Memorable Quotes at the Transition From 2020 to 2021

We’re well into a new year after enduring 2020, a year almost nobody will miss in hindsight. However, this moment in history is one nobody will ever forget. To mark the occasion, we share some memorable quotes of the moment. May the year ahead vastly improve as we reunite and recover from a pandemic and ongoing political chaos.

Dolly Parton Unifies the Nation

Dolly Parton has been called a “great unifier” in a year when America was so very divided. People of all walks of life and ages love her equally. In 2020, she reached “pandemic savior” status.

Since age five, Parton began writing music, and by age ten, she started appearing on local radio and television. From there, she never stopped, becoming the first woman in country music to have her own TV program, “Dolly,” in 1976. After many albums and movies, and a Dolly-themed park, she amassed great wealth but remains humble and charitable.

In the spring of 2020, she donated one million dollars to Covid-19 vaccine research at Nashville’s Vanderbilt Medical Center. As a result, scientists had a vaccine, and fans gushed she helped save the world.

“Shakespeare may have written King Lear during the plague, but Dolly Parton funded a Covid vaccine, dropped a Christmas album and a Christmas special,” tweeted author Lyz Lenz.

Image via YouTube

A Force for Good

In the Times, Parton says she wanted to make a difference.

“I just wanted to do really good work, and I wanted it to make a really big difference in the world … to uplift mankind and glorify God,” Parton said.

Although Parton is having a moment as one of the most beloved artists, she remains humble. Aways, she remains a force for good in the world, unlike many other powerful people.

“The more I accomplish, the more humble I become because I realize how [few] people are able to say that they’ve seen their dreams come true.”

Parton brushed aside praise for her help in defeating the pandemic.

“I’m just happy that anything I do can help somebody else, and when I donated the money to the COVID fund, I just wanted it to do good, and evidently, it is. And let’s just hope we find a cure real soon,” said Parton.

Below, Parton talks about Coronavirus Vaccine Donations with TODAY:

Saying Goodbye Via ZOOM

A couple married for 70 years faced their final moments on Christmas day. Pauline and Richard Payne of Northeast Ohio were in their 90s and otherwise healthy when diagnosed with Covid-19. Pauline passed away at 9:30 on Christmas night. The next day, Richard took his last breath in the same hospital room. It was nearly 24 hours to the minute, reports the Canton Repository.

Their son, Richard Payne Jr., described the loss:

“We feel cheated.”

After a long happy life, the Paynes faced an abrupt, unfair ending, like so many Americans this year.

“They had a great life, but a lousy ending, and that’s the resentment and anger part about COVID,” he told Fox8.

Image via Fox8

Knowing the end was near, he had to say goodbye in a ZOOM call.

“A Zoom call with her … that, without a doubt, was the toughest conversation I will ever have, cause it’s the last time you’re gonna be able to say goodbye,” said Payne Jr.

For at least 379,000 Americans to date, Covid-19 was deadly, affecting people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic status. Due to long-standing systemic health and social inequities, people from racial and ethnic minority groups remain at increased risk. 

Politicians: Get a Grip

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) expressed exasperation on January 2, 2021, barely into the new year. After losing the election, Donald Trump received support from eleven Senate Republicans to dispute the election. For Klobuchar, it was an embarrassing turn of events.

“With all due respect to my Republican colleagues in the Senate who are doing this: can you please get a grip? Election officials across the country, including Republican Governors, have certified these results. This is embarrassing,” Klobuchar tweeted.

Brainwashed Americans 

On January 6, 2021, a group of Trump supporters sieged the Capitol to interrupt lawmakers conducting a ceremony. The quadrennial act of certifying the presidential vote was taking place. Before the ceremony, Donald Trump called on his followers to “fight much harder” against “bad people” and “show strength” at the Capitol. 

After Trump’s speech, a violent mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol, defiling the building with excrement. Five people died in what is being called a coup attempt, but the rioters seemed to be given preferential treatment by law enforcement. 

Reacting to the resulting deadly siege, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said: 

“This is our new domestic terror threat – brainwashed Americans, people who have been fed a pile of BS so deep that they can’t find the truth with goggles on,” said Wallace. 

Georgia Elects Their First Black Senator

On the same day the Capitol was defiled, Georgia elected their first black senator, Rev. Raphael Warnock. Only ten African Americans have served in the US Senate before him. Since November, the win was one of many election victories for women and minorities.

On the day of the vote, December 17, 2020, Warnock shared news about his mother:

“As a Black teenager growing up in Waycross, GA, in the 1950s, my mom used to pick somebody else’s cotton. Today, those 82-year-old hands picked her son to be a United States Senator from Georgia. God bless her, and God bless America,” tweeted Warnock.

Memorable quotes, Raphael Warnock
Image via YouTube

See Senator-elect Warnock after winning the runoff election via ABC7:

A Better Future Ahead

2020 was an abysmal year, but better days appear on the horizon. Kamala Harris, the next Vice President, shared encouragement for kids across America.

“In eight days, we’ll show every child in America—regardless of their color or gender—that there are no limits to who can lead and hold positions of power in our country.”

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


Who Will Always Be a Champion of Facts, Wisdom, and Humor? Alex Trebek

From 1984 right up to the month before his death on November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek, full name George Alexander Trebek, hosted Jeopardy! The award-winning host appeared in over 8,000 episodes, taping five per day, including some appearing posthumously.

Since 2014, Alex Trebek held the Guinness World Record for most game shows hosted by the same presenter. He loved doing the show and never tired of it right to the end.

He was 80-years-old and battled pancreatic cancer, which he first publicly announced on March 6, 2019. Soon after, the cancer went into remission, and he returned to tape the 35th season. Unfortunately, aggressive cancer suddenly came back.

Nevertheless, he continued to tape introductions for 20 Jeopardy introductions, even while in considerable pain.

Hosting the Show Gave Him Strength

While filming, Trebek said he gained strength.

“Oddly enough, when we started taping, I suddenly started to regain my strength,” he said in a phone interview a couple of days later. “It’s the strangest thing. It is some kind of an elixir.”

As he went about hosting, he resolved to maintain the quality of the show.

“It’s a quality program, and I think I do a good job hosting it, and when I start slipping, I’ll stop hosting,” he said.

Judging by a recent contestant, Cliff Chang, Trebek did just that. Appearing on the final show Trebek hosted, Chang says the host was a “consummate professional.”

Appearing on the show had been an “exhilarating train ride.” The Chicago Tribune reports that Chang praised Trebek for “normalizing being cool for knowing stuff, in a way that not a lot of other people did.”

Proudest Moment on the Show?

Trebek once responded when asked if he had a “proudest moment” on the show in a moment of humor. “We’ve done over 7,500 shows, and I don’t even remember the ones we did yesterday.” For Trebek, ensuring every show was of the highest quality and accuracy was equally important.

Trebek is survived by his wife, Jean Currivan Trebek, and two children, Emily and Matthew Trebek. His quick wit, dry humor, and intellect made him a favorite for millions. Over the years, Jeopardy! became iconic, with its unique phrasing in the form of a question often parodied.

Moving to the Next Level

Trebek showed astonishing bravery as he faced his final days. The Times reported how he spoke to his wife about moving to the “next level,” almost like he was advancing on the game show.

“Yesterday morning my wife came to me and said, ‘How are you feeling?’ And I said, ‘I feel like I want to die.’ It was that bad,” he said. “There comes a time where you have to make a decision as to whether you want to continue with such a low quality of life, or whether you want to just ease yourself into the next level. It doesn’t bother me in the least.”

He bravely moved on to the next level, advocating for helping those suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic in a posthumous message.

A Champion of Facts

At a time when our culture faces a war on facts, Trebek was the champion of them. He found adhering to facts comforting and believe the show was a positive force for learning.

“There’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing a fact,” Trebek said. “The sun is up in the sky. There’s nothing you can say that’s going to change that. You can’t say, ‘The sun’s not up there, there’s no sky.’ There is reality, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting reality. It’s when you try to distort reality, to maneuver it into accommodating your particular point of view, your particular bigotry, your particular whatever — that’s when you run into problems.”

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

When asked why people loved the show so much, he said it was due to its longstanding emphasis on the positive.

“Jeopardy! is beloved because it has lasted so long. Viewers relate positively to Jeopardy! because there are no great negatives about our program. We try to emphasize the positive [and] favor learning. We want you and the contestants to demonstrate that knowledge is not only important, but it’s valuable in every aspect of your life. So, we reinforce the postives, and you can’t go wrong with that.”

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

Watch the real Trebek behind the scenes from Business Insider:

The Wiley Wizard of Odds

A Canadian, Trebek got his American game show start on the 1970 game show, “The Wizard of Odds.” Another Canadian, actor Alan Thicke was developing the show and called on Trebek. In 1973, Trebek got the job and moved to California. He remained employed in a string of game shows for the next 50 years.

On the show, the announcer referred to him as “The Wiley Wizard of Odds.” From there, he appeared on many other game shows, including:

  • Double Dare
  • Classic Concentration
  • The $128,000 Question
  • Pitfall
  • The New Battlestars
  • High Rollers
  • To Tell the Truth

At one point, Trebek hosted three shows simultaneously: Jeopardy!, Concentration, and To Tell the Truth.

In a pilot for a show called Malcolm, Trebek played second banana to a strange animated cartoon video puppet. 

See some of the shows Trebek hosted in the video from YouTube:

A Romantic at Heart

Although Trebek was often somewhat stoic as host of the fast-paced Jeopardy!, behind the scenes, that wasn’t the case. For example, he described the day he proposed to his second wife, Jean Currivan Trebek. It was in the late 1980s when he met her at a party and proposed within months.

“I had visited Thailand, and I purchased a sapphire and diamond ring…I invited my future wife over to my house for dinner.


“This is a souvenir from Bangkok, Thailand,’ and she looked at it, and there was the ring. I didn’t say a word. She ran from the room in tears. We are a crying family. I cry at the opening of a door,” he said.

Jean Currivan Trebek supported her husband throughout his ordeal with cancer, uplifting him whenever possible.

Jean Currivan and Alex Trebek
Jean Currivan and Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/ABC News

What is Self-Deprecating Humor, Alex?

Often, Trebek had a dry sense of humor, but he enjoyed poking fun at himself. For example, he appeared on Saturday Night Live with hilarious impersonator Will Ferrell.

“Never be afraid of poking fun at yourself. Self-deprecating humor is worth its weight in gold,” Trebek said.

Alex Trebek Meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

Alex Trebek’s Legacy of Laughs

When asked what he wanted his legacy to be, he said:

“Nice man, helped people through his charity work, was kind to everybody he encountered. Enjoy life. Make somebody laugh. I believe laughter is one of the greatest cures that we can possibly have. It’s right up there with prayer, believe me,” he said.

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/ABC News

For an example of his off-screen humor, when asked what advice he would give to his 20-year-old self, Trebek paused and said, “Try to meet Ava Gardner if you can,” with a smile.

In another moment, he said his favorite part of the show was spending a half-hour on stage with “three very bright people” because “I don’t like spending time with stupid people, so I have very few friends.”

We will all miss Alex Trebek, a champion of facts and humor. What an amazing life as we enter a new year, embracing his example of valuing facts and wisdom.

See more from ABC News below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube/Business Insider


Quotes from 3 of the Best Films that Helped Us Get Through the Year

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, watching the year’s best films in theaters became dangerous. So, we watched from home. Our smaller digital screens became a connection to the outside world and a necessary escape. Entertainment, art, and music take us to the world we’re all missing right now, which is invaluable.

Despite the rapid changes in society, film critics continued finding ample inspiration from the cinema. However, the way they watched them changed. Instead of viewing films as intended on the big screen, critics had to stream them from the sofa.

It remains to be seen how streaming will impact the movie industry in the days to come. Personally, we can’t wait for a return to seeing movies on the silver screen again.

As in many years before, many of the films that critics are celebrating this year may not be familiar. We’ll look at a few of the quotes that stand out. Hopefully, these films will be a welcome escape as we continue watching on our small screens –for now.

David Byrne’s American Utopia

This renowned concert movie from Spike Lee is an adaptation of the show, which closed on Broadway a month before many American cities went into lockdown. It’s based on legendary Talking Heads frontman David Byrne 2018 solo-album, American Utopia. 

Rolling Stone called Byrne “one of pop music’s greatest chroniclers of creepy disorientation.” Thus, his quirky voice is particularly timely in a year of often dark and surreal moments. However, the album has a balance of light and dark, “transforming uneasiness into bliss.”

The Times notes the idea is “blissfully simple” as the barefooted, but uniformed performers cover 20 songs on a bare stage. Lee uses a variety of intimate camera angles to give you a view of the theater crew and the cast.

In a sobering moment, Byrne covers the Janelle Monáe protest song “Hell You Talmbout.” The song asks, “what the hell are you talking about?” with the contraction “Talmbout.” The song calls listeners to say the names of African Americans who died due to racial violence, including law enforcement encounters.

See the performance via YouTube:

Everybody’s Coming To My House

Another one of the standout and fitting songs is “Everybody’s Coming To My House.” Byrne and guest performer and host Stephen Colbert performed the song on The Late Show. It celebrates a gathering at home, something we’re all hoping for again sometime as soon as it’s safe.

David Byrne quote
David Byrne, Stephen Colbert, and performers,  image via YouTube

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat as one of the best films of 2020? Maybe not, but the sequel to the 14-year-old classic Borat movie has been called “the most 2020 movie of all time” by the Times.  

Sacha Baron Cohen and his collaborators, like Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, deliver an often hysterically funny movie.

However, the movie made during the first months of the pandemic also reveals many disturbing realities of current America.

As the Times describes it:

“Once again, Cohen’s friendly, idiotic alter ego arrived on our shores from Kazakhstan to show Americans as we really are: Which is appallingly bigoted, ignorant, and paranoid, but also disarmingly polite and kind to strangers.”

Despite pointing out much horror, there are also strangely touching moments. For example, unknowing participant Jeanise Jones, 62, genuinely tries to help Borat’s daughter Tutar escape from his misogynist constraints (literal and figurative). Thus, she acts as the “moral compass” of the film, while thinking she was taking part in a legitimate documentary.

In one scene, Jones lovingly tries to persuade Tutar not to go through with getting breast implants to please her father. As a result, Tutar decides to change her life and become a journalist.

Jeanise Jones quote
Jeanise Jones as “babysitter” for Tutar, image via YouTube

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Breakout Star Jeanise Jones

Following the “moviefilm” release, the internet rallied to raise funds for the breakout star Jones, crowdfunding $100,000. Then, Baron-Cohen matched an additional $100,000.

“I think this has been the hardest year in living memory for most people,” Baron Cohen said. “Jeanise is this incredible figure in the movie. She helps Tutar find her own beauty and helps her stand up for herself and value her independence as a woman.”

The money helped Jone’s Oklahoma community overcome a string of natural disasters. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the hashtag “JeaniseForPresident” began trending.

See more about Jeanise from ET Canada below:


In a year when everyone is missing the hustle and bustle of daily life, Soul sends a message that “it’s good to be alive.” Originally, it was slated to open in theaters over the spring. Instead, it began streaming on Disney+ on Christmas Day.

The animated film features Pixar’s first lead black character, a jazz pianist named Joe Gardner. Actor Jamie Foxx lends Gardner his voice.

“To me, Joe represents a lot of people who aren’t being seen right now,” said Foxx. “Joe is in all of us, regardless of color. To be the first Black lead in a Pixar film feels like a blessing, especially during this time when we all could use some extra love and light.”

The story centers on Gardner’s experience in New York as a middle-school music teacher and musician. However, it soon enters new territory exploring afterlife concepts in a limbo state of “The Great Before.” 

Joe and a cynical soul named 22, voiced by Tina Fey, conflict over their opinions on returning to human form on Earth. For Joe, there’s nothing like the sensory, musical cacophony of city life and his beloved jazz. On the other hand, 22 doesn’t share the zest for earthly life.

For us, it’s a timely reminder of all that we took for granted before the coronavirus pandemic. Also, it’s a welcome “spark” to visualize a time when we can enter the world as we remember it again.

Even though life presents many hardships, we’re thankful to be alive and sorry to have lost so many souls in 2020. 

Pixar Soul quote by 22
22 quips with Joe about Earth life, image via YouTube

See the official Pixar trailer for Soul below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


Questionable Quotes of 3 World Leaders Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

This year has been devastating for people around the globe as we all face the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic approached, world leaders reacted with determination. However, they also reacted in many other interesting ways, recorded forever in the history books.

Thankfully, we’re now seeing the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Vaccines are making their way to the vulnerable, health care and front line workers we’ve depended on to survive. May the New Year be one of healing, hope, and better days for us all.

President Xi Jinping

When the coronavirus first emerged in China in February, President Xi Jinping made the statement:

“The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia will inevitably have a relatively big impact on the economy and society … For us, this is a crisis and is also a big test.”

He couldn’t have known what an understatement that would be. Today, over 1.6 million have died globally.

More recently, President Xi Jinping responded to accusations from President Donald Trump. At a September 2020 UN session, President Donald Trump states the UN should “hold China accountable” for the pandemic.

In a pre-recorded message, the Chinese president said:

“Major countries should act like major countries,” he said, calling on international cooperation to “join hands and be prepared to meet even more global challenges.”

Xi Jinping went on to say the coronavirus was a reminder that globalization is an unavoidable reality.

“COVID-19 reminds us that the economic globalization is an indisputable reality and a historical trend,” Xi said. “Burying one’s head in the sand like an ostrich in the face of economic globalization or trying to fight it with Don Quixote’s lance goes against the trend of history. Let this be clear: The world will never return to isolation.”

Thus, the virus has exposed just how connected people and life truly is across the Earth. 

President Xi Jinping coronavirus meme
President Xi Jinping, image via Reuters

President Donald Trump

As noted, President Trump called for holding China accountable for the pandemic. In March, after months of downplaying the threat posed by the virus, a reporter asked if Trump took any responsibility for a delay in distributing tests for the virus. He responded by pointing at the previous Obama administration.

Trump replied:

“No, I don’t take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances that we were given rules, regulations, and specifications from a different time.”

‘I Didn’t Do It.’

Before Trump’s statement, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, acknowledged that the federal response had failed.

At the same press conference, Trump also dismissed responsibility for disbanding the White House’s pandemic office. 

“When you say me, I didn’t do it. I don’t know anything about it,” he said.

In April, Trump shocked the world by suggesting the use of disinfectants to stop the virus.

“I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that.”

President Trump meme
President Trump discusses disinfectant to combat COVID-19, image via YouTube

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See him say it from CBS This Morning:

At a later White House news conference, Trump faced questions if he took responsibility for a spike in improper disinfectant use.

Asked about the increase during a White House news conference, Trump said: “I can’t imagine why.”

When asked if he takes any responsibility for the spike, Trump answered: “No, I don’t.”

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President Vladimir Putin

In late March, Russia was boasting about having fewer cases of the novel coronavirus than Luxembourg. Then, Putin came into close contact with a doctor who tested positive for Covid-19. Headlines on Russian TV stated, “No one is safe,” not even Putin. It must have come as a shocking realization.

From BBC News:

Quarantine or 7 Years of Jail

By April, the Russian leader Putin called for citizens there to “remain within four walls.” Those who broke quarantine rules could face jail for up to seven years.

As in China, official data about the impact there was in doubt. According to Foreign Policy, anyone who expressed doubts could be labeled as enemies and traitors.

Nevertheless, the Russian leader called for home restrictions, although compliance from doubtful citizens was likely “considerably worse than even in the United States.” In many cases, people may have believed the threat wasn’t real or exaggerated.

“Everything passes, and this will pass. Our country has gone through serious trials more than once: the Pechenegs tormented it, as did the Polovtsy – Russia coped with everything. We will also defeat this coronavirus infection. Together we will overcome it,” Putin said.


“I understand fatigue has built up as well as a serious burden of financial, domestic, and other everyday problems. Your normal rhythm of life has been broken. For most people, it is dreary and nauseous to constantly remain within four walls. But there is no choice now.”

Certainly, seven years of jail would tend to do make one think twice about leaving the house.

A Vaccine Experiment

The early downplaying of the Covid-19 threat is one of many ways that Putin’s response was similar to Trump’s.

However, by August, Putin claimed Russia had developed the first coronavirus vaccine. One of the first to receive it was one of his daughters.

“In this sense, she took part in the experiment,” Putin said.

Although he lauded the vaccine’s effectiveness, he claims that he did not take it himself. Days ago, he said he did not receive it because he’s older than the recommended age group approved for the vaccine.

“The vaccines that go into civilian circulation are currently provided for citizens in a certain age zone, and vaccines have not yet reached people like me. I am a fairly law-abiding person. I listen to the recommendations of our specialists. So I haven’t had the shot yet,” he said.

On December 22, 2020, a prominent Russian scientist working on the vaccine was found dead with a stab wound. Previously, several coronavirus doctors mysteriously fell from windows.

Putin quote coronavirus
Putin discusses coronavirus vaccine, image via YouTube

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


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What the Pantone Color of the Year Says About the Last Five Years

This time, we’re taking a closer look at the Pantone Color of the Year. What do the colors say about our recent past?

First, how can there be a “Color of the Year?” Who decides? Pantone is a U.S corporation that focuses on exact color matching. Notably, their vast library of Pantone colors ensures that colors remain consistent, matching precisely wherever you print them.

From spring through fall, the Pantone Color Institute closely analyzes fashion shows, the entertainment industry, movies, the design and art world, social media posts, street art, and more. Thus, through ongoing global trends research, they focus on the most popular emerging colors that send the right message for the times.  

After closely watching trends from all corners of the world, the color of the year presents itself.

“Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures, and effects that impact, color, relevant social media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that capture worldwide attention,” Pantone wrote.

Once Pantone declares the color, numerous industries respond almost immediately. Home furnishings, fashion, industrial and graphic design, and packaging begin using the color more and more. Also, they often pick harmonious and complementary colors suggested by Pantone as well.

The Psychology of Color

Many companies understand the power, psychology, and emotion of colors. Often, colors are associated with experiences, new ways of thinking, moods, and feelings. However, colors can also mean very different things to different cultures, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and languages. Also, the way individuals see color can significantly vary. Therefore, reactions to color are always subjective.

Nevertheless, the power of color psychology is well known. Sometimes, our visual experience becomes psychological, affecting our moods and emotions. Thus, the color blue on your wall could generally evoke a calming, serene feeling. On the other hand, a bright red could bring energy, passion, and excitement. Whereas choosing purple may change to one of imagination and creativity.

Next, we’ll look at the recent Pantone Colors of Year and what they say about those colors. Then, consider if you get those same feelings from them. What do these colors say about the past five years?

Colors of the Year 2021

For 2021, Pantone chose two colors: a gray called “Ultimate Gray” and a vibrant color called “Illuminating” yellow. They believe these colors will best “express the mood” for the upcoming year.

After 2020, one can see why Patone’s Color Institute may have picked this combination. The company states they chose the colors since people are looking for ways “to fortify themselves with energy, clarity, and hope to overcome the continuing uncertainty.”

The combination is one they hope will encourage spirits that have often been low, in part due to the Coronvavirus pandemic.

“Emboldening the spirit, the pairing of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 highlights our innate need to be seen, to be visible, to be recognized, to have our voices heard. A combination of color whose ties to insight, innovation and intuition, and respect for wisdom, experience, and intelligence inspires regeneration, pressing us forward toward new ways of thinking and concepts.”

Pantone Color of the Year 2021
Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2021

More about the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year from Adobe below:

Color of the Year 2020

For 2020, you may have noticed many products featuring the “Classic Blue” shade. The Color Institute chose the deep blue to instill “calm, confidence, and connection.” They believe the color matches with the desire to build a “dependable, stable foundation” as we enter a new era.

“As technology continues to race ahead of the human ability to process it all, it is easy to understand why we gravitate to colors that are honest and offer the promise of protection. Non-aggressive and easily relatable, the trusted PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue lends itself to relaxed interaction. Associated with the return of another day, this universal favorite is comfortably embraced,” Pantone wrote.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020
Pantone Color of the Year 2020, image via YouTube

See a soothing video about the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 below from TeaLeaves:

Color of the Year 2019

The color for 2019 is called “Living Coral,” a bright peachy hue that Pantone says “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” The company notes the color is vibrant but also mellow, animating, and life-affirming.

The company says they chose the color as a response to often disheartening online life and digital technology.

“With everything that’s going on today, we’re looking for those humanizing qualities because we’re seeing online life dehumanizing a lot of things,” Pantone vice president Laurie Pressman said, according to the Associated Press. “We’re looking toward those colors that bring nourishment and the comfort and familiarity that make us feel good. It’s not too heavy. We want to play. We want to be uplifted.”

The bright, convivial color evokes the coral reef that provides shelter for a rainbow of colorful inhabitants. In mood, it’s enlightening, encouraging, and playful, although also, unfortunately, more and more elusive.

In an interview with TIME, Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, noted:

“We see the environment taking on an even greater role in the world we live in today for two primary reasons, one being how connected we are to technology,” said Pressman. “Because we are so connected to something that’s not real, so to speak, we really need to find that balance closely and intimately with something that is real, and you don’t get more real than nature,” she added.

Pantone Color of the Year 2019
Pantone Color of the Year 2019, image via YouTube

See more about the 2019 Color of the Year from TIME:

Color of the Year 2018

In 2018, the Pantone Color of the Year seemed to pay homage to the late musical icon, Prince. As TIME reported that year:

“… there’s no convincing the Internet otherwise that this “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade” isn’t inspired by his very Purpleness, the late, great musical (and life) icon known as Prince.”

Indeed, the company noted that Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought Ultra Violet to “the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.”

On their website, Pantone notes that Ultra Violet is provocative and thoughtful, provoking, “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

“Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.


Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality. Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”

As well as evoking artistry, the purple hue inspires connection with a meditative, spiritual quality.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018
Pantone Color of the Year 2018, image via YouTube

See more about the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year from ABC below:

Color of the Year 2017

“Expect to see a lot more green in 2017,” reported the news for the year. That year, the color was influenced by politics to infuse hope for a prosperous future. The bright springtime color offered relief from an otherwise chaotic and often unstable society.

See more about the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 from Pantone below:

“We know what kind of world we are living in: one that is very stressful and very tense, “said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “This is the color of hopefulness and of our connection to nature. It speaks to what we call the ‘re’ words: regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew. Every spring, we enter a new cycle, and new shoots come from the ground. It is something life-affirming to look forward to.”

Pantone Color of the Year 2017
Pantone Color of the Year 2017, image via YouTube

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


A Few of the Dumbest Quotes from Powerful People in 2020

Not all quotes are brilliant, and in fact, many are exceedingly dumb quotes. This time, we’ll have a bit of fun looking at a few.

Having money doesn’t necessarily make you elite, smarter, or fitter for survival. However, power, fame, and money do tend to corrupt. As Sir John Dalberg-Acton once wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While this may not be absolutely true, it sure sounds probable in today’s world.

Little wonder there are plenty of glaringly dumb quotes from the rich and powerful. We’ll look at just a few of them because otherwise, this might take forever and a day.

Dumbest Quotes by a Lord?

Even though powerful people can acquire fabulous wealth, they often have their dumb moments. Here in the U.S., the system seems designed to promote the wealthy, not necessarily the bright. 

Often, the rich must find clever ways to justify hoarding their wealth while others struggle. One example is Conrad Black, former CEO of Hollinger Inc., a Canada-based company that went bankrupt in 2007. Black is a long-time friend and former New York neighbor of current President Donald Trump.

Hollinger Inc. was the world’s third-largest media empire, publishing sites like the Daily Telegraph and The Chicago Sun-Times. Then, Black and associates allegedly “looted” $400M from the paper during 1997-2003, a figure approximately equal to the profits of the company. 

According to the BBC, “Lord Black was convicted in 2007 for defrauding Hollinger International of $6.1 m by paying himself a tax-free bonus from the sale of newspaper assets without the approval of the company’s board.” Notably, Black was also found guilty of obstruction of justice, similar to Trump’s impeachable offenses.

A Flattering Book and Presidential Pardon

Recently, President Trump pardoned him for the fraud conviction after Black wrote a book praising Trump. The book was titled, “Donald J Trump: A President Like No Other.” Nevertheless, in 2016, Black remarked on how Trump had “brought the Archie Bunker vote” in a BBC Newsnight interview.

A U.S. jail in Florida released Black in 2012. Now, he plans to return to the House of Lords after saying Trump’s pardon “makes it easier.”

After the presidential pardon, Black said:

“Officially in the United States, I’ve never been charged, and I won in the end.”

Just like that.

Blame Insufficient Self-Generosity

In 1981, the world knew future Lord Black of Crossharbour for his “frequent, bullish declarations of Darwinian Capitalism.” One quote that particularly stands out was a response to criticism over his “increasingly byzantine” business arrangements.

“The only charge that anyone can level against us is one of insufficient generosity to ourselves.”

Conrad Black quote
Image via YouTube

One wonders if President Trump would agree with such a quote?

See more about Conrad Black and Trump’s pardon via CBS News:

Dumbest Quotes by President Trump

Speaking of Donald Trump, it would be absurd to cover this subject without including him. Perhaps no other U.S. President has made as many ridiculous statements, much less the over 20,000 documented misleading claims in one term.

It’s hard to narrow down one quote, but perhaps this one about climate change ranks up there from a Tweet on 6/10/12:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Tilting at Windmills

Or, perhaps President Trump’s many bizarre quotes about windmills might have to be chosen? In the October debate with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Trump suggested he knew more about win energy.

Biden mocked Trump over past claims that wind power can cause cancer, to which Trump replied:

 “I know more about wind than you do. It’s extremely expensive, kills all the birds, it’s very intermittent, it’s got a lot of problems.”

We have a feeling Trump will be tilting at windmills for many years to come.

Donald Trump quote
Image via YouTube

See the Biden, Trump argument over windmills below:

As a footnote, the Trump administration rolled back protections for birds in its final weeks.

As for Trump quotes, they just keep going, so here’s a look at some of the top dumbest quotes from 2019 from NowThis:

Elon Musk’s Dumbest Quotes

Like Trump, Elon Musk is prone to saying dumb things on Twitter. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO may be at the forefront of space technology, but in the social media space, he admits his quotes can be “definitely extremely dumb.”

One tweet, in particular, was very costly. In 2018, Musk tweeted that he had the “funding secured” to take Tesla private. However, it resulted in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and a $40 million fine, reported Business Insider.

Definitely Extremely Dumb

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Musk admitted he sometimes made dumb tweets.

“Look, you can either say things that are not controversial at all, and then you’re boring, and nobody cares,” Musk said. “Some of the things I say, I would like to retract them. It’s not like I stand by all the tweets I’ve ever done. Some of them were definitely extremely dumb.”

Elon Musk quote
Image via YouTube

Dangerously Dumb

Admitting to saying something dumb is actually admirable. However, other tweets could be considered dangerous. For example, his tweets about the coronavirus pandemic have been particularly criticized. In California, there have been over 20,047 deaths from the virus to date and almost 1.4 million cases.

“In March, he described concern over the coronavirus outbreak as a “panic” and “dumb,” and he’s since tweeted incorrect information, such as his theory that children are “essentially immune” to the virus. Musk has also tweeted about flouting lockdown orders in California, where one of his Tesla factories is based, saying he’s willing to be arrested. (Tesla has since been granted permission to operate in California.)” wrote Avery Hartmans for Business Insider.

After calling California’s response to the pandemic “fascist,” Musk is reportedly planning to move to Texas.

Recently, Musk continued to tweet to express controversial opinions about his test for COVID-19.

Dumbest Quotes by a 2020 Presidential Candidate

What would a dumbest quotes piece for 2020 be without including presidential candidate Kanye West? Like Trump, he’s the gift that keeps on giving in that regard. 

The 43-year-old rapper’s “Birthday Party” got 60,000 votes out of an estimated total of 160 million and conceded but tweeted “Kanye 2024” anyway. One of the problems was he missed a filing deadline in most states, so he appeared on only 12 state ballots. Oh well, “God appoints the president” anyway, according to West.

“Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday party,” he said.

Wakanda Forever?

He ran on a platform the included “cleaning up chemicals ‘in our deodorant, in our toothpaste.” 

Interestingly, he said that he would model his management style at the White House after Wakanda, a fictional kingdom in the movie Black Panther.

His advisors at the time were his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, and – guess who –Elon Musk. West claimed he and Musk had been “talking about this for years” and that he “proposed to [Musk] to be the head of our space program.” Brilliant.

The Spoiler Effect

West, a vocal Trump supporter, immediately came under scrutiny, accused of siphoning votes from candidate Joe Biden. When asked if he was doing so, he reportedly responded, “I’m not denying it, I just told you. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy.”

After wearing a MAGA hat, he claimed this was why:

“One of the main reasons I wore the red hat as a protest to the segregation of votes in the Black community. Also, other than the fact that I like Trump hotels and the saxophones in the lobby.”

Dumbest Quote Ever?

During a rally in Charleston, South Carolina, West, who goes by “ye” on Twitter, made perhaps his dumbest quote of all time.

In what the BBC called a “bewildering rant,” West claimed that the 19th-century abolitionist Harriet Tubman “never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go to work for other white people.”

Kanye West quote
Image via YouTube

Surely, that’s one dumb quote for the record books.

See West at his South Carolina rally from 11Alive below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


Quotes from 2020’s First-Elected Women and Minorities in the United States

The 2020 elections resulted in many historic first-elected women and minorities rising to positions in the United States government. We’ll look at just a few of the many groundbreaking firsts.

Slowly but surely, America’s diversity is being reflected more in our elected positions –at last!

First-Elected Woman and Woman of Color Vice President

Most notably, Kamala Harris will become the first woman vice president and the first woman of color vice president. Her mother was Indian, and her father is Jamaican. Thus, she’s also the first Black woman, Indian-American woman, and daughter of immigrants to be vice president. In the VP’s role, she will have reached any woman’s highest position in US history, shattering a glass ceiling.

In 2017, Harris became the first South Asian-American senator in US history and the second African-American woman elected to the senate. Before this, she was the first Black female attorney general of California.

Vice President-elect Harris is a powerful and inspirational speaker who connects with people of all walks of life. For one example, here’s what she said during a speech at Spelman College in 2018:

“My mother used to tell me – she would tell my sister – my mother would look at me and she’d say, ‘Kamala, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you are not the last,'” Harris said. “And that’s why breaking those barriers is worth it. As much as anything else, it is also to create that path for those who will come after us.”

Quotes from 2020's First-Elected Woman VP, Kamala Harris meme
Image of Kalama Harris by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The First ‘Second Gentleman’ 

Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband, will become America’s first-elected second gentleman. Also, he’ll be the first Jewish spouse, of any gender, for the presidency or vice presidency. Both Harris and Emhoff are 56 and met on a blind date set up by a friend. Less than a year later, he proposed. Recently, he described seeing Harris for the first time as “love at first sight” on Instagram. 

Emhoff has two adult children, Cole and Ella, from a previous marriage, who call Harris “Momala.” 

Today, Emhoff is being lauded for shaking up gender stereotypes by NRP. Before the election, he took questions from kids online in an “Ask a Grownup” video series.

One child, 9-year-old Atticus, asked, “What would you do if your wife became vice president?”

Emhoff indicated he would be thrilled and supportive, putting Harris out front before him.

“Well, first, I’d say YAAAYYY!” Emhoff replied. “And then I’m just gonna do what I always do, Atticus, I’m gonna support her. Because it’s really important for men and even young boys to support the strong and wonderful women in their life.”

Doug Emhoff meme
Image via YouTube

More about Emhoff from CNN below:

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The First Working Teacher as First Lady

Wife, mother, grandmother, and educator with a doctoral degree, Jill Biden will continue working as a professor after Joe Biden assumes the presidency.

Thus, she’ll be the first FLOTUS in 231 years to keep a paying job while living in the White House and serving as the first lady.

In a CBS interview in August, she was asked if she thought she could do it all as First Lady: 

“I would love to. If we get to the White House, I’m going to continue to teach,” she said. “I want people to value teachers and know their contributions and to lift up the profession.”

Jill Biden meme
Image via YouTube

In an earlier Vogue interview, she indicated that education and military families would be top priorities as they were when she was a second lady.

“The beauty of (being FLOTUS) is that you can define it however you want,” she said. “And that’s what I did as second lady – I defined that role the way I wanted it to be. I would still work on all the same issues. Education would be right up there, and military families. I’d travel all over this country trying to get free community college.” 

See Jill Biden from NBC News below:

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First-Elected Transgender State Senator

In Delaware, Democrat Sarah McBride won to become the first-elected transgender woman state senator. At the same time, she became the highest-ranking openly transgender official in United States history.

In 2012, she became the first out trans intern in the White House. Then, in 2016, she made history as the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention for the Democrats. She continues to serve as a national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign before becoming a state senator.

In 2018, McBride published a book, “Tomorrow Will Be Different, Love, Loss, and The Fight for Trans Equality,” which featured a foreword by Joe Biden. It discusses what she learned from her late husband, Andy, who passed away from cancer. 

When discussing her coming out story, she says she did so on Christmas in 2011. She was 21 and student body president at American University at the time. She had decided to start living her life fully and started coming out to more friends. On her last day as president, she came out publicly, receiving overwhelming positive support. 

“The response I got was so overwhelmingly positive that it demonstrated to me that when we tell our stories, when we’re vulnerable publicly, that’s something that can transcend ideology. It can transcend gender, race, religion, geography, and I think it allows people to enter into a story, an experience that they might have a difficult time empathizing with,” said McBride.

First-elected Sarah McBride meme
Image via YouTube

See McBride discuss her coming out story below from BUILD Series:

First Openly Gay Black Men Elected to State Senate

The 2020 elections saw many LGBTQ Americans elected to state offices for the first time. The LGBTQ Victory Fund indicates 220 LGBTQ candidates won their state races.

 In New York, Democratic socialist Jabari Brisport became New York’s first-elected openly gay Black man to rise to the state senate. He ran unopposed and has been hailed as “the next AOC,” referring to re-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Brisport has served as a public school teacher and is a third-generation Caribbean-American. 

“When you are a marginalized person, and you begin fighting for yourself, you begin to see that you want to fight to ensure that no one should feel marginalized that way,” Brisport told The Hill’sDiversity and Inclusion Summit.

First-elected Jabari Brisport meme
Image via YouTube, The Hill

Meanwhile, in Florida, another openly gay black man, Democrat Shevrin Jones, also won his bid to serve on the state senate. Jones beat two anti-LGBTQ opponents to win the primary as he and his parents were fighting COVID-19. He previously served in Florida’s House of Representatives for six years.

“Representation matters. Having a seat at the table matters. Showing others that it’s possible is necessary,” Jones Tweeted.

 First-elected Shevrin Jones meme
Image via Twitter/Shevrin Jones

See more about Shevrin Jones via WPLG Local 10:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube


Quotes from Queen Elizabeth Stretching Back 73 Remarkable Years

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are front and center in 2020. The world’s longest-reigning living monarch is 94, while her husband is 99.

Her Majesty has reigned since she was 25 years old after her father’s death, King George VI. Thus, from February 6, 1952, until today (68 years), she’s lived up to her promise made earlier on her 21st birthday in 1947.

Princess Elizabeth made the promise via radio while on a tour of South Africa with her family. There, she laid out her vision of creating a happier world that would be an influence for good. 

“If we all go forward together with an unwavering faith, a high courage, and a quiet heart, we shall be able to make of this ancient commonwealth, which we all love so dearly, an even grander thing – more free, more prosperous, more happy and a more powerful influence for good in the world – than it has been in the greatest days of our forefathers.”

Princess Elizabeth
Image via YouTube

Thanks to the “the inventions of science,” the Princess could make the “solemn act of dedication with a whole Empire listening.”

Then, she dedicated her life forever to the service of the Commonwealth.

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong,” said then-Princess Elizabeth.

See the moment from British Pathé:

A Royal Wedding Broadcast Worldwide

Just a few months later, in November, the Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten was the first of its kind to be broadcast live worldwide. Some two hundred million people listened at home on six continents and seven seas.

On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth became the 10th member of the Royal Family to marry at Westminster Abbey. She was 21 years old. 

Of note, Princess Elizabeth had to use clothing ration coupons to pay for her elaborate wedding dress. At the time, there were rationing measures after World War II. Hundreds of people sent The Princess their coupons, but they were returned since it would be have been illegal to use them.

See the day of the wedding from British Movietone:

Adapting to New Technology at Age 94

Today, Queen Elizabeth is still breaking new ground with the latest technology, taking part in her first public video conference call in June 2020. Princess Anne coached her mother, the Queen, through the call, a relatable moment for many of us today.

Afterward, a royal biographer claimed Her Majesty might never return to duties in person.

“Interesting listening to all your tales and stories. I’m very impressed by what you have achieved already. I’m very glad to have been able to join you today,” the Queen told the volunteers.

See the interaction from Access:

On Wearing a Crown

Several years ago, Queen Elizabeth described what it’s like to wear the Imperial State Crown in a BBC television documentary. 

She noted that the diamond-encrusted crown was considerably smaller in height than when her father, George VI, wore it before her.

“It was very unwieldy. Fortunately, my father and I have about the same shaped head. But, once you put it on, it stays; it just remains itself. You can’t look down to read the speech; you have to take the speech up because if you did, your neck would break. It would fall off. So, there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise, they’re quite important things,” she said with a big smile.

Queen Elizabeth meme 1
Image via YouTube

See the Queen discuss the Imperial State Crown from BBC News:

On Climate Change with Sir David Attenborough

In 2018, The Queen shared a few moments with fellow nonagenarian and conservationist, Sir David Attenborough. 

The iconic pair discussed climate change and her own mortality for an important documentary, “The Queen’s Green Planet.” As part of a new initiative, a vast network of forests across the Commonwealth was planted in The Queen’s name. She hoped it could contribute to the battle against climate change.

Like her great-great-grandmother Victoria, Queen Elizabeth has planted many family trees in the gardens at Buckingham Palace.

In 2019, The Queen awarded Attenborough the Chatham House Prize for his role in preserving the environment.

“Sir David, this award recognises your many talents and one can’t help but feel that, for those of us of a certain generation, we can take great pleasure in proving age is no barrier to being a positive influence.


Your ability to communicate the beauty and vulnerability of our natural environment remains unequalled as you – and your team – have engaged and enthused many people, young and old, to appreciate and preserve our world’s oceans. For that we should all be thankful.”

Queen Elizabeth meme 2
Image via YouTube

See the funny moments in the Buckingham Palace gardens from iTV below:

A Funny Moment with Prince Harry and the Obamas

In 2016, Queen Elizabeth created a stir on the Kensington Palace Twitter account. 

Barack and Michelle Obama took part in a cheeky moment with the Queen and her grandson, Prince Harry. The funny appearance was to support the Invictus Games for injured service members in Florida that year.

The moment of humor showed another side of her relationship with Harry. Today, she’s still supportive of Harry and Meghan Markle, though they have stepped down from official roles in the royal family.

“Hey, Prince Harry. Remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games?” said Michelle.


“Careful what you wish for,” said Barack.


“Boom,” said a man behind the Obamas dressed in military finery.


“Boom. Really? Please,” said The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth and Harry
Images via YouTube

See the funny moment from BBC News:


A Controversial Promise to ‘Obey’

When the future Queen made her wedding vows, it set off some controversy. The Princess vowed “to love, to cherish, and to obey” Philip. Thus, many people thought she should make no such promise to anybody as the future monarch.

However, Queen Elizabeth chose to follow the traditional wedding vows as would any other wife. The Netflix series, “The Crown,” featured this pivotal moment.

After a Remarkable 50 Years

Fifty years later, in 1997, the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary, and the Queen gave a speech in celebration. Looking back at the incredible changes, she reflected on how events and the “mass-media culture” transformed their lives.

“What a remarkable fifty years they have been: for the world, for the Commonwealth, and for Britain. Think what we would have missed if we had never heard the Beatles or seen Margot Fonteyn dance: never have watched television, used a mobile telephone or surfed the Net (or, to be honest, listened to other people talking about surfing the Net).


We would never have heard someone speak from the Moon: never have watched England win the World Cup or Red Rum three Grand Nationals. We would never have heard that Everest had been scaled, DNA unraveled, the Channel tunnel built, hip replacements become commonplace. Above all, speaking personally, we would never have known the joys of having children and grandchildren.”

The 73rd Wedding Anniversary

This year, 2020, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philp celebrated 73 years of marriage, releasing an official photograph. Sitting together, the royal couple looked at a card created by their great-grandchildren.

The royal couple observed England’s second national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, staying together at Windsor Castle. We wish them well as we look back on 73 amazing years.

A look back at 73 years from The Telegraph below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube


Remembering Pop Star We Miss: George Michael, Prince, Little Richard

What if we could bring back our favorite pop stars and enjoy a visit from them one more time? Well, in a way, we can, each time we play their music. Thus, musicians and actors can achieve a true sort of immortality. 

Our loved ones and heroes live on through their work and us. Thus, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy is forever. And, Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther, will be saying Wakanda Forever in our hearts. 

They say time heals all, and in time, we can enjoy our memories of those we lost again. Thus, we hope you’ll enjoy reliving these quotes from the pop and rock stars we miss. 

Once our favorite pop stars and artists are gone, we realize how much their creativity meant to us. May we learn to appreciate them all the more while they are still with us.

Little Richard, December 5, 1932, to May 9, 2020, Age 87

It’s hard to overestimate how big an influence flamboyant Little Richard had on the beginning of rock & roll. From his early beginnings with “Tutti Fruitti” in 1956, he deeply inspired the Beatles, Elvis, and later, Prince. He sometimes seemed to have little modesty, with an outrageous sense of humor, referring to himself as “the bronze Liberace.” He knew he had that “thang.”

“I always did have that thang, I didn’t know what to do with the thang, I had ma own thang I wanted the world to hear,” he once said.

Little Richard knew he had inspired many other artists, like Prince.

“Prince is the Little Richard of his generation,” Richard told Joan Rivers in 1989, before looking at the camera and addressing Prince. “Don’t get mad about that, Prince. I looked just as good as you look today. I was wearing purple before you was wearing it! Shut up!”

Notably, Little Richard wrote the chorus for Tutti Fruitti in 1955 while washing dishes at a Greyhound bus station in Macon, Georgia. Little did he know, “a wop bob alu bob a wop bam boom” would become world-famous. As his music rocketed to fame, he knew his music transcended race, bringing people together.

“Tutti Frutti really started the races being together. From the git-go, my music was accepted by whites,” he told Rolling Stone.

For Little Richard, the world’s nations were like “God’s bouquet,” and he always recognized the strength in unity. He explained in his Rolling Stone interview:

“Who needs a sickness of prejudice in any form? I mean, a black man can be prejudiced, a white man can be prejudiced, and if I’m a militant against a man, I’m prejudiced, and so if I’m prejudiced, I’m sick. You understand we are all God’s bouquet; we all need each other the same as the birds need air.”

Little Richard meme
Little Richard image via YouTube

Prince, June 7, 1958, to April 21, 2016, Age 57

Although his music defied genres, musical prodigy Prince became a master architect of funk, rock, R&B, and pop. His impressive career spanned four decades, from the 70s until his shocking death in 2016. During that time, he won seven Grammies and numerous Top 10 hits.

Prince wanted to create everything in his own way, playing all the instruments and singing most vocals himself. He was just a teenager when he got his first record deal with Warner Bros. Records, including full creative control.

Thus, when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, he said:

“When I first started out in the music industry, I was most concerned with freedom. Freedom to produce, freedom to play all the instruments on my records, freedom to say anything I wanted to,” said Prince.

However his contract started; his relationship with the record company famously deteriorated. In 1996, he negotiated his way out of the contract, once again favoring total artistic freedom.

“This is what freedom sounds like. When I saw light at the end of the tunnel, I made a beeline for it. This is the most exciting time of my life,” he sad at the time.

Further explaining why he split with Warner Bros:

“…Artists don’t like business. We like being successful and sharing an experience with an audience. In Mozart’s time, word of mouth built an audience. People found him and heard him play. Then someone came along and said, ‘We can sell this experience.’ Right there, you got trouble. Music comes from the spirit, but where does the guy selling music come from?” he said.

Although Prince was gone too soon, he knew that his music would appreciate and last forever.

“Not to sound cosmic, but I’ve made plans for the next 3,000 years. Before, it was only three days at a time.”

Prince Meme
Screenshot via YouTube

Today, Prince is considered Minnesota’s greatest musician and one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was so productive that many songs from his extensive vault are yet to be released.

George Michael, June 25, 1963, to December 25, 2016, Age 53

Similar to Little Richard, George Michael started out as a dishwasher, only this time at a restaurant owned by his father. Like Prince, George Michael had a struggle with his recording contract, this time with Sony. In 1994, Prince shared a message of support for the fellow pop artist, who referred to his contract as “professional slavery” when he lost his court case.

At the 1994 MTV Music Awards, Prince said, “Peace to George Michael,” in a nod to the case, which had a lasting impact on the music industry.

Today, George Michael’s legacy continues, and not only the music of a pop star. After his death on Christmas Day in 2016, accounts of his generosity to charities continued to emerge for years. He often kept such activities private or anonymous.

For one, he loved Christmas, secretly funding Christmas celebrations called the Highgate’s Fair. Fittingly, Wham’s “Last Christmas” remains a classic, with a new cover from Mary J Blige released November 2020. This year, the film “Last Christmas,” featuring many of George’s songs, reached number one for the first time. 

George makes a funny cameo as an Elf on the Shelf while the other half of the Wham! Pop duo, Andrew Ridgeley, appears in a final scene.

George Michael’s True Last Christmas Song

Amazingly, George Michael had another more recent Christmas tune called “December Song” from 2009. If you love “Last Christmas,” it could be the perfect gift to discover this year. 

Typical of Michael’s generosity, he made it a free download in 2008, but it hasn’t become well-known. The lyrics reflect the singer’s personal memories about Christmases gone by. 

You may hear familiar and haunting sounds from Frank Sinatra’s classic “The Christmas Waltz” introducing and ending the song.

“There was always Christmas time

To wipe the year away

I guess that Mum and Dad decided

That the war would have to wait

There was always Christmas time

Jesus came to stay

I could believe in peace on Earth

And I could watch TV all day

So I dreamed of Christmas”

George Michael meme
Image via YouTube

See the animated video for “December Song” by George Michael below:

Featured image: Prince via YouTube screenshot, Little Richard via YouTube screenshot, George Michael via YouTube screenshot


Common Sayings and Expressions from Mexico

This time, we’ll be looking at common sayings and expressions from Mexico, our culturally rich neighbors to the south. It’s fascinating how many common expressions sound familiar, yet said in a different way. Other expressions are new, and you may have never heard them before.

There’s a lot we can learn from listening to our neighbors in Mexico. For example, we can see that we obviously have much in common. Besides, the wisdom of new expressions can be a refreshing point of perspective and enlightenment.

Over the hundreds of years since the United States began, our cultures touched and influenced each other and continue to do so today. So, please enjoy learning about sayings from Mexico, translated to English. In some cases, there isn’t an exact translation, so we’ve approximated as closely as possible.

The Missed Opportunity

“Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.”

“Shrimp that falls asleep, gets carried away by the current.” Used when someone missed an opportunity or wasn’t paying attention to something important, they are, metaphorically speaking, too far away now to benefit from it.

Directly related: “You snooze, you lose.”

expressions from Mexico meme
Shrimp by lshman000 via Pixabay, Pixabay License

Refusing to See

“No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver.”

“There’s no worse kind of blind than the one who doesn’t want to see.”

We all often find people (especially nowadays) living in cognitive dissonance, rejecting truth and facts that might disarm their belief system. That’s what this saying is about.

expressions from Mexico meme 2
Image by  Alexis  via Pixabay, Pixabay License

The Wisdom of Changing Opinion

“Es de sabios cambiar de opinión.”

“Is of wise people to change their opinion.” When presented with enough evidence and truth, it’s wise to adjust your point of view accordingly.

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Learning On Your Own

“Nadie escarmienta en cabeza ajena.”

Nobody learns their lesson on someone else’s head.

Most of the time, you have to have your own experiences and failures to learn from them.

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On Not Rushing Things

“No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano.”

“Just because you get up early, doesn’t mean the dawn will happen earlier.”

Used when someone is rushing to make things happen when it’s too early, whether it is literally early in the day, or early in timing.

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On Not Being Greedy

“Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr.”

“Water that you won’t drink, let flow.” Used when someone is showing greed and takes something they don’t really need, and is perhaps taking some else’s chance to benefit from something.

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On Having Limitations

“Por eso Dios no le dio alas a los alacranes.”

“That’s why God didn’t give wings to the scorpions.”

Used to point out that maybe is a good thing that someone can’t do something damaging for a lack of means or resources.

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On Lasting First Impressions

“Hazte fama y échate a la cama.”

“Create fame and go to bed.”

Used when someone creates a reputation, whether is good or bad, and everyone around them thinks they know what to expect next.

Thus, your reputation precedes you, and your first impression counts (perhaps too much).

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Familiar-Sounding Expressions from Mexico

Below, we have some familiar-sounding expressions from Mexico. Clearly, we have much in common!

“El muerto al pozo, y el vivo al gozo.”

“The dead to the hole, the alive to the pleasures.”

Used to remind people to enjoy life while one can, before we end up in a hole on the ground. Thus, “life is for the living,” as people often say.

“Al mal tiempo, buena cara”.

“To bad weather, a good face.”

When facing inconveniences, keep a good attitude.

“Árbol que crece torcido, jamás su tronco endereza.”

“Tree that grows crooked, will never straighten its trunk.” When repeating a certain pattern of behavior or habits, is hard (if not impossible) to break away from them.

“A caballo regalado, no se le mira el colmillo.”

“If gifted a horse, don’t look at its fang.” Used when someone is complaining about something someone gave them. Apparently, you can determine a horse’s age by looking at its teeth, which would be considered rude if someone is kind enough to give you a horse. It’s always wise to be thankful and move on.

Directly related: “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Si tienes tejado de vidrio, no tires piedras al de tu vecino.”

“If you have a glass ceiling, don’t throw stones at your neighbor’s.”

Used when someone is gossiping about or criticizing someone when they themselves can be equally held accountable by their own actions and words.

Directly related: “People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones”.

“De tal palo, tal astilla” and “Hijo de tigre, pintito.”

“Such a splinter from such stick” and “Offspring of a tiger, striped.”

Used when someone shows traits or habits characteristic of their parents.

Directly related: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“A donde fueres, haz lo que vieres.”

“Wherever you go, do as you see.”

When visiting a place, is wise (and fun!) to do what locals do.

Directly related: “When in Rome, do as Romans do.”

“El que no arriesga, no gana.”

“Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t gain.”

Directly related: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“Más vale pájaro en mano que cientos volando.”

“Better to have a bird in your hand than hundreds flying.” Used to warn about losing what you already have to hope to gain something better.

Directly related: “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”

“Perro que ladra, no muerde.”

“Dog that barks, doesn’t bite.”

Used to point out that threats are rarely carried out.

Directly related: “Barking dogs seldom bite.”

“Querer es poder.”

“‘To want’ equals ‘can do’.”

Directly related: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

“Dios los hace, y ellos se juntan.”

“God creates them, and they get together.”

Directly related: “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

“Mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.”

“The devil knows not because he’s the devil, but because he’s old.”

Used when someone shows experience, rather than knowledge, which is a lot of the time more valuable.

Related: “This ain’t my [or their] first rodeo.”

“Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho.”

“From saying to acting, there’s a big stretch.”

Used when someone is saying they will do something, especially if it is hard.

Somewhat related: “Actions speak louder than words.”

“A fuerza, ni los zapatos entran.”

By force, even shoes won’t fit. You can’t force anything upon people, apparently, not even shoes.

Somewhat related: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

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