A Thank You to the United States Postal Service and Mail Carriers

We’re saying thank you to the Postal Service for all they do! Since before America claimed independence, there’s been a form of postal service. Today, they’re more essential than ever.

It’s been more than two centuries since Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General in 1775. By 1896, people in rural areas received free delivery, which today, we have generally taken for granted until recently. 

Notably, more than 200 federal laws protect the sanctity of the U.S. Mail. Further, the laws are enforced by one of the oldest law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The USPS shaped how our country came to be in many ways. (see video below)

In 1847, Congress authorized United States postage stamps, and one featured Franklin. They were five cents and had to be cut apart with scissors. Another ten-cent-stamp featured George Washington, who appears on more stamps than anyone in history.


Today, anybody can send a letter for 55 cents to anybody in the United States. Incredibly, the USPS is the only organization that delivers to every residential and business address in the country.

The Postal Service Guiding Principle

Today, the United States Postal Service states the service is rooted in one single, great principle:

“The history of the United States Postal Service is rooted in a single, great principle: that every person in the United States – no matter who, no matter where – has the right to equal access to secure, efficient, and affordable mail service.”

USPS Mail meme 1
The guiding principle of the USPS with image via YouTube

The USPS Mission Statement

The USPS is an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the Government of the United States. As such, it operates in a business-like way but is written into the U.S. Code in Title 39, the Postal Reorganization Act.

The USPS mission statement, as written in Section 101(a) of Title 39:

“The Postal Service shall have as its basic function the obligation to provide postal services to bind the Nation together through the personal, educational, literary, and business correspondence of the people. It shall provide prompt, reliable, and efficient services to patrons in all areas and shall render postal services to all communities.”

Below, see a vintage instructional film called “The Mailman” from 1946:

Postal Service Unofficial Motto

The famous unofficial motto is still commonly used today, dedicated to mail carriers’ heroic daily efforts serving Americans.

Though not official, the motto is chiseled into the granite over the entrance to the New York City Post Office on 8th Avenue. (Now the James A. Farley Building) The words come from Greek historian Herodotus in The Persian Wars. As far back as 500 B.C., the Persians had reliable mounted postal couriers.  

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

USPS unofficial motto
The USPS unofficial motto with image via YouTube

The USPS: Looking Out for Americans

Today, the Postal Service is delivering in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, hurricanes, earthquakes, snowstorms, and wildfires. As they carry out their duties, they keep an eye out for communities.

For example, last week, mailman Fernando Garcia ran to help a man cut by a chainsaw in California. Garcia sprang into action and used his belt as a tourniquet, saving a Norwalk resident.

“I was a little panicky but at the end of the day…did what anybody else would have done, which was to try to stop the bleeding,” Garcia said. “I was just fortunate to be there, to help him out.”

A Quote from the Former Washington D.C. Post Office

You’ll find a lesser-known inscription carved into white granite at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum. Before it became the museum, it was the D.C. Post Office. 

It’s a beautiful tribute to mail carriers written by Dr. Charles W. Eliot, former president of Harvard University. Originally entitled “The Letter,” it was edited by President Woodrow Wilson before the version below was carved into the Post Office:

“Messenger of Sympathy and Love 

Servant of Parted Friends 

Consoler of the Lonely

Bond of the Scattered Family 

Enlarger of the Common Life 

Carrier of News and Knowledge

 Instrument of Trade and Industry

 Promoter of Mutual Acquaintance

 Of Peace and of Goodwill Among Men and Nations.”

USPS quote by Dr. Charles W. Eliot
USPS poem by Dr. Charles W. Eliot with edits by President Woodrow Wilson with image via YouTube

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Thank You to Our Mail Carriers!

Today, receiving the mail has never been more important as we get through a pandemic. Postal workers are links to the world during the pandemic, delivering more packages than ever. 

To thank USPS employees for putting their lives on the line for us every day, one might be tempted to give them money. However, mail carriers must comply with the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Exec­utive Branch. Thus, they may not accept tips or gifts worth greater than $20 and o gifts worth more than $50 from a customer per year.

Ideas to Say Thank You

Therefore, man people are leaving personal handwritten notes, and gifts of snacks and thoughtful small items. Readers’s Digest recommends an insulated travel mug or a pair of warm gloves.

Another idea is to send a letter to USPS’s Office of Inspector General to share appreciation and kind reflections about your mail carrier.

Since the USPS relies on postage sale, not tax dollars, it’s always a great idea to buy stamps. Notably, you can buy stamps at the post office’s website without leaving the house. Also, you can buy stamps from many retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and some banks.

Below, the USPS shared a video thanking Americans for the many “Thank You’s” they’ve been seeing lately.

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Watch “How the Post Office Made America” by Wendover Productions below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube


The Wisdom of Supermodel of the World – RuPaul

RuPaul Andre Charles became the quintessential “Supermodel of the World,” debuting with the album of that name 27 years ago. In 1993, seeing a drag queen hit the mainstream was unheard of, but RuPaul knew he had finally arrived a born performer who always knew he would be famous.

“I knew this was happening for me when I was shooting the ‘Supermodel’ video in Central Park, and I had a Winnebago,” he told EW in a 2017 interview. “I thought I have a freaking Winnebago. I am here.”

When his mother was pregnant with RuPaul, he says a psychic told her she would have a boy and that he would be famous. The rest, as Ru might put it, is HERstory.

RuPaul meme 1
RuPaul from the ’93 video Supermodel of the World via YouTube

Throwing Open Doors

RuPaul seemed to magically destroy prevailing homophobic attitudes with his charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. In a world where gay people remained in closets, RuPaul busted the door wide open. With undeniable charm and powerful singing voice, he sashayed through as if no door had ever been there.

Manager Fenton Bailey said, “RuPaul is basically Big Bird from Sesame Street. He’s non-threatening and family-friendly.” As a black, gay man in drag, RuPaul had plenty of hurdles to overcome.

Nevertheless, the fearless performer rose to fame, and the next year became the first drag queen with a major cosmetics campaign contract for MAC.  

On the Only Thing that Scares Him

In a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, RuPaul revealed the one thing that truly scares him.

“It’s the only thing I’m afraid of: Ignorant people. Especially ignorant people who think that they’re smart –that’s the scariest thing on Earth.”

RuPaul via Vanity Fair interview via YouTube

Drag Race Changes the World

In 2009, he debuted the groundbreaking RuPaul’s Drag Race, bringing the colorful world of drag into homes everywhere. More than a show about queens in impressive outfits, the show focuses as much on the people out of drag. Thus, we learn about their serious struggles with a dash of education on LGBTQ rights throughout history.

At the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards, RuPaul won his fifth consecutive Emmy as host of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Meanwhile, the show has become the most-awarded reality competition show in history with an astonishing 19 wins.  

Over the years, the show has launched a slew of empowering quotes, catchphrases, and one-liners. Below, see one that Mama Ru says on every episode of Drag Race:

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Get I get an amen up in here?”

Another quote from one of RuPaul’s many hit songs tells us that queens are far from the only ones wearing drag. It’s a good reminder that underneath we’re all human beings searching for the same things.

“I famously said you’re born naked, and the rest is drag,” said Ru. “What that means is that we are all more than just what it says we are on our driver’s license or what it says in our job description. We are actually, in reality, an extension of the power that created the whole universe.” 

RuPaul meme number 3
RuPaul’s iconic look from the Season 10 trailer, image via YouTube

Rather than hiding from the world through what we wear, it can bring out our confidence to be our authentic, vulnerable selves.

“Drag doesn’t change who you are…it reveals who you are.” – RuPaul


“Vulnerability is power.” – RuPaul

On Ignoring Negativity

Another quote you’ll hear Ru say frequently tell us that other people’s negativity doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

“What other people think of me is none of my damn business.”

A lesson Ru learned from his mother that guides him to this day:

“Unless they are paying your bill, pay them bitches no mind.”

As well as blocking out negativity from others, RuPaul reminds us frequently not to heed “the inner saboteur” inside us all.

Today, RuPaul has been called one of “the single most impactful TV stars of the decade” by Variety. Meanwhile, drag queens are “the new rock stars,” as Season 11 winner Yvie Oddlyrecently noted. 

On ‘Condragulations’ for a Fifth Emmy 

As RuPaul accepted “condragulations” for his latest Emmy, he had an inspirational quote:

“On behalf of VH1, World of Wonder, and our incredible cast and crew, I want to thank the Academy for this great honor. I’ve always said, every time I bat my false eyelashes, I’m making a political statement. Well, tonight, the only political statement I want to make is this: Love,” RuPaul said.

“Love for our LGBT brothers and sisters, love for Black queens and brown queens, and love for the United States of America, where a little gay boy with nothing more than a pussycat wig and a dream can build an international platform that celebrates sweet, sensitive souls everywhere.”

RuPaul meme 4 copy
RuPaul from the season 12 trailer via YouTube

On the Importance of Drag

In 2020, we’re all in drag with masks and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, RuPaul and Drag Race are helping us through quarantine. Ratings are higher than ever, and the show couldn’t be more culturally important during a trying moment in history.

Some might question why the show has risen to such prominence. In 2017, RuPaul explained why he thinks drag is so important in an interview on Good Morning America.

“Our show, it’s a lot of fun, but at its core, it’s about the tenacity of the human spirit. These kids, against all odds, have said, you know what society, I know you want me to spit in this box, but you know what, I’m not going to. I’m going to do my own thing.”

Later, RuPaul explained why his show is particularly critical now, as many minorities face an uncertain future.

“In this culture, in the political culture right now, the fact that we get to show people that love is strong, we are Americans, and we believe in open hearts and love. We believe in love, in acceptance, and this show is so important more now than ever,”

See the interview from Good Morning America below:

On Choosing Your Own Family

In a world that can be threatening to those who are different, RuPaul shows us that we can choose who deserves a place in our inner circle. Choose to surround yourself with those who understand, appreciate, and lift you up –always. 

 “We as gay people get to choose our family and the people we’re around. I am your family. We are a family here.” – RuPaul.

If You Feel Alone

In his Vanity Fair interview, RuPaul gave his advice on what to do if you feel alone. We all feel like outsiders sometimes, but we are all connected. At no point are we ever truly alone.

“Feelings are not facts. What you feel is an indicator, but a lot of times, it’s not really the truth. The truth is, we are not separate from one another… We are actually one thing together.”

Thanks, Mama Ru, and amen to that!

RuPaul meme number 5
RuPaul from his 2019 Vanity Fair interview via YouTube

See more gems from RuPaul in his personal 2019 Vanity Fair interview:

Featured image: Composite of screenshots from YouTube


Quotes About the Origins of Halloween: The Samhain Festival

We all love Halloween, but do you know about Samhain, the ancient festival that it came from? We’ll explore some Samhain-inspired quotes and find out how Samhain is being revived once more.

Halloween also called All Hallows’ Eve, is a spooky time of year when everyone is allowed to be someone else for one day. Thus, it’s a great escape and time for fun and relief from the mundane routine. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself and others. This year, Halloween could be more important than ever as families take a break from daily life stresses.

We love celebrating Halloween and sharing spooky Halloween quotes. With the Nightmare Before Christmas, one can enjoy the mood all year long. However, this time, we’re going to take a closer look at the early origins of All Hallows’ Eve. 

Before Halloween became the American commercialized day of Tricks and Treats, it was a day to mark the changing seasons. Ancient people prepared for long winter dormancy and looked forward to the coming rebirth of nature.

The Ancient Festival of Samhain 

Over 2,000 years ago, the pre-Christian Celts in Europe celebrated Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”) around November 1. The name translates to “summer’s end” in Gaelic, as people marked the end of harvest and beginning of a new year.

Today, it’s widely believed that Samhain was the early inspiration for what would eventually become Halloween. The day marked the dividing line between the light and the dark part of the year. At that moment, the veil between the world of the living and the dead was at its thinnest.

As told by Irish Central, below is a Samhain prayer for children:

Samhain is here, cold is the earth,

As we celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth.

Tonight we speak to those through the veil,

The lines between worlds are thin and frail.

Ghosts and spirits in the night,

Magical beings rising in flight,

Owls hooting up in a moonlit tree,

I don’t fear you and you don’t fear me.

As the sun goes down, far to the west,

My ancestors watch over me as I rest.

They keep me safe and without fear,

On the night of Samhain, the Witches’ New Year.

Samhain Quote 1
Quote from Irish Central with image via Pixabay

Samhain Prayer to Ancestors

On Samhain, the people lit bonfires in honor of the dead and ward off otherworldly spirits. The night was a moment of transition when the spirits of those who passed could cross into another world.

Circling about the fires, bats flew about catching insects attracted by the light. Today, we still associate bats with Halloween.

Samhain quote 2
Quote via Irish Central with image via PIxabay

Here is the full “Samhain Prayer to Ancestors” from Irish Central:

This is the night when the gateway between

our world and the spirit world is thinnest.

Tonight is a night to call out those who came before.

Tonight I honor my ancestors.

Spirits of my fathers and mothers, I call to you,

and welcome you to join me for this night.

You watch over me always,

protecting and guiding me,

and tonight I thank you.

Your blood runs in my veins,

your spirit is in my heart,

your memories are in my soul.

With the gift of remembrance.

I remember all of you.

You are dead but never forgotten,

and you live on within me,

and within those who are yet to come.

On the Samhain Full Moon

In the ancient Samhain festival, a full moon had an integral role. This year, for the first time in 19 years, we’ll see a full moon on Halloween. Making the occasion even more unique, this time, it will also be a Blue Moon, the second full moon in the month.

On October 1, 2020, there was a full Harvest Moon, and on October 31, there will be a rare Halloween full Hunter’s Moon in all time zones, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. It’s the first time there will be a full Halloween moon for everyone in all times zones since 1944. 

Below, the perfect poem entitled “Samhain Moon” by S.R. Hardy:

The moon sits low,

Above the trees,

Above the world;

A reminder that there is light in darkness

And darkness in light,

And that everything that was

Will be again.


~S.R. Hardy

Samhain Moon poem
Samhain Moon poem by S.R. Hardy with image via Pixabay

Samhain Reborn Again

As we enjoy our Halloween festivities, remember the ancient origins that inspired the day thousands of years ago. After all that time, Halloween customs arrived in North America with the earliest Irish immigrants.

Last year, a new three-day festival called Púca took place in Ireland. According to, a púca is “a mysterious creature from Ireland’s folklore who can change the fortunes of anyone who meets it.”

The festival celebrates Ireland as the original birthplace of Halloween and the ancient feast of Samhain returns anew. You can see more on the Púca Festival website and Instagram.

This year, as with Halloween, the Púca Festival will be a little different. Due to the pandemic, there will be virtual lightings of the Samhain fires on October 31. 

See more about the festival last year from Travel Zoo below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube



Prince Harry: His Awakening and New Outspoken Voice

Prince Harry remains a favorite for many royal family fans, although he and his wife, Meghan Markle, officially resigned as working members of the royal family in April. Now, they reside in a $14 million nine-bedroom mansion in Santa Barbara, California. 

In May 2019, the couple welcomed their child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, into the world. Breaking from tradition, they kept the location of the birth a secret. Then, they announced the baby’s name on their official Instagram. 

On What Inspired Their Baby’s Name

In June, Harry and Meghan resigned from the charity called The Royal Foundation and founded a new one. Called Archewell, the new charity name inspired the name they chose for their son, seventh in line to the throne.

“Before SussexRoyal, came the idea of ‘Arche’ — the Greek word meaning ‘source of action.’ We connected to this concept for the charitable organization we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name,” a spokesperson for the couple said.

“To do something of meaning, to do something that matters. Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon. We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right,” they added.

Thus, the arrival of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to the world inspired action.

Now, the couple is spending time between North America and the United Kingdom, adjusting to their new lives. Royal family historian and consultant Robert Lacey suggests a rift between Prince William and Prince Harry proceeded the change. Hopefully, one day, the brothers will come back together.

See Archie-Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in the video from ABC News below:

On Addressing Racism in the UK and the World

Since stepping aside from their royal duties, the duke and duchess are more outspoken on certain issues like racism. The couple is the first interracial marriage in the British monarchy, dating back over a thousand years.

For example, earlier this year in July, Harry spoke out about the UK’s long history of colonialism:

“When you look across the Commonwealth, there is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past,” Harry said. “It’s not going to be easy, and in some cases, it’s not going to be comfortable, but it needs to be done, because, guess what: Everybody benefits.”


The couple has regularly praised the Black Lives Matter movement, saying it promoted an important conversation worldwide. 

Harry discussed his own unconscious bias: 

“We can’t deny or ignore the fact that all of us have been educated to see the world differently. However, once you start to realize that there is that bias there, then you need to acknowledge it, you need to do the work to become more aware … so that you can help stand up for something that is so wrong and should not be acceptable in our society today.”


“When it comes to institutional and systemic racism, it’s there, and it stays there because someone, somewhere is benefiting from it,” Harry added.

Prince Harry

See more in this video from Good Morning America:

On Awakening to the Existence of Systemic Racism

At the beginning of Black History Month, October 2020, Harry and Meghan discussed systemic racism with the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper. Harry says he’s had an “awakening.”

“I’ve had an awakening as such of my own, because I wasn’t aware of so many of the issues and so many of the problems within the UK, but also globally as well. I thought I did, but I didn’t.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also wrote an article for the Evening Standard, in which they opened up about Black History Month. The celebration first began three decades ago.

“For as long as structural racism exists, there will be generations of young people of colour who do not start their lives with the same equality of opportunity as their white peers. And for as long as that continues, untapped potential will never get to be realized,” they wrote.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Harry related a personal story as an example of how he became more aware and wants to help make a positive change.

“You know, when you go in to a shop with your children and you only see white dolls, do you even think: ‘That’s weird, there is not a black doll there?’


“And I use that as just one example of where we as white people don’t always have the awareness of what it must be like for someone else of a different coloured skin, of a black skin, to be in the same situation as we are where the world that we know has been created by white people for white people.”

An Exciting Moment for Change

At this moment in history, Harry believes an exciting change is taking place.

“I think it is a really exciting time in British culture and British history, and in world culture. This is a real moment that we should be grasping and actually celebrating. Because no one else has managed to do this before us.”

See Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s discussion from Evening Standard:

On the Not-so Coveted Role of King and Queen

Although one might think being a King would be desirable, not so for Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne. In 2017, he revealed in an interview with Newsweek that being a royal was a duty but not an especially coveted one.

“We are involved in modernizing the British monarchy. We are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people.”

He added: “Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be King or Queen? I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.”

Even so, Harry nodded to the remarkable Queen, now 94, and the monarchy:

“The monarchy is a force for good,” he said. “We want to carry on the positive atmosphere that the queen has achieved for over 60 years, but we won’t be trying to fill her boots.”

On Leading an Ordinary Life

Even when Prince Harry remained in his official role with the royal family, he claimed to lead a fairly ordinary life. Furthermore, he clearly wants the same for his son.

“People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. I do my own shopping. Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone,” he said.


“But I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one too.” He added: “Even if I was king, I would do my own shopping.”

This coincides with what Harry told Dame Jane Goodall in the summer of 2019. When she visited the couple’s home, he suggested Archie would not have the life of a typical royal.

Goodall says she got Archie to imitate the Queen’s iconic wave.

“I suppose he’ll have to learn this,” Goodall said to Harry, waving.

“No, he’s not growing up like that,'” she remembered Harry saying.

On His Number One Priority

In a video call in August, Harry, now 36, explained what his new focus is now: Archie. Now an active one-year-old, Archie spends time outdoors with his dad while the family quarantines due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Harry made the video call to honor of the Rugby Football League’s 125th birthday. 

“What I need is a few mini rugby balls that I can then get Archie involved with the game, because at the moment it’s impossible to find any,” said Harry, who is the patron of the Rugby Football League.


“I’ve got a little space outside, which I’m fortunate enough to have so I need to get him playing some Rugby League,” Prince Harry said in a video chat in August.


“Our little man is our number one priority, but our work after that is the second priority, and we’re just trying to do everything we can to do our part to make the world a better place,” Harry said.

Today, the family is reportedly very happy and enjoying the smaller community and pace in California. We wish this wonderful couple all the best.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Archie

Featured image: Prince Harry in April 2018 by Raph_PH via Wikimedia Commons(CC BY 2.0)

Other featured images: Screenshots via YouTube


Sir David Attenborough’s Timely Call to Save the Planet

Sir David Attenborough, the legendary English broadcaster and naturalist, is more popular than ever at age 94. Listening to his narration of nature documentaries, you can’t help but have a reverence and sense of wonder for nature. Since 1979, and over almost seven decades, he’s been a constant presence in our lives.

Today, the nonagenarian has broken the world record on Instagram, reaching one million followers in the fastest time ever, four hours and 44 minutes. Today, he’s reaching over 4.6 million followers just days after his debut on the social media platform.

With over 60 years of radio and television appearances, Attenborough’s voice as a steward of the natural world is more relevant than ever. Over his lifetime, he’s witnessed firsthand the impact people have had on nature. 

Maybe only Dame Jane Goodall compares to this kind of longevity and influence as a voice for respecting and preserving the natural world. Their voices are critical right now, and people are responding to hearing them.

Appearing in his first Instagram video, Attenborough had an alarming message:

“As we all know, the world is in trouble.”


“Continents are on fire; glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on,” he said. “But we know what to do about it, and that’s why I’m tackling this new way of communication.”

View this post on Instagram

David Attenborough has spent a lifetime travelling, exploring the wild places of our planet and documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder. He’s also witnessed the damaged caused. Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will. That’s why we want to share this message on Instagram. Because there is hope and together, we can inspire change. Social media isn’t David’s usual habitat so while he’s recorded messages solely for Instagram, like the one in this post, we're helping to run this account. In case you’re wondering, ‘we’ are Jonnie and Colin and we worked with David on A Life On Our Planet. So, as well as sharing the messages he’s recorded especially for this account we’ll also post some exclusive clips and behind the scenes content. Stay tuned.

A post shared by A Life On Our Planet (@davidattenborough) on

On the Essential Need to Save Biodiversity

In a more recent post, Attenborough, with his classic voice, reminds us of what we as a species have forgotten. Discussing his new film, A Life On Our Planet, he talks about remembering our place in it all. The new film appears on Netflix in October.

“Nature, the living world around us. From the tree roots and fungi to the songbirds and great whales. It’s easy to forget that we are also a part of nature,” he said. “Our natural world is much more than just nice to have; it’s fundamental to our survival.”

Sir David Attenborough meme

Attenborough points out that the loss of biodiversity on Earth “is as grave an issue as climate change.” Recent reports state that 2/3rds of all wildlife has disappeared within the last 50 years.

“The natural world is fading. The evidence is all around. It’s happened in my lifetime. I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” he says. “This film is my witness statement and my vision for the future. The story of how we came to make this our greatest mistake, and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.”

On What Can Save the Natural World

Until his most recent film, Sir David Attenborough avoided talking directly about how people are putting the world’s ecological in peril. He was skeptical of climate change.

Now, he says the evidence is clear and is sounding the alarm. On his recent 60 Minutes appearance, he says, “a crime has been committed” against the planet. As an elder statesman of the planet, nobody has more authority on the subject.

“The way we humans live on Earth is sending into decline. Human beings are overrunning the world. We’re replacing the wild with the tame. Our planet is headed for disaster,” Attenborough says in a preview.

However, Attenborough remains hopeful for the future.

“There’s a huge movement around the world of people from all nations, young people who can see what is happening to the world, and demanding that their government should take action,” Attenborough said. “And that’s the best hope that I have. Obviously, my generation failed. We’ve allowed it to happen.”

Sir David Attenborough meme 2

See him on 60 Minutes below:

On the Importance of the Natural World During Covid-19

Attenborough, who is on quarantine in London during the Covid-19 pandemic, reflected on why nature is particularly vital right now. Millions of people are socially distancing and taking to nature to find relief.

“In the course of this particular pandemic, I think people are discovering that they need the natural world for their very sanity. People who have never listened to a bird song are suddenly thrilled, excited, supported, inspired by the natural world. And they realize that they are not apart from it. They are part of it.”

By saving nature, we are saving ourselves. 

Sir David Attenborough meme 2

On Moving to Renewable Energy

Unfortunately, man’s reliance on fossil fuels has led to rapid climate change. But Sir David Attenborough says redemption is entirely possible with a shift to renewable energy.

“We know ways in which we can get, from the Sun up there just a tiny fraction of the amount of energy that sprays on this Earth 24 hours a day, one way or another, for nothing. If we can solve the problems of storage and transmission, the world is ours. We have all the power we need. Why should we go on poisoning life on Earth?” he asks.

Sir David Attenborough meme 4

If the world’s leaders would begin acting together, the problems could be solved and solved fast.

“The repopulations of the oceans can happen like that in a decade,” Attenborough says with a snap. “If we have the will to do it. But we require everybody to agree that.”

On His Goals for the Future

Today, Attenborough is using his voice to call on the need for change. For him, there is no alternative and he plans to go on speaking out.

“I have been unbelievably privileged in my life to go around seeing all these miraculous, heart-warming things around the world. I have no alternative but to speak about it,” he says.

Although the world’s problems seem dire, he believes young people and voters can turn everything around. Will they vote in overwhelming numbers and turn the tide?

“It’s up to the voters, assuming we’re talking about democratic societies where voters can have a say. Voters can determine that now, and that’s one of the reasons why I think we have some hopes, some fragments, some threads of optimism.” 

Sir David Attenborough, like Dame Jane Goodall, are the voices we need right now. Let’s listen and take action for a better future.

More from Sir David Attenborough’s September 2020 appearance on 60 Minutes below:


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Celebration of Her World-Changing Life

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG from Brooklyn, as she came to be known, was a hero to millions and will always be. Although shy and of small physical stature, she rose to a level that is immortal and legendary. Thus, it came as quite a shock to learn of her passing from metastatic pancreatic cancer on September 18, 2020. 

To her law clerks, she was known as “the justice,” and was known for being exceedingly fair with a “legendary work ethic.” To a colleague, she was “tough as nails,” with a fierce intellect and attitude.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a force on the Supreme Court for 27 years, though first diagnosed with cancer in 1999. In subsequent battles with reoccurring cancer, she rarely missed a day at Court. Right up to the end, at age 87, she continued to do her work.

In her 80s, she became a cultural, feminist, and legal icon who earned a following from people of all ages. She fought tirelessly to ensure the Constitution represented everyone equally, a champion of justice for all. As a voice for gender equality since her first judicial appointment in 1980, she changed the world for women and minorities in America.

Her Final ‘Fervent Wish’

Days before she passed away, Ginsburg dictated a statement to her granddaughter, Clara Spencer:

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Rather Bader Ginsburg meme

Ginsburg’s passing leaves no clear court majority, and she wished that the next president would decide her replacement.

Indeed, in 2019, shortly before former Justice John Paul Stevens passed away at age 99, she told him she wanted to serve on the Supreme Court as long as he did. Stevens served as a Justice until age 90 when he voluntarily retired in 2010. 

In a 2019 interview, Ginsburg said:

“My dream is that I will stay on the court as long as he did.”

Stevens served 35 years on the Supreme Cout. Sadly, her dream was not to be.

On How Adversity Led Her to the Supreme Court 

In a 2019 NPR interview, Nina Totenberg asked Ginsburg is she had any regret. She answered:

“I was born under a very bright star,” said Ginsburg. 

She explained how her life circumstances led her to be nominated to the DC Circuit Court. That nomination led her to a spot on the Supreme Court. Notably, she and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor thought their lives might have turned out quite differently at another period in history. However, the adversity they faced as women guided them toward the nation’s highest court. 

“So, I’ll tell you what Justice O’Connor once said to me. Suppose we had come of age at a time when women lawyers were welcome at the Bar. You know what, today we’d be retired partners from some law firm. But because that root was not open to us, we had to find another way. And, we both end up on the United States Supreme Court,” said Ginsburg. 

O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, and Ginsburg said she was “the closest I ever came to having a big sister.”

When Ginsburg graduated from Columbia Law School in 1959, she found it difficult to find a job. At the time, judges openly said she could not serve as a clerk because of her gender. To make matters worse, not a single New York City firm would hire her.

“I struck out on three grounds,” she said. “I was Jewish, a woman, and a mother. The first raised one eyebrow; the second, two; the third made me indubitably inadmissible,” she said.

Later as a Justice, she said:

“People ask me when would you be satisfied with the number of women on the Court? When there are nine,” she said.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg meme 2

See her talk about this below from NPR:

On What Attracted Her to Her Husband

Ginsburg enjoyed a loving, exemplary marriage to her life partner, tax attorney Martin “Marty” Ginsburg. Time called their relationship a “history-shaping marriage of equals” that lasted 56 years until his passing in 2010. 

The couple met as undergraduates at Cornell University, where she encouraged Marty to enter the legal field with her. Later, she became the first tenured female professor at Columbia University and the first person to be a member of both the Harvard and Columbia Law Reviews.

What impressed her most about Marty was his intelligence. During an NPR interview in 2016, she said:

“I many times said that Marty Ginsburg was the first boy I met who cared that I had a brain,” she said.

Martin was so supportive of Ruth that he would ask her to work with him in a case of discrimination against a man. Together, they go on to win in the case of Moritz v. Commissioner in 1972. 

Notably, the case was Ginsburg’s first big win and began her long fight for gender equality. It was also the first time a provision of the Internal Revenue Code was declared unconstitutional.

Later at Ginsburg’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Ginsburg gave her husband praise.

“I have had the great good fortune to share life with a partner truly extraordinary for his generation, a man who believed at age 18 when we met, and who believes today, that a woman’s work, whether at home or on the job, is as important as a man’s,” Ruth said.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg meme 3

On What Should Guide the Court 

In 2018, the biopic movie, On the Basis of Sex, explored Ginsburg’s early legal career. While Martin was recovering from testicular cancer, Ginsburg attended his classes and hers at the same time. At one of his classes, she heard law professor Paul Freund say:

“The Court should never be influenced by the weather of the day, but inevitably they will be influenced by the climate of the era.”

Ginsburg repeated the line to her husband, who responds, “The law is never finished. It is a work in progress, and ever will be.”

In 2018, Ginsburg spoke at Roger Williams University School of Law. In the “fireside chat,” she spoke about what she believed made America great.

“Over the course of our history, the composition of ‘We the People’ has expanded,” Ginsburg said. “It now includes the people left out at the beginning. The idea of an embracive society that not simply tolerates but appreciates differences, I think, is what made our nation great.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg meme 4

Later, she was asked which of the decisions she took part in had the biggest impact. She responded that 2015’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which made allowed same-sex marriage nationwide. She referred back to what she learned from Professor Freund while filling in for her husband at class so many years earlier.

“It’s another example of how society has changed, and the Court is catching up,” Ginsburg said. “The great constitutional scholar Paul Freund once said ‘the Court should never be influenced by the weather of the day, but inevitably they will be influenced by the climate of the era,’ and that’s what happened with the gay rights movement. People looked around and said, ‘That’s my next-door neighbor’ or ‘That’s my daughter’s best friend.’ There wasn’t that ‘we/they’ anymore.”

See more in the video from the New York Times below:


Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


Jane Goodall: The Voice Calling Us to Respect Nature and the Animals

Now 86, Jane Goodall, the legendary primatologist has a deep understanding and respect for chimpanzees, our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom. Since their genes were sequenced in 2012, scientists learned humans share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. 

However, Goodall understands them on a level that perhaps nobody else ever has after 60 years of intimate study. More than that, her deep spiritual connection and respect for the natural world has made her one of the most valuable and respected voices for conservation and climate action today.

A Childhood Dream to Study Animals in Africa Comes True

Since she was just one year old in 1935, Jane Goodall received a toy chimp from her dad, which she named Jubilee. From her earliest memories, she was deeply fascinated with animals of all kinds. That led to her childhood dream of visiting Africa to learn and write about animals. 

Jane Goodall and Mr. H, her stuffed monkey
Jane Goodall is holding her toy monkey “Mr. H”, which accompanies her during travel by Jeekc via Wikimedia Commons, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Then in her 20s, Goodall was invited to visit Kenya to see a friend. The trip proved life-altering when she met a famous paleontologist, Dr. Louis S B Leakey, who later hired her. Soon, she was traveling to Tanzania with Leakey and his archaeologist wife to hunt fossils. 

On a recent BBD HARDtalk interview, Goodall recalled that important time in her life.

“He offered me a job as an assistant, really. Then, he became more impressed because he saw that I really had this thing about being with animals and watching them and could cope with the bush. And so he gave me this extraordinary opportunity. I mean, I would have studied any animal, and it was chimpanzees,” she recalled.

A Pioneer of Studying Animals in the Wild

Finally, in 1960, she and Leakey began studying wild chimpanzees near Lake Tanganyika and western Tanzania. At the time, she was one of the first to ever study the animals in the wild. At the time, the area was war-torn and had erupted into violence. However, in the forests, she found her calling in nature with a local guide.

Finding a ripe fruit tree and standing quietly, she would wait until the animals realized she was a benevolent presence in the forest. Fortunately, they didn’t show her aggression but instead developed trust and tolerance.

“I didn’t have any expectations except that I was jolly well going to get the chimpanzees to accept me, and I was going to learn about them. The big problem was every time they saw me; they’d run away. They’d never seen anything like this white ape before; I was peculiar to them.”

Jane Goodall meme

After months of patient observation, she slowly gained the primate’s trust. Then, by the following year, she had already changed scientific knowledge about chimpanzees without formal scientific training. 

The Discovery That Chimpanzees Use and Shape Tools

By her close observations, she learned for the first time that chimpanzees ate meat and used tools to catch termites. The first chimp to trust her, one she named David Greybeard, was using a stem of grass or a twig, inserting them into a termite mound to extract the insects. Greybeard would sometimes carefully strip the twig of leaves, shaping the tool carefully.

“…Quite honestly, it didn’t surprise me that the chimps could do that. On the other hand, Western science thought that only humans used and made tools. We were defined as ‘Man the Toolmaker.’ And so I knew that this was a very exciting observation.”

David Greybeard the chimpanzee
A chimpanzee uses a tool to fish for termites, image screen capture via YouTube

David Greybeard’s trust allowed her to gain an introduction to the other chimpanzees. Thus, Time Magazine named David one of the 15 most influential animals that ever lived.

Since those early days, Goodall has become legendary, traveling worldwide to speak about her experiences.

Today, Jane Goodall is one of the strongest voices in the movement to protect the environment and the lives of all things on Earth. In a time of extreme environmental crisis, her wisdom on our connectedness to the natural world couldn’t be more timely or essential.

On Her Dream of Connecting with Animals

While traveling with Dr. Leakey and his wife, Mary, Goodall may well have gone on to study fossils. However, she stuck to her childhood calling.

“I could have learned a whole lot more about fossils and become a paleontologist. But my childhood dream was as strong as ever–somehow I must find a way to watch free, wild animals living their own, undisturbed lives–I wanted to learn things that no one else knew, uncover secrets through patient observation.”


“I wanted to come as close to talking to animals as I could.”

On How Her Childhood Dog Changed Her Life

Goodall’s observations in Tanzania led her to pursue a Ph.D. at Cambridge. However, professors weren’t keen on her habit of giving Chimps names and seeing them as individuals with unique personalities and emotions. However, she knew that this was selling animals short.

“I shouldn’t have given the chimpanzees names. They should have had numbers; that was scientific. And I couldn’t talk about personality. I couldn’t talk about minds capable of problem-solving. We couldn’t talk about emotions. But you see, when I was a child, I had this wonderful teacher, and that was my dog, Rusty. And he taught me that in this respect, the professors were absolutely wrong. We are not the only beings on the planet with personality, mind, and emotion.”

Jane Goodall meme 2

On the Need for Empathy When Studying Animals

Goodall knew in her heart that what the professors were saying didn’t align with what she knew through empathy for animals.

“You can’t spend meaningful time with any animal, a dog, a rat, a pig, a chimpanzee, and not know that we are not the only beings on the planet with personalities, minds, and emotions,” Goodall said in her BBC interview.


“I was also told you mustn’t have empathy with your subjects. Scientific observation should be sort of remote and cold and objective. But this is absolute rubbish,” said Goodall.

Jane Goodall meme 3

Goodall continued, explaining that empathy is essential in understanding animals.

“…because only when you have empathy; you see something you don’t understand, and you just have this feeling to why it’s happening. So then, you can stand back as a scientist, which is what Cambridge taught me, and check whether your intuition is right or wrong,” she said.

On The Power of Individuals to Affect Change

Professors at Cambridge weren’t used to the idea of giving animals credit for things like emotions or personalities. However, Goodall knew they deserved more credit. Similarly, she understands that there’s much more to the individual than meets the eye. Each of us can make choices that collectively change the planet.

“What I tell the young people is every single day you live, you make some kind of impact on the planet, and you have a choice. Unless you’re very, very poor, which is when you have no choice, but, you know, most of the people listening probably can have a choice.”


“Think about what you buy. How did it harm the environment in its production? Did it lead to cruelty to animals, like the terrible factory farms? Is it cheap because of child slave labor or wages that don’t even enable people to live properly? Make those ethical choices. And when billions of people make those ethical choices, then we start moving towards a different world.”

On Her Spiritual Connection With Nature

In a recent NPR interview, Goodall revealed what gave her joy. For her, she finds a spiritual connection in nature.

“It’s out in nature, and it doesn’t have to be the forest with chimpanzees, although that’s my very most favorite. But somewhere out in nature, preferably alone with a very close friend and just feeling a part of it…”

Trees as Cathedrals

“… there are some places in the forest when the trees kind of arch overhead and it reminds me of some of those great cathedrals where there’s such a, you know, whether you’re religious or not, the atmosphere — because so many hundreds and thousands of people have been in there and they’ve been praying, and they’ve been in contact with what I call a great spiritual power. And that’s the same for me in the forest.”

Jane Goodall meme 4

On Disrespecting Nature

In her July 2020 BBC interview, Stephen Sackur asked Goodall if she thought humans had failed chimpanzees and other species. Since she studied them, the population has dropped dramatically from around more than a million to lower than 170,000.

“We’re certainly failing them, but in the same way, we’re failing our own future generations of human beings,” said Goodall. “We’ve been for a long time, stealing the future of our children, grandchildren. We’re still stealing it today. We have terribly harmed this planet. This has led to the climate crisis, which, if we don’t get together around the world and do something about it soon, will lead to the end of life on this planet as we know it. And that concludes us.”

Goodall’s important message is that if we learn to respect and live in harmony with nature, we could prevent the disasters we’re seeing today.

“It’s our disrespect of nature, of animals, and the natural world that’s led to this COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s led to climate change,” she concluded.

On Facing the Future

When asked how she confronts an uncertain future for chimpanzees and humans alike, Goodall challenged a familiar quote.

“You know this expression, ‘Think globally, act locally.’ Don’t because if you think globally, you’re so depressed. You can’t help it today. But if you think, ‘Now what can I do right here in my own community?’ …What you do each day can make a difference…That’s my hope for the future.”

Like all of us, Goodall’s ambitious plans to help preserve the forests have been put on hold due to COVID-19, but she says she remains hopeful.

“Nevertheless, I do have hope because of the young people, because of this brain that’s coming up now finally with ways of living in greater harmony with nature; because of the resilience of nature –give it a chance it comes back, and because of what I call the indomitable human spirit: people who tackle what seems impossible and won’t give up and very often succeed.”

You can listen to Jane Goodall’s recent NPR On Point interview below or at this link.

Featured images: Screenshots via YouTube, Jane Goodall at Mizzou Arena by Mark Schierbecker vai Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)




Chadwick Boseman Quotes That Are Forever

Chadwick Boseman passed away at 43 on August 28, 2020, surrounded by his wife and family. Only after his death did the world learn the actor had been fighting colon cancer for four years. While Boseman was playing King T’Challa in 2018’s Black Panther, he was fighting for his life. 

Simultaneously, Boseman was fighting to ensure African culture was represented correctly in the first Marvel film centering on a black superhero. T’Challa would become one of the greatest superheroes ever.

Boseman insisted on using an African accent in Black Panther. When Marvel suggested his accent might be “too much,” Boseman insisted switching to a British accent would be “like a deal-breaker.” He wanted the fictional kingdom of Wakanda to be free from any references to colonialism. 

His longtime agent, Michael Greene, revealed that Boseman would not budge on the matter because he was committed to using an African man’s voice and dialect.

“I will only do this with an African accent,” Boseman said. “They were like, ‘Well, no, we want it to be South African.'”


Boseman replied, “I’m a king of Africa. I’m going with the customs that we fought and fought and fought for,” said Boseman.

The actor’s commitment to speaking with an African accent in the film inspired director Ryan Coogler to make Black Panther. According to the Washington Post, Coogler decided to sign on after watching Boseman in an unfinished cut of Captain America: Civil War. Boseman learned Xhosa for the film with the South African actor, who portrayed his father, John Kani. 

Likewise, Boseman fought to keep the movie’s waterfall scene, saying:

“This is historical, and the people need to be dancing with African music.”

Furthermore, Greene revealed that when Boseman was offered a branding opportunity for the film, the actor turned it down, saying:

“I can’t, because how can I show young Black kids and kids of color that they can be superheroes, [then do this]?”

Today after his untimely passing, kids across the country are paying tribute to Boseman. In St. Louis, 7-year-old Kian Westbrook created a tribute of Marvel action figures in his driveway to “send off their fallen comrade.”

Making the “Wakanda forever” gesture, Westbrook said, King T’Challa taught him, “Black kids can be heroes, too.” 

Boseman loved seeing the blockbuster Black Panther impact the world precisely when it did. So much so, he believed it was meant to be. In 2018, he told the Hollywood Reporter:

“Films can be escapism, but I don’t think this was escapism. I think this was aspirational. Some people may say, ‘Well, that country doesn’t exist, that’s not real,’ but we were pulling from all real things. We were pulling from the great empires; we were pulling from the hairstyles and the culture and the clothing; we were pulling from mixtures of politics that exist; and we were trying to create not a perfect world, but a leader and a country that was aspirational, that gets it right. And so the fact that the world could look at that and draw from it during this particular time? Only God can do that, only something more powerful and more knowing than ourselves can place it in this particular time.”

Chadwick Boseman had an extraordinary impact in his short life, and yes, it does seem divinely inspired. As his agent said, for Boseman, “It was always about bringing light.”

“… That’s why we never did really dark movies or movies that were just people shooting everybody and perpetuating darkness. He accomplished so much, and all while he was fighting the darkness, literally. Until the last couple of days of his life, he was fighting it,” recalls Greene.

Undoubtedly, the world was blessed with Chadwick Boseman at just the right time. Wakanda is indeed forever, and Boseman’s mark on a world struggling for black rights is profound.

Now, here are some of Boseman’s’ inspirations quotes that are also forever. 

On the Value of Equal Education for Women

On Internation Women’s’ Day, March 8, 2020, Boseman shared an inspirational African proverb on Twitter: “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family (nation).”

One of the actor’s last Tweets, he introduced the African proverb with the following, emphasizing his belief in creating parity in the world.

“Education is a gateway to broadening perceptions, fighting stereotypes, and creating parity in this world. Celebrating all of the women who have made an indelible impact on my life on International Women’s Day and every day.”

On Facing Struggles

During his filming 2019’s 21 Bridges, Boseman portrays an embattled NYPD detective who joins a Manhattan search for two cop killers. In an effort to contain the killers, authorities close all 21 Manhattan bridges.

Taking questions on Twitter, Boseman opened up about his experience filming the movie, which proved difficult because of snowstorms and filming at night. However, the actor says:

“That’s why you enjoy the finished product so much because of those struggles.” As a wise actor told him, “You get what you bring to it.”

As usual, Boseman was laser-focused on making sure he accurately portrayed his role with all its details, verbal and nonverbal.

“I think every day has its own challenges that you have to face. Cause if it’s easy, it probably ain’t right,” said Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman Quote

On Taking the Harder Way to Find ‘Our Time’

Boseman delivered an inspirational speech for the graduates of Howard University, his Alma mater, in 2018. Boseman was profound, affirming that every person takes a meaningful path and that our struggles help us find our purpose.

“Your purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill. Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose,” said Boseman.

Going further, he said that the harder road is not something to regret.

“I don’t know what your future is, but if you’re willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes…then you will not regret it,” said Boseman. “Now, this is your time,” he said to roaring applause.

On Life as a Starving Artist

At age 35, Boseman exploded on the Hollywood scene after portraying Jackie Robinson in the baseball biopic 42, followed by getting the starring role as James Brown in Get On Up. 

However, he had intended to be a writer and director, not an actor. Thus, he wrote plays in a Brooklyn apartment for ten years before his acting career.

In a GQ interview, he reflected on what he called the most stressful time in his life.

“I think the most stressful time of my life was when I was in New York, and I didn’t have money to pay my rent. I was going to the mailbox every day waiting for the check to come. When you don’t have money, when you’ve got, like, a jar full of change and each day, it’s “Okay, I’ve got enough to get on the train” and “Maybe that check’s gonna come today…”


“There’s nothing more stressful than your stomach growling. But interestingly enough, some of my best writing came when I was poor and hungry—living off water and oatmeal, mind clear.”

On Not Getting an Oscar or Golden Globe Nod

In 2015, Boseman was not mentioned in the year’s awards conversation, although he had played James Brown in Get on Up.  However, he was unphased and looked forward to his upcoming role as T’Challa in Black Panther.

“When it comes down to it, I’d rather have an action figure than a Golden Globe,” said Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman Quote 2

Today, those action figures are touching people’s lives all over the world. Even better, Black Panther became one of the highest-grossing films of all time and was nominated for the best picture Oscar.

On Our Need to Love People

When Boseman died, the news shocked the world that had no idea about the health struggles he faced. For singer Janelle Monáe, the news was so upsetting she took to Twitter, writing, “Cancel everything. My Goddddddddd.”

The next day, she shared Boseman’s quote about the need to love others.

“I think you realize how much you need to have people that you love. It’s not as much about them loving you — it’s about you needing to love people.”

Followed by his quote, Monáe wrote:

“I can’t stop crying,” the singer said. “I am also inspired. Outside of your incredible artistic contributions. You did the hardest work, THE HEART WORK humbly & selflessly. And for that, you and your light will never expire.”

Chadwick Boseman Quote 3

On His Experience with Children with Terminal Cancer

In 2018, Boseman took part in a Sirius XM interview, discussing his interactions with two terminally ill children during the production of Black Panther. The actor who was quietly battling cancer himself was humbled to know these kids wanted to hold on to their lives long enough to see the movie. 

“It’s a humbling experience because you think, ‘This can’t mean that much to them. But seeing how the world has taken this on, seeing the movement and how it’s taken on a life of its own, I realized they anticipated something great.”

Further reflecting, he said:

“I did live life waiting for those moments, and so it put me back into the experience of being a little kid, just to experience those two little boys’ anticipation of this movie.”

The moment was one that touched the actor and made him realize he had fulfilled a greater purpose in many lives. We know this amazing young man will continue to have a profound impact on our lives forever.

See more in Marvel Entertainment’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube