different from your sink. So, installing the correct Delta Cassidy Kitchen faucet to service your needs remains essential.

Plus, you want something that represents value for money and looks impressive in its setting.

The Delta Cassidy Kitchen Faucet

Delta is a brand that prides itself on using cutting edge technology to bring you the absolute best innovations for your home. In short, Delta believes that water has the power to transform the way people feel every day, and you can see that ethos in the Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet.

Each faucet remains touched by a sprinkling of magic from the groundbreaking technology they apply to every product.

The Delta faucet Trinsic Pro single-handle spout impresses with its contemporary good looks and retractable spray head. Meanwhile, the Delta faucet Windemere 2-handle faucet with its separate spray would look equally at home in a farmhouse kitchen.

And if cutting edge technology appeals to your inner geek, then the Delta faucet Kate single-handed faucet has a magnetic docking spray head.

Whichever Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet you choose, you know that it is a good quality product engineered to the highest standard.

And that is what Delta is known for: innovation and their customer-led drive to push the humble faucet boundaries to excellence. Technology and innovation remain their mantra as well as the desire to produce useful and usable kitchen faucets.

Our Quest to Find the Best Delta Cassidy Kitchen Faucet

In this time of uncertainty, we know all too well the importance of budgets. Therefore, we searched for models designed to last for many years. Value for money remains an essential factor, but installing a product that lasts for years offers the best value of all.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure the quality of our recommendations. Therefore, we went for those faucets displaying positive reviews.

The end-user remains the best source of truthful information because they have the experience of using a Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet. The insight and knowledge gleaned from these users proved invaluable during the compilation of this comprehensive list.

Our Delta Cassidy Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Our Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet reviews present some of the best products available on the market.

Many of the faucets feature Delta’s amazing technological breakthroughs, such as their innovative MagnaTite docking systems and Diamond Seal technology.

Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with MagnaTite Docking #9659T-DST

The sleek, contemporary design of the Delta Trinsic Pro single-handle spring spout kitchen faucet is a modern fitting that sets it apart from many other models. The faucet has a 20-inch hose reach, and the high arc spout swivels 360 degrees.

The faucet’s patented diamond seal technology reduces risks due to leaks and lasts twice as long as the industry standard. The feature ensures a leak-free operation for the lifetime of the faucet.

Furthermore, the Trinsic Pro features an innovative magnetic docking mechanism called MagnaTite. The docking uses a powerful magnet to snap the sprayer into place to ensure it doesn’t droop over time.

Additionally, it fits a single-hole or a 3-hole configuration. The faucet comes complete with InnoFlex PEX supply lines integrated into the product, further reducing the risk of leaks.

The significant advantage is the ease of cleaning. Touch-clean holes allow you to wipe away any calcium build-up quickly and easily with the touch of a finger.


  • The MagnaTite feature keeps the faucet looking good
  • The touch-clean holes make for easy cleaning without the need to use harmful chemicals
  • The faucet features a long hose for the ultimate in convenience
  • With a tall height and different spray options, the faucet provides greater functionality and convenience


  • You will need to purchase a separate docking plate to fit the 3-hole option
  • The textured faucet neck may cause food and grime to build up in the grooves, making it awkward to clean

Delta Windemere Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray #21996LF

The Delta faucet Windemere 2-handle kitchen sink faucet offers a more traditional look to your kitchen sink with a beautiful classic look. However, while the faucet has two handles, one for hot water and one for cold, it remains thoroughly modern in operation.

The faucet fits a 4-hole configuration while the hose offers complete flexibility with a 360-degree swivel. Also, the faucet features a powerful side spray with a retractable hose for absolute convenience and flexibility.

As expected with Delta, the unit’s solid metal construction provides strength and durability with a lifetime warranty.


  • The faucet is available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, and black
  • The hot and cold handles make the faucet easy to control
  • A stain-resistant finish makes the range incredibly easy to clean to keep it looking superb for longer


  • The separate hose spray means a separate installation to the faucet itself, which may prove tricky for some users
  • The faucet may have problems regarding a leaky sprayer

Delta Kate Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet with MagnaTite Docking #16970-SD-DST

The advantage of the fabulous Delta Faucet Kate single-handle faucet comes from a convenient soap pump that compliments the design. The addition of the separate soap pump adds a modern twist to the sleek, contemporary faucet.

Not only that, the patented Diamond Seal technology reduces the risk of leaks. If you find yourself fitting the unit, the technology makes for a confident installation for those tackling the plumbing themselves.

Additionally, the excellent MagnaTite magnetic docking hose keeps them until looking neat and compact for longer.

The facet is for 3-hole configurations, and the integrated InnoFlex PEX supply lines help prevent any additional risk of leaks.

With Touch-Clean technology to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up, Kate will maintain excellent water flow and keep looking spotless for longer. Plus, the lifetime warranty supplied ensures peace of mind with your purchase.


  • The easy-clean technology means your facet will keep its good looks for longer
  • Easy installation and leak-free technology means no costly professional costs
  • A separate soap dispenser adds a convenient and neat option to the faucet


  • You have to buy a separate plate to fit the 3-hole configuration
  • Some users complain that the water temperature is difficult to control


Delta Cassidy Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with On/Off Touch Activation #9197T-DST

The Delta Faucet Cassidy single-handle Touch20 kitchen sink faucet comes in various smart finishes, including arctic stainless steel, champagne bronze, chrome, polished nickel, and Venetian bronze.

The comprehensive range of finishes makes this Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet extremely versatile.

The faucet features a unique built-in side handle to control the water temperature making the unit amazingly easy and intuitive to use. Furthermore, a detachable spray head built into the unit has a button for different water settings, including stream or multi-jet. The feature makes the faucet suitable for a variety of tough clean up jobs around the kitchen.

With ShieldSpray Technology, a protective sphere contains the water splatter allowing greater control of the spray. And the manufacturer claims the technology offers an average of 90 percent less splatter than a standard spray.

A smart touch on, touch off mechanism means that the water will come on by the touch of your wrist or elbow. Such a feature proves particularly useful for those messy cooks as you no longer have to use dirty hands to turn the faucet on.

Additionally, a clever TempSense LED indicator changes color to indicate the temperature of the water.


  • The touch on, touch off technology makes the faucet particularly useful
  • The LED indicator makes it incredibly easy to judge the temperature of the water and adds a cool safety feature to an excellent faucet
  • The magnetic docking for the hose keeps the unit neat and compact
  • Due to the Diamond Seal feature, the faucet remains less likely to leak
  • The powerful spray makes short work of those tough cleaning jobs


  • You have to purchase a separate plate for the 3-hole configuration
  • Some users complain that the Touch20 technology is touch and go

Delta Linden Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet #4353-DST

The Delta Faucet Linden single-handle kitchen sink faucet is a traditional design with a distinctively classic feel. However, its traditional design underlies a faucet of excellent performance.

Though you would not guess by looking at it, the faucet hides a retractable hose that is both powerful and flexible. The hose extends a full 20-inches and swivels 120 degrees.

With three spray options, including spray, steam, and high water-flow, the unit remains one of the most versatile faucets in the Delta range. The variety of spray options means the faucet has superior cleaning abilities that set it apart from its competitors.

The Diamond Seal technology helps to eliminate the threat of leaks and prolongs the life of the faucet.

And the faucet comes in various finishes, including arctic stainless, chrome, and Venetian bronze, to suit most kitchen styles.


  • The hidden extendable spray makes the faucet incredibly neat
  • With three spray options, the Linden remains a versatile Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet that is sure to cut through the toughest of cleaning jobs
  • The unit comes complete with the plate for the 3-hole fitting configuration


  • The faucet has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The short faucet height may make the unit unsuitable for some users
  • The unit may leak after a short period of use

The Delta Cassidy Kitchen Faucet Revealed

Quality and value remain at the forefront of our purchasing decisions, and we need to understand that it is worth it when we spend our hard-earned money. The Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet range offers a variety of products to suit many budgets.

But the one thing they all have in common is quality and reliability.

From contemporary to traditional, you will find your perfect choice within the Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet range. The cutting-edge technology employed within each unit ensures the ease of installation and use.

And with so many features aimed towards the faucet’s easy cleaning, you may rest assured of the product’s continued good looks.

While each faucet looks different and offers different colors and sizes, they feature similar properties.

The Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet offers a sleek contemporary design with excellent design features and benefits. However, the Delta Faucet Linden single-handle kitchen sink faucet is perfect for those looking for a more traditional look with superb cleaning abilities.

Technology is a beautiful thing, but only if it works. In other words, the technology isn’t there to impress, it’s there to work, and it performs a vital part of each faucet.

If you are looking to renovate or upgrade your home, then the Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet will perform for you. Easy to install and easy to clean, each unit offers a slightly different perspective on a single theme. And that theme is excellence.

Do you have experience with a Delta Cassidy kitchen faucet? Perhaps you have installed on in your home. Why not leave a comment below as we would love to learn from your experience?

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