Thoughtful Gifts for Singers: Our Top 16 Picks of the Year

Do you have a singer in your life? If so, you may be wondering how to find gifts for them that they will truly appreciate. Here’s the great news: finding gifts for singers isn’t difficult.

In fact, you can pick up some great gifts for singers—and some for only a song!

Here are some of the greatest gifts for singers you’ll find for this holiday season.

16 Gifts for Singers That Will Have Them Singing

Singers are a special group of people. They not only have a talent that many people wish they had, but they also have a knack for bringing harmony to the room.

If you’re looking for gifts for singers to make the singer in your life croon, check out these selections.

1. Here’s my card

Singers need contacts to make it in the business, and handing out cards is part of that process. But musicians are creatives so their cardholders should reflect that creativity.

That’s why we recommend the Cassette Business Card Case/Holder by Unic Goods.

This unique case is shaped like a cassette tape, making it one of the most unique gifts for singers. It is made with walnut or oak wood, and the front designs are made with an anti-scratch ink.

Custom engraving is available for this product on the front or back of it. You can engrave the singer’s name, initials, logo, quotes, or images. The product is priced right and includes free shipping.

2. Did you hear that?

Headphones to singers are as common as a hammer is to a carpenter. That’s why these Bellaa Headphone Bookends are perfect gifts for singers.

After all, what singer doesn’t want to hold up their books with a pair of headphones? The headphones are six inches tall and are made from oil-rubbed polyresin.

3. Bringer the singer (this)

Songwriting is a huge part of being a successful singer. It can be difficult to find just the right words when writing a song because some of the words need to rhyme to make the song sound good.

Another one of our great gifts for singers is the Essential Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary by Keven Mitchell.

The book lists 15,000 of the most commonly used words in music. Talk about a great way to make the songwriting process easier!

4. Get the song out of their head

Singers love to write songs and that makes a songwriter’s journal one of the most perfect gifts for singers. But not just any old journal will do.

The Songwriter’s Journal by Elizabeth Evans goes a step above many others. This songwriter’s journal offers room for 72 songs and includes tips, prompts, and words of wisdom to inspire the singer.

The journal includes lined pages for writing lyrics, staffed pages for the music, and fret diagrams. It also features a back pocket that holds notes, business cards, and anything else the singer wants to store there.

The journal measures 6 1/4 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches high.

5. A true pro

The equipment a singer uses will affect the quality of their voice. That’s why giving them professional recording studio equipment can help boost their career.

The ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Bundle comes with a BM-800 microphone, a shock mount, pop filter, a microphone adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, an anti-wind foam cap, a power cable, and a sound card.

The kit is ideal for both vocals and instruments and comes with a 1-year warranty, a 30-day replacement service, 7 days to return it (for any reason), and detailed instructions for assembly.

6. Tell it like it is

Does the singer in your life know how great they are? If not, the 3DRose Black Text Two-Tone Mug with the words, “Best Singer Ever” on it will let them know how you feel!

This mug comes in black and white and holds 10.88 ounces. The mug measures 4 by 3 by 3.8 inches and when drinking from it, the singer will know that you appreciate their natural talent!

7. Snowball chance of success

Every singer needs a microphone, and one of the best gifts for singers is one that will make their voice ring true.

The Snowball microphone is an iconic microphone for a reason: it delivers excellent sound. It’s a classic studio-quality USB microphone that your singer will use to belt out their songs.

The microphone plugs into a Mac or PC and beautifully records vocals and instruments.

8. Stay here

Does your singer tour the U.S. (or the world) and need a place to stay at night? If so, one of the greatest gifts for singers is a free hotel stay.

You can book a hotel for the singer in the city or town where they are performing and eliminate the need for them to have to worry about the details.

Just imagine, when they walk off the stage, they will feel comfort in knowing that you’ve taken care of the hotel room!

9. Can I have one of those?

Does your singer love to bake? If so, these musical cookie cutters by R & M International may be one of the best gifts for singers you can find.

The six-piece set comes with a piano-shaped cutter, three musical notes, a G-clef, a guitar, and a violin. The cookie cutters are made with tinplated steel and range from 3.5 inches to 5 inches.

And remember, even if your singer isn’t a baker, they can use the cookie cutters on sandwiches, craft clay, and many other things!

10. It’s a wrap

Another one of the best gifts for singers is the Musical Notes Print Infinity Loop Scarf by Lina & Lily.

The scarf is made with 100 percent polyester but feels like a cotton-like gauze fabric. It is breathable, lightweight, and super soft. And the non-scratch fabric will make wearing it ultra-comfortable.

The scarf measures 35 inches by 70 inches. It can be worn as a single loop, or they can double loop it to make the scarf appear fuller. This is a great gift for the fashionable singer in your life!

11. Open the door to music

Everyone carries keys, but the singer in your life can carry a keychain that speaks to the importance of music in their life.

The Music Keychain by Infinity Collection is the ideal gift for the singer in your life. The keychain features three aspects.

The largest charm is a silver circle with the words, “Where words fail, music speaks” on it. Next to that is a beautiful silver microphone. Finally, a tiny silver musical note completes the set.

The keychain measures 3 by 3 by 0.4 inches and comes packaged in a velvet jewelry bag to make the presentation even more special.

12. Surrounded by music

The Music Note Necklace by Quan Jewelry Store is a statement piece that makes a great gift for singers. The necklace features jumbled looking music notes and will catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

It is constructed of pure pewter and is handmade. That makes the necklace hypoallergenic, which means it won’t rust or tarnish — and it will last a long time.

The necklace is packaged on a card that includes a quote that says, “Music is Life, that’s why our hearts have beats!”

13. Are they on key?

The MetroPitch by the KLIQ Music Gears Store is one of the most useful gifts for singers you will find. It comes in four colors: black, gold, red, and blue.

It is a three-in-one device that features a tuner, a metronome, and a tone generator. But it won’t take up a lot of room: it is small enough to fit in the singer’s pocket and comes with a handy carrying case.

The tuner has various modes and transportation settings as well as pitch calibration. It also has a range of A0 to C8. The metronome has a range of 30 to 250 beats per minute.

It features a variety of beats and rhythm patterns and a tap tempo. The JOG dial makes it easy to dial in the desired tempo. It also allows the singer to select their pitch in the tone generator.

The MetroPitch comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee. It claims that if the equipment breaks, they will replace it or refund 100 percent of your money—no questions asked!

14. Protect their voice

A singer’s voice is the most important asset they have, and one way to protect them is with a personal humidifier.

A humidifier puts moisture in the air and singers can use it on planes, in gigs, in the studio, or anyplace else they need their voice to be in tip-top shape.

One great choice is the Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier by Fancii.  This white, battery-powered mini humidifier measures 5 by 4 by 1.5 inches.

To use it, the singer can use a standard water bottle and place it in the tank. The mini-humidifier operates at only 15 decibels, which is quiet enough to not interfere with a performance.

And the unit is cordless, which means it can be set up anyplace. The singer can set an automatic timer on the unit. They will be able to set it at two, four, six, and eight-hour intervals.

Finally, when the water runs out, the humidifier will automatically shut off.

15. Make a record of it

If you’re looking for usual gifts for singers, a record bowl can’t be beaten. The Motown Label Vinyl Record Bowl can be made with any original Motown singer or group.

The item is handmade and measures nine inches wide and three inches tall. The bowl is made from a vinyl record and is perfect for the Motown singer in your life!

16. Add in some fun

We couldn’t give you a list of gifts for singers without including a karaoke machine. After all, singers are all about music—and that extends to their personal lives.

For instance, when a singer has friends over or throws a party, don’t you think they need a machine that will allow their guests to belt out some tunes?

The Moukey Karaoke Machine is the perfect gift for singers because it is designed for singers and their friends and families.

In addition to a karaoke machine, it also operates as a music player, PA system, and an FM radio.

The PA speaker system has a 540 Watt 10-inch subwoofer as well as 3-inch tweeters. It also has a built-in wireless connection for wireless audio streaming.

The system features noise reduction and anti-interference so that the sound is clear and loud.

To make it even more fun to use, the speakers change color in tune with the beats of the music. If the singer prefers a more muted scene, they can turn off the colorful speaker lights.

The system operates with Bluetooth, a USB card, and a rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to get through any night of fun.

The great thing about this gift for singers is that the singer can use it to have fun with friends or as a way to practice their art.

Did You Find the Best Gifts for Singers?

Buying gifts for the talented singer in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, take a look at our list and pick out the gift you think they would most appreciate. There’s something there for every singer!

Do you know of any gifts for singers that we didn’t include in our list? If so, we would love to hear about them! Please leave your ideas in the comments below.


Head Voice vs. Chest Voice: Everything You Need to Know

As a singer, it’s important to precisely understand how your vocal cords work, especially with head voice vs. chest voice. A lot of language comes with singing, and defining your terms is the first step to developing your vocal range and honing your singing skill.

Professionals everywhere define head voice and chest voice in a variety of ways. But there are a few things most singers and vocal coaches can agree on.

Defining Our Terms

The simple definition of head voice vs. chest voice is singing high notes and singing lower notes. These two voices refer to the main vocal registers when singing.

The words chest and head simply refer to where you can feel the sound vibrating in your body. It’s no secret that singing can be a full-body effort and your vocal register is no exception.

The real secret comes in knowing when to use your head voice vs. chest voice and how to develop a robust range.

What is the chest voice?

Your chest voice refers to the lowest to the middle part of your vocal range. It is also the range you use when you speak.

When singing in your chest voice, your vocal folds vibrate across their entire length. Your chest voice produces a more resonant and full sound than a head voice might.

If you’re unsure whether you are singing in your chest voice, there is a simple test to evaluate. Place your hand on your chest. If you’re singing in your chest voice, you will feel the telltale vibrations or light buzzing in your upper chest.

You can even try this by just putting your hand on your chest and strongly making a sound like “Ah.” You’ll feel the telltale vibrations that separate a head voice vs. chest voice.

You’ll find yourself using your chest voice most naturally when singing melodies lower in your vocal range. Think edgy rock songs, which rely on a powerful chest voice.

Developing your chest voice

Every quality singer begins with a strong chest voice. Because it is your natural speaking voice, it’s the perfect foundation on which to build your talent. A weak chest voice means a lack of strength in your vocals.

Be sure to have proper airflow while singing in your chest voice to create a warm and powerful tone. Without enough air, you’ll notice a low and gravelly tone that may waver or crack.

That can be dangerous to your vocal cords, so be sure to avoid that cough-like sensation. You should rarely feel your singing in the throat. If you do, it’s a sign you’re too hard on your voice.

Practice breathing exercises to maximize your ability. You can also try this chest voice vocal exercise to warm up.

What is the head voice?

You use your head voice to sing higher notes. You will hear the sound high in your head. When using your head voice, you can hit the high notes without straining or stressing your natural voice.

To sing in your head voice, your vocal cords naturally shorten to get into that upper range.

When you sing in your head voice, you no longer feel the vibrations in your chest. Instead, you can feel your head voice in the crown of your head and behind the eyes and between the ears.

You can even feel it in the roof of your mouth if using your voice right.

Developing your head voice

Singing in your head voice is necessary to hit those high notes, but it’s essential never to push or strain to reach a note in your range.

Vocal coaches recommend that you allow the sound to move to your head naturally. Some suggest tucking your chin slightly to aid in your singing.

Many vocal coaches think of the head voice as the more classical of the two. When it comes to head voice vs. chest voice in choral and operatic singing, you’ll find head voice used more frequently.

Try these exercises to find your head voice and practice using it.

Head voice vs. falsetto

Be careful not to confuse your head voice with falsetto because although they sound very similar, there is actually a difference.

Falsetto singing reaches high into the upper registers of male and female singers. You may recognize falsetto as the hollow singing that sounds much like the high notes on a flute. The weak, breathy feature has almost a haunting effect.

When singing in your head voice, your vocal cords are still joined together, giving your sound depth and power. Instead, when singing in falsetto, your vocal cords actually come apart slightly.

A head voice will have a stronger tone that is not breathy at all. It stays bright and sharp.

Vocal coaches recommend singing in falsetto sparingly. It can add a lot of style and flair to your music. However, it’s better to rely on head voice to hit those high notes in the long-term.

Head Voice vs. Chest Voice: A Battle of the Sexes?

When it comes to head voice vs. chest voice, many vocalists agree that it is easier to sing in your chest voice.

Many women feel they naturally choose to sing in a more mixed range or even their head voice. Even so, both men and women would benefit from developing the richer sounds that a chest voice can offer.

Try not to compare yourself with other singers when analyzing your chest voice. Every singer has their own unique abilities. Some people find their chest voice to be less powerful than others, but they can still offer up a beautiful sound.

Rockers Who Sing in Head Voice vs. Chest Voice

When we think rock music, we envision singers with powerful chest voices that are raw and raspy yet pack a powerful punch.

Before you pick up a pack of cigarettes to achieve that gritty sound, work on strengthening your diaphragm. Being able to breathe well will go a long way towards creating that powerful sound we associate with rock music.

Rockers who sing in head voice vs. chest voice have ultimately mastered one thing — their mixed voice. This perfect blend of both chest and head voice allows for a smooth transition from a light head voice into a strong chest voice.

A strong mixed voice allows the best rockers to move flawlessly from falsetto to their head voice back to a powerful chest voice with little effort.

If you’re looking to emulate the masters of rock, it never hurts to start by looking closely at rockers who sing in head voice vs. chest voice.

Think Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody if you’re looking for a perfect example of this:

Use these daily mixed voice exercises to help you master that perfect blend of range and power.

Head Voice vs. Chest Voice: Which Should I Use?

When you think “head voice vs. chest voice,” it’s key to realize that neither is better or more useful than the other. A well-developed vocalist will use both their head voice and chest voice to develop a complete range.

You need both your head voice and chest voice to create a full sound and have a broad vocal range. The key is learning how to switch effortlessly from one to the other.

A skilled vocalist should work to achieve a mixed voice as well. It’s a combination of your natural voice, which we think of as the chest voice and your head voice that gets higher into your range.

With a mixed voice, you will have a well-balanced, strong tone that reaches high into your range.

Ultimately it would be best if you worked to achieve a mixed voice. In this way, you can hit the high notes in your head voice with the effortlessness of singing in your chest voice.

Work on vocal exercises to blend your chest and head voice together to create a mixed voice.

Getting Your Terms Straight

Although there is plenty of debate about head voice vs. chest voice, they’re ultimately just terms for vocal vibrations. As a singer, neither your head voice nor your chest voice is inherently more valuable.

Choose the singing voice that works best for you and highlight where your strengths lie. Trust in your instinct to bring out the best in your voice.

Of course, vocal coaches are a great resource to coax the best sound out of you.

For some, that will be a powerful chest voice. For others, the power to hit those high notes comes with their head voice. In the end, each vocalist has something unique to offer, and it goes far beyond the simple idea of head voice vs. chest voice.