Halloween Pet Costumes: This Year’s Best

The best Halloween pet costumes are original and fun. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. And you can make some of them yourself, even if you can’t sew a stitch.

Halloween Pet Costumes: Choose the Right One

It might look cute, but is it the right costume for your pet? But before you press “buy,” think about this.

Halloween pet costumes: size

Pet costumes, like pets, come in different sizes. For any costume, check the size carefully. In addition, measure your pet to make sure the costume will be a good fit.

Most costumes need you to measure:

  • Around the widest part of the chest
  • Around the neck
  • From the base of the neck to the base of the tail

Halloween pet costumes: shape

Halloween pet costumes tend to come in different types. For example:

  • Full body (onesie)
  • Cape
  • Taco (or reverse cape)
  • Skirt
  • Head piece

Pets, like all of us, have their preferences. For example, your dog might like a little hat. On the other hand, your cat might consider it a grave insult.

Try different types on your pet before committing to a costume. If your pet likes their costume, then they won’t spend all of Halloween trying to take it off.

Comfortable Halloween pet costumes

Does your pet have arthritis? Alternately, are they larger or smaller than average? Or do they have a chronic illness or injury that a costume might make worse?

In that case, try a costume that doesn’t limit your pet physically. A cape is a good choice, or a hat. That way, your pet will be comfortable as well as cute.

Now on to the costumes.

This Year’s Best Halloween Pet Costumes

So which are the must-have Halloween pet costumes this year? Take a look!

1. Bat Cat

Is your cat a creature of the night? With this costume, they can look the part.

This is a light cape-type costume. It slips over your pet’s front legs. Velcro secures it at the neck and chest. It comes in three different sizes so that every cat can find its wings.

2. Spider Dog

Do you remember this video? Polish prankster S.A. Wardega  dressed his doggy up as a tarantula and set it loose on the streets.  People screamed in horror. But viewers screamed with laughter.

Would your dog make a good Spider Dog? Then you can try this adorably creepy look with your own Spider Dog costume.

This costume comes in four sizes. It’s a one piece outfit. This means that it fits over the entire torso. It also has a head piece and eight spooky legs.

The Spider Dog costume is available in four different sizes.

3. Lion Cat

Does your cat  punch above its weight? If so, then this lion Halloween pet costume will show everyone who is the real King of the Beasts.

This costume has a hood with ears and a fuzzy mane. It’s a good alternative to a full-body costume. Also, it’s easy-on and easy-off.  The lion cat costume comes in two sizes.

4. Superhero

Every dog is a superhero, and some cats are, too! Although there are a lot of different superhero-themed Halloween pet costumes, we like this one the best.

Why? Because it’s not just a costume. It also doubles as walking gear.

The base of the costume is a regular dog walking harness. Therefore, it’s great for dogs who might balk at wearing human-type clothes. And there’s a cape, too!

5. Shark

Have you ever wanted a pet shark? Then why not turn your pet into a shark with this shark costume?

This is another onesie-type costume. That is, it fits over your pet’s body with holes for the legs.The shark’s mouth is a hood that fits over your pet’s head. As a result, your pet can move freely and see well.

This costume comes in eight different sizes.

6. Delivery Driver

Did you know that UPS has a page where drivers can post about the dogs that they meet on the job? Well, this costume pays tribute to that special realationship!

The costume fits around your dog’s neck and over its front legs. Also, it comes with a little hat. Finally, there are arms to make it look like your dog is making its own “special delivery.”

This costume comes in four different sizes.

7. Cowboy Cat

There’s a new sheriff in town, and this costume will let everyone know it!

This adorable cowboy cat costume comes in four sizes. It fits over your cat’s front legs and shoulders. The hat sits on your cat’s head.

Also, if you look closely, you can see a little sheriff’s star on the chest!

8. Faithful Mount

Maybe your pet isn’t Roy Rogers. Maybe they’re more like Trigger, his faithful horse.

This fun costume turns your pet into a cowpoke’s loyal steed. Or perhaps, depending on your pet, a bucking bronc!

The costume is a harness-type outfit. It secures around the chest and neck with velcro. It comes in four sizes.


9. Pirate

Is your pet a pirate? They can be with this costume! Like the cowboy costume, this cute pirate outfit slips over the head and front legs. Also, it comes with a little hat.

This costume is available in four sizes.

10. Puppuccino

Does your dog enjoy a puppuccino? Then they might enjoy this costume.

This is a full-body costume. It wraps around the torso and neck. In addition, there are sleeves for the front legs. Finally, there’s a little straw hat — or, rather, a hat that’s also a straw.

This costume comes in four sizes.

11. Puss In Boots

Do you have a taste for the classics? More to the point, does your cat? Then you might like this velvety Puss in Boots costume.

This is a cape-type costume. It won’t restrict your pet’s movements. Also, you can take off the hat, lace collar, and the booties, in case your pet doesn’t like them. Because of its structure, it should fit most pets.

12. Dinosaur

Roar! There are plenty of dinosaur-style Halloween pet costumes on the market. On the other hand, few of them are this cool!

Check out this stegosaurus outfit from Animal Planet!

This costume is the best of both worlds. First, it’s a loose-fitting cape. Also, it has attached sleeves for all four legs. As a result, it stay on, but isn’t binding. The dino’s “head” is a hood.

This stegosaurus costume comes in four sizes.

13. Hot Dog

A hot dog isn’t really a dog. Or is it? This adorable costume makes it hard to tell!

This is a full body costume. The bun wraps around your dog’s torso. On top you’ll find a hot dog with ketchup, lettuce, and mustard. This costume comes in two sizes.

14. Wookie

Every Han Solo needs his wookie! This costume lets your dog become Chewbacca!

This fuzzy wookie costume comes in six sizes. So it can fit a Pug as well as a Great Dane! Also, this is a half cape. Rather than sleeves, it has holes for the front legs. As a result, your pet can move freely but the costume stays on.

Additionally, there are accessories, including a purse and a belt. Finally, the hood slips on and off easily.

15. The Friendly Beast

Is your dog a diamond in the ruff? Is he (or she) a Beast with a heart of gold? In that case, this costume might be the one for them.

This is an officially licensed Disney costume. It has a half cape design. Also, it has sleeves for your pet’s front legs. The fabric is soft velvet and satin. Finally, the hat is an attached hood.

This costume comes in four sizes for your favorite beast.

16. Belle

Does your beast need a beauty? Then this officially licensed Belle costume might do the trick!

This is a cape type costume. It fits loosely over the back. Also, it fastens around the chest and torso. Finally, there’s a pretty brunette wig just like in the movie!

This costume comes in four sizes. So whether your princess is big or small, there should be a size that fits.

17. Buffalo

Have you ever wanted a home where the buffalo roam? What? Not enough space for a whole herd? Then your dog can be a herd of one with this buffalo costume.

This is a hood-type costume. Which means it’s great for dogs who can’t or won’t wear a full body costume. And wow, is it cute. This costume comes in two different sizes.

Alternately, you can choose a moose hood, a sheep, or even a unicorn!

18. Butterfly

As far as Halloween pet costumes go, you can’t get cuter than this. This bright, colorful costume is great for dogs of all sizes!

This pretty monarch butterfly costume comes in four sizes. It has a fitted shirt with holes for the front legs. Also, there are butterfly wings on the back. Finally, instead of a cape, there’s a pretty satin skirt.

19. Ghostbuster

Halloween is when the ghosts come out. So be prepared! This Halloween pet costume comes with a ghost busting top, an official Ghostbusters patch, and even a doggy proton pack!

The top is machine washable. Also, the pack is inflatable, so it’s very lightweight. And if ghostbusting isn’t your dog’s activity of choice, you can also choose the Sta-Puft marshmallow man.

20. Panda

Everyone loves a panda. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to see them. Until now!

This adorable, fuzzy costume looks like a panda walking down the street to meet you! The costume slips over your dog’s head and has sleeves for the front legs. Its as cute as it is comfy!

Of course not every dog wants to be a panda. So it’s good that you can also choose between a lion, a bunny, and a teddy bear. This costume comes in five different sizes.

Make Your Own Halloween Pet Costumes

Yes! It’s easy to make your own Halloween pet costumes. Indeed, you can easily whip one up, even if you can’t sew a stitch. How? We’re glad you asked that!

Halloween pet costumes: the base

First, start with a base. That is, a basic shape. The easiest ones are:

  • Head piece
  • Onesie
  • Cape

Baby hats and onesies are inexpensive. You can also find them at thrift shops.

As for a cape, you can use a bandana or scarf for a small pet. For a larger animal, you can use a baby blanket, towel, or even a rectangle of no-sew fleece, instead.

In the same way that you’d measure your pet for a pre-made costume, measure them for your homemade one. A comfortable pet makes for a happy Halloween!

Decorating Halloween pet costumes

Now that you’ve chosen your base, it’s time to decorate!

First, you’ll need to choose some pet-safe decorations. Avoid anything that your pet might pull off and swallow. Also, avoid materials that may be a choking hazard. Finally, be mindful of materials that may be poisonous to your pets.

Some safe decorations include:

  • Non-toxic fabric paint
  • Non-toxic fabric crayons
  • Markers

However, if you do like to sew, feel free to add buttons, ribbons, fake fur, and so on. Most importantly, though, make sure to sew it on securely so that your pet won’t chew it off while you’re not looking!

Halloween Pet Costumes: Which Will You Choose?

Do you have a Princess Pupper? Or a King Kitty? In that case, why not let them show it this Halloween? On the other hand, if your pet is a little monster, then their costume can bring that to light.

There are lots of cute, comfortable pet costumes on the market. On the other hand, if you’re feeling crafty, it’s easy to make your own.

Which will you choose?