Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots Review: 10 Pairs You Need to Try This Year

From forest to field, there’s no shortage of great insulated rubber hunting boots on the market. While a big part of choosing the right boots for yourself relies on which shoes fit your feet best, you should also take a close look at the features offered by each model. Our rubber hunting boots review can help.

Sore, blistered feet can ruin even the greatest hunting excursion. To help you find the right pair for trudging through mud, snow, and everything in between, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular boots available.

How to Choose the Right Hunting Boots for You

Before running out and buying one of the models listed in our rubber hunting boots review, it’s important to know what separates an okay pair of boots from an excellent one.

Insulation rating

Some insulated hunting boots advertise a rating, typically formatted as something like 800G or 1200G. This number refers to the insulating fabric’s weight — specifically, the number of grams per square meter. 3M Thinsulate is one of the industry standards for neoprene insulation.

Generally, the higher this rating, the greater insulation offered by a pair of boots. However, other construction details and materials can make a lower-rated pair more suitable for colder temperatures, and vice-versa.

Noise and odor reduction

You want your footwear to help you hunt, not hinder you. Improper hunting boots can make noise and release odors, scaring away game before you even get the chance to take a shot.

Look for a pair of rubber boots that are noise-free and include odor-blocking materials. These features are of equal importance whether you’re hunting with a firearm or bow.

Proper fit

If you’re going to be donning one of the shoes from our best hunting boots review, chances are you’ll be wearing them for several hours at a time. Whether you’re traveling over rough terrain or sitting up in a stand, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable or even painful fit.

Along with general fit, think about what socks or pants you’ll most often wear with your new boots. A pair of boots might fit fine with everyday socks, but throw on a pair of thick wool ones, and you’re in for a bad time.

For women and those with smaller feet, look into specific rubber hunting boots for women.

Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots Review: Top 10

We’ve looked at some of the most popular models currently available from a variety of the industry’s top brands for our rubber hunting boots review. While the following boots are numbered, they are listed in no particular order.

1. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Realtree Edge 1600G

The LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Realtree Edge 1600G boots lead the pack in more ways than one. These hunting boots feature scent-free rubber covered in Realtree Edge camouflage that will blend into the natural environment year-round. With 1600G neoprene insulation, these boots offer protection down to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The gusseted design ensures your feet stay dry while also providing plenty of room for different leg sizes. LaCrosse’s Burly Pro outsole is one of the brand’s best for handling all types of tricky terrain, including mud and sludgy snow.

These rubber hunting boots will stay secure and comfortable throughout the day while still being easy to slip off when you finally call it a night.


  • Rated down to minus 70 degrees
  • Official Realtree Edge camo pattern
  • Flexible calf gusset for a better fit
  • Tread pattern resists mud build-up
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Each boot weighs less than three pounds


  • Too warm for temperatures above freezing
  • Not as warm as expected
  • May not fit all feet

2. Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster 2.0

Owned by parent company Red Wing Shoes, the Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster 2.0 are some of the top bow-hunting boots around. These rubber boots for men feature a composite outer material that’s super lightweight and 800G neoprene insulation.

Hunters can choose from several different camo prints, including those by Realtree and Mossy Oak.

Each pair of boots features the brand’s ScentBan technology, which essentially kills off odor-causing bacteria that can build up over time. The backs of these boots are specially constructed to expand and contract, making it easy to put them on or take them off.

During wear, however, this flexible back helps lock the boots in place for a secure fit.


  • Made with lightweight RPM material
  • Thin, 800G-rated insulation
  • Outsoles resist mud and slippery surfaces
  • ScentBan technology prevents odor build-up
  • Available in several camo prints


  • Flexible heel is a known weak point
  • Older versions feature defective design
  • May run large

3. Muck Men’s Wetland Tall Boots

As the name implies, the Muck Men’s Wetland Tall Boots are for trudging around in the mud, water, and everything in-between. The top half of this boot is soft and flexible for easy movement while also sporting a snug-fit opening to keep out cold air.

Despite being entirely waterproof, these boots feature a breathable inner-lining to prevent moisture build-up and nasty blisters.

The neoprene insulation is 5mm thick and suitable for temperatures from 50 to minus 20 degrees. These boots are versatile enough for yard or farm work in cooler weather.


  • Specifically created for wetland conditions
  • Waterproof insulation keeps you warm and dry
  • Hard rubber layer protects against harsh terrain
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Suitable for hunting, farming, fishing, and more


  • Not rated for extremely cold temperatures
  • Only available in solid colors
  • Poor traction on smooth, slippery surfaces
  • Soft upper is prone to snagging and ripping

4. LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Agility 1200G

The LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Agility 1200G boots are another great offering from the brand, though these obviously come in a smaller size range. These rubber boots are waterproof and equipped with 1200G neoprene insulation.

In other words, these will keep your feet warm and dry in temperatures from 30 to minus 60 degrees.

Built for an active lifestyle, the flexible shin panel and calf gusset offer tons of comfort and maneuverability. Plus, each boot weighs just over two pounds.


  • Built for temperatures down to minus 60 degrees
  • Secure heel with hands-free, kick-off design
  • Adjustable calf gusset for a custom fit
  • Each boot weighs less than 2.5 pounds
  • Thin, waterproof insulation


  • Not available in camouflage patterns
  • Too insulated for mild conditions

5. Bogs Classic High Mossy Oak

The Bogs Classic High Mossy Oak boots might not look as sleek as the competition, but these hunting boots are still worth a try. In many ways, their simplistic design is what garners support from hunters and outdoorsmen of all sorts.

Built with a hard exterior and a flexible inner-bootie, each boot is 100 percent waterproof and weighs just 2 pounds. These Bogs rubber boots feature 7mm Neo-Tech neoprene and are rated down to minus 40 degrees.


  • Comfortable in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees
  • Available in camouflage and solid colors
  • Inner-bootie stretches for a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Rugged, non-slip outsole


  • Longer break-in period than expected
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Poor grip on smooth surfaces
  • Shorter than other rubber hunting boots

6. HUNTSHIELD Men’s Neoprene Muck Boot

While not an industry heavy-weight product, the HUNTSHIELD Men’s Neoprene Muck Boot is popular among hunters. These boots feature a waterproof, hard-rubber exterior and odor-resistant fleece lining inside.

A layer of 4mm neoprene adds extra insulation, though HUNTSHIELD doesn’t provide a specific temperature rating for these boots.

These rubber boots offer many of the same details seen from big-name brands, including an adjustable calf gusset, reinforced toe, and a hands-free heel kick.


  • Elastic cuff keeps out cold air and moisture
  • Scent-free fleece and neoprene insulation
  • Soft insoles for added comfort
  • Hands-free heel kick design
  • Great option for hunters with large calves


  • Reinforced toe does not feature steel or composite material
  • Sizing runs small
  • Best suited for mild-to-moderate cold temperatures

7. Muck Women’s Wetland Tall Boots

If you need women’s sizing, the Muck Women’s Wetland Trail Boots are another excellent choice. Like the men’s version, these rubber hunting boots for women are also great for fishing in marshy areas or slushy snow. The bob-style outsole offers plenty of traction without adding weight or bulk to the boot’s overall design.

These boots feature 5mm Flex-Foam neoprene that is waterproof, insulating, and designed to prevent blisters.

The AirMesh lining also stops painful chafing by wicking away moisture trapped inside the boot. Like the Men’s Wetland Tall Boots, you can expect to stay comfortable in temperatures from 50 to minus 20 degrees.


  • Offers traction without a bulky, heavy outsole
  • Built specifically for women
  • Waterproof and moisture-wicking materials
  • Extra insole layer for added cushion


  • Not available in camo patterns
  • Too heavy for some wearers
  • May run large
  • Mud easily builds up on soles and sides

8. Rocky Sport Pro Rubber 1200G Insulated Waterproof Outdoor Boot

The Rocky Sport Pro Rubber 1200G Insulated Waterproof Outdoor Boot is rugged, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. Unlike most other insulated hunting boots, these boots feature a heavy-duty zipper.

Not only does this small detail add convenience, but it can also minimize wear-and-tear caused by yanking your boots on and off.

Aside from its zipper, this boot is waterproof, includes a removable memory foam insole, and sports Realtree Edge camo across its exterior. And the 1200G 3M insulation is extremely thin while still providing plenty of warmth and protection from the elements.


  • Convenient waterproof zipper design
  • Optional memory foam insert
  • Official Realtree Edge camouflage overlay
  • Features 3M Thinsulate Ultra neoprene
  • Thick and rugged outsole


  • Heavier than other rubber hunting boots
  • Some customers report issues with the zipper
  • May run small/narrow
  • Not as warm as expected

9. HISEA Neoprene Insulated Hunting Boots

The HISEA Neoprene Insulated Hunting Boots are simple, functional, and often more affordable than other popular hunting boot brands. Available in several classic solid colors or camouflage, these insulated rubber boots are the perfect option for hunting or day-to-day.

Keep in mind, however, that they probably won’t hold up to heavy wear-and-tear.

Each boot features a waterproof layer of 5mm Flex-Foam insulation and a mesh inner-lining for breathability. The flexible upper material and rubber calf gusset work together to create a comfortable, custom fit.

The elastic cuff ensures warm air stays in while cold air, water, and dirt stay out.


  • Simple and affordable
  • Versatile enough for hunting or daily wear
  • Available in several colors and camo patterns
  • Snug, waterproof design
  • Hypoallergenic inner-lining


  • Less comfortable than other insulated boots
  • Not built to last
  • Waterproof exterior is prone to leaks
  • May run small

10. LaCrosse Men’s Burly 18″ 800G Thinsulate

If you’re in the market for versatile rubber insulated boots from a tried-and-true company, the LaCrosse Men’s Burly 18″ 800G Thinsulate boots are probably the best choice. These mid-weight boots are the perfect combination of sleek and outdoorsy design.

Whether you’re hunting or running errands in the mud and snow, the 800G insulation will keep your feet warm and dry without weighing you down.

These boots are entirely waterproof and include a wool midsole for natural insulation and odor-prevention. The adjustable cuff and molded ankle design help ensure a comfortable, secure fit.


  • Versatile enough for almost any occasion
  • Lug-style outsole offers increased traction in mud and snow
  • Rated down to minus 40 degrees
  • Wool midsole wicks moisture and repels odors
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Only available in a single solid color
  • Not specifically designed for hunting
  • No insulation above the ankle
  • Reports of strong rubber odor

Conquer the Outdoors in Unbridled Comfort

For heavy-duty insulated boots that will keep you hidden, go for a pair like the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Realtree Edge 1600G or Bogs Classic High Mossy Oak boots.

For rubber boots that work for hunting or day-to-day chores, consider the Muck Wetland Tall Boots or LaCrosse Men’s Burly 18″ 800G Thinsulate boots.

At the end of the day, any of the styles listed in our rubber hunting boots review will get the job done. It’s all about what you want out of your new footwear.

So, which brands have you tried before, and what was your experience? Let us know in the comments!