Gifts for Paddleboarders: Awesome Ideas for the Ones You Love

Venturing out onto the water is a popular hobby, so you may find yourself looking for gifts for paddleboarders this holiday season.

Paddleboarding evolved in Waikiki during the 1940s and quickly caught on as a watersport across the rest of the world. But if you have a paddleboarder in the family, you may find it challenging to know what to buy them this Christmas.

With the world caught in the grip of extraordinary circumstances, many of us may find ourselves working with a tighter budget this year.

However, we still want to buy our loved ones gifts that they love and offer practical yet thoughtful solutions. Consequently, you may find our list of gifts for paddleboarders an invaluable help this holiday season.

Gifts for Paddleboarders

Finding the ideal gift need not break the bank this Christmas. To help you out, we have found a comprehensive list of budget-friendly solutions.

Transportation of paddleboards may feel like a challenge, and the Paddle Board SUP Carry Strap from Jinvun offers the perfect solution while providing excellent value.

The SUP Deck Bag from THURSO SURF is the ideal paddleboard accessory for every paddle board enthusiast.

Don’t feel constrained by your finances this holiday season. Gifts for paddleboarders don’t need to challenge you because we have done all the hard work.

What Is Paddle Boarding?

Paddleboarding is a popular water sport that involves standing, sitting, or kneeling in the middle of the board. The paddleboarder uses a paddle to propel themselves across the water.

Health benefits

Paddleboarding offers an excellent form of exercise. It provides a superb upper body workout while strengthening your core, and the low-intensity nature of the sport makes it a fun hobby.

Few activities provide such an extensive range of exercises while helping to maintain a healthy state of mind. It’s no wonder the sport proves so popular across the United States.

The Best Gifts for Paddleboarders

As we compiled our selection, we kept one eye on the cost and the other on quality. Our ideas will suit a comprehensive range of various budgets. Furthermore, each product carries a host of excellent user feedback to ensure quality with every purchase.

Floating Waterproof Smart Phone Pouch

The last thing any paddleboarder wants is their phone getting wet when out on the water. Consequently, when you search for gifts for paddleboarders, the Floating Waterproof Smart Phone Pouch from Travelon makes a smart gifting idea this holiday.

The innovative pouch keeps your digital camera or phone dry, and a foam insert allows the pouch to float on the water’s surface. Furthermore, the pouch is submersible to 65 feet for up to 30 minutes.

A 17-inch removable carry strap provides complete versatility when paddleboarding. You may use the pouch for various outdoor activities and water sports.

The Floating Waterproof Smart Phone Pouch from Travelon makes the ideal gift this holiday season to provide a practical and useful stocking stuffer.

SUP Deck Bag

The SUP Deck Bag from THURSO SURF is the ideal paddleboard accessory and measures 14 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches. You can easily fit 10 cans or the equivalent amount of food inside the bag, which keeps the contents ice cool.

The innovative bag uses water-resistant materials and zippers to prevent excessive water from penetrating the bag. An inner liner made from ultra-thick insulation material keeps food and drink cool.

On the top of the bag sits a rugged mesh pocket suitable for storing small items. A mesh pocket inside the bag helps you organize the contents.

The paddleboard bag comes with four bungee hooks to attach D-rings on the deck or secure the bag under the deck, and a handle on the side of the cooler allows for easy carrying.

When you consider gifts for paddleboarders, the SUP Deck Bag from THURSO SURF offers the ultimate gifting solution this holiday.

Paddle Board SUP Carry Strap

Paddleboards tend to be large, awkward items to carry. Consequently, the Paddle Board SUP Carry Strap from Jinvun offers the perfect solution for your board’s transportation.

The all-purpose carrying strap is designed to fit paddleboards, SUPs, surfboards, and longboards for convenient and easy passage. The resilient strap comprises rugged Neoprene padding and remains strong and durable.

Furthermore, the kit features a padded shoulder strap that helps reduce pressure and tension while carrying your board.

The paddleboard sling and carrier quickly adjust based on your board’s size to accommodate your height and prevent the board from dragging on the ground. Additionally, a built-in paddle holder allows for the attachment of a single SUP paddle for hands-free carrying.

Gifts for paddleboards don’t come more useful or practical than the Paddle Board SUP Carry Strap from Jinvun. If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift, this product represents a top gifting idea.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and Bottle Opener

There is nothing like listening to music as you skim across the water on your paddleboard. Moreover, if you fancy a cold beer, you need a bottle opener. Consequently, the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and Bottle Opener from Speaqua provides the ideal solution.

The speaker is waterproof and uses Bluetooth connectivity with dual pairing. The speaker uses the latest Bluetooth technology that allows for up to 33 feet of connectivity, and you can easily pair the device to your mobile.

The battery-powered speaker provides up to five hours of playback so that you can enjoy your favorite tracks as you explore the water. However, if you feel thirsty, the speaker splits apart to reveal a handy bottle opener!

The pocket-sized design measures 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches by 1 inch and makes the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and Bottle Opener from Speaqua the perfect addition to your list of gifts for paddleboarders.

Unisex Water Shoes

The Unisex Water Shoes from Mishansha offer comfortable, waterproof footwear for your paddle boar excursion. You can purchase the shoes in a variety of sizes and colors suitable for men and women.

The shoes feature a salt-resistant upper with resilient, breathable ultra-light Lycra to provide fast draining and cross ventilation. Consequently, the construction allows for excellent flexibility and comfort.

Unique anti-slip camo rubber soles with several holes on each bottom ensure proper water flow out of the shoes, which creates a cooler, healthier foot environment. The pull tab at the heel allows for quick and easy entry and simple removal.

Elastic straps quickly adjust to the foot’s width to provide a snug, comfortable fit without the need for laces.

The Unisex Water Shoes from Mishansha offer comfort and protection for the feet. When you consider gifts for paddleboarders, the Unisex Water Shoes from Mishansha sit high up on your list, delivering quality and value.

Stand Up Paddleboard Wall or Ceiling Rack

Storing a paddleboard may seem challenging. Thankfully, the Stand Up Paddleboard Wall or Ceiling Rack from COR Surf provides the ideal solution for storing your equipment.

The robust system is made from galvanized steel and is powder-coated black to help resist rusting. Additionally, weather-resistant foam wrappings protect your board from dings and scratches.

The simple design allows for quick and easy installation. All the mounting ware needed to set up the kit comes included with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The robust rack features a 190-degree bend to account for any sagging when storing up to two heavy boards.

When you consider gifts for paddleboarders, the Stand Up Paddleboard Wall or Ceiling Rack from COR Surf offers a practical and useful solution.

Paddle Board Leash

The Paddle Board Leash from WOOWAVE offers the perfect solution to prevent your paddleboard’s loss when out on the water. The leash features a soft Neoprene ankle cuff to secure the board to your person.

A lightweight yet robust coiled cord that stretches up to 11 feet attaches to your board to provide superb security.

The leash is made from a super-strong urethane cord to handle the longest and heaviest boards, and precision molded-in double stainless-steel swivels prevent tangling. The connection points derive from durable marine-grade stainless steel, which will resist corrosion.

The ankle cuff remains comfortable to wear, and the adjustable strap allows for a perfect fit with strong Velcro fixings.

The Paddle Board Leash from WOOWAVE provides the ideal addition to your list of gifts for paddleboarders. It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Tortuga Straps Adjustable Glasses Straps

Safety remains a priority, so protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare when out on the water remains an important consideration.

The Tortuga Straps Adjustable Glasses Straps from Playa Vida provide a stylish yet practical solution to secure your sunglasses to your face. They make a cost-effective addition to your list of gifts for paddleboarders as well.

The adjustable straps measure 19-inches, and you can purchase a variety of colors and patterns. The straps prevent chaffing because of their cushy 3mm Neoprene base and satin feel dual-sided fabric construction.

With secured stitching on the easy fit arms, the straps can last for a considerable time, even in the harshest of water environments. The universal, easy fit design means the straps snuggly mold around sunglass arms to keep your eyewear securely in place.

When you consider gifts for paddleboarders, the Tortuga Straps Adjustable Glasses Straps from Playa Vida provide a stylish yet practical solution.

Detachable Universal Paddle Board Seat

The Detachable Universal Paddle Board Seat from SereneLife derives from a durable EVA foam interior with a tough polyester exterior. The seat features a deluxe molded thick foam cushion, which provides support for long-term water sports and sitting comfort.

High-grade copper metal hooks remain corrosion resistant for long life use. Two straps in the front and two straps in the rear allow the seat’s fixing in a place convenient for the user according to their needs.

As a result, the design provides a wide range of adjustability to accommodate most paddleboards.

The high back design and padded areas support your back and butt. Additionally, it provides ergonomic comfort and relief while the form-fitting seat suits various body sizes and shapes.

The Detachable Universal Paddle Board Seat from SereneLife offers a relaxed way to enjoy the open water and makes a fitting addition to our list of gifts for paddleboarders.

Universal Paddle Boat Roof Rack

The Universal Paddle Boat Roof Rack from Motor Tech fits most vehicles with or without gutters due to its innovative adjustable design. The rack remains capable of carrying heavy loads.

This set comes equipped with ultra-long straps and aircraft buckles to secure the paddleboard in place.

The rack proves lightweight with anti-vibration properties to protect your paddleboard as you travel. It is constructed from soft yet durable materials to prevent scuffing and scratching of your equipment.

When you need to transport your paddleboard, the Universal Paddle Boat Roof Rack from Motor Tech offers a cost-effective solution. It provides a safe, and reliable mode of transportation. Consequently, the set makes an ideal addition to your list of gifts for paddleboarders.

Finding the Perfect Gifts for Paddleboarders

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. However, this holiday may feel unlike any other, though that needn’t make it any less special. We give gifts to people precious to us, and as always, it’s the thought and the love that goes along with every gift that counts.

Our list of gifts for paddleboarders helps you to find the perfect gift idea at a price that suits you.

The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and Bottle Opener from Speaquamoffers remain a cost-effective yet innovative gift that may prove useful out on the water.

Meanwhile, the Tortuga Straps Adjustable Glasses Straps from Playa Vida provide a stylish yet practical solution to secure your sunglasses to your face and make the ideal stocking stuffer.

Christmas is a time to show those we love just how much they mean to us. Whether a gift is large or small, cheap or expensive, it is the care and thought that goes into it that matters.

Our list of gifts for paddleboarders may help you to have a wonderful holiday while offering a budget-friendly solution to all your gifting needs.

What gifts for paddleboarders are on your shopping list? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 SUP Tips: Paddleboarding During Winter Weather

When you think of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), you likely imagine warm sunny days and just-right water temperatures. But what if we told you that paddleboarding during winter can be just as enjoyable but in a different way?

It’s true, paddleboarding during the winter provides a different look at the world through a paddleboarder’s eyes. But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Why Go Paddleboarding During Winter?

Let’s be real: You love paddleboarding because there’s nothing like being in the water as the sun beats down on you. You get to see lush landscaping all around as you paddle through the water.

As a paddleboarder, it’s easy to get stuck in the warm month’s box. Here are two great reasons why you should consider winter paddleboarding.

You’re not competing for water space

Think about all the times you’ve had to dodge swimmers and other obstacles while summer paddleboarding. Then, imagine a cool, serene lake or other body water where you’re the only person there.

Seashores and lakes bustle with activity during the warmer months. But when you paddleboard during the winter, you will enjoy a quiet, serene landscape. And who doesn’t love a little quiet time once in a while?

You will see the other side of nature

Sure, a beach filled with colorful umbrellas and people sunbathing up and down the coastline is a great scene. But so is a deserted beach with magnificent snowy landscapes all around it. When paddleboarding during winter, you will get to see and enjoy the cooler side of nature.

Winter Paddleboarding Destinations

Before we give you tips for paddleboarding during winter, we first want to show you some of your options. You can paddleboard during the winter someplace local to you or take a trip to one of these breathtaking locations.

Lake Blindsee, Austria

If you’re looking for a fairytale-type location, this is it. You will have to carry your paddleboard down a mountain to get to the lake, so you might consider using an inflatable paddleboard for this trip. The trip down is about 30 minutes. Once you arrive at the lake, white mountain peaks surround you, snow-laden trees, and a sky so blue it doesn’t look real.

Austria, here we come!

Lago di Braies, Italy

Lago di Braies, also known as Pragser Wildsee, is known for its magnificent views. That’s why you’ll find loads of stunning photos of the area on Instagram. But be aware that the freezing temperatures in this area can cause this beautiful lake to freeze, especially once the sun goes down.

It’s important to look for moving water when paddleboarding during winter on this lake! Once you’re off the water at this pristine lake, you take a five-minute walk into town for a hot drink.

Lake Walchensee, Germany

If you’re looking for snow-covered mountain peaks and clear, glassy water, Lake Walchensee in Germany might be the perfect spot for you. A small village surrounds it with plenty of places to find a warm place to sit and enjoy a meal after your adventure.

Reviewers on Trip Advisor say it’s one of the most beautiful spots they’ve seen.

12 Paddleboarding During the Winter Tips

When paddleboarding during winter, planning is an important part of staying safe and having a successful trip. Here are 12 tips that help ensure that your winter paddleboarding trip is the best it can be.

1. Don’t be a wanderer

During the summer months, it’s fun to venture out on a lake and explore. But when paddleboarding in the winter, you need a plan. Your visibility may be lower, and all that snow and ice make areas of the landscape hard to differentiate.

Set up your route before you take to the water and know the areas where you will be paddling into the wind and where ice is more likely to form. You can even use a GPS app to help plan your route.

2. Stay close

During the summer, you can venture out to any part of the water that you want. But when hypothermia is a possibility, it’s wise to stay close to the shore. By staying no more than 15 feet from the shore, you will ensure that you can make it back to the ground if a problem should arise.

3. Use that leash

It’s easy to become too confident and think that you don’t need to use a SUP leash in the summer months, and while most experts would argue that’s not true, it’s more important than ever when paddleboarding during the winter.

Your leash is what ensures that you stay close to your board, and the truth is, you never know what can happen when riding. During the winter months, being in cold water can cause hypothermia. So, it only makes sense that you have a 10-foot lifeline to your floating device.

4. Add this just in case

When paddleboarding in winter, falling in the water is far worse than in the summer months. That’s why it’s a great idea to wear a lifejacket. When you fall into very cold or freezing water, it can be difficult to swim.

In other words, a lifejacket could help you make it to shore when everything else goes wrong.

5. Can you hear me now?

When paddleboarding in the winter, it’s important that you have access to a cell phone while you’re out on the water. If you get into trouble, you need to be able to call someone to come and rescue you. To keep your cellphone safe and away from the water, pack it in a waterproof bag, and clip it to your clothes.

You can find bags with double seals to ensure that even if your phone does go into the drink, it will stay dry and functioning.

6. Dress the part

If you’re going flat water riding, the chances of falling into the water while riding on flat waters are slim. That means you can dress like you would if you were doing something athletic during cooler weather.

For instance, wear layers and make sure your base layer can wick moisture. On top of that, add some additional layers that will protect you from the wind and cold.

You will also need to protect your lower extremities from the cold. To do this, wear fleece leggings or waterproof pants to stay dry.

Don’t forget to wear a thin pair of gloves with a grip to keep your hands warm. A pair of wet socks and neoprene booties will keep your feet nice and dry. Also, wearing some sort of hat will help your body retain some heat. A fleece beanie is a great option.

Remember that cotton absorbs water quickly and becomes heavy, so you should avoid wearing it while paddleboarding in winter. Choose thin clothing that you can easily layer.

7. Go a step beyond if necessary

Depending on where you are paddleboarding in the winter, you may need to level up your clothing and opt for some of the best cold weather SUP gear.

For example, if you plan to surf or do whitewater riding, you might need another layer of protection from the elements. The same is true if you plan to spend time in the water.

You can either wear a wetsuit or a drysuit to give you this added layer of protection. Here are the differences between the two.


Wetsuits allow water between the suit and your body, but it heats that water, keeping you warm. If you plan to spend a little time in the water or if there is a chance that you will fall into the water, a wetsuit may be enough protection for you.


A drysuit will give you more protection from the cold water because it’s waterproof. That is a great option if you plan to paddleboard in areas where you will spend more time in the water. Keep in mind that whitewater riding will get you wet regardless of whether or not you fall in the water.

Remember, you don’t need to wear a wetsuit or a drysuit. It’s entirely up to you and whether or not you think it’s necessary for your trip.

8. Check with the boss

Before paddleboarding in the winter, it’s a good idea to look at the weather forecast. The ideal forecast includes calm winds with no chance of precipitation. If the forecast calls for wind, you can still go out, but be sure to ride the section of your route that goes against the wind first.

It will take up the most energy, so you won’t want to save it for last when you’re already tired.

Remember that during the winter, the weather can change quickly. If you know a storm is coming, don’t try to beat it and get your board in the water. The last thing you need to be paddleboarding in the winter months in the middle of a lake as a severe storm hits.

It could cause you to drift off course or fall into freezing water. And lower visibility could make it difficult for others to see or find you if you get into trouble.

9. Avoid the sharp stuff

When paddleboarding in winter, you will have to be on alert for ice in the water. Not only will it damage your board, but it could cause you to fall in the water. And you need to pay attention to ice in other ways, too.

If you see some calm water in the middle of a lake, don’t walk over ice to get there. And if you are maneuvering through large sections of ice, sit down on your board. Standing up could cause you to fall in the water if you accidentally bump into a large piece.

10. Stick to a curfew

When you’re out on the water during the cold winter months, the last thing you want is for the sun to go down before you’re back on the shore. In the winter months, it gets dark much earlier than it does during the summer months.

To prevent getting stuck on the water after dark, start by checking the local forecast for the sunset time. Then, plan on being on the shore at least 30 minutes before that.

11. Don’t be a loner

Paddleboarding in the winter is not a solo sport. Even in the summer, paddleboarders should always pair up with a partner before taking to the water. But in the cold winter months, it’s even more critical.

If it’s impossible to take along a partner, be sure to let someone know where you are. They should also know where you plan to launch from and approximately how long you plan to stay on the water.

And when you finish your ride, let them know that you are off the water so they can relax, knowing you’re safe!

12. Finish strong

It’s a great idea to pack a kit to use after you get off the water. You can include a warm (and dry!) towel, shirt or sweater, a pair of pants, socks, shoes, and a jacket. Also, include a thermos full of hot coffee or soup and a snack so you can replenish your energy after a long day on the water.

Are You Ready for Paddleboarding During Winter?

Paddleboarding during winter months does have its unique challenges, but it can also provide you with a thrill that warm weather paddleboarding can’t. Just imagine gliding across a lake with the white mountain peaks as your audience.

Or hiking down a mountain trail, drinking hot tea from a thermos, and then setting off on a paddleboarding adventure few others have taken.

To ensure that you stay safe and enjoy your winter paddleboarding trip, be sure to plan ahead and follow the safety rules more closely than you normally would.

Do you have any SUP tips for paddleboarding during the winter? Or maybe you’d like to share the details of your own adventures? Please, share them in the comments below!


Top 9 SUP App Options You Need Out on the Water

SUP app
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

SUP life is all about getting out on the water. You’ve got your favorite board, paddle, and accessories, and you’re ready to go explore your favorite paddle site. But if you really want to explore all there is to see; you need to know where you’ve been. That’s where a SUP app or two comes in.

Not only can a helpful SUP app keep you from paddling in circles, but it can also help you prepare for the weather. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in a storm.

Before you head out for a zen time on your board, consider downloading at least one SUP app. It will help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Why You Need a SUP App

You have your favorite places to paddle, but what happens when you want to explore a new place? If you stick with the same route all the time, think about the sights you’ll miss.

You could rely on sight and memory to find different routes. But the best way to find new explorations is to see where you could go with the help of a SUP app.

At the very least, it will show you where you paddle on your board. More than that, it will give you a picture of other possibilities for future outings.

Other useful SUP apps can show you the weather you can expect. That way, you can properly prepare before you get out there.

The 9 Best SUP App Choices

While many apps can help you in paddleboarding, here are 9 of the most popular options to try.

Consider downloading a few because each has something helpful to offer.

1. Paddle Logger

Paddlers love Paddle Logger. It not only tracks every paddle but allows you to share your travels with your friends and compare your discoveries. You can share your current adventure while creating a simple float plan to follow.

And if you have a problem on the water, this app updates your emergency contacts, so you’re never alone.

Are you ready for something a bit more fast-paced? Paddle Logger has virtual events, training, and races to join. That way, you can add another dimension to the time on your board.

Paddle Logger is a SUP app for Apple users of all skill levels. It’s free for download in the app store.

2. Go Paddling

Are you on the hunt for a new place for your SUP? Go Paddling is a free SUP app available for both Apple and Android devices. It contains more than 25,000 locations, so you can choose where you’ll have your next adventure.

The best thing is that you can plan your route ahead of time, so even if you’re unfamiliar with the area, you won’t get lost. SUP apps like Go Paddling also tell you all about the place you’re going and if there are fees once you get there.

Once you explore a new area, you can mark your favorites and return for another session for more fun in the sun.

3. GPS Tracks

If you like to plan your paddling route and you’re an Apple user, you might consider downloading GPS Tracks. This SUP app uses GPS to track your miles paddled and allows you to set waypoints to plan your adventure.

Record your route while you’re on the water, and track how long it takes you to get from waypoint to waypoint. While you’re out there having fun, the app transmits your location over email or text for safety.

That way, your friends and family know just where you are in case you need help.

Although this isn’t one of the free SUP apps, you might find the small price is worth the reliability GPS Tracks provides.

4. Watersports Tracker

Another SUP app that you can use for different kinds of water sports is the Watersports Tracker for Apple users. This app helps track your speed, distance, and duration of your paddle outing.

It even updates you though audio about your distance while you’re out there, so you don’t have to look down as you go.

Plus, Watersports has a map feature where you can playback your paddle session to analyze your outing and take notes for the future.

Not only that, but it also tracks your heart rate so you can update your favorite health app with your workout. And the best thing about it is that it’s free for download on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

5. Paddle Monster

Are you looking for a SUP app with a sense of community or guidance in the sport? Look no further than Paddle Monster.

This SUP app is full of techniques and tips from Canadian Olympian Larry Cain. He started this app to help other paddleboarders reach new heights in the sport.

What began as a training platform grew into much more and opened up into an entire SUP community. They hold events, give tips, and educate paddlers of all levels for racing. Paddle Monster offers community, coaching, and training programs through the app and site.

There is a monthly fee for the service and different levels available, which offer various consultations and coaching.

So, if you’re looking to race or you just want to improve your SUP experience, consider joining this community of like-minded enthusiasts.

6. iOverlander

While this app won’t help you track where you are on the water, it will help you find a place to paddleboard. So, if you’re looking for new places to explore that may or may not be on a traditional map, give iOverlander a try.

Finding a place is easy with this map exploration app. It has updated campground information with photos and amenities for you to consider.

You can mark where you’ve been and leave comments or reviews to remember your experience and help others make their choice.

In fact, that’s the most helpful thing about iOverlander. And the more people leave their feedback, the better this SUP app becomes. The iOverlander app is free and available for both Apple and Android users.

7. RiverApp

Some SUP apps can help you discover new areas to explore, track your workouts, and choose your route, while others can help you stay safe.

RiverApp is a must for all paddleboarders to download. Not only is it free and available for Apple and Android users, but RiverApp might also save your life.

This popular app continuously monitors river conditions for over 20,000 rivers, so you know if you’re safe before you get in the water. You already know what happens if the water is too high or too low, and RiverApp goes a step further than that.

The app has a feature that allows paddlers to report any hazards or conditions of rivers across North America and Europe. So, you get data in real-time from people who are in those rivers.

8. WindAlert

In addition to river conditions, paddlers need to know wind conditions as well. After all, how do you expect to stay on your board in high winds or choppy waters?

WindAlert uses data from more than 50,000 weather stations throughout the world to provide you with accurate wind forecasts.

It will tell you the wind’s strength in various areas, the direction, and alert you when there’s a wind change through text.

You can also see nautical charts to navigate the waterways to make sure you choose the best route.

This SUP app is available for free or by subscription for Apple and Android users.

9. Runtastic

Given its name, you might think Runtastic is only for runners, but it’s not. Runtastic is a fitness app that SUP enthusiasts can use to monitor their activities and hit their fitness goals.

While you’re on the water, drinking in nature’s beauty, you can track your miles paddled, calorie burn rate, and duration. Plus, you can map your route and share it on social media.

Do you need motivation? Runtastic syncs with your Pandora and Spotify. So, when you’re running low on energy, your music can get you going again.

This app is free for Android and Apple users and will help you track and reach your fitness goals while enjoying your favorite sport.

Get Out on the Water

Whether you’re just starting your paddleboard adventures or you’re a pro, downloading various SUP apps is helpful in many respects.

They can help you choose a place to go, track where you’ve been, and choose the best times to be on the water.

Your goal doesn’t have to be a race or fitness; it could be that you just want to breathe the fresh air on your board. No matter your goal, there’s a SUP app that can help.

In addition to all that, you can monitor your fitness and connect with other SUP lovers worldwide.

Keep in mind, staying safe while you’re on the water is one of the most important things when you plan a trip, and having these apps can be a lifesaver.