Top Shower Scrubber to Keep Your Shower Clean and Sanitary

If the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is to step into your shower and see soap scum and mold growing on your grout, you might be looking for a shower scrubber.

A lot of humid air hangs out in your bathroom, even with a fan running. Because of the steamy conditions, cleaning your shower frequently is vital in preventing germs and soap scum from taking over your space.

Why You Need a Shower Scrubber

In most households, the shower sees a lot of action every day. The thing is, while letting go of the stress of your day under the hot stream of your shower, you might have some gross company hanging out with you in your oasis. You might come out of your shower clean, but your shower gets rather dirty.

Plus, bathrooms tend to be humid, and moisture builds up. Therefore, bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs. Now, not all germs will get you sick, but the term “germs” covers bacteria, mold, and mildew. Not having a clean shower may mean mold spores are unpacking and setting up on your shower walls, doors, or curtain.

Also, soap scum may build up and leave a film covering your walls and curtain. Soap scum can cause pink bacteria you may sometimes notice on shower walls. Also, soap scum requires some effort to remove, making bathroom power scrubbers handy to have.

Therefore, keeping your shower clean and sanitary regularly will help keep germs and bacteria at bay.

How Often Should I Clean My Shower?

You might get away with cleaning your shower weekly, but if your shower is a high traffic area, consider cleaning it more frequently. Also, if you have a glass shower door, the soap scum and mold really cloud your view.

One strategy to extend your shower’s cleanliness is by using a squeegee to remove the remaining moisture from the shower walls and doors. By doing so, you help extend the time between deep cleanings and make it easier to clean in the end.

Essentially, the more water you remove from the surfaces of your shower each time you use it, the less of an opportunity for stubborn stains and mold to appear.

Features You Did Not Know You Needed in a Shower Scrubber

The handle’s length is essential for consideration, depending on your height and the shower walls’ height. If you cannot reach all areas of the shower, you cannot clean it.

Another consideration is how the shower scrubber gets power. For instance, some options you must plug into an outlet while others use batteries. Also, the reliability of the batteries matters, too, as does the charge time.

Besides, shower brush heads’ sturdiness is essential because a shower scrubber loses value when you continuously replace the brushes or if the brushes are ineffective.

How We Reviewed the Top Shower Scrubbers

Knowing that a clean bathroom is vital to a home, we considered each of the contenders’ effectiveness for the top shower scrubbers.

The length of the handle, how the scrubber receives its power, and how well it cleans the scum and germs off your shower wall all came into play.

We understand you want a shower cleaning experience that does not stress you out further. So, we considered ease of use when putting together this list.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

The Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber is useful for cleaning your entire bathroom and not just your shower.

This power bathroom scrubber has two rechargeable batteries. The batteries charge in 3.5 hours, and the charge will give you an hour and a half of clean time. Fortunately, you will not need that much time to clean your shower unless you have several bathrooms in which to wrangle the soap scum.

The handle is adjustable and long enough to reach up high.

Also, the brush head angles by pressing a button on the handle, so you do not have to touch the brush head to adjust. The flat part of the brush head gets the smaller areas, while the rounded part of the head has bristles that curve to manage edges and grout.

The brush heads are soft enough to not scratch surfaces, but the bristles are sturdy enough not to become deformed or fall apart too quickly after continued use.

This shower scrubber set comes with four replacement heads, a charging cord, and a hanger.

Broteen Electric Spin Scrubber

The Broteen Spin Scrubber is another power shower scrubber up for consideration.

The scrubber has rechargeable batteries and will work for 30 minutes after charging for 3 hours.

The handle is adjustable for the high up spaces in your shower.

Furthermore, the brush head features the ability to angle 45 degrees. To make the tilt adjustment, you press and rotate the button located near the brush head. That works well, but it is essential to note the location since you will have to adjust near the scrubber’s cleaning end.

This scrubber comes with three different brush heads. The wide and flat brush is perfect for the sinks and bathtubs. Also, the corner brush gets into the grout and corners of the tub or stall. Also, the dome brush is great on your floor and tile.

When you open the box, you will find the scrubber, the connecting rod, three brush heads, and the charger.

Drill Brush Power Scrubber

Useful Products has their Drill Brush Power Scrubber for consideration for top power scrubbers to keep your shower sparkly clean.

This power scrubber is unique as it attaches to the power drill you probably already have in your garage.

If kneeling or crouching down to clean or reaching up high is not a problem, definitely take a look at this versatile scrubber.

The Drill Brush has many uses, from cleaning out your hot tub or boat to handling your soap scum laden shower. The yellow bristles are best for the bathroom and all-purpose general cleaning anywhere in your house.

The 2-in-1 brush handles the spot cleaning of fixtures and faucets. The 4-in-1 4-inch brush is flat and made for the tub’s bottom or the area around your sink. If you have a glass shower door, this is the brush you would use, as well.

The Drill Brush also has a rounded brush that is 3.5 inches long. This brush is shaped like a bullet and cleans the corners of tubs and sinks rather well.

Your purchase includes three brushes.

CLOFY Electric Spin Scrubber

CLOFY’s Electric Spin Scrubber is another power scrubber to consider.

This scrubber rotates 360 degrees at high speed to save time on your cleaning. The cleaning heads are angled and not adjustable, but its design is easy use.

This device receives its power from batteries that can handle more than 600 charges. Also, this power scrubber uses a USB charger to get the batteries ready to go.

The handle includes a 15.5-inch extension rod to save your back and shoulders when cleaning hard to get to spaces. Also, the handle design has soapy wet hands in mind, and you will find the handle does not slip.

There are four different cleaning brushes with this option. The larger dome bristle does well for the bathtub and sinks while the smaller dome brush gets smaller areas like the toilet or smaller side counters.

The side brush comes to a narrow point and gets the corners, grout, and other hard-to-reach areas. Lastly, there is a steal brush for those challenging cleaning projects, such as your grill.

When you open the box, you will find the scrubber head and the main handle along with the extension rod. You will also see all four replaceable heads and the USB cable for charging.

FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber

The FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber is a 3-in-1 scrubber sure to help get your bathroom spic and span.

This shower scrubber features an extension rod to improve your reach to both the floor and high up shower tile.

This ergonomically designed scrubber features a 120-degree angle for the brush head. Also, there are three brush heads with this unit. The first brush is flat and suitable for floors and the tub. The round brush helps with the corners and curves of your tub or sinks. Plus, there is a corner brush for the grout lines and any corners in your bathroom.

The charge time for the batteries is 8 to 12 hours. With that charge, you receive 2.5 hours of cleaning.

You will find the scrubber unit, the brushes, the handle, and the extension rod in the box. Also, there is a charging cord and a hook for hanging.

Homitt Handheld Electric Spin Scrubber

The Homitt handheld shower scrubber comes in many different colors if you want some personality with your cleaning routine.

This mini scrubber might be small, but it is portable and makes cleaning easy. The scrubber is just over 15 inches long and features a 120-degree angle from the handle to the brush head. This angle makes it easy to use.

There is a one-key switch, which makes turning off and on uncomplicated even with wet and soapy hands. Also, the handle is designed not to slip.

The spin brush has high torque and makes 280 revolutions per minute, which helps bust away dirt and grime.

There are three brush heads to handle whatever your bathroom throws your way. The flat brush is excellent for flat surfaces, while the rounded brush hugs the curves. The pointed brush gets the corners and scrubs your grout.

The battery for this scrubber is rechargeable, and after about four hours of charging, you will receive 80 to 90 minutes of cleaning time.

This handheld scrubber does not take up much space, and it features a built-in loop at the base of the handle for storage.

When you open the package, you will see the handle, three brushes, and a charger.

MECO Rechargeable Electric Spin Scrubber

The MECO has a handheld scrubber worthy of consideration. The lightweight cleaner is lightweight but still very sturdy.

The battery works for an hour after about four to five hours of charging. The motor gives the brush 350 revolutions per minute and rotates 360 degrees.

This unit has three brush heads. The round brush handles your sinks and tubs while the flat brush does all of your flat surfaces. Also, the pointed brush is fantastic for any tight spots and corners.

Since this is handheld, you will not have the benefit of a long handle for reaching. Therefore, this is not suitable for the floor or spaces that require you to reach up high.

When you open the box, you will find the charger, the unit, as well as the three brushes.

Which Is the Top Shower Scrubber to Keep Your Shower Clean and Sanitary?

The top shower scrubber for you depends on many factors. It would be best to consider how many bathrooms you have to clean because the charge time will matter to you.

Also, the handle itself matters. Most tall scrubbers have extending handles. However, some great scrubbers are handheld. If you are tall or want to use the scrubber on your floors, the handheld ones might not be the best option for your needs.

However, you must consider space, as well. Handheld ones may require you to bend over or struggle to reach, but they take up very little room.

In the end, all of the scrubbers featured are excellent choices.

Which bathroom scrubber did you choose, and why? Answer in the comments.

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Best Bio Bidet For You: Finding the Perfect Machine to Get You Clean

Before toilet paper, there were leaves, moss, and ferns, but now there is Bio Bidet. The steady march of progress leaves no stone unturned, and the fear of another toilet paper shortage has many people looking into bidets.

For a modern and efficient way to accomplish an age-old task, look no further than Bio Bidet.

What is A Bio Bidet?

Bidets come in a few different forms, but most often you’ll find them as relatively unobtrusive toilet seat attachments. By connecting to your toilets water supply, bidets wash your hiney to get you squeaky clean after using the bathroom.

Bio Bidet is a brand that creates quality bidets in a wide variety of price ranges. They are very highly rated in comfort, sanitation, ease of use, cost-saving, and environmental factors.

Bio Bidet Benefits

Bidets have actually been around for much longer than most people think. So why are so many people still using toilet paper? Is it because it’s the superior option?

The answer is no. Bidets have many benefits that far exceed those of toilet paper.

While toilet paper may cost less upfront, the amount of money you save with a Bio Bidet pays for itself within a matter of months. This is especially true for households with many people.

Additionally, using a Bio Bidet will get the area in question much cleaner than simply using toilet paper.

If you stepped in dog poop, would you wipe it clean and call it good? You would probably run water over it because you know it will be more effective at reaching crevices and removing poop.

Bio Bidets are also more sanitary than toilet paper because they keep your hands away from the zone, making it less likely you’ll spread germs.

Finally, Bio Bidets are a wonderful way of cutting back on your ecological footprint. Toilet paper is a single-use product that is extremely wasteful.

So not only will a Bio Bidet clean your nether regions, but it will also clean your conscience!

Bio Bidet Versus Other Brands

Bio Bidet is the industry leader in bidet toilet seat attachments. They are a highly trusted company that offers well-built bidets at a fantastic value.

Their bidets last a very long time and also come with warranties that last longer than any other brand on the marketplace.

What to Look For

Bio Bidets come in a huge variety of price ranges. While all of them are effective at the main goal, the more expensive ones come with perks that you, your family, and your guests are sure to appreciate.

These perks provide you with extra comfort and additional settings for the various needs you may have as a man, woman, etc.

They also serve to cut back on electricity and water usage for additional monthly savings.

Finally, many higher-end Bio Bidets come with an air-dry feature.

The Best Bio Bidets

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s crack on, shall we? Without further ado, here are the best Bio Bidets on the marketplace!

Bio Bidet SlimEdge

The Bio Bidet SlimEdge is a highly affordable bidet that gets the job done.

This ultra-thin bidet installs in minutes and will save you from having to buy toilet paper ever again. The dual nozzle provides spray options for both men and women.

It also contains several pressure settings ranging from gentle to more than enough power.

With no heat control, the SlimEdge may not be a good option for households in colder climates. That’s because those regions may be uncomfortably cold at times, especially during the winter.

However, if you live in a warm area that rarely drops below 40 – 50 degrees then this should not be an issue.

Another thing to consider when purchasing this Bio Bidet is that the spray options on this one are limited. For that reason, you may have to adjust the way you sit on your toilet seat in order to make full use of it.

The SlimEdge is an electricity-free Bio Bidet, making it that much more affordable. All-in-all this bidet is an incredible bargain.

Bio Bidet BB600

The Bio Bidet BB600 is the perfect example of what you can get if you’re willing to spend the cash.

This bidet has nearly all the features you could want. That includes multiple heat and pressure settings, air drying, his and her modes, and a special mode for kids. It even has a massage setting.

Unlike the SlimEdge, the Bio Bidet BB600 has a wide spray feature that will reach anywhere without extra effort from you.

As if all that were not enough, the BB600 also has heated seats. You may not ever want to leave your toilet.

All these nifty add-ons do take electricity, but luckily there is an energy-saving feature. It’s still more economical than toilet paper.

Bio Bidet ELITE3

The Bio Bidet ELITE3 is another affordable bidet that is very similar to the SlimEdge. Like the SlimEdge, the ELITE3 is a non-electric bidet that lacks the heat control and other perks of the higher end Bio Bidets.

This bidet also has the dual nozzle to benefit both men and women, and a wider array of pressure setting.

What sets the ELITE3 apart from the SlimEdge is design. The ELITE3 is thicker and sturdier, which could be good or bad depending on your personal preference.

Since everyone is different, you might find the ELITE3 is better for your size and weight.

That being said, the ELITE3 is slightly more durable and higher rated, but slightly more expensive. Both are excellent options if you’re shopping on a budget.

Bio Bidet BB70

We won’t talk much about the Bio Bidet BB70 as it is essentially the same thing as the ELITE3, with one slight difference; The BB70 only has one nozzle and no his and her settings.

If you are a bachelor or the female setting simply doesn’t interest you, then you may opt for this bidet because the single nozzle is retractable so it’s guaranteed to stay out of the way when not in use. It is also removable, making it very easy to clean.

Pricewise, the BB70 is very close to the ELITE3, so it really is a matter of personal preference.

Bio Bidet Slim Zero

If you are looking for a slightly higher-end Bio Bidet with a compact design, look no further than the Slim Zero.

This bidet takes up very little space and has all the features of the ELITE3, including the dual nozzle with his and her settings.

The dual nozzle automatically retracts when not in use, keeping out of the way and therefore cleaner.

Although this Slim Zero is a non-electric bidet, it comes with a battery pack to power the included night-light. This is great for when you wake up in the middle of the night and your eyes are sensitive.

Despite being so compact, this Bio Bidet still has a sturdy and comfortable toilet seat that works well for larger body sizes.

Bio Bidet Prestige BB800

The Bio Bidet Prestige BB800 is a high-end bidet similar to the BB800, though more expensive and with some additional features.

Unlike most other bidets on this list, the Prestige uses a single nozzle without sacrificing the feminine setting.

Not only does the single nozzle move as you change between feminine and posterior wash, but you can further adjust the stream in order to find the perfect angle.

This bidet also has a pulse mode that turns the water on and off in short intervals for a more effective clean.

Plus, the oscillating mode moves the nozzle rapidly back and forth. It’s like a car wash!

The enema mode emits a high pressure, narrow stream of water in order to stimulate the rectum. This can help relieve constipation.

In addition to all of this, the Prestige BB800 has every other feature you can expect from a bidet in this price range. That includes the energy-saving mode, heated seats, water temperature control, air drying with temperature control, and a massage setting.

Finally, the Prestige BB800 is sturdily built and is slow closing to reduce bangs and stress.

Bio Bidet A7 Aura

The Bio Bidet A7 Aura is a fantastic option for those looking for a mid-range bidet closer to 300 dollars. Although this bidet is missing some of the features of previous models, it makes up for it in a few ways.

First, this bidet has a nightlight, so there’s no need to assault your eyes with bright lights at three in the morning.

Next, it comes with two programmable buttons that let you save customized settings for two different people. This is perfect for couples.

Ultimately, it’s the features the A7 Aura doesn’t have that might make you want to spring for a more expensive model.

It does not have an energy-saving setting, meaning that this bidet may end up costing you more on your electricity bill. It also lacks the pulse and wide spraying modes of other models, and the spray angle of the single nozzle is far less adjustable than on the Prestige BB800.

However, it does have the feminine and posterior settings, oscillating mode, heated seats, temperature controls, and slow-closing seat and lid.

Overall Bio Bidet A7 Aura is a big step up from the lower-end models, and much more affordable than high-end.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 is Bio Bidet’s most expensive model, and as such contains every feature of the other models and more. These features include:

  • Energy-saving modes to reduce electricity use
  • Heated seats that you’ll never want to leave
  • Water temperature control with unlimited hot water
  • An air dryer with temperature control
  • A retractable nozzle that rinses and cleans itself after use
  • His and her feminine and posterior settings
  • Pulse and oscillating modes for better cleaning
  • A bubble-infused aerated wash
  • An enema mode for stimulating the rectum to relieve constipation
  • A massage mode just because you can
  • A powerful deodorizer that will make the next person using the bathroom grateful
  • A nightlight for when you’d rather keep the main lights off
  • LED-backlit buttons that are fully visible in the dark
  • Slow-closing seat and lid to protect against slams and reduce stress

Unlike other models that have a control panel attached to the side of the bidet, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 uses a remote with easy to access buttons.

If you’re looking for the best bidet that money can buy, this is it. The Bliss BB2000 by far the most comfortable, well built, and feature-packed Bio Bidet on the marketplace.

The Right Machine

No matter which Bio Bidet you choose, you can feel confident knowing that all of them are highly rated. Not only are they more effective and more satisfying than toilet paper, but they’re also better for the environment and your wallet.

Which Bio Bidet will you be buying? Let us know in the comments below!