15 Simple to Make Holiday Recipes Perfect for This Fall

Are you on the hunt for some simple fall holiday recipes that make delicious dinners? Holidays can be busy enough without making your time in the kitchen more complicated. You want something easy to do and delicious to eat.

And you’re in luck. These dishes are easy to make, adaptable for even the pickiest of eaters, and full of delicious fall flavors.

The 15 Best Fall Holiday Recipes for Any Occasion

Whether you need holiday recipes to share at a family gathering or just simple recipes to breathe new life into your cooking routine, this list has it all.

Every dish is easy to make yet packed with squash, sweet potato, maple, cinnamon, or sage. All the fall favorites that make you want to curl up under a blanket with a hefty second helping.

1. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Nothing says fall comfort food like sweet potatoes, and this gnocchi dish is no exception. You can create this sweet potato gnocchi in a brown butter sage sauce that every pasta-lover will enjoy with just a few ingredients.

The key to making the gnocchi extra tender is to take your time kneading the dough. Try this dish today, and you’ll want to add it to your fall holiday recipes repertoire for years to come.

2. Pasta with Butternut Squash Sauce

Holiday recipes are known for their rich, fattening flavors, but they don’t have to pack on the pounds. This delicious pasta with a butternut squash sauce is full of fall flavors but light on calories.

The sauce is creamy and delicious without the use of any cream! Add some spicy chicken sausage, spinach, and sage to round out this fabulous dish and leave you licking the plate.

3. Pumpkin Chipotle Soup

You can’t have a list of fall holiday recipes without some delicious fall favorites featuring pumpkin. This soup screams comfort food while also being smoky and full of spice thanks to the addition of the chipotle peppers.

Round out the dish with a healthy addition of carrots and celery as well as barley and chicken to keep it filling. Your whole family will be begging you to make this soup again and again.

The best part of this recipe is that it’s customizable. Need to make it dairy-free? No problem, just you coconut milk instead of the dairy products. Substitute rice for barley to meet any gluten-free needs.

4. Harvest Chicken Skillet

This easy one-pot dinner dish is full of seasonal vegetables, lean protein, walnuts, cranberries, and bacon. Every bite is packed with delicious fall flavors, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and even apples.

The good news? If this dish sounds like a strange combination of flavors to you, feel free to include just the ingredients you’d like. Because after all, once you fry everything with bacon, you cannot go wrong.

5. Healthy Shepherd’s Pie

If you’re searching for holiday recipes that provide classic comfort food flavors without all the extra calories, look no further. This casserole is a lightened-up take on shepherd’s pie.

The secret? It uses a delicious potato-cauliflower mash topping that could fool even the harshest critic. Add lots more fresh vegetables and some lean ground beef to complete this hearty yet healthy dish.

6. Sausage-Stuffed Baked Apples

Find a new purpose for all those leftover apples from apple picking with this fall recipe. The delicious flavors of apple, sausage, and maple blend perfectly in this simple dish.

You can even customize it with your own additional ingredients like walnuts or pecans. Give it a healthy spin using a leaner turkey sausage that still promises lots of flavor for fewer calories.

Holiday recipes that are perfect for fall can take many shapes, and this stuffed apple recipe is just another example of innovative yet simple cooking.

7. Stuffed Butternut Squash

This stuffed butternut squash is the perfect fall holiday recipe. It’s a meatless meal that is full of Mexican-inspired flavor. The best part is that it’s all cooked right inside an edible bowl making far fewer dinner dishes tonight!

The beans, rice, vegetables, and cheese are the perfect combination of flavors inside this stuffed squash. Making the butternut squash bowls is simple. All you need to do is roast them while preparing the filling.

Add this dish to your holiday recipes today, and don’t be surprised if it becomes a family favorite you’d like to make year-round.

8. Apple and Brie Stuffed Chicken

Melty, creamy brie combines with tart green apples in this dish that drips with fall flavors. The dijon mustard sauce and crisp spinach add even more delicious flavor the whole family will enjoy.

Serve these stuffed chicken breasts over steamed rice or bacon-roasted brussels sprouts for a complete meal that will leave everyone wanting seconds.

9. One-Pot Pumpkin Curry

This pumpkin dish will warm your belly and your soul on even the coldest of fall days. The perfect combination of red curry, pumpkin, and coconut milk creates a rich, silky dish.

You can keep this recipe vegan using tofu or add a healthy portion of chicken or shrimp instead. This one-pot dish creates few dirty dishes and is ready in about 30 minutes, making it the perfect weeknight fall meal for even the busiest family.

10. Maple-Glazed Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

There are few more perfect fall duos than maple and sweet potatoes. Add in a juicy chicken breast and some steak seasoning, and you’ve got a meal with few ingredients than manages to be full of flavor.

Mashed sweet potatoes and maple-glazed chicken is such an easy, tasty meal, you’ll be making this dinner many times. It would even make an easy crockpot dinner for those busy days on the go.

11. Apple Cider Pork Tenderloin

This apple cider pork tenderloin is one of the easiest holiday recipes, in part because it cooks completely in the slow cooker. Just add some apple cider, ketchup, mustard, and Worcestershire, and you’re in business.

This pork dish is delicious over quinoa, on rolls as a pulled pork sandwich, or even topped on a baked potato. If you make an extra big batch, you can eat it multiple ways, so it never gets old.

12. Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

This is another sweet potato dish that is too good to resist. This one-pan dish is easy to make and loaded with lots of good flavors. There are lots of peppers, mozzarella, and spices like cumin and chili powder, along with turkey and sweet potatoes.

Add this quick and easy dish to your weeknight rotation or enjoy it during the holidays as a healthy meal amidst all the indulgence.

13. Pot Pie with Sage Crust

This pot pie is loaded with all kinds of autumn vegetables, a delicious sauce, and a flaky pie crust with a hint of sage. Enjoy all of the delicious decadence of a traditional pot pie without all the fat and calories.

Not only is this dish healthy, but it’s also vegan and sugar-free. The flavors of sweet potato, baby Bella mushrooms, cannellini beans, and spice blend perfectly in this mouth-watering meal.

14. Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage, Brown Butter, and Toasted Walnuts

These ravioli are easy enough to make but so delicious they will wow any guests you may have during this fall holiday season. Enjoy the rich flavor of the pumpkin and nutmeg filling that blends perfectly with the sage walnut butter sauce.

This dish only takes a little time and a few quality ingredients, but it perfectly captures the flavors of fall you crave as the weather gets colder.

15. Carrot Ginger Soup

This unique soup recipe only needs seven ingredients to create a bright and tangy flavor that’s irresistible. Although this dish has no cream, it manages to taste deliciously creamy with a pureed carrot base.

The bright color and fresh ginger flavor will brighten up even the dreariest fall day and warm you up on the coolest of evenings. Pair this light soup with a hearty salad and a big piece of crusty bread for a complete meal.

Fall in Love with These Holiday Recipes

If you’re looking for a hearty dish to keep you cozy this fall, you cannot go wrong with these delicious holiday recipes. Enjoy the flavors of fall with dishes highlighting classic autumnal flavors like sweet potatoes, squash, and apples.

From soups and pasta to casseroles and curries, there is something to appeal to every palette on this list. These easy dishes bring a special something to the fall season.


Fall Crafts for Kids: 14 Best Activities to Keep them Busy and Happy

There is no better way to spend quality time with your family than organizing fall crafts for kids. The pandemic has plunged us into a world that seems weird and alien, and our children will feel that shift the most.

As such, with the beautiful colors of the fall approaching, it creates the perfect opportunity to involve our kids with some creativity.

Keeping the young ones engaged and occupied may sometimes feel challenging, especially if we have to deal with local lockdowns. Besides, we need to normalize the situation for our children as much as possible. Therefore, why not consider some fall crafts for kids to involve them in something constructive and keep their little hands busy while they remain in lockdown at home.

Fall Crafts for Kids

Keeping the children occupied and interested may not be as daunting a task as you may think. There exists a wealth of fall crafts for kids that you may teach them to inspire their creativity. Furthermore, they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Making fall-themed jewelry and teaching them papercraft to build hedgehogs and three-dimensional trees is a sure way of engaging their attention. With only a few basic ingredients, your house may soon find itself bedecked with pumpkin decorations and tissue paper windsocks. Fall crafts for kids are something the entire family can engage in, and who knows, you may find a budding young artist bursting with talent.

Crafting helps children learn

Not only is crafting a great way to bond with your children, but it may also teach them new skills. Learning how to use tools, mix colors, and construct projects will aid with your kid’s development.


Teaching your child how to make a particular project will help them to understand and follow directions. As such, they will learn a life skill that will stay with them all their lives.


Children are all too easily distracted, and fall crafts for kids are the perfect way to help them concentrate and focus on a project. Crafting will allow them to focus on using scissors and to concentrate on completing a task without distraction.

Develop motor skills

Using tools and the physical act of creating an object will help to develop your child’s motor skills. Such a life lesson is invaluable for the development of their future and their careers.


Crafting may sometimes prove a little challenging. Therefore, your fall crafts for kids may help them develop a little patience. Projects need to be achieved through a step by step process, and as such, it will teach your child the art of being patient.


Problem-solving is another invaluable life lesson to learn during your fall crafts for kid’s adventure. If something goes wrong during the project, by encouraging your child to find a way around it and solve the problem, they learn a crucial lesson. Problem-solving is something that adults do throughout their lives, so as the saying goes, start them off young!

Discover Easy Crafts

Paper art forms the mainstay of many fall crafts for kids. With a few simple supplies, you will be amazed at what you can create. Children will love the process of forming the paper into fabulous shapes and decorations to adorn your house.

Keep in mind that you may always cut the paper for your children if they are too young to use scissors or paper trimmers. Furthermore, crafting glue is water-based and safe to use, but you may want to discourage the younger members of the household from eating it!

Paper pumpkin decorations

With a little pumpkin-colored cardstock, some green cardstock, and a kid-friendly Pritt glue stick, you may teach them to create these fabulous decorations.

Use a pastry cutting set to mark out the circles, and either cut out the shapes for the children or supervise them as they cut out the shapes. Furthermore, it is worth investing in safety scissors to protect young fingers.

Fall windsock

No fall crafts for kids would be complete unless you used the ubiquitous cardboard toilet paper inner tube. With a little paint and some colorful tissue paper in fall colors, you may find some fabulous windsocks hanging from your rafters in no time.

The projects represent an excellent opportunity to teach your children how to mix paint colors, though it may be wise to use no-spill cups to prevent messy accidents.

Cute hedgehog characters

Who doesn’t love a colorful fall hedgehog complete with googly eyes? With some appropriately colored cardstock and glorious fall leaves, you may soon find a horde of hedgehogs taking over your kitchen.

Tacky craft glue is child friendly but will also dry very quickly, making it the ideal choice to fix the leaves onto the body.

Dimensional tree wall hanging

The three-dimensional tree is easy to make yet looks very impressive. Use a safety paper trimmer to cut the cardstock for the trunk and branches. Cut the leaves from a variety of fall colored card and use a bright blue card for the background.

If you feel your children may prove too young to use the trimmer, then you can cut the paper to size for them. Fall crafts for kids are all about the joy of making, not cutting off fingers!

Fall wreath

No fall is complete without a gorgeous fall wreath. Made using simple ingredients, including paper plates and paper leaves, you may teach your children to make these as thanksgiving gifts?

A compass will help create the wreath base, and you may use glue or sticky dots to attach the leaves to your home-made ring. Alternatively, why not take your children out to a park and collect real fall leaves to make the wreath? Finish off your creation with a pretty fall-themed ribbon.

Easy Jewelry Making

Why not consider some easy jewelry as part of your fall crafts for kid’s activities? A simple stretchy bracelet and even a stretchy ring make for fabulous keepsakes.

Furthermore, jewelry making does not need to cost a fortune as there exist many fun and exciting kits available to share with your children. Be prepared to wear all manner of fabulous creations.

Simple Stretchy bracelets

Probably the most straightforward bracelet to make, a stretchy bracelet offers all sorts of combinations and colorful fall colors to create something pretty.

With a little stretchy cord and a selection of colorful beads, fall crafts for kids could not be simpler. Additionally, you can add some pretty fall charms to the selection and let the kids develop their own inventive combinations.

Stretchy rings

Stretchy rings use a finer elastic thread and smaller beads. However, you do need to use a needle, so supervision may prove appropriate. Use needles with larger eyes to pass through the thread.

Before long, all of your fingers may find themselves decorated with all manner of unusual creations.

ABC personalized bracelets

The ABC Personalized bead box represents the perfect addition to your fall crafts for kids because they can make names and phrases from the beads. The different combinations and design possibilities will stretch your kid’s imaginations and help with their spelling.

Pop beads

Pop beads look a little bit like Lego but offer creativity and fun limited only by your children’s imagination. A colorful array of weird and beautiful beads allows for unusual shapes and jewelry creations to build a riot of fabulousness. Furthermore, they may be easily disassembled and remade into new designs.

Gem link bracelet maker

The gem link bracelet maker offers a more sophisticated option for kid’s jewelry making. With an array of pretty beads, the kit allows for easy stringing and storage to make fall crafting for kids a straightforward exercise.

The kit is suitable for older children of 8 years and upwards and will allow them to make adorable designs that they may be proud to own.

Seed bead insects

The seed bead insects make fabulous pendants which you may hang on a ribbon, or even colorful sun catchers to hang in the window. With an array of pretty beads and crystals, some wire, and a little bit of fun, the combinations remain endless.

You will need some cutters to trim the wire to size, so you may wish to perform that particular chore for your children beforehand.

Modeling Fun

What kid doesn’t love modeling clay? When you consider fall crafts for kids, clay craft has to form one of the most creative and fun activities in which to involve children. You can make beads for jewelry, animals, charms, and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures from clay with very few tools.

Making animals

Polymer clay is a fantastic product that you bake in the oven to set. It’s child friendly, and you may use the end result for all manner of things. Whether it’s learning how to make different shapes, jewelry components, or aliens, polymer clay represents a fantastic crafting experience for children.

You may wish to put down craft mats to protect the surface. Also, your children may find some simple modeling tools useful.

Wiz play clay

Why not encourage your children to model their favorite foods? Fall crafts for kids are meant to be fun, so imagine the creations they will come up with!

Wiz Play clay is an air-drying clay that will allow your children to keep their creations forever. Also, a set of modeling tools will help them to sculpt their masterpieces.

For the More Advanced

If your kids are a bit older, then why not teach them how to make candles? For younger children, they will need supervision as you use hot wax to make your creations. However, fall crafts for children may melt into the perfect gift making factory for thanksgiving!

Pumpkin candles

Making pumpkin candles is an exciting way to engage your family with fall crafts for kids. With a pumpkin mold and a candle making kit, you may soon produce some stunning results.

Add a little pumpkin pie essential oil to the mix to give off a fantastic fragrance that will fill your home with fall splendor.

These candles are fantastic for kids to make because they can burn them later. Also, imagine their joy as they present one of their handmade candles as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Fall Crafts for Kids Explored

While the world finds itself gripped in a pandemic, many of us may find our children at home with us during lockdowns. It is essential to try and normalize life for our children during these weird times. Therefore, it remains essential to engage our children in meaningful activities. Fall crafts for kids are the perfect way to keep your family busy.

With so many different activities to explore, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Paper crafts offer the opportunity to make fantastic wall-hangings and decorations. Some simple jewelry techniques encourage our children to create lasting and pretty adornments. Furthermore, clay provides the chance for your child to stretch their imagination into all sorts of fabulous sculptures.

Fall crafts for kids may also prove useful for making gifts for thanksgiving. Crafting gifts will give your children a fantastic sense of accomplishment while offering a valued learning experience. Furthermore, fall crafting for kids gives you the chance to engage and bond with your children.

Do you have experience crafting with children? Perhaps you have some suggestions for projects. If so, comment in the space below and share your knowledge with us.

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