Best Gaming Gloves: What They Do and Which to Choose

If you like to spend your downtime thrashing zombies on a PC or console, then chances are you may need gaming gloves. All those hours of saving the universe from alien scum take its toll on your hands, and you may experience painful cramps. Perhaps your trigger finger aches, but you know you have to persevere because your battalion needs you.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may wonder what to buy for stocking stuffers. When you have a gamer in the house, knowing what to buy them for Christmas or birthdays is challenging. However, why not help them save the planet by giving them a set of gaming gloves?

The Best Gaming Gloves

Gamers spend hours grinding through stages of various games to level up, and those fingers and hands take a hammering. Trigger fingers ache, and the palms of your hands plead for respite, which is why using gaming gloves may help.

The copper compression gloves from Copper Compression may help support your hands and reduce strain. The Bangbreak copper arthritis gloves provide fingerless comfort to help you push through to the next level. Also, for anti-sweat properties, the Foamy Lizard gaming grip gloves provide extra support while you battle your way to the next boss fight.

Gaming gloves, also known as compression gloves, make fantastic gifts for anyone who loves gaming, but what is the purpose of such high-tech apparel?

What Are Gaming Gloves?

You may feel surprised at the existence of gaming gloves, but you may also know them as compression gloves.

Unlike regular gloves, manufacturers design gaming gloves to provide a sensory experience while using a keyboard, mouse, or console controller. The gloves allow the gamer to remain in control at all times while providing support to their hands.

What do gaming gloves do?

Gaming gloves, or compression gloves, provide support for hands during repetitive actions, such as gaming where you repeatedly press triggers or keys. Furthermore, the gloves allow the user to feel the movement, whereas standard gloves may mask the sensory abilities and slow down your actions.

Many compression gloves prove suitable for gaming. They’re super-efficient at wicking away sweat from your palms while the additional support helps prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, gaming gloves provide an extra grip, which is essential when using a mouse or controller, to perform complicated gaming actions.

The gloves act as a second skin and remain breathable, absorbent, and lightweight.

What are gaming gloves for?

When you spend hours at the keyboard or controller defending the Earth from alien invasion, you may experience sweaty palms, which cause your grip to slip. Consequently, you miss your shot, and the aliens win.

Picture this if you will. You are about to embark on a critical mission, and you need to guide your troops through a complex set of instructions. Suddenly, pain shoots through your hands and fingers, and you miss your chance to perform an important command. What’s more, the problem prevents you from continuing.

Gaming gloves and compression gloves help to alleviate such problems. The gloves wick away any offending sweat and lend extra support to your hands and muscles to help prevent strain. So, the gloves prove the perfect choice for repetitive actions, especially within the gaming world.

And video games are big business. Figures recorded in 2018 discovered that a record-breaking $43.4 billion went into the gaming industry. Over 164 million Americans play video games and that’s a lot of gloves.

Why wear compression gloves for gaming? The answer remains simple: They allow you to play longer and ease the strain you place on your hands and fingers.

How to Choose Gaming Gloves

When you look for the perfect gaming gloves, you need to consider several factors to make the correct choice.


One of the essential factors in choosing the correct gloves is the grip. You don’t want your hands or fingers to slip from the controls. Therefore, pick a style that includes rubberized tips to improve your grip. Check the specifications to ensure the gloves have anti-slip properties.


Gaming may be a tense past-time, and when you find yourself tensing up, the likelihood is that your hands may start to sweat. Therefore, choose gloves that allow your hands to breathe. If your gloves retain moisture, the experience may feel distinctly uncomfortable, so choose gloves that wick away sweat.


Comfortable gloves remain a vital factor when choosing gaming or compression gloves. The gloves need to support your hands and not restrict them. If the gloves are too tight, you may cause more damage than good. Not only that, tight gloves may affect your gaming experience and slow down your response times.

Gaming and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Prolonged sessions of intense gaming may damage your hands and fingers. The constant repetitive actions of hitting keys, using a mouse, and pressing the triggers on a controller may play havoc with your hands and wrists.

So, you may experience numbness, spasms, pain, and tingling when you play. And the symptoms continue afterward and may persist throughout the day.

Painful impact

Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve pinches. The median nerve runs from the upper arm down through the wrist’s carpal tunnel to the hand. If you damage the nerve through continued repetitive actions, the pain may be unbearable and significantly affect your quality of life.

Reduce your risk

Carpel tunnel syndrome remains a problem for gamers because of the excessive use of the hands, fingers, and wrists. Therefore, to help avoid the condition, using extra support for your hands may be beneficial. Compression gloves or gaming gloves give support to the hands and help reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

How We Completed Our Quest

We searched for gloves that provide good support for the hands with sweat resistant properties. And we wanted gloves that may help combat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis which remain common among gamers.

We only chose those products displaying a high level of positive reviews to ensure that users feel confident with their purchases.

Bangbreak Copper Arthritis Compression Gloves

The copper arthritis compression gloves from Bangbreak make a worthy addition to the gamer’s arsenal. The gloves contain copper-infused nylon and spandex materials with reinforced seams. Plus, the gloves remain lightweight yet form-fitting to provide a supportive second skin.

The gloves help protect your hands from carpal tunnel syndrome and promote blood circulation to relieve arthritic pain and tension. Additionally, the open finger design allows for excellent gameplay without losing any delicacy of touch and sensation.

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

The copper compression arthritis gloves from Copper Compression contain a high copper content. Copper is infused directly into the nylon fibers with 85 percent copper-infused nylon fabric. Additionally, the gloves provide excellent support to help combat arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

The design delivers support for your hands, fingers, and wrists yet allow for a full range of movements. The fingerless nature of compression gloves enables gamers to retain whole sensory perception.

The gloves, made from durable, breathable fabric, help to wick away sweat to keep your hands healthy and moisture-free.

Hexotech Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves

The Hexotech pro gamer anti-sweat gaming gloves from Foamy Lizard contains ultra-soft, stretchable fabric for comfort during long gaming sessions. While the gloves help resist sweating, the hexagonal traction coated palm region ensures maximum grip during those tense moments. The silicone texture creates a specific pattern to conform to the curve of a controller for full mobility and grip.

An exposed fingertip design allows for superb sensation while playing, and the breathable material caresses your hands like a second skin. Additionally, the soft elastic materials and finger joints don’t impede gameplay.

Duerer Compression Gloves

The arthritis compression gloves from Duerer provide excellent support for gamers with various sizes to suit men and women. The gloves give your hands and wrists extra support to help defend against arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

The elastic cotton material gives your hands gentle compression and provides a soft, breathable second skin while gaming. Also, the lightweight fabric helps to keep your hands dry while playing.

With an open finger design, the gloves allow tactile gaming without losing sensation or sensitivity while protecting your hands.

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

The Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves provide day-long protection for the avid gamer. High quality, comfortable spandex allows for a snug fit while ensuring full mobility of the hands and fingers. The fingerless design enables the gamer to retain full sensitivity and tactile sensations while the hands and wrists maintain full support.

Ergonomic stitching along the seams allows for a snug fit that contours your hands, protecting against arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. Plus, the breathable fabric helps to prevent sweating so that you don’t miss a single shot or lose grip of your controller.

These gloves prove the perfect addition for PC users and gamers.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Grippy Arthritis Gloves

The Grippy arthritis gloves from Dr. Frederick’s Original Store include two gloves with a fine-textured pattern that provides a superb grip for your controller or mouse. You may choose various sizes in soft, breathable cotton, spandex, and polyester mix fabric that provides a snug fit. And the breathable fabric wicks away sweat to provide additional comfort.

The gloves support your wrists, hands, and fingers by focusing on pressure points with mild compression. In addition, the gloves provide excellent pain relief from arthritis, osteoarthritis, carpal tendon syndrome, and tendonitis.

The fingerless construction enables gamers to retain full sensation while playing without compromising support and protection.

Gamers may enjoy the comfort these gloves provide and benefit from the pain relief and protection they offer.

Mueller Reversible Compression Glove

The Mueller Reversible Compression Glove with Thermo reactive technology helps relieve pain associated with repetitive motion, including carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Most gamers have a dominant hand, and it is that dominant hand that may suffer from injury and pain caused by repetitive motion. So, the reversible nature of the glove makes it ideal for gamers.

The gloves provide compression and support for weak wrists and hands while the breathable fabric keeps the palm dry. Additionally, the fingerless design allows for full mobility and tactile sensations while playing so that none of the sensitivity is lost.

An innovative addition includes Thermo reactive technology, where special fibers absorb the hand’s heat and reflect it back into the muscles. That improves blood circulation and helps to alleviate any painful symptoms.

In addition, the glove is reversible to provide the avid gamer with complete versatility. The Mueller reversible compression glove offers excellent protection for a gamer’s dominant hand with the benefit of a reversible feature, should the other hand start to ache.

The World of Gaming Gloves Explored

Whether you call them gaming gloves or compression gloves, wearing such apparel provides various benefits for the avid gamer.

Repetitive motion, such as using a mouse or triggers on a controller, may significantly strain the hand and wrist. And prolonged sessions may cause problems such as arthritic, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. Gaming gloves or compression gloves may help to alleviate such issues.

Choosing gloves that provide a good grip, excellent support, and breathability is essential for effective gaming gloves. Your fingers’ mobility and the retention of touch and sensation are essential when battling aliens or armies. Therefore, the fingerless design of compression gloves proves a bonus for uncompromised gameplay.

The Bangbreak compression gloves use copper-infused fabric to support your hands while defending against arthritis and other painful conditions. And the excellent Mueller reversible compression glove allows gamers to protect their dominant hand during gameplay.

Do you wear compression gloves when you play? Perhaps you have a recommendation to share. Why not comment in the space below and share your experience with us?

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17 Halloween Costume Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

With all the spooky outfits you see, it’s ironic that the scariest part of Halloween is often choosing a Halloween costume of your own. However, with a little inspiration, you too can have a Halloween costume that is sure to impress.

What Makes a Good Halloween Costume?

When choosing a Halloween costume, everyone has their own goals.

For example, some people may desire a truly frightening costume. After all, Halloween is at its core a way to celebrate the spooky and supernatural.

For kids, Halloween can give them the chance to dress up as a superhero, or perhaps something they aspire to be when they grow up.

More and more, Halloween costumes are also a way for people to show off their favorite characters from pop culture. A good Halloween costume reflects something about the person wearing it, even if it is just a desire to scare people.

It’s the little things

Of course, there is more to it than that. One thing that exceptional Halloween costumes usually have in common is attention to detail.

Whether it is intricate clothes, intense face paint, fake blood, or an epic wig, the best costumes are fine-tuned down to the tiniest features. Fortunately, there are plenty of detailed premade costumes for people seeking easy Halloween costumes.

8 Scary Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking to frighten the bejeebers out of people, you can’t go wrong with traditional costumes drawing from ancient folklore. There are also options from horror movies and pop culture to choose from.

1. A wicked witch

The witch is a classic Halloween costume with a lot of room for customization. Only the hat and broomstick are truly necessary,  leaving you with the freedom to decide the rest of the outfit.

For example, long black dresses make particularly haunting Halloween costumes when paired with black capes. You can use face paint to make yourself pale and ghostly, and paint Wiccan symbols on your forehead. Earings are also a nice touch.

This Halloween costume is only as scary as you choose to make it.

2. The Joker

Let’s be honest, clowns are already frightening enough. However, a good Joker costume takes it to a whole new level. If you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes that are still heavily disturbing, this one may be for you.

Use white face paint for the face, red for the mouth, and dark green or black for the eyes. Beyond that, all you need is the wig and his iconic purple suit.

3. Billy the Puppet from Saw

Keeping with the creepy clown-like theme, Billy the Puppet is another great choice for easy Halloween costumes. This one is sure to bring back traumatic memories for anyone who has seen the Saw movies.

All it requires is some face paint and a black suit with a white shirt and red bow tie. Alternatively, you could just buy the costume with a mask from Amazon.

4. A wailing banshee

A banshee is a female spirit that either warns of impending death or calls attention to a death that has already happened.

Malevolent banshees, as seen in the show Supernatural, emit a high-pitched scream so excruciating it causes victims to commit suicide.

Pale skin and a tattered dress are the main trademarks of banshees. However, many banshee costumes also feature white hair and tears of blood.

5. A decaying zombie

Zombies are another classic Halloween costume and provide even more freedom. Since zombies are typically undead citizens, have fun thinking about your backstory.

You could be a construction worker turned zombie, for instance, or someone famous like Elon Musk. The amount of decaying flesh you have is also completely up to you.

Use clothes you don’t care about ruining and cut holes where ever you see fit. Use face paint and fake blood to make it look like you’ve been through some stuff. Don’t forget to make your eyes look dark and gaunt.

Of course, you can always simply go for a premade zombie costume.

6. A soulless demon

Nothing says “demon” like a great set of horns and pointy teeth. It’s part of how demons choose their mates.

Depending on your interpretation, demons can be horrifying monstrosities or reserved and decadent beings.

The latter would generally be drawn to jewelry and fancy clothes such as a robe or dress. If you prefer scary then a mask and fake claws might be in order.

7. A White Walker

Despite the disappointing series finale, Game of Thrones remains one of the most beloved pop culture series of all time. The White Walkers’ single-minded goal of adding humans to their undead army makes them an excellent choice for Halloween costumes.

If you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes, then you can’t go wrong with a Night King mask and outfit.

For women or those looking for cheap Halloween costumes, all you really need is some face paint, a white wig, and some black clothes. You can use black leather straps for extra detail without adding too much to the cost.

8. Coraline’s mom

Mrs. Jones from the movie Coraline may be one of the creepiest characters in existence, making her a perfect Halloween costume.

A polka dot dress, black and white face paint, two large buttons, some wire, and perhaps a wig are all that you need for this one.

Use white paint as the base for your face and add black eyebrows, lips, and any other details you wish. For the neck and below the collar bone, use black as the base and add the skeleton features.

Glue a large button to each end of wire long enough to go around the back of your head, and paint the wire white so that it blends in. You can cut a hole in the center of the buttons to make it easier to see, or just hide them behind your hair until it’s time to take pictures.

5. Fun Halloween Costumes

Not everyone is looking to induce nightmares with their Halloween costume, and that’s okay. Your goal with your costume might just be to look cute or awesome.

Fortunately, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

9. A mystical fairy

Although not frightening, fairies are technically spirits. So even in the traditional sense, Halloween is their holiday too.

There are many types of fairies, most of which are the embodiment of a specific element. For example, an earth fairy would likely have an outfit with shades of green. In contrast, a fire fairy would wear orange and red.

Regardless of the colors you choose, nearly all fairies have pointy ears, beautiful wings, and wear pretty dresses or skirts.

Feel free to put on colorful makeup and embrace your love of glitter with this Halloween costume.

10. An adorable avocado

When it comes to eating avocados, people tend to have a love/hate relationship with them. However, most everyone agrees on the universal cuteness of an avocado with a face.

If you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes, this one requires very little effort. Simply find a costume that works for you and wait for it to arrive.

This is also a great choice for couples looking for matching Halloween costumes.

11. A Hogwarts student

If you’re one of Harry Potter’s many faithful fans, then dressing up as a Hogwarts student makes for a perfect Halloween costume.

Just order yourself a wand and the robes for your house of choice, and your job is done. All that is left is for you to convince people that you’re brave enough to be in Gryffindor, or that Slytherins are not all bad.

If you prefer to go as a specific character from the Harry Potter universe such as Harry or Ron, it’s as easy as buying a wig. You could even dress up as Professor McGonnogal if you think you can match her shrewd face and piercing gaze.

12. Your favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is extremely popular, and is frequently among the most streamed shows on Netflix.

Any fan of the series will agree that the characters are what makes it so fantastic. In fact, we defy you to name a character that isn’t memorable. There are Ang, Saka, Katara, and Zuko to name a few.

These are also easy Halloween costumes that require very little effort. Simply buy the matching outfit and a few extra trinkets to go along with it. For example, Ang’s costume needs a bald cap and blue paint for his tattoos, and Saka never goes anywhere without his trusty boomerang.

13. A Pandora native

Speaking of Avatar, there’s also the completely unrelated 2009 film directed by James Cameron. You know, the one with the blue aliens.

Going as a Pandora native only requires a wig and blue paint for your face and any exposed skin. The clothes are really up to you since you could technically be wearing anything. But for women, there is a premade jumpsuit available on Amazon.

4 Heros and Villians

Below you will find some of the best ideas for hero and villain Halloween costumes.

Your favorite Disney villain

With Disney Plus and the wide array of Disney Villain’s merchandise now available, nostalgia for these characters is at an all-time high. Like Avatar, Disney is filled with memorable characters that people are sure to appreciate.

If you’re looking for a fun yet evil Halloween costume, there are plenty of options available from Disney.

14. Gaston

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is the epitome of toxic masculinity, and many a Disney fan’s favorite villain. This easy Halloween costume only requires you to order the outfit and shave your beloved facial hair.

15. Ursula

Disney’s sassiest villain is also many peoples’ favorite. Ursula from Beauty and the Beast makes for an instantly recognizable and memorable Halloween costume.

You’ll want to go heavy on the makeup for this one.

Your favorite superhero (or villain)

Many of us wish we could dress up as a superhero every day of the year, but unfortunately, society does not deem it acceptable. When it gets down to it, there are only two times a year when people will understand: Comicon and Halloween.

Opening this can of worms gives access to all kinds of possibilities for both men and women.

16. Gamora

Since Guardians of the Galaxy and her appearance in Avengers, Gamora has become a beloved character within the Marvel universe. This easy Halloween costume only requires you to buy the outfit and paint your face and hands green.

17. Thor

Marvel’s Thor makes dressing up like a Viking and speaking in fanciful old English cool, and for that we should honor him. You only need to buy the costume, but you may also want a wig in order to really sell it.

You Do You!

Ultimately, what you choose to be for Halloween is entirely up to you. We have confidence that you are a wonderful, intelligent human being with endless amounts of creativity. Everyone has their own preferences, so feel free to go crazy with whatever makes you happy.

What do you plan on being for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!