12 Gorgeous Chess Sets: Perfect Gifts for Fans of the Queen’s Gambit

It seems Netflix has done it again. The streaming hit “The Queen’s Gambit” is doing the same for chess as “Stranger Things” did for the 80s roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. As a result, chess sets are ending up on more holiday shopping lists than perhaps ever before.

But it’s not just the strategy of chess that has drawn in fans of the Netflix show. “The Queen’s Gambit” set and costume design are incredible examples of how a fictional period piece can bring to life the aesthetic from decades past.

If that wasn’t enough, the show’s also inspired many women to take up the traditionally male-dominated game.

Of course, beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive, and these gorgeous chess sets prove it.

12 Beautiful Chess Sets for Fans of “The Queen’s Gambit”

This holiday season, we’re turning to gifts that are mentally stimulating and don’t require leaving the house. If you ask us (and countless fans of “The Queen’s Gambit”), nothing fits the bill better than a chess set.

1. Pawnson Creations 15″ Wooden Chess Set

If the simple aesthetic of “The Queen’s Gambit” inspires you, then the Pawnson Creations 15″ Wooden Chess Set is the perfect holiday gift.

This extra-large wooden chess set features a 15-inch board that folds up for easy storage. The board’s built-in magnets hold your chess pieces in place, so you never need to worry about a disrupted game. Inlaid walnut gives the board design a luxurious finish.

Inside the folded board, you’ll find a felt-lined compartment that holds a full set of chess and checkers pieces. The pieces themselves are carved from wood in a Staunton-style with felt bottoms. Both king pieces measure three inches tall.

2. AEVVV Russian Wooden Nesting Dolls Chess Set

For a truly one-of-a-kind chess set that will look great in the middle of a game or as home decor, the AEVVV Russian Wooden Nesting Dolls Chess Set is unmatched.

This wooden chess set measures 12 inches across and folds in half. While it does feature a felt-lined storage compartment for holding all of the pieces, there is no built-in organization system.

Each piece of this chess set is hand-carved and painted in a traditional Russian style. This is easily one of the most colorful chess sets out there. The board’s surface is finely painted to match, and floral details on the top and sides bring the whole look together.

3. Gamie 10″ Glass Chess Game Set

Glass chess sets are quite common, but that doesn’t make them any less aesthetically pleasing. The Gamie 10″ Glass Chess Game Set is a stylish, compact chess board any player will cherish.

Rather than two colors, the use of clear and frosted glass pieces split the game into different sides. The board spaces feature the same design.

You won’t need to worry about scratching your gorgeous chessboard, thanks to the felt lining on the bottom of every piece. The board also includes soft pads under each corner to protect your tabletop during play.

4. BeldiNest Olive Wood Chess Set

The BeldiNest Olive Wood Chess Set is another gorgeous set that you won’t want to stow away when the game’s done.

Carved from rustic olive wood, this board measures 14 inches across with a play area of about 8.5-by-8.5 inches. Underneath the game board, you’ll find two small storage drawers for holding each player’s chess pieces.

Like the board, each chess piece is hand-carved from wood in Tunisia. The live-edge board is mounted on four legs for an elevated play surface. To keep this one-of-a-kind chessboard looking its best, be sure your giftee routinely treats the surface with olive oil.

5. WE Games Roll-up Travel Chess Set

Perhaps the biggest turning point in “The Queen’s Gambit” is when Beth buys herself a roll-up chess set. The WE Games Roll-up Travel Chess Set might not have the luxurious look and feel of some of the other chess sets on our list, but it’s a faithful nod to the Netflix show’s narrative.

This set comes with a vinyl chessboard, pieces, and a carrying tube with an attached shoulder strap. The roll-up board measures just under 17 inches when laid out. It’s surprisingly durable and easy to wipe clean.

Despite how portable this set is, the chess pieces are still nice and hefty. The kings measure just over three inches tall, comparable to most “traditional” chess sets.

6. DGT Centaur Chess Computer

Not all chess sets are created equal, as proven by the impressive DGT Centaur Chess Computer. With this chessboard, you can play games against a computer while still using a real, hands-on chess set.

The play area of this chessboard measures about 15.75 inches across. It features an e-paper display to eliminate glare and prevent eye strain during intense game sessions. The software scales its difficulty to the player, so this chess computer make an excellent gift for players of any skill level.

Each plastic chess piece is carefully weighted for a great in-hand feel and maximum responsiveness from the board’s interface. The computer’s moves are shown by LED lights — the user moves their “opponent’s” pieces on the board. Everything is powered by a rechargeable battery.

7. HPL Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Chess Set

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of gaudiness, and the HPL Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Chess Set is a chessboard you and your opponents are sure to never forget.

The chessboard measures an impressive 17 inches across and features an ornate mosaic tile pattern across the entire play surface. While the board itself does not include any storage, the game box comes with a foam organizer for the chess pieces.

Of course, the real star of this chess set is the piece design. Each piece is made of solid resin and features a soft felt bottom. Instead of traditional chess pieces, players control famous characters from “Alice in Wonderland.”

8. Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

If you’re looking for a more elegant version of the standard folding chessboard, the Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set is an excellent choice.

Folded open, this extra-large board measures just over 21 inches across. It features a carved border design and brass clasps for folding and locking it shut. On the other side, you’ll find a molded storage compartment lined with green felt.

Like the board, the carved chess pieces are sycamore and hornbeam wood. One set is dark brown, while the other is ivory. The pieces are large enough to match the oversized chessboard — each king is 4.5 inches tall.

9. Home Magnetics Magnetic Chess Set

Some of the most iconic scenes in “The Queen’s Gambit” featured Beth playing chess on the ceiling. With the Home Magnetics Magnetic Chess Set, you can almost do the same.

This wall-mounted 18-inch chess set features a classic frame and magnetic board. You can choose from three color schemes to match your existing home decor. Each chess set includes mounting hardware.

The pieces all feature strong magnets, letting you play a game of chess over a few minutes or the course of days. This set even includes a magnetic turn marker, so you always know when to make your move.

10. FAO Schwarz Wood Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe Set

For those pining after a simple, no-frill chessboard to practice their newfound hobby, the FAO Schwarz Wood Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe Set is near-perfect.

The wood chessboard measures about 15 inches across with a stylish red and black color scheme. While chess is what we really care about here, the board is reversible for playing checkers or tic-tac-toe.

The included chess pieces feature a matching color scheme and classic shapes. Keep in mind that there’s no built-in storage with this chess set, so you’ll need to keep track of all of the pieces (plus the included checkers) on your own.

11. ChessBazar 12×12″ Chess Set with Bag

The ChessBazar 12×12″ Chess Set with Bag combines a traditional color scheme and pieces with the convenience of a folding board and built-in storage. The end result is a gorgeous chess set that remains true to the game’s classic aesthetic.

Everything in this chess set is carved from Indian rosewood. The chessboard measures inches across and includes a felt-lined storage compartment. Unlike some other sets with built-in storage, this one features molded slots that are the perfect size for each piece.

The two sets of chess pieces feature light and dark natural wood finishes. They are also magnetic, giving you greater piece-of-mind in the middle of an intense game. To top it off, the ornate latch offers a glamorous touch to this classic chess board.

12. DakshCraft Game Chess Set in Wood with Marble Pieces

There’s no shortage of beautiful wood chess sets to choose from, but the DakshCraft Game Chess Set in Wood with Marble Pieces steps it up a notch by adding marble to its design.

The 12-inch chessboard opens up with a hinged lid design — not the folded design normally seen. This is great for players who dislike the play area gap created by folding chess sets.

Where this chess set stands out is with the gorgeous black-and-white marble pieces. Unfortunately, these pieces are not as durable as plastic or wood ones. Be careful not to drop any of the pieces on a hard surface.

Complete Your Gift With One of These Chess Strategy Books…

Just owning one of these beautiful chess sets isn’t enough, at least if you want to hone your skills and really master the game.

Pair your giftee’s new chess set with any of these books for the whole package:

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” isn’t just one of the best chess strategy books for beginners. According to the original novel’s author, Bobby Fischer was actually the main inspiration for Beth Harmon’s character in “The Queen’s Gambit.”

Gender differences aside, Bobby Fischer and his fictional prodigy share very similar careers. For example, they both learned Russian in their teenage years in preparation for taking on the Soviet chess scene.

There are other similarities, but we won’t include any spoilers here!

Beginning Chess

The author of “Beginning Chess,” Bruce Pandolfini, is a National Master chess player. He’s also one of the best teachers of chess strategy to beginner and intermediate players.

This book includes a brief overview of chess as a whole. But the real value is in the over 300 chess problems laid out for new players to solve.

Winning Chess

Written by renowned chess authors and champions Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld, “Winning Chess” is a great introduction to offensive tactics.

This book uses illustrations and play-by-play descriptions to teach new players how to spot openings in their opponent’s defense. Featured scenarios slowly ramp up in difficulty, so readers’ chess skills will markedly improve by the end.

A First Book of Morphy

In the 1800s, Paul Morphy became the first American chess champion and, according to many preceding Masters, one of the greatest players to ever live. Written by Frisco Del Rosario, “A First Book of Morphy” describes and analyzes more than 60 games played by Morphy during his life.

Studying other’s games is a classic way for chess players to improve their knowledge and skillsets. “A First Book of Morphy” is, without a doubt, one of the best game collections to start with.

Call “Checkmate” With Beautiful Chess Sets of Your Own

“The Queen’s Gambit” mini-series might be over, but the world of chess isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone on your holiday gift list, these sets are a great introduction to the game of chess.

What style of chessboard was your first? Do you have any favorite chess strategy books you’d recommend to new players? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


14 Best Luxury Facial Products to Gift Your Loved Ones This Year

No matter the occasion, luxury facial and skincare products make excellent gifts.

So many of us struggle to stop and really take time for ourselves. When it comes to caring for our skin, this neglect can result in irreversible damage and premature signs of aging.

Fortunately, quality skincare is becoming easier and more accessible with each passing day. And there’s no better way to introduce someone to a potentially life-changing ingredient or technology than by giving it as a gift.

14 Luxury Facial Products That Let You Give the Gift of Glowing Skin

Are you shopping for a budding beauty guru? Or someone who has spent their life using scented body wash as a facial cleanser?

Is your giftee’s skin just starting to show the first signs of aging? Or are they a pro when it comes to fighting off wrinkles, lines, and age spots?

No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s bound to be a great skincare-related gift idea to match. Who knows… you might just open their eyes to a new “holy grail” serum or cleansing brush!

So, let’s jump right in — here are our 14 favorite luxury facial products every gift-giver should consider this year:

1. The Original Makeup Eraser

What’s the quickest route to redness, irritation, and clogged pores? Sleeping in old makeup.

The Original Makeup Eraser is a unique washcloth that wipes away eye, face, and lip makeup with just water.

If you know someone who constantly travels, regularly hits the gym after work, or whose skin reacts to chemical makeup removers, this product makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

Plus, using this instead of remover wipes or pads can help cut down on single-use waste.

The Original Makeup Eraser is dual-sided. One side features soft fibers for gently removing makeup without irritation. The other side is slightly more abrasive for physically exfoliating the skin.

You can pick up this washcloth in either pink or black — customers prefer the black colorway because it hides dark makeup stains.

2. Mario Badescu The Facial Spray Collection

Face mists are the perfect skincare product for people on the go. While they won’t replace your at-home skincare routine, a quick spritz can help hydrate the skin and soothe redness or irritation.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different. The Mario Badescu The Facial Spray Collection lets your giftee try out the brand’s four most popular facial mists to see what suits their skin best.

Each facial spray includes aloe vera plus two other plant extracts. You can use these sprays on bare skin, over makeup as a setting spray or refresher, or on your hair.

The Mario Badescu The Facial Spray Collection is available as a mini or full-size set. Keep in mind, though, that these products aren’t recommended for sensitive skin.

3. Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask

Two places on your face are likely to show signs of aging first: Your eyes and your lips. The skin surrounding these areas also tends to be thinner and more delicate than that on the rest of your face.

The Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask uses murumuru butter to moisturize and natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to exfoliate the skin.

Unlike many other lip-moisturizing products, this lip mask features a very light scent. It’s a great option for anyone with a sensitive nose.

4. TONYMOLY All You Need Mask Set

If you’re looking for a catch-all gift for someone who seems to have every skincare product under the sun, you can’t go wrong with a set of luxury facial masks.

The TONYMOLY All You Need Mask Set includes 13 of the brand’s most popular sheet masks.

Don’t let the cutesy packaging fool you because TONYMOLY is considered by many to be one of the best skincare companies at its price point.

The masks included range from everyday hydrating formulas to those designed to improve elasticity. There are 3 eye-area masks and 10 full-face masks in this set.

Since TONYMOLY is a South Korean skincare brand, this set is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys or has always wanted to try K-beauty products.

5. Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel

No matter where someone is on their skincare journey, high-quality exfoliation is a must. Regular exfoliation can even minimize the appearance of aging skin, such as wrinkles and sun damage.

Although nothing can replace microdermabrasion performed by a dermatologist, you can give the gift of at-home exfoliation with the Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel.

This two-step treatment is simple-to-use and safe for almost all skin types. It would be a great introduction to physical and chemical exfoliation for anyone who doesn’t already have a routine of their own.

6. L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum

Serums are what take a cut-and-dry skincare routine to the next level. If you’re searching for a luxury facial treatment to gift this year, consider giving the L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum.

L’Occitane recommends this serum for people of all ages. It can help reduce signs of aging that have already appeared or prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming.

The bottle itself is gorgeous, so it will look great set out on your giftee’s vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter. However, some users find the floral scent too overpowering.


Oils, serums, and acids can only do so much if dirt and debris stand in the way. The FOREO LUNA 3 is a luxury facial cleansing brush that exfoliates and massages the skin as it goes.

The LUNA 3 brush works with most smartphones — the device connects to an app via Bluetooth. In the app, you can customize the brush’s power settings according to your skin’s personal needs.

This facial brush is unique in that it features silicone bristles instead of nylon fiber ones. In interviews, dermatologists say silicone is gentler and more effective than other cleansing materials.

The LUNA 3 comes in specialized versions for sensitive, normal, and combination skin, so you can choose the model that works for your giftee’s skin type.

8. NuFACE FIX Core Collection

Microcurrent facials use tiny electrical currents to stimulate the muscles under the skin. This treatment works to tighten, lift, and smooth aging skin.

Few of us have the resources to schedule a professional microcurrent facial whenever we please.

Instead, the NuFACE FIX Core Collection offers an at-home version of this luxury facial that fits right into an everyday skincare routine.

The Core Collection includes the NuFACE FIX Device, which targets small areas like the eyes, lips, and forehead. It also comes with a bottle of the Line Smoothing Serum (the microcurrents won’t properly penetrate the skin without a serum).

9. Bliss That’s Incredi-peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads

Glycolic acid is one of a few key skincare ingredients that everyone should try at least once. It’s a type of AHA, meaning it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and may even stimulate collagen production.

So if you’re dealing with acne-prone, dull, or aging skin, glycolic acid could be the secret weapon.

The Bliss That’s Incredi-peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads are an easy-to-use, overnight treatment for anyone who doesn’t already use an AHA in their daily routine.

Depending on your skin’s resiliency and needs, this treatment can be used weekly, monthly, or just as needed.

While extremely beneficial, AHAs and other acids can do damage if misused. So this gift idea is ideal for someone in your life who already knows a thing or two about skincare.

10. Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Petite

We can’t say it enough: Healthy, youthful-looking skin starts with a clean slate. If dirt, dead skin cells, and buildup stand in the way, even the best luxury facial products won’t be able to penetrate deep into the skin.

The Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Petite brush features three speeds, antimicrobial bristles, and a travel case. The rechargeable battery lasts almost three hours per charge, and the entire unit is waterproof for use in the shower.

This is a great gift for a teenager just getting into skincare or an athlete struggling to balance staying active with caring for sweat-soaked skin.

Additional brush heads are also sold separately, including styles designed for sensitive skin, facial massage, and pedicures.

11. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

Even if you’re not well-versed in popular beauty brands, there’s a good chance the name Drunk Elephant rings a bell.

The company earned a cult following by ditching essential oils, silicones, parabens, and other controversial ingredients. Its formulas are also all cruelty-free (but not always vegan).

Out of its entire product line, the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil is easily the most talked-about skincare product.

It features pure marula oil — no fragrances or fillers — which is naturally high in antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

Of course, Drunk Elephant is not the only company to bottle and sell virgin marula oil. But if you know someone who’s been eyeing the brand for a while, this is a great gift to surprise them with.

12. Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Facial Roller

In recent years, the beauty world has fully embraced the benefits of facial massage. But for centuries, jade rollers have been used to brighten, tighten, and soothe the skin.

The Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Facial Roller is a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in trying out jade-rolling on their own skin.

It features two different ends, one smooth and one studded, for a more customized experience.

While jade rollers aren’t miracle workers in and of themselves, they are an excellent tool for performing muscular and lymphatic-draining massages.

Cooling the jade before use can also have some anti-inflammatory and anti-redness benefits.

13. Jack Black Line Smoother 8% Glycolic Acid Treatment

Skincare ingredients don’t discriminate based on gender. Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a more masculine fragrance or packaging to complement your skincare routine.

Jack Black is a great brand to start with if you want to introduce the men in your life to luxury facial skin care.

In particular, the Jack Black Line Smoother 8% Glycolic Acid Treatment is a straightforward treatment that minimizes lines and discoloration.

This glycolic acid is safe to use on freshly shaven skin, though it may cause a little bit of irritation at first. Also, make sure your giftee uses appropriate sun protection with this AHA treatment!

14. Patchology FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels

You can buy a mask for your face. You can buy a mask for your eyes. So why not try a hydrating mask for your lips?

The Patchology FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels offer a five-minute treatment that moisturizes the lips and surrounding skin. Each gel mask includes two anti-aging ingredients — peptides and niacinamide — along with hyaluronic acid and green tea extract.

These patches are great for everyday skincare or as preparation for a big event. Many people laud these gels for the way lipstick applies and stays on after treatment.

One box comes with five gels, so your giftee can enjoy the hydrating and anti-aging benefits as they please. There is a bit of a learning curve to applying the patches, however, so it’s always good to have extras on hand.

Healthy Skin Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Caring for our skin is not vain. In fact, quality skincare is just as much about health as it is about outward appearance.

When you give someone a product or tool that will help keep their skin looking and feeling its best, you can rest assured that you’re giving them something truly priceless.

With so many innovative products hitting the beauty market, it’s impossible to stay on top of every new trend. Did we miss a skincare formula or tool you think everyone should own? Or have you used one of the gift ideas we mentioned above?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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Self-Watering Planters That Wick Water for Perfectly Moist Soil

Water is essential to all life. That is never more apparent than with plants. If you forget to water them even for one day, they will begin to droop. In no time, they will wither away without proper watering.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems people have with growing plants is remembering to water them. Plants that require water every day are a little easier to care for since you develop a habit, but it is the plants that don’t need everyday watering that are a challenge.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your plants watering needs, then you might want to consider self-watering planters. These ingenious pots use a watering wick to ensure your plants can get water whenever they need it.

You only have to fill the reservoir on a regular basis.

Self-watering pots can make plant care simple because they remove the biggest mistakes many people make when it comes to watering: overwatering and underwatering.

How They Work

Self-watering planters have a unique design that allows you to provide water that your plant will use as it needs it. Common Sense Home explains that there are two basic self-wicking planter designs:

  • Soil foot
  • String wick

The concept behind both is to provide water at all times and allow the plant to water itself as it needs using basic scientific concepts.

A soil foot has a reservoir at the bottom of the planter that holds water and soil. The soil foot portion is separate from the water but can absorb it to keep the soil moist. The plant’s root will grow down into this space to use the water. This is a natural instinct of the plant because the roots have a job to seek out moisture.

The string wick style of self-watering planters uses physics to convey the water to the plant over time. It involves a string or other cotton wicking material that runs from a reservoir of water to the soil of a plant. The string transfers water from the reservoir to the plant.

Benefits of Using Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters are incredibly handy if you are forgetful about watering your plants. They also are nice for those plants that do not need a lot of water on a regular basis, such as cacti. It is a great option for watering plants while on vacation if you don’t have anyone or want to find anyone to do it for you.

In addition, when you move outdoor plants indoors in the fall, it requires a lot of work. One part of that is making sure you have a space that can handle the mess associated with watering your plants.

If you know how to water potted plants, you should always avoid getting water on the leaves. Instead of pouring water over the top of the plant, you should pour it on the soil. A self-watering pot makes this simple to do and eliminates the hassle of doing it. You can eliminate that mess from spills and overspray, which makes your indoor storage area tidier.

The Spruce notes that using this type of planter is also ideal if you have a container garden. Sometimes the setup makes it tough to reach into the tight spots and water properly. It is much easier to fill reservoirs than to try to water the plants.

DIY Options

If you want to give self-watering planters a try, then you can buy one or make one yourself. A DIY self-watering planter is not too difficult to make, but you will want to choose which type to create. A soil foot model will be a bit more complicated to make than a wick type.

Soil foot type DYI

To make this DIY plant waterer, you will need:

  • Large pot
  • Smaller pot
  • Pipe
  • Barrier, such as screen or burlap
  • Rocks
  • Soil

The smaller pot should be about 1/4 the height of the larger pot. Both pots will need holes. The smaller one should have various holes all around it so that it can wick up the water. The larger one needs to have a drainage hole in the side that is just below the height of the top of the small pot. This will help with overwatering issues.

To start making your planter, you need to put the barrier material inside the small pot to line it. Fill the pot with soil, and then trim the barrier, so it isn’t sticking out of the pot. Now, put your small pot inside the larger pot.

Add rocks around the small pot to fill the bottom of the large pot. Also, put the pipe down into the large pot. It should be at the side of the pot, and you want it to stick out a few inches from the top of the large pot.

After you have rocks in the bottom that reach the top of the small pot, you need to put more barrier material on top of the rocks, but do not cover the small pot. The small pot is your wick, so you need to leave space for the roots to grow down into it. The barrier material will prevent the plant from growing its roots into the rocks where they would get too much water and be at risk for rotting.

Now, you can add in the right soil and your plant. Finally, pour water into the pipe until it comes out the bottom drainage hole.

String wick type DIY

A string model of wicking planter can be very simple. To make the easiest version, you will need:

  • Planter moisture wicking string (cotton works the best because it is very absorbent)
  • 2 containers
  • Paperclip
  • Soil
  • Plant

Start your planter by securing one end of the string with the paperclip. This will act as a weight, so make sure that you securely wrap the string around the paperclip. Take the other end of the string and place it in one of the pots.

Hold the string about two inches from the top of the pot and add soil. Add your plant and carefully pack the soil around it. Ensure the string stays down in the soil so that it can transfer the water properly to the root system of the plant.

Now, fill the other pot with water. Put the paperclip end of the string in the pot filled with water. Place this pot higher than the other pot and ensure the string runs in a direct line from one pot to the other.

Wicking Pots for Purchase

If you are not feeling handy or you don’t want to mess with making your own self-watering setup, then you can buy self-watering planters anywhere that sells gardening supplies. Most stores will have a wide variety of options.

Here’s a look at some Lowes flower pots that have the self-watering option.

The self-watering planter from Bloem is incredibly popular among consumers. This pot comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect size, measuring 14 inches x 12.5 inches. It is a resin material with UV protection and made in the USA. It has a 4-gallon capacity and is lightweight.

Another top choice is the Tierra Verde self-watering planter. It is 14 inches x 27.5 inches in size. Made from recycled materials, it is durable in all seasons. It has a built-in wicking basket to prevent root rot.

If you are looking for something a little different, then consider the Mayne hanging self-watering window box. Made with resin, it measures in at 60 inches x11 inches. It has a fancy crown molding design and comes in a variety of colors. The planter also comes with steel wall mount brackets.


Making the move to self-watering planters can leave you with a lot of questions. To ensure that you have the best experience, you may want to consider some of the frequently asked questions people have before they start using this type of planter.

Do I need to use a special soil?

The soil you use is dependent on the plants. In general, you can use any type of soil you want in a self-watering pot. However, if you are growing plants that do not need a lot of water or that are susceptible to root rot, such as root vegetables, then use a lighter soil.

You can also create your own soil DIY for moisture wicking planter that can help avoid root rot and too much moisture for sensitive plants by mixing in some sand with your soil. If you have issues with the moisture evaporating too fast, then add some mulch on top of the soil.

Can I use self-watering pots with any kind of plant?

Established plants of any kind can work in self-watering planters. However, they need to have a developed root system before you can rely on the planter to handle the water needs.

You can use this type of plant for all types of flowers and even vegetables and fruit. If you want to grow root vegetables or other vegetables with delicate roots, you will need to take special care to provide enough room in the planter for the growth and drainage. You may need to add more rocks and use a stronger barrier material to ensure the vegetables or roots stay separate from the water reservoir.

Always match the pot size to your plant. If you try to use too small of a pot, then your plant will not get enough water. If the pot is too big, you run the risk of it getting too much water.

As mentioned, this type of planter is ideal for plants that do not need a lot of water, such as succulents. The key to ensuring you do not overwater is to let the reservoir dry out between watering.

Which type of self-watering planter is best?

The best self-watering planter really depends on your needs. While you can certainly learn about the overall quality of a planter through customer reviews, you should take time to match the style of the planter to your needs.

In general, the soil foot style is easier if you need to conserve space. It also looks neater than the wick style. It allows you to have more plants in a smaller area. This style also provides the best outdoor wick because it will keep more moisture in the planter without evaporation issues.

The string wick style does require more space, but it can be simple to create. It’s ideal for temporary situations, such as when you go on vacation. It also is nice for those who are not very good at DIY projects and just want something simple. The string wick style also works well for plants that do not need a lot of water since water transfer is very gradual.

You may find it is easier to manage the string wick style, too. You can easily see how much water is available. You also can adjust the size of the reservoir to suit y our needs. For example, if you know you won’t be able to water your plants for a few days, you can use a bigger reservoir to ensure there is enough water to last the time you will be away.

Self-Watering Plants Are a Miracle

Many plants really are fairly easy to take care of, save a few drama queens (I’m looking at you, polka dot plant). Watering correctly is the biggest care they require. So, when you start using self-watering planters, you pretty much remove the majority of the work of keeping plants.

It’s quite nice to know that your plant is taking care of its own needs. The self-watering setup allows you to focus on other aspects of care. If you are forgetful about watering, it also takes some of the stress out of gardening, which can make it a more enjoyable experience overall.

Regardless of why you are considering using self-watering pots, it is something that is well worth it in the end. It helps keep your plants healthy, reduces the work you have to do, and lets you set up your garden to meet your needs.