Mermaids and Mermen: Are Ancient Legends of Sea Goddesses in Alaska True?

Are legends of mermaids and mermen based on something real? If so, stories dating back to the first writings are nothing like the Little Mermaid. 

Sinde 1988, more than 16,000 people have vanished in a triangular area, the “Bermuda Triangle of Alaska.” The missing person rate is twice the national average, with four missing person reports for every 1,000 people.

When Alaskans go missing, the search area can be as large as entire states in the lower 48. Thus, state troopers rarely find any trace of bodies, either dead or alive. Worse, the rugged wilderness makes finding missing persons all the more unlikely.

For the native Inuit culture, it’s thought at least some disappearances are attributed to supernatural beings.

Mermaids and Mermen of Inuit Legends 

For our purposes, we will refer to these legends as mermaids and mermen. However, the stories are quite unlike what we tend to think of as merfolk.

For example, Qalupalik is said to have green skin and enjoys snatching children away should they get too close to the water. Inuit sea goddess has many names with unique mythologies. These beings may be helpful to humans or extremely dangerous. 

For example, hunters tried to appease Sedna so their hunts would be fruitful. She controls all sea life from her home at the bottom of the ocean. Strangely, seals, walruses, fish, and whales sprang from her severed fingers. Her father cut them off to save himself from drowning, according to one telling.

  • Sedna
  • Nuliayuk
  • Taluliyuk
  • Taleelayuk
  • Qalupalik 


Qalupalik is said to have long hair and long fingernails and wears an amautik. This Inuit parka has a pouch for holding babies. Not exactly a Disney character…

Parents in the northern Arctic told the story to children to discourage them from wandering off. If they get too close to the sea, the Qualupalik could take them away in her pouch to raise as her own.

Thus, it’s similar in that way to the stories of the Namahage in Japan or the Krampus in Germany. By telling the stories, parents can discourage bad behavior.

See more about the Qualupalik from the Nunavut Animation Lab.

Is Qalupalik Moving South?

With greenish, webbed hands, Qalupalik snatches away both children and adults. Using a pouch-like garment, they hold their victims as they head back to the water. 

Stories of the Qalupalik originate in the northernmost regions, but now it appears the creatures could be moving further south in search of prey.

As climate change affects the Arctic, sightings further south are reported. Could it be due to the movements of potential prey like salmon? It’s one theory. Today, salmon are disappearing from much of their ranges and getting smaller. Maybe, that’s pressuring Qalupalik into more populated areas.

Encounters with Qualupalik

In the series, Missing in Alaska, witnesses describe encounters with what could be the Qualupalik. A fisherman loses his buddy to the water after seeing a green-webbed hand appear on the boat. A mysterious shape in the water snatches a net from a fisherman. Another witness loses a friend while hunting for shellfish on the shore. After a scream, he finds webbed footprints in the sand.

See more about the Inuit legend of mermaids and mermen from HISTORY below:

Henry Hudson’s Account 

The first European to sail up the river into the bay that now bears his name, Henry Hudson wrote in his logbook after his crew saw a mermaid in 1608. In the account, it’s clear the mermaid is very human in features.

“One of our company, looking overboard, saw a mermaid, and calling up some of the company to see her, one more came up, and she was then close the ship’s side, looking earnestly on the men. Soon afterward, a sea came and overturned her. Her back and breasts were like a woman’s, her body as big as one of us; her skin very white, and long black hair hanging down behind. In her going down, they saw her tail, like the tail of a porpoise, and speckled like mackerel. Their names that saw her were Thomas Hills and Robert Rayner.” 

Although some suggest mermaids and mermen were sightings of sea cows, this description seems to put that to rest.

The Kushtaka or Land-Otter Man

Tlingit and Tsimshian peoples indigenous to southeastern Alaska have stories of the Kushtaka. The name roughly translates to “Land-Otter Man” and is considered by some like the Bigfoot of the Alaskan Triangle. However, this creature is said to steal souls and viciously attack people.

According to Discovery:

“Legend has it that the creature appears to travelers in an irresistible form (such as a relative or vulnerable child) to lure victims to a nearby river, where it tears them to shreds or turns them into another Kushtaka.”

See more about the Kushtaka from Missing in Alaska from the HISTORY channel:

The First Stories of Merfolk 

Tales of mermaids date back to ancient Mesopotamia with the deity, Oannes, and Atargatis in ancient Syria. According to Britannica, Oannes was described like this:

“Oannes, as described by the Babylonian priest Berosus, had the form of a fish but with the head of a man under his fish’s head and under his fish’s tail the feet of a man. In the daytime, he came up to the seashore of the Persian Gulf and instructed mankind in writing, the arts, and the sciences. Oannes was probably the emissary of Ea, god of the freshwater deep and of wisdom.”

From Syria, stories of sea goddess Atargatis may have led to Greek stories of Aphrodite.

Enki, a Merman-Like God Who Saved Humans

Ea is the Sumerian Enki, meaning “lord of the Earth,” who created men as slaves to the gods. In appearance, Enki was represented like the astrological sign for Capricorn, half-goat, half-fish. Some say he was a merman who saved humanity from a flood sent by the god, Enlil. His son was Marduk, also known as Bel (Lord), the god of Babylonia mentioned in the Bible, with his hybrid dragon.

God Ea (Sumerian Enki), flanked by fish-cloaked apkallu
God Ea (Sumerian Enki), flanked by fish-cloaked apkallu by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg) via Wikimedia Commons,(CC BY-SA 4.0)

Worldwide Mermaids and Mermen

Across the world, mermen and mermaid goddesses are seen in legends. In ancient Greece, Triton was revered as the son of Poseidon. Today, people who practice Hindu teachings may worship mermaid goddesses such as Suvannamacch, the golden mermaid. 

Meanwhile, in Japan, stories of the Ningen, a giant sea-going humanoid from the Antarctic, are popular today. Ancient Japanese folklore tells of the Ningyo, another mermaid-like fish with a human face.

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See more about merfolk across the world from BRIGHT SIDE:

Featured image: Sedna, Sanna with severed fingers (Sanna aux doigts coupés) by Caroline Léna Becker via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0 with screenshot via YouTube/HISTORY



Uniden R7 Radar Detector: Review and What You Need to Know

Uniden’s R series of radar detectors arrived with a triumph of high praise, but the Uniden R7 Radar Detector quickly eclipsed all other models.

No matter how good a range may prove, eventually, something comes along to wipe away the competition. Uniden doesn’t mess around when it comes to high-performance radar detectors, and they continue to push the boundaries of the brand.

Speeding constitutes one of the greatest dangers on the road and contributes significantly to road traffic accidents. In 2018 alone, some 9378 people died due to speeding, and it continues to remain a deadly problem on our motorways.

Consequently, you may find that the Uniden R7 Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector becomes your best friend when you set out on your journey.

Uniden R7 Radar Detector

Uniden created the acclaimed R series of radar detectors and followed up their superb R3 model with the excellent Uniden R7 Radar Detector.

The Uniden R7 is a feature-packed radar detector offering outstanding performance. It easily mounts to the windshield and features directional arrows, false alert filtering, and an OLED display in its high-tech innards.

So if you want top-notch performance when it comes to speed camera detection in both city and highway environments, you need to look no further than this superb piece of equipment.

Automated enforcement is used in many jurisdictions to reduce redlight running and speeding. The first speed-limit enforcement program began in Paradise Valley, Arizona, back in 1987.

Consequently, America has over 4150 traffic cameras in operation. Therefore, your new best friend may arrive in the form of the Uniden R7 extreme range radar & laser detector.

Exploring Radar Detectors

A radar detector sits on your windshield and resembles a dash camera or GPS. However, the radar proves efficient at warning you of police presence and speed detection devices. The device also helps you to remain safe on the road by giving you the ability to tailor your speed.

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Police equipment, such as radar guns, is used to detect your speed, operate on specific radio waves, and radar detectors alert the driver to their presence.

A radar detector mounted inside your vehicle scans the road ahead and behind to alert you of any issues regarding speed cameras and red lights.

If you find yourself exceeding the speed for some reason, the radar detector alerts you to police or camera presence to give you the time to adjust your speed accordingly.

We all need to follow the law and stick within speed limits for our safety and the safety of others. However, we all make mistakes, especially if we need to get somewhere in a hurry.

Therefore, a radar detector may end up saving you money from fines, not to mention your driving license! Furthermore, a radar detector may help save your life.

Do I need a radar detector?

Anyone who drives for a living may find such a gadget invaluable to their job. Not only will it save you money from reducing the risk of fines, but it may also help to protect your position.

If your employer catches you speeding, you may well find yourself looking for another job.

Perhaps your commute back and forth to work makes such a gadget essential. A lapse in concentration may happen all too easily, and so, a radar detector will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The law

While radar detectors may provide a lifeline for those who hate having one eye on the speedometer and one eye on the road, you must check that the use of such devices remains legal in your area.

While their use is legal in most states, in some places (such as Virginia and Washington D.C), such devices are prohibited.

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector Proves Chunky by Design

You may be used to small, discreet devices mounted to your screen. However, you cannot miss the R7.

The unit represents a considerable presence on your windshield. It measures 3.86 inches by 4.81 inches by 1.38 inches and weighs 0.246 ounces. Furthermore, it arrives in a robust neoprene carrying case.

Driver-friendly screen

Uniden gave a great deal of consideration to the design, with the display tilted down slightly towards the driver. This represents a thoughtful touch and makes the unit easy to read.

Furthermore, the fill color OLED screen proves larger than many of its competitors, which helps when you need to understand what you see at a glance.

Size matters

Many displays prove notoriously difficult to read with relatively small text. However, Uniden solves the problem by making the text larger than most other models, which helps its readability. This proves particularly essential when you need to avoid speed traps.

An elegant touch arrives in the form of a light sensor and auto-dimming ability, which works automatically in conjunction with the lighting conditions.

Easy Operation

The well-designed device uses an array of buttons situated on the exterior. Using a thoughtful and intuitive configuration of buttons, you can easily set up the device to your preferences.

A simple menu button guides you through the process, while other buttons allow for volume control. You will find the power button situated on top of the detector.

Silence is golden

The mark buttons and mute buttons sit on the machine’s side and rely on different types of presses to activate. A single tap mutes any alerts, while a double-tap remembers false alerts.

Furthermore, the intuitive system means that a long press adjusts the brightness of the screen.

Mark button

Use a short press to mark a location. Using another short press while in a marked area deletes the mark, and a long press resets all of your stored GPS marks.

It may sound like a series of complex video game moves. However, most of us use smartphones, and the Uniden R7 Radar Detector operation feels very much like pressing and double-tapping the controls and buttons on a smart device.

Extreme Range

Uniden improves on the R series’s excellent range by boosting the range of the R7 by 12 percent. Furthermore, a dual set of antennas provides impressive accuracy in detecting cameras.

Improvements to the plastic condenser lens in front of the laser detector’s horn improve the detector’s sensitivity, especially over extreme distances.

False alert filtering

A built-in K filter proves effective at filtering out blind spot false alerts, and while it won’t get them all, the K block feature allows you to filter out false alerts from Hondas and Acuras effectively.

You can use the advanced mode to adjust the K band and cut down on false alerts. The detector proves so sensitive that city mode provides additional filtering.

GPS Lockouts

The excellent GPS feature helps eliminate those annoying false alert sounds. You may come across stationary false alerts from shopping centers or speed signs, and by double-tapping the mute button, the device remembers the signal and mutes it in the future.

The “mute memory” proves a useful feature. By locking out the signal, the detector remains silent but continues to provide you with a visual signal to alert you to the situation. Furthermore, the sophisticated device greys out the screen as a visual representation of “mute memory.”


The Uniden R7 Radar Detector features improved memory to store lockouts. Consequently, the R7 remains capable of storing up to 1750 lockouts compared to the 500 of its predecessors.

This makes a considerable improvement to the range to provide the driver with peace of mind.

Uniden R7 firmware update

Uniden plans to release a firmware update that performs automatic GPS lockouts.

Once released, the update allows the device to learn false alerts automatically and locks them out for you, which means you don’t have to keep reaching for the mute button every time.


Low-speed muting keeps the device quiet around town environments and at red lights, and the R7 remains quiet when you drive slowly through these situations. Once you put your foot down, the RV returns to its normal function.

‘Quiet ride’ proves particularly useful when you haven’t built your GPS lockouts and represents a valuable feature when driving around town.

Camera alerts

When you approach a red light camera or a speed camera, the R7 notifies you of the approaching threat and indicates the red light camera’s distance.

If you approach a speed camera, the R7 indicates the legal speed limit and alerts you to your speed if you exceed the limit.


MultaRadar CD and CT detection remain beyond the capabilities of many machines. However, the Uniden R7 Radar Detector is capable of detecting them.

The detector provides a customizable alert tone to alert you of the use of MultaRadar that differentiates it from the K band alert.

Laser Detector

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector does detect laser but lacks sensitivity compared to other models in its class. However, the device boasts excellent range with laser detecting, and it just lacks the sensitivity for reliable detection.

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More Updates

Uniden uses customer feedback to release firmware updates for their devices. The updates improve the device’s functionality, fix bugs, and add new features to the comprehensive unit.

Before downloading any updates, you must first install the appropriate drivers. Consequently, the process should prove relatively straightforward whether using Windows or Mac.

A Brief Overview

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector outmatches most other detectors in its field, including Uniden’s outstanding R series.

The device features directional arrows and excellent false alert filtering systems. Furthermore, the detector boasts a multicolor OLED display.

Using manual GPS lockouts, the detector uses low-speed muting and redlight camera/speed camera alerts.

You can use customizable alerts, and the machine supports MRCD and MRCT.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Uniden R7 extreme range radar & laser detector sounds like the dream machine. However, like all things, it has its good and bad sides.

Excellent detection

  • The detector features a larger display than most models
  • Many users claim the device outperforms most other detectors in its budget
  • The strength meter uses 8 levels rather than the 5 that other models use
  • The R7 features a longer range
  • You can use the Bluetooth feature to pair the device with your phone
  • The device displays the speed limit as you travel
  • A magnetic mount proves easy to install

The downside

  • Some users found the laser detecting feature lacks in range and performance
  • A few users claim the rear antenna provides too many false alerts
  • The updates may prove problematic when downloading
  • The device proves larger than most typical detectors
  • Some people didn’t like the unconventional build and design
  • Extreme sunlight may wash out the OLED display

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector Explored

Safety on the road remains of paramount importance to most of us. Speeding results in accidents, and unfortunately, may prove fatal. A radar detector helps the driver to stay within the law and keeps you safe while driving.

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector proves an excellent device in its budget and easily outmatches most machines in its class. Uniden continually strives to improve its detectors, and the R7 easily outranks all their previous models.

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With improved sensitivity, accuracy, and range, the R7 offers peace of mind on the road. While it lacks a little in the laser detection area, most users praise the unit’s reliability and superb performance.

A larger screen and intuitive operation allow for easy operation of the detector when driving. Furthermore, the ability to download upgrades and improvements from Uniden ensures the machine remains relevant and up to date.

Do you have experience using the R7? Why not leave your feedback in the space below.

Author bio

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.


12 Best Bass Fishing Baits for Kayak Fishing in the Winter

Looking for the best bass fishing baits for kayak fishing and don’t know where to start? You’re not alone.

Kayak bass fishing isn’t just a leisurely pastime. It’s an entire sport. And it’s easy to see why beginners get overwhelmed so easily.

Kayak bass fishing is especially popular in the winter when successful angling requires more patience and precision than in warmer months. If you want to swim with the big leagues, though, you’re going to need to start off with the right gear.

What You Need to Know About Kayak Bass Fishing

The first step to learning how to bass fish from a kayak is to become familiar with the concept of kayaking itself.

While kayaking against a strong current or over rapids can be quite strenuous, you don’t need to worry about overdoing it if you’re just fishing. In the right conditions, new kayakers can easily paddle several miles without issue.

Once you’re comfortable in your kayak, the next thing to do is figure out your gear. Unlike in a traditional fishing boat, you won’t have room to haul around several boxes of tackle at a time.

Start by investing in high-quality bait designed for kayak bass fishing (in particular, crankbaits).

What is a “crankbait?”

Also called a diving bait, crankbaits are lures that dive underwater when cast. This type of bait is ideal for any fish that feeds on smaller fish, hence why this style is so popular among bass anglers.

However, the term “crankbait” covers quite a few different lure styles. And not all of them are a good fit for winter bass fishing.

Most crankbait lures can be broken into a few categories: squarebills, shallow-divers, medium-divers, and deep-divers.

If you’re kayak bass fishing during the colder months, invest in deep-diving crankbaits.

What’s different about bass fishing in the winter?

In winter, colder temperatures force fish deeper beneath the water’s surface. While staying deep underwater helps fish survive chilly temperatures, it also makes them harder to spot and catch.

This is why deep-diving crankbaits are the key to catching bass in the winter. Shallow baits just won’t reach the “warm” water where bass and other fish like to hang out.

Does technique make a difference?

Using a deep-diving crankbait won’t be enough to bring in those record-breaking bass. Especially not when the temperatures have dropped.

Cold weather tends to slow everything down. The fish might still be swimming around deep beneath the water’s surface, but they’re moving much slower than they would in warmer temperatures.

So to give the bass a chance to grab your lure, you need to use a slow retrieval speed.

Reeling in your bait slowly allows more time for the bass to spot and move toward your lure. If the temperatures are low enough, some anglers even let the bait sit still for a few moments to compensate.

12 Bass Fishing Baits for Kayak Fishing Your Winter Tackle Box Is Missing

In winter, combining a slow retrieval technique with deep-diving bass fishing baits for kayak fishing is the best way to guarantee a winning catch. With that said, not all bass fishing lures are created equal.

If you’re ready to try out your newfound love for kayak bass fishing this winter, here are some of the best lures to add to your tackle box:

1. Rapala DT

If you’re looking for a kayak bass fishing lure that’s versatile and built to last, the Rapala DT crankbait series should be one of your first stops. These lures dive down remarkably fast yet “float” in a specific zone once at the desired depth.

Rapala DT lures feature top-quality balsa wood bodies and polycarbonate lips to ensure a great dive each time. You can cast these lures up to 150 feet, so there’s no need to worry about getting your kayak into the perfect spot before trying your luck.

The Rapala DT series includes a few different styles, so you’ll want to make sure you invest in one of the deep-diving options for winter bass fishing. Available diving depths include 10, 14, and 16 feet. Lure lengths range from 2.25 to 2.75 inches (perfect for most bass).

2. Yo-Zuri 3DS Crank Deep Diver

The Yo-Zuri 3DS Crank Deep Diver is specially designed to draw the eyes of predatory fish — particularly hungry smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Each lure includes fine details like engraved gills and scales. While this crankbait lure can effortlessly dive, its unique lip bounces off of underwater obstacles without issue.

Yo-Zuri makes tons of great fishing lures, including many made for shallow waters. For the best bass fishing bait for kayak fishing in winter, though, make sure you go with the 3DS Crank Deep Diver.

This lure measures just over 2.5 inches long and dives up to 12 feet below the surface.

3. Megabass DEEP-X 300

If deep dives are your priority, few bass fishing baits for kayak fishing are better than the Megabass DEEP-X 300.

This lure dives effortlessly below the surface and attracts fish with a natural, irregular swimming action after it reaches the ideal depth. It includes a Multi-Way Balancer System for greater casting distance and steeper dives.

The Megabass DEEP-X 300 measures 3 inches long and dives between 12 and 15 feet. According to Megabass, this lure’s also great for summer fishing off of the shore.

4. Rapala X-Rap Shad

Another of the best bass fishing baits for kayak fishing is the Rapala X-Rap Shad. This lure might not dive as deep as others but makes up for it with eye-catching details.

This lure is perfect for winter fishing when bass are less eager to jump at every piece of bait that comes their way.

The Rapala X-Rap Shad includes a distinct swimming action, holographic eyes that catch any available light, and a feathered teaser tail. With this crankbait, you’ll grab the attention of even the most sluggish fish.

The Rapala X-Rap Shad dives between 6 and 11 feet below the water’s surface, making this lure great for shallower waterways or earlier winter fishing. Each lure measures 2.5 inches long and features two treble hooks for near-guaranteed results.

5. Norman Deep Little N

For deep dives that won’t get caught on plant life and debris, look no further than the Norman Deep Little N crankbait. This lure has landed several recorded wins in bass fishing competitions, so you know it’s the real deal.

This bass fishing lure dives quickly and suspends with a distinct floating action. With almost 30 colors available, there’s a crankbait lure for every fishing scenario.

Whichever colorway you prefer, this lure measures 2.5 inches long and features two #4 hooks for a reliable catch each time. The Norman Deep Little N dives down between 9 and 12 feet, depending on conditions.

6. Rapala Shad Rap RS

For a straightforward, plastic crankbait, the Rapala Shad Rap RS is an excellent starter lure for your winter kayak fishing tackle box. It’s heavier than other bait, making it the perfect solution for casting in windy conditions.

Catching the attention of sleepy fish won’t be an issue with this lure. This crankbait is designed to suspend and wobble at depth for a lure that’s too tempting for hungry bass to resist.

For bass fishing in winter, we suggest the largest Rapala Shad Rap RS style available. It measures 2.75 inches and consistently sinks down between 7 and 15 feet.

7. Strike King Pro Model 8XD Crankbait

In the peak of winter, fish need to go deep to survive. The Strike King Pro Model 8XD Crankbait can reach some of the deepest waters of any crankbait out there.

This crankbait features three-dimensional eyes and a large profile to ensure no fish can ignore your tempting bait, even in the sluggish winter months. The rattling sound made by this lure during retrieval can help draw in even the most stubborn bass.

This crankbait lure is designed for catching big bass. Each lure measures 5.5 inches long and dives down to 20 feet.

8. Strike King Pro Model 6XD Crankbait

If you love the quality of Strike King lures but don’t need any monstrous bass fishing baits for kayak fishing, we’ve got you covered. The Strike King Pro Model 6XD Crankbait offers all of the great features of the large 8XD Series in a much smaller package.

These lures might look like any other deep-diving bass fishing bait. But the unique curved lip allows this crankbait to dive further and faster than similar models.

The Strike King Pro Model 6XD Crankbait measures 3 inches — large, but nothing compared to the 5.5-inch 8XD — and dives down to 19 feet.

9. Bomber Fat Free Fingerling Crankbait

Many of our recommendations are ideal for deep, open water. If you live in a warmer climate, though, you might find yourself winter fishing in shallower waters from time to time. The Bomber Fat Free Fingerling Crankbait is perfect for just these scenarios.

This crankbait lure comes in a variety of reflective, eye-catching patterns. The built-in rattle and fast wobbling motion during retrieval will alert nearby bass it’s time to strike.

These lures measure 2.4 inches long and can dive down between 8 and 10 feet below the surface. Each comes equipped with two exclusive rotating treble hooks for reliability when you need it most.

10. Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad

While depth and retrieval speed are key to landing big bass in the wintertime, don’t discredit the power of light. The Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad lure mimics baitfish in its movement.

It also features a see-through design that reflects the natural light around it to catch the eye of predator fish.

The Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad is not actually made of real glass. So there’s no need to worry about durability. The crystal-clear plastic construction will stand up to whatever you and Mother Nature throw at it.

These bass fishing baits for kayak fishing measure 2.75 inches long and dive down between 10 and 14 feet. Its erratic, wobbling swimming pattern is nearly guaranteed to draw attention from any bass in its vicinity.

11. Bandit Lures Series 300

Looking for bass fishing baits for kayak fishing with a smaller profile? The Bandit Lures Series 300 crankbaits offer deep dives in a small body.

Despite the small size, these lures still have a classic shad-inspired shape and loud rattles. Internal lead weights give this lure a satisfying heft and can help trigger bites upon impact with rocks and debris.

These Bandit Lures crankbaits measure 2 inches long. Each Series 300 lure dives down to 12 feet (check out the Series 100 and 200 ranges for shallow dives come summertime!).

12. Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown

The Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown mimics the movements of small baitfish. This swimming action is ideal for hunting down predators like bass in the cold winter months.

Each lure is slightly weighted to make maintaining the perfect baiting depth even easier. This feature is especially helpful when practicing your slow retrieval.

Invest in this bass fishing lure if you frequent waterways on the shallower side. The Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown comes in two sizes, the larger of which measures 2.75 inches and sinks between 6 and 9 feet below the water’s surface.

When Temperatures Take a Dive, So Do the Fish

Whether you’re fishing from a huge boat or a personal kayak, record-breaking bass go where the water is warmest. If you want to be a successful angler, your strategy must change with the seasons.

As always, the best bass fishing baits for kayak fishing depend on a lot of factors. For anyone just starting out with winter kayak fishing, we recommend investing in a few different lures and seeing what works in your favorite fishing spots.

Of course, you should take the time to research your local waterways. Reach out to your community’s bass fishing club in-person or online to learn what more experienced anglers have in their tackle boxes. The last thing you want is to cast a 15-foot diver in a river that caps out at 10 feet!

What are your favorite winter kayak bass fishing tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!


Kid’s Tablet Cases That Actually Stand up to Use

After this holiday season, you may find yourself hunting for kid’s tablet cases.

You haven’t spent all that money buying the latest electronic tablet for your child only to find it in tatters on the floor. It may feel inevitable that at some point, that glorious electronic gadget may find itself tumbling to the ground.

A good quality, sturdy tablet case offers peace of mind, even if your children suffer from the dropsies. Furthermore, with the event of homeschooling during the pandemic, tablets form a vital and necessary part of the learning process.

Consequently, you need to protect the precious equipment from damage and need to find the best tablet cases for kids.

Kid’s Tablet Cases

No-one wants to see their hard-earned money crash to the floor in a shower of glass and electronics. Consequently, the best kid’s tablet cases form a protective shield around the tablet to save it from those inevitable falls.

When you consider the expense of replacing a tablet, buying a protective case feels like a small investment by comparison.

Tablet cases for kids come in a variety of colors and shapes. The iPad 2 Case for kids from TopEsct offers a sturdy solution in vibrant pink with handy handles made for small hands.

Alternatively, the iPad Case for Kids from CHINFAI in blue provides superb protection with handles and embossed letter decoration.

However, you may need to find 7-inch tablet cases for kids. The Kindle Fire 7 Case from Dinines comes in various colors and proves perfect for those smaller devices.

Alternatively, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO provides superb protection.

The Importance of the Tablet

The concept of the electronic tablet is older than you think. An American scientist named Alan Kay came up with an idea called the Dynabook back in 1972.

He envisioned a personal computing device for children that functioned similarly to a computer.

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When the first iPad appeared in 2010, it revolutionized personalized computing to become one of the must-have items on the market. Since then, the iPad’s evolution has seen numerous iterations to become ever more sophisticated and ever more desirable.

It is hard to adequately state how profoundly technology has changed our lives and how we interact with the world. From social media to shopping, the humble tablet continues to transform our lives.

A whole new world

From reading to learning, the tablet forms an essential part of a child’s home development. The pandemic means that many of us choose to homeschool our children, and for many young students, the tablet forms an essential part of that process.

Tablets don’t come cheap. Some households may find themselves lucky enough to have more than one device, while others only have one. Consequently, protecting your precious equipment from slippery fingers remains a priority.

The Best Kid’s Tablet Cases

The type of tablet case you purchase depends on the model of tablet you own. If your child uses an Amazon Fire Tablet, you need to buy a case that fits that model.

The same applies to an iPad in all its iterations. You need to consider the tablet’s brand and size before you acquire the case, or it may not fit.

A successful case should shield the tablet from falls. If your child drops the tablet on the floor, the case protects the screen against shattering and prevents shock damage to the electronics inside the device.

Furthermore, the best tablet cases for kids fit perfectly into their small hands.


You need a tough and robust case to protect your tablet. While a smart leather-bound cover looks good and feels good to use, it may not offer sufficient protection from the little monsters in the home.

Consequently, look for a case made from a durable material such as silicone that protects the device’s edges and frame. A thin, pretty cover just won’t cut it.

Buttons and fingerprints

Whatever case you choose, make sure it allows the user to use any buttons on the tablet. You don’t want to use a cover that conceals any vital controls. Buying a protective cover designed for your specific model of tablet ensures that any essential controls remain accessible.

A tablet with sturdy handles helps to protect the screen against fingerprints. At some point, your child may use the tablet while eating, and we all know where that may lead, so using a cover with handles helps with the sticky finger issues.

If the child holds the tablet using the handles, you may spare the screen a wet wipe tidy up.

Our List of the Best Kid’s Tablet Cases

We have scoured the world of cases to find some of the best products for your money. Each case comes with many positive customer reviews to provide you with peace of mind with every purchase.

The end-user remains a vital source of information with any product because they have the experience of using the product. Consequently, the positive experience of other users gives us peace of mind when we purchase.

iPad 2 Case for kids

The iPad 2 Case for kids from TopEsct fits the iPad 2, 3, and 4 generations to provide superb shockproof protection for your devices. You may purchase the cover in a variety of colors.

The unique design consists of high-quality silicone soft gel that proves non-slip with anti-dust properties. Furthermore, the scratch-resistant frame proves easy to install and easy to wipe clean.

Moreover, the case features drop resistant and shockproof properties to provide extreme protection.

The durable cover protects the back and boasts durable, comfortable, child-friendly handles for easy carrying. The precision cut-outs allow for precise use of all the iPad’s features.

A sturdy stand built into the back of the case allows the tablet to stand freely on many surfaces, and a tempered glass screen protector shields the screen and protects against grubby fingerprints.

iPad Case for Kids

The excellent iPad Case for Kids from CHINFAI comes in various colors designed to fit 5th generation iPads. A thick, sturdy frame made from food-grade silicone materials ensures superb drop-proof and shock-resistant protection for your device.

The impact-resistant silicone provides a unique cushioning effect grid structure design, which offers superior protection against drops and impact. Furthermore, the corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection.

The stand proves self-supporting because of the creative foot design and features robust, convenient grip handles with embossed letter detail.

Kindle Fire 7 Case

The Kindle Fire 7 Case from Dinines comes in a selection of colors and fits the 5th and 7th generation of Amazon Fire tablets.

Dinines use a dense, heavy-duty EVA foam material that withstands considerable wear and tear together with extreme shock protection.

The lightweight yet durable case covers the back and sides while extending above the tablet’s surface to keep the screen safe from scratches if laid on its surface. Furthermore, the robust carrying handle provides a secure anti-slip grip.

Precision cut-outs give clear access to the tablet’s buttons and ports, while cut-outs for the speakers sit in the back of the case together with a hole for the rear camera. The case features a convenient pop-out stand to prop up the device on many types of surfaces.

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Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch

If you want a 7-inch tablet case for kids, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO proves ideal. The case comes in a variety of vibrant colors designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch.

The case features a tough and durable finish constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate, double-reinforced with a shock-absorbing silicone inner sleeve. Furthermore, the corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and impacts.

A smart feature arrives in the form of a handle that flips to double up as a convenient stand. Furthermore, the precision cut-outs ensure you can continue to enjoy all the tablet controls and features.

Kids Case for RCA Voyager 7 Inch Tablet

The Kids Case for RCA Voyager 7 Inch Tablet from AVAWO comes in several bright colors suitable for all RCA Voyager 7-inch tablet versions.

The case features a durable, heavy-duty EVA foam construction to protect against shocks and bumps. Double thick padding protects the corners while the durable build resists dust and scratches.

A crystal-clear screen protector built into the case covers the tablet display to enhance the tablet screen’s longevity. It allows for responsive capacitive touch while keeping the screen immaculate.

The convenient built-in stand allows for use on many surfaces, while the robust carrying handle provides a firm, anti-slip grip.

Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case

The Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case from HALOWAY proves suitable for the iPad 7th and 8th generation tablets. You may also use the case for the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

The case features a shockproof anti-fall back cover made from soft silicone rubber and environmentally friendly rigid polycarbonate. Polymer sponges inside the case dramatically improve the cushioning protection of the case.

The unique design comes in a variety of funky colors and patterns. Furthermore, a unique adjustable stand built into the reverse allows you to use and watch your tablet from many angles.

3D Butterfly Case for Kids

The 3D Butterfly Case for Kids from Simicoo comes in various colors suitable for the 7th and 8th generation of iPad tablets. The case derives from a durable, heavy-duty EVA foam, which proves lightweight and water-resistant while offering 360-degree body protection.

The shock-absorbing, robust case features a unique butterfly design with adjustable wings that act as the stand. Double-layer thick silicone protects the corners from falls while the case sits 3mm higher than the screen to act as a screen bumper.

Precision cut-outs allow for continued use of all your iPad features, including the speakers and camera.

Tablet Case for Galaxy Tab A

The Tablet Case for Galaxy Tab A from Timecity comes in various vivid colors designed for the Galaxy Tab A models. The case offers superior protection with 3 layers of front and back. It features 1-layer soft silicone and a 2-layer hard PC front frame and back cover.

A 360-degree rotatable foldable stand offers multiple angles of usage while maintaining a comfortable view. Furthermore, the adjustable hand strap provides a secure, convenient grip.

The case features an adjustable, removable strap, and the heavy-duty construction protects against bumps and shocks. Precision cut-outs enable the use of the tablet’s features.

Kids Case for Lenovo from TeeFity

The Kids Case for Lenovo from TeeFity comes in several bright colors designed for the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 10.3-inches. It features a built-in screen protector to protect against scratches.

The case uses thick foam to encase the back and sides and extends above the screen for added protection. It proves shockproof and provides superb protection against drops and accidents. An anti-slip handle offers a firm grip for easy carrying.

The case features a built-in kickstand, which allows for multiple angles and viewing on many surfaces. Furthermore, the precision cut-outs allow for easy access to the speakers and buttons.

Fire 7 Kids Case

The Fire 7 Kids Case from MENZO comes in various bright colors suitable for the Amazon Fire 7 7th and 9th generation.

The case features robust carrying handles and a foldable stand. The case is constructed from heavy-duty, non-toxic EVA material, which withstands considerable wear and tear to provide extreme shock protection. It includes a shoulder strap for convenient transportation.

Precision cut-outs allow for precise use of the tablet’s functions, rear camera, and speakers.

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Kid’s Tablet Cases Explored

When we spend our hard-earned money on a tablet for our kids, we don’t want to see it smashed on the floor because of an accident. Buying a protective cover for your tablet may prove one of the best investments you make. Our list of kid’s tablet cases solves the problem.

The Adjustable Hybrid iPad Case from HALOWAY provides superior protection for your device while giving your tablet a child-friendly, funky appearance.

Alternatively, the Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 Inch from BMOUO proves the ideal choice to protect against unforeseen accidents.

Whichever case you choose, it remains essential to check that your model fits the case before you purchase. Kids tablet cases may save your device and save you money and heartache in the long run.

Author Bio

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.



Memorable Quotes at the Transition From 2020 to 2021

We’re well into a new year after enduring 2020, a year almost nobody will miss in hindsight. However, this moment in history is one nobody will ever forget. To mark the occasion, we share some memorable quotes of the moment. May the year ahead vastly improve as we reunite and recover from a pandemic and ongoing political chaos.

Dolly Parton Unifies the Nation

Dolly Parton has been called a “great unifier” in a year when America was so very divided. People of all walks of life and ages love her equally. In 2020, she reached “pandemic savior” status.

Since age five, Parton began writing music, and by age ten, she started appearing on local radio and television. From there, she never stopped, becoming the first woman in country music to have her own TV program, “Dolly,” in 1976. After many albums and movies, and a Dolly-themed park, she amassed great wealth but remains humble and charitable.

In the spring of 2020, she donated one million dollars to Covid-19 vaccine research at Nashville’s Vanderbilt Medical Center. As a result, scientists had a vaccine, and fans gushed she helped save the world.

“Shakespeare may have written King Lear during the plague, but Dolly Parton funded a Covid vaccine, dropped a Christmas album and a Christmas special,” tweeted author Lyz Lenz.

Image via YouTube

A Force for Good

In the Times, Parton says she wanted to make a difference.

“I just wanted to do really good work, and I wanted it to make a really big difference in the world … to uplift mankind and glorify God,” Parton said.

Although Parton is having a moment as one of the most beloved artists, she remains humble. Aways, she remains a force for good in the world, unlike many other powerful people.

“The more I accomplish, the more humble I become because I realize how [few] people are able to say that they’ve seen their dreams come true.”

Parton brushed aside praise for her help in defeating the pandemic.

“I’m just happy that anything I do can help somebody else, and when I donated the money to the COVID fund, I just wanted it to do good, and evidently, it is. And let’s just hope we find a cure real soon,” said Parton.

Below, Parton talks about Coronavirus Vaccine Donations with TODAY:

Saying Goodbye Via ZOOM

A couple married for 70 years faced their final moments on Christmas day. Pauline and Richard Payne of Northeast Ohio were in their 90s and otherwise healthy when diagnosed with Covid-19. Pauline passed away at 9:30 on Christmas night. The next day, Richard took his last breath in the same hospital room. It was nearly 24 hours to the minute, reports the Canton Repository.

Their son, Richard Payne Jr., described the loss:

“We feel cheated.”

After a long happy life, the Paynes faced an abrupt, unfair ending, like so many Americans this year.

“They had a great life, but a lousy ending, and that’s the resentment and anger part about COVID,” he told Fox8.

Image via Fox8

Knowing the end was near, he had to say goodbye in a ZOOM call.

“A Zoom call with her … that, without a doubt, was the toughest conversation I will ever have, cause it’s the last time you’re gonna be able to say goodbye,” said Payne Jr.

For at least 379,000 Americans to date, Covid-19 was deadly, affecting people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic status. Due to long-standing systemic health and social inequities, people from racial and ethnic minority groups remain at increased risk. 

Politicians: Get a Grip

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) expressed exasperation on January 2, 2021, barely into the new year. After losing the election, Donald Trump received support from eleven Senate Republicans to dispute the election. For Klobuchar, it was an embarrassing turn of events.

“With all due respect to my Republican colleagues in the Senate who are doing this: can you please get a grip? Election officials across the country, including Republican Governors, have certified these results. This is embarrassing,” Klobuchar tweeted.

Brainwashed Americans 

On January 6, 2021, a group of Trump supporters sieged the Capitol to interrupt lawmakers conducting a ceremony. The quadrennial act of certifying the presidential vote was taking place. Before the ceremony, Donald Trump called on his followers to “fight much harder” against “bad people” and “show strength” at the Capitol. 

After Trump’s speech, a violent mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol, defiling the building with excrement. Five people died in what is being called a coup attempt, but the rioters seemed to be given preferential treatment by law enforcement. 

Reacting to the resulting deadly siege, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said: 

“This is our new domestic terror threat – brainwashed Americans, people who have been fed a pile of BS so deep that they can’t find the truth with goggles on,” said Wallace. 

Georgia Elects Their First Black Senator

On the same day the Capitol was defiled, Georgia elected their first black senator, Rev. Raphael Warnock. Only ten African Americans have served in the US Senate before him. Since November, the win was one of many election victories for women and minorities.

On the day of the vote, December 17, 2020, Warnock shared news about his mother:

“As a Black teenager growing up in Waycross, GA, in the 1950s, my mom used to pick somebody else’s cotton. Today, those 82-year-old hands picked her son to be a United States Senator from Georgia. God bless her, and God bless America,” tweeted Warnock.

Memorable quotes, Raphael Warnock
Image via YouTube

See Senator-elect Warnock after winning the runoff election via ABC7:

A Better Future Ahead

2020 was an abysmal year, but better days appear on the horizon. Kamala Harris, the next Vice President, shared encouragement for kids across America.

“In eight days, we’ll show every child in America—regardless of their color or gender—that there are no limits to who can lead and hold positions of power in our country.”

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube


Who Will Always Be a Champion of Facts, Wisdom, and Humor? Alex Trebek

From 1984 right up to the month before his death on November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek, full name George Alexander Trebek, hosted Jeopardy! The award-winning host appeared in over 8,000 episodes, taping five per day, including some appearing posthumously.

Since 2014, Alex Trebek held the Guinness World Record for most game shows hosted by the same presenter. He loved doing the show and never tired of it right to the end.

He was 80-years-old and battled pancreatic cancer, which he first publicly announced on March 6, 2019. Soon after, the cancer went into remission, and he returned to tape the 35th season. Unfortunately, aggressive cancer suddenly came back.

Nevertheless, he continued to tape introductions for 20 Jeopardy introductions, even while in considerable pain.

Hosting the Show Gave Him Strength

While filming, Trebek said he gained strength.

“Oddly enough, when we started taping, I suddenly started to regain my strength,” he said in a phone interview a couple of days later. “It’s the strangest thing. It is some kind of an elixir.”

As he went about hosting, he resolved to maintain the quality of the show.

“It’s a quality program, and I think I do a good job hosting it, and when I start slipping, I’ll stop hosting,” he said.

Judging by a recent contestant, Cliff Chang, Trebek did just that. Appearing on the final show Trebek hosted, Chang says the host was a “consummate professional.”

Appearing on the show had been an “exhilarating train ride.” The Chicago Tribune reports that Chang praised Trebek for “normalizing being cool for knowing stuff, in a way that not a lot of other people did.”

Proudest Moment on the Show?

Trebek once responded when asked if he had a “proudest moment” on the show in a moment of humor. “We’ve done over 7,500 shows, and I don’t even remember the ones we did yesterday.” For Trebek, ensuring every show was of the highest quality and accuracy was equally important.

Trebek is survived by his wife, Jean Currivan Trebek, and two children, Emily and Matthew Trebek. His quick wit, dry humor, and intellect made him a favorite for millions. Over the years, Jeopardy! became iconic, with its unique phrasing in the form of a question often parodied.

Moving to the Next Level

Trebek showed astonishing bravery as he faced his final days. The Times reported how he spoke to his wife about moving to the “next level,” almost like he was advancing on the game show.

“Yesterday morning my wife came to me and said, ‘How are you feeling?’ And I said, ‘I feel like I want to die.’ It was that bad,” he said. “There comes a time where you have to make a decision as to whether you want to continue with such a low quality of life, or whether you want to just ease yourself into the next level. It doesn’t bother me in the least.”

He bravely moved on to the next level, advocating for helping those suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic in a posthumous message.

A Champion of Facts

At a time when our culture faces a war on facts, Trebek was the champion of them. He found adhering to facts comforting and believe the show was a positive force for learning.

“There’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing a fact,” Trebek said. “The sun is up in the sky. There’s nothing you can say that’s going to change that. You can’t say, ‘The sun’s not up there, there’s no sky.’ There is reality, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting reality. It’s when you try to distort reality, to maneuver it into accommodating your particular point of view, your particular bigotry, your particular whatever — that’s when you run into problems.”

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

When asked why people loved the show so much, he said it was due to its longstanding emphasis on the positive.

“Jeopardy! is beloved because it has lasted so long. Viewers relate positively to Jeopardy! because there are no great negatives about our program. We try to emphasize the positive [and] favor learning. We want you and the contestants to demonstrate that knowledge is not only important, but it’s valuable in every aspect of your life. So, we reinforce the postives, and you can’t go wrong with that.”

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

Watch the real Trebek behind the scenes from Business Insider:

The Wiley Wizard of Odds

A Canadian, Trebek got his American game show start on the 1970 game show, “The Wizard of Odds.” Another Canadian, actor Alan Thicke was developing the show and called on Trebek. In 1973, Trebek got the job and moved to California. He remained employed in a string of game shows for the next 50 years.

On the show, the announcer referred to him as “The Wiley Wizard of Odds.” From there, he appeared on many other game shows, including:

  • Double Dare
  • Classic Concentration
  • The $128,000 Question
  • Pitfall
  • The New Battlestars
  • High Rollers
  • To Tell the Truth

At one point, Trebek hosted three shows simultaneously: Jeopardy!, Concentration, and To Tell the Truth.

In a pilot for a show called Malcolm, Trebek played second banana to a strange animated cartoon video puppet. 

See some of the shows Trebek hosted in the video from YouTube:

A Romantic at Heart

Although Trebek was often somewhat stoic as host of the fast-paced Jeopardy!, behind the scenes, that wasn’t the case. For example, he described the day he proposed to his second wife, Jean Currivan Trebek. It was in the late 1980s when he met her at a party and proposed within months.

“I had visited Thailand, and I purchased a sapphire and diamond ring…I invited my future wife over to my house for dinner.


“This is a souvenir from Bangkok, Thailand,’ and she looked at it, and there was the ring. I didn’t say a word. She ran from the room in tears. We are a crying family. I cry at the opening of a door,” he said.

Jean Currivan Trebek supported her husband throughout his ordeal with cancer, uplifting him whenever possible.

Jean Currivan and Alex Trebek
Jean Currivan and Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/ABC News

What is Self-Deprecating Humor, Alex?

Often, Trebek had a dry sense of humor, but he enjoyed poking fun at himself. For example, he appeared on Saturday Night Live with hilarious impersonator Will Ferrell.

“Never be afraid of poking fun at yourself. Self-deprecating humor is worth its weight in gold,” Trebek said.

Alex Trebek Meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/Business Insider

Alex Trebek’s Legacy of Laughs

When asked what he wanted his legacy to be, he said:

“Nice man, helped people through his charity work, was kind to everybody he encountered. Enjoy life. Make somebody laugh. I believe laughter is one of the greatest cures that we can possibly have. It’s right up there with prayer, believe me,” he said.

Alex Trebek meme
Alex Trebek, image via YouTube/ABC News

For an example of his off-screen humor, when asked what advice he would give to his 20-year-old self, Trebek paused and said, “Try to meet Ava Gardner if you can,” with a smile.

In another moment, he said his favorite part of the show was spending a half-hour on stage with “three very bright people” because “I don’t like spending time with stupid people, so I have very few friends.”

We will all miss Alex Trebek, a champion of facts and humor. What an amazing life as we enter a new year, embracing his example of valuing facts and wisdom.

See more from ABC News below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube/Business Insider


What Is a Tune-Up? Speed and Car Care 101

When defining “What is a tune-up?” the first step is to determine what you expect to gain from your tune-up. While there are many ways to tune up a vehicle, routine maintenance is what most people think of regarding tune-ups.

Other types of tune-ups concentrate on creating more speed, better gas mileage, and various other focus areas. If your state has yearly vehicle inspections, and you’re not sure your car can pass, you can tune it with that in mind.

If your tires wore out 20,000 miles before they should have, you could tune up your ride to focus on fixing that. Got a shimmy in your steering? It could be your brakes, wheel hubs, or suspension. No matter what you want to improve in your ride, there is a type of tune-up to address it.

There Is More than One Type of Tune-Up

Routine maintenance tune-ups are the most common, while other types of tune-ups pay attention to particular areas. Some of the different tune-ups include:

  • Routine maintenance
  • State inspection (the “must pass to keep driving”)
  • Adding speed
  • Gaining fuel economy
  • Reducing exhaust emissions
  • Frame and suspension attention
  • Extending tire life
  • Increasing your stopping power

If your car is a daily ride, you’ll probably stick to the basics. However, if you have a project car, you can tweak your ride for show or even racing.

Routine maintenance tune-up

Check the fluids, check and replace the spark plugs, drop some injector cleaner into the fuel tank. You can perform most tasks in your driveway, even on the newer, computerized cars of today.

If you have the owner’s manual, it will list tune-up intervals for your model. If you don’t have that, you can probably find it online by searching for the make and model. Most auto manufacturers maintain web archives for 7 to 10 years.

If you can’t find it on the auto manufacturer’s website, you can check other outlets:

If you plan on performing your tune-up, we recommend beginning with a list, so you don’t miss anything. Use your owner’s manual to determine the areas you should focus on for routine maintenance:

  1. Change oil
  2. Check and fill wiper fluid
  3. Check and fill transmission fluid (change as required)
  4. Clean, check, and re-gap spark plugs (change as required)
  5. Check all spark plug wires, battery cables, and wiring harness (replace as needed)
  6. Change windshield wipers
  7. Check all lights and hazard flashers
  8. Check tires for wear and fill to proper psi (replace as needed)
  9. Rotate tires according to manufacturer’s specifications
  10. Check brakes for wear, including brake lines and wheel cylinders (replace as needed)
  11. Grease all zerk fittings on suspension components (replace as needed)
  12. Check frame for rust and weak spots

Please remember to use the recommended type of oil and transmission fluid for your vehicle. When you change fluids, please use proper disposal methods. Many local auto parts stores have free disposal programs for hazardous materials.

Performing your maintenance can be a satisfying (or frustrating) experience. With a few tools, cleaning cloths, and a weekend, you can make sure your car lasts a long time.

Yearly “must pass state inspection” tune-up

If you live in a state without annual vehicle inspections, consider yourself blessed. For those people who reside where the state requires a yearly safety, emission, or other types of inspection, it can become an expensive proposition.

Each state has specific requirements, so we can’t cover them all. Some states offer exemptions for older vehicles. To check the requirement in your state, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is where you will find the information you need to “pre-inspect” your vehicle to make sure it will pass.

Most states with inspection requirements will check the basics:

  • Tires, suspension, and brakes
  • Lights, windshield wipers, and safety equipment
  • Windows (for operation, chips, and cracks)

Your state may require more or less. If you have been performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, your chances are better to pass an annual inspection. A failed inspection means you will be unable to register or drive your car without repair in many states.

Tweaking your ride for speed

If you want a little extra horsepower out of your car, you can add some tune-up modifications to give it a little boost. Bear in mind that, although these mods may add a little boost, they won’t make you instantly qualify for the Daytona 500.

If your vehicle is still under a factory warranty, be advised that some modifications can void your remaining warranty coverage.

So, what works? Not all things work with all vehicles. Checking online forums and discussing upgrades with other people who have the same make, model, and year as your car will save time, effort, and a lot of money. Use what worked for other owners and avoid their flops.

Some areas where many people find extra horsepower:

  • Add a high-performance cold-air intake system
  • Change to a high-performance air filter to increase airflow
  • Add a high-performance exhaust system
  • Add a supercharger to your engine
  • Integrate a turbocharger into your exhaust system
  • Replace the camshaft with a high performance model
  • Switch to high-performance spark plugs and wires

Depending on who you talk to, there are numerous ways to boost your horsepower. Some work well, while others may produce only marginal results. Approach any modifications realistically because no matter what you do, your car is still just a car.

Getting Better Fuel Economy

With continually fluctuating fuel costs, this is an area many car owners want to improve on. The quickest and surest way to improve fuel economy is to keep your vehicle maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes, spark plug changes, and routine maintenance provides your car with a boost in mileage.

Use a good quality oil with the correct viscosity for your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Maintain the proper air pressure in your tires. Keep engine air filters clean.

Minimize the drag to let your vehicle use the aerodynamics in its design. Don’t carry things on your roof rack. If you have a pickup truck, install a cap or tonneau cover. Drive with windows up as much as possible.

Allow your vehicle to warm up to normal operating temperature before setting out. If you must drive immediately after starting your car, drive conservatively and consistently for the first few miles. Good driving habits can assist in lowering fuel costs. Acceleration and quick stops during bouts of aggressive driving can increase fuel use.

Use cruise control when able because consistent speeds will increase fuel economy. If your area has toll roads, use the subscriber toll pay system to avoid complete stops at the toll booths. Avoid rush hour on the roadways whenever possible because the stop-and-go traffic can suck up fuel.

Remove the junk from your trunk. Seriously. Excess weight in your vehicle can significantly reduce fuel economy. Those two cinder blocks in the trunk from last winter? Please leave them in the garage.

The best way to get and maintain good fuel economy is by keeping your vehicle tuned up.

Reducing Exhaust Emissions

While the most efficient way to reduce exhaust emissions is to park your car and walk, that doesn’t work in our bustling society. The next best option is to purchase a vehicle that meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for emissions. But what can you do with your current vehicle to reduce your exhaust emissions?

First (and we’ve said this before) is to perform regular maintenance and keep your car tuned up. A well-running vehicle puts out fewer emissions. Even tire pressure can affect your emissions, so vehicle maintenance is the single best option for reducing your carbon footprint.

You can also use a fuel additive to keep your fuel lines and injectors clean. There are many available. Please read the label and make sure that it is suitable for your vehicle.

Another way to reduce emissions is to combine errands. Rather than making a special trip out to the grocery store, stop on your way home from work. Plan a circular route on errand day to reduce the total miles traveled while you complete your necessary stops.

Use cleaner fuels. Low-sulphur gasoline can reduce pollutants released into the air by 10 to 15 percent. Use E85 (85 percent ethanol fuel) if you have a flex vehicle with this capability.

Keep your exhaust system in good shape. Even a small pinhole leak can create a lot of extra emissions. You should perform regular inspections every time you service your vehicle. You already have it raised to change the oil, so take a look at the exhaust system front-to-back while you’re under there.

Frame and Suspension Tune-Ups

Improvements for your frame and suspension focus on three areas of your vehicle’s performance — braking, handling, and acceleration.

Coilovers (literally, coils over spring) will lower your vehicle’s center of gravity, allowing it to hug the road better. This adjustable mod hits all three performance areas, which is why it makes a good mod.

Change to a wider wheel and tire, offering more rubber-to-road surface area. This stabilizes your ride and helps your car “hug” the road on curves.

Upgrade your brake components to add performance pads and lightweight rotors. By reducing weight, you increase the available horsepower for movement, rather than overcoming gravity.

While these may seem like small adjustments, the performance capabilities added to your car will make your daily ride more enjoyable.

Adding Life-Years to Your Tires

When it comes to extending the life of your tires, routine maintenance again tops the list. Checking the air pressure at least once a month can add many miles to tire life. Operating at decreased psi is a leading cause of tire damage.

Second to maintaining proper air pressure is suspension, brakes, and steering checks. An improper front-end alignment will cause tires to wear out very quickly. In some cases, it can shorten the lifespan by half. Keeping up with suspension and steering systems maintenance will extend tire life.

Aggressive driving is something not many people consider, but darting in and out of traffic, rapid acceleration, and stopping quickly can also affect tire wear. Minding your manners and driving responsibly is a great way to help your tires.

Brake Tune-Ups Because Your Life Depends on It

Although brakes are a part of routine maintenance, we wanted to emphasize their importance. As one of your vehicle’s safety features, brakes have built-in sensors and other warning systems. While these can effectively keep you from suffering complete system failure, we urge you to take a proactive stance with brake maintenance.

Change out your pads before the metal tab begins screeching at you. Maintain fluid levels, so the dash light never illuminates. Keep an eye on your rotors and replace them before they are gouged almost clear through. Don’t wait for your calipers to stop functioning.

Many people forget about their brakes until they stop working. Believe us when we say that finding out your brakes don’t work while driving is not a fun life event.

For most vehicles, a complete rotor and pad change can be done in a few hours and cost a few hundred dollars. Unless you are using performance parts, brake components are very affordable. For a few extra dollars, you can rebuild or even replace worn calipers for added safety.

Although some vehicles do require special brake tools, most don’t. You can perform most brake system repairs in your driveway even with very little mechanical knowledge. A repair shop will charge a lot, but the parts themselves are not overly expensive.

Invest in your overall vehicle safety by making sure your braking system is always in good repair.

Routine Tune-Up or Tweaked for Speed?

Vehicle maintenance is crucial whether you are doing a routine tune-up or trying to add extra horsepower to your car. While there are many tweaks you can do to boost your performance, there is no substitute for good general maintenance.

Although we offered a good number of suggestions, we would be remiss if we did stress the importance of checking your vehicle warranty. Many warranty plans are automatically voided with the addition of after-market enhancements. Know what your warranty says before you make any modifications to your vehicle.

Whether you are prepping your car for an annual state inspection or just changing your oil, please use safety precautions. Do not crawl under a vehicle supported only by a hydraulic jack. Use wheel blocks and approved jack stands to support your raised vehicle.

Please let us know in the comments what you’ve done to improve your car’s performance and what results you saw after completing them.


Passive Income in 2021: Our Top 10 Ideas You Need to Try

When some people hear about passive income, they believe it’s too good to be true. But here’s the deal: It is possible to earn money while you sleep, go on vacation, or live your day-to-day life. But to succeed at this, you need to know how to make passive income in 2021.

Here are some of our favorite passive income ideas.

But First, What Is Passive Income?

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to passive income. Some people think it is some sort of magical system that deposits income into their bank account every month without them having to lift a finger. That’s just not true.

If you want to earn passive income in 2021, you will have to invest a little money or work upfront. But after the initial investment, you will watch your upfront work turn into passive income month after month. Just imagine, with a little work in the beginning, you could earn passive income in 2021 and beyond and have the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started on your passive income in 2021 journey.

Passive Income in 2021: Our Favorite Ideas

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can earn passive income in 2021? The most difficult part will be selecting the right passive income idea for you. Here are some to get you started.

1. Park it and forget it

One of the least labor-intensive passive income ideas is renting out space for others to park in. Especially if you live in a big city or other areas where parking is limited, you can advertise your driveway, empty lot, or even the space in front of your house, and others will pay you to park their car in it.

Websites like JustPark and SpotHero are set up to allow you to advertise your parking space. When someone looks for a parking space, they visit the site to find their ideal parking space. You could end up renting your space for a weekend or sign a long-term contract.

And the only work required on your part is to create the listing!

2. They’re everywhere

When is the last time you used a vending machine? You may have bought a soft drink, an afternoon snack, or a gumball for your kid. Vending machines are everywhere for a reason: People use them.

When you first enter the vending machine business, it requires work. First, you will have to purchase a vending machine and then buy and load the product inside of it. Next, you will have to persuade a business owner to allow you to place the machine on their premises. Many times, they will agree if you offer them a portion of the sales.

But after that, the income you earn is passive except restocking the machine whenever it becomes empty. The vending machine business is a great way to earn passive income in 2021 and for years after that. With a little money and effort on your part, you could soon have vending machines across your city and earn enough passive income to quit your day job!

3. Teach what you know

Today, people like to learn new things by taking online courses from experts. In fact, some people earn thousands of dollars per month by teaching others what they know. The Global Research Report estimates that by 2026, the e-learning market will bring in $375 billion a year.

If you want to use online courses to help earn passive income in 2021, you will have to put in some serious upfront time. It’s estimated that it takes at least a month to properly create a course that people will buy. But once you put in the time, you will earn passive income for everyone who purchases the course.

Of course, you will have to invest some money in this passive income idea as well. For instance, you may have to pay a course developer if you don’t want to create the course yourself, and you will have to pay a monthly fee to places like Teachable or Udemy to host your course.

4. Mi casa es su casa

If you have a spare bedroom or an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) in your home, you can rent out the space and make some serious passive income in 2021. Airbnb and Vrbo have revolutionized the way people stay when they are away from home, and homeowners across America are capitalizing on the trend. Here’s what you need to know about this money-making passive income idea.

Guests no longer want to stay in hotels. Instead, they look for experiences provided by homeowners across the nation that make their traveling adventures more personal. For instance, a horse ranchowner may offer a cabin on the land for rent on one of these sites. But don’t worry if you own a home in a suburb — people are paying to stay in these types of rentals as well.

To get started, you should make your room or cottage ready to rent. Decide what you will offer the guests and make it as welcoming as possible. This may include things like purchasing a new ultra-comfortable mattress and new towels. Next, list the accommodation on one of the sites and wait for people to book it.

You can choose to be a hands-on host and provide your guests with breakfast and a friendly face, or you can install a keypad and leave the guests on their own. While this isn’t a purely passive income in 2021 idea, it’s close enough to include in this list and one of the ideas that make you the most amount of income.

5. Real estate the easy way

If you’ve always wanted to be a real estate investor, but you don’t want to spend hours looking for the right property or dealing with bad tenants, you have options. Crowdfunding has come a long way, and one of the best things to emerge from the transition is real estate crowdfunding opportunities. In short, you can invest in real estate in an entirely passive way.

Sites like Fundrise offer want-to-be real estate investors an opportunity to invest in groundbreaking projects, both residential and commercial. And here’s the great news: You can start with as little as $500 as your investment. After you invest, the savvy managers at the company will make the investment and manage the funds which will reap you a quarterly passive income check.

6. Put it on paper

Another great way to earn passive income in 2021 is to self-publish a book. Whether you are an expert about a topic, are passionate about something and want to share that with readers, or like to write fiction, you can create an eBook and sell it to readers on sites like Amazon.

This is another passive income idea that takes some upfront work. Most popular nonfiction books are about 30,000 pages and fiction books tend to run about 55,000 pages, so you will need to spend some time writing, editing, formatting, and publishing the book before you can begin to earn money from it.

If you love the idea of getting passive income from a book but don’t want to write one, you can always hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. Just be sure that you purchase all rights to the book so that you won’t have to share your profits with anyone.

7. Add to that

If you decide to publish a book as a means to passive income in 2021, you can take things a step further and also create an audiobook. As popular as eBooks are, audiobooks are quickly gaining ground as more and more “readers” prefer to hear their books rather than read them. You can cash in on this trend by creating an audiobook from your eBook.

You can record the audiobook yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. Also, sites like ACX allow you to connect with narrators who will record your audiobook for a percentage of the sales. That means you can set up your passive income stream with no upfront costs!

8. It’s a wrap

If you do a lot of driving throughout the day, you can make passive income for driving those miles. Companies like match drivers with national brands. Once you’re matched, the company will place a wrap on your car that advertises the company.

Then, you simply drive your car and are paid by the mile to do so. The website claims that you can earn up to $400 a month for doing what you already do on a daily basis. Talk about easy passive income for 2021!

9. Offer convenience

Another way to use your car for passive income in 2021 is to use a service like Turo and rent out your car when you’re not using it. This is a great opportunity for people who have classic or unusual cars to make a good amount of passive income in 2021. But even if you own an ordinary car, people will be willing to rent it while in town for business or pleasure purposes.

The Turo website says that the average amount that people earn per month is just over $700. And while it will take some effort to keep this passive income side hustle going, it won’t take much. For instance, you will have to spend a few minutes listing your car on the site so potential renters can find it.

You will also need to wash your car before every rental, and arrange for the key exchange. Payment is three days after the rental and Turo takes a small percentage, leaving you 60 to 85 percent of the total fee. The alternative is to let your car sit unused in the driveway when you’re not using it!

10. Face forward

We’ve all heard stories about people uploading a video on YouTube or Rumble and making it big. The thing is, it’s true. If you have something to say that people want to hear, you can make it big. We’re talking about thousands of dollars per month in revenue from that video.

Since we’re talking about passive income, we won’t explore how to create a YouTube channel that builds a large audience. That is definitely not how to make passive income in 2021 because it takes a lot of work! Instead, we’re talking about creating one video that will reach a massive audience and generate loads of passive income.

For instance, when a video goes viral, the creator of that video stands to make a lot of money. This YouTube calculator shows just how much money you stand to make by creating a video that reaches the masses.

If you have a great idea, an opinion that will be popular, or a subject that you think people want to learn about, creating a viral YouTube video may be the best way to earn passive income in 2021.

Passive Income in 2021 Is a Real Possibility

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t earn passive income in 2021. It is entirely possible. You simply need to determine the passive income idea that best fits in with your lifestyle and then pursue it.

Did we forget about any passive income ideas that you want to tell us about? If so, please leave them in the comments section below and share your wisdom with other readers!


How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Drain: Pro Tips

As soon as you sit down at the dinner table, it begins. The irritating tiny flies begin swarming around your food, making it almost impossible to enjoy your meal. If this is happening to you, you need to know how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain.

But first, let’s talk about why fruit flies are so intent on living in your drain.

Why Do Fruit Flies Live in Kitchen Sink Drains?

It’s the last place you want to live, but to a fruit fly, a kitchen sink drain is an ideal environment. It’s dark and moist, and that all adds up to a happy place for a fruit fly. But once they’ve moved in, most people will do almost anything to learn how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain.

And here’s the thing: once a fruit fly moves in, it will hide in your sink drain and begin laying eggs. Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time. Can you imagine sharing your dinner with 500 fruit flies? Obviously, the goal is to keep the fruit flies out of your drain in the first place!

How Do Fruit Flies Get in Your House?

Before we talk about how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain, let’s address the underlying issue: how they get in your house in the first place. And here’s the truth: They have multiple entry points. If you can prevent them from coming into your home, you will reduce their chances of setting up their home in your kitchen drain.

For instance, fruit flies can come into your home on the vegetables you purchase from the farmer’s market or grocery store. Or, even if you have screens on your windows and doors, an adult fruit fly is small enough to fit through the tiny holes.

Finally, anytime you bring live plants into your home, you risk bringing in fruit flies that hide in the leaves and dirt.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Drain: 7 Tips

If you already have fruit flies in your drain, it’s time to take action. Luckily, the tiny insects aren’t difficult to get rid of once you understand how to go about it. If you’re asking how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain, here are 7 things you can do.

1. Look for the culprit

Fruit flies love rotten fruit and vegetables, and if you have any lying around your kitchen, it’s time to throw them out. Once produce begins to go bad, fruit flies are instantly attracted to it. And once even one fruit fly discovers the rotting produce, more will follow.

Throwing out old or rotting produce is the first step in ridding your kitchen drain of fruit flies.

2. Close it off

Since you know that fruit flies love to live in your sink drain, you should do all you can to make it difficult for them to enter it. Start by using a sink stopper to keep them out. Place the stopper over the drain whenever you’re not using it so the pests can’t sneak inside of it.

3. Hide it away

When you leave produce sitting on your countertop, it acts as an invitation to fruit flies. Instead of hanging out a welcome sign, you can make your kitchen less hospitable to fruit flies. Do this by storing all of your produce inside the refrigerator where fruit flies can’t find it.

4. If you must

If you don’t want to store certain produce in the fridge, you can take some steps to eliminate any existing fruit flies. For instance, onions and potatoes can turn to starch or sugar when stored in the fridge.

In this instance, simply wash the produce as soon as you bring it inside to eliminate any fruit flies that hitched a ride on it to enter your home.

5. Set a fruit fly trap

Your second option when learning how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain is to set a fruit fly trap. To do it, fill a small bowl with a combination of apple cider vinegar and dish soap. The apple cider vinegar will attract the flies, and the dish soap will coat their wings, making it impossible for them to fly out of the liquid.

6. Take it out

Having a large kitchen trash can is convenient. After all, most people don’t want to have to walk to the outdoor garbage can bin on a daily basis. But when you’re battling fruit flies (or you want to avoid the problem), it’s a great idea to take your trash outdoor every day.

That way, the trash inside the bin will never have the chance to begin rotting and attracting those pesky fruit flies!

7. Keep it clean

Fruit flies love everything that a clean sink drain doesn’t offer. They love slime, flecks of grease, and an overall area that contains rotting food particles. So, it makes sense that when learning how to keep fruit flies out of your drain that you simply don’t give them what they want.

To keep fruit flies out of your drain, make sure to clean your kitchen often and thoroughly. For instance, not only clean the exposed area on the bottom of your sink but also underneath the rim that lies at the top of your garbage disposal. The more you clean, the less the fruit flies will want to stay.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Drain — and the Stink

If there are two things that go together, it’s fruit flies and stink. Sometimes, you can take all of the steps we’ve listed above and still not rid your sink drain of the fruit flies. In cases like this, it’s time to take some drastic cleaning action.

If you’ve taken all of the steps above and still have fruit flies in your drain along with a stink you can’t get rid of, here are four more hard-core tactics you can take to finally rid yourself of the problem.

The double whammy

Sometimes sink stink comes from the gunk that has hardened and clung to your pipes or the walls of your garbage disposal. To rid your sink drain of the gunk, start by placing water or white vinegar in a pot and bring it to a boil. Then, slowly pour about half of it down the drain.

Here comes the magic part: Once the first part is down the drain, run the cold water in the sink. Then, wait a few minutes, which will give any gunk down there time to solidify. Then, pour in the other half and watch as all the slime goes down the drain.

The power of two

For stubborn sink stinks, you may need to rely on the magic combination of baking soda and vinegar. This dynamic duo has the strength to rid your sink of the smell that attracts fruit flies. Start by pouring some baking soda down your drain.

After letting it sit for a few minutes, add some white vinegar to the mix. Pour it in the drain and watch as the two substances mingle to create a fizzy, bubbling mix. That mix will work to eliminate any crud that has found its way into your sink drain.

Your mixture should consist of one part baking soda and two parts vinegar. After allowing the mixture to sit in your sink drain for about an hour, pour hot water down the drain. This should rid your sink of any lingering food waste.

3. Put on those gloves

If you’ve tried the above methods and fruit flies are still finding their way into your sink drain, it’s time to bump things up a notch. This next method isn’t pretty, but it will remove any lingering scraps that can attract fruit flies.

Put on some rubber gloves because this next method isn’t for the weak-kneed. Place a bucket underneath your sink, and then take off the curved portion of the drainpipe that sits underneath your sink. Allow any excess water or crud to flow into the bucket.

Next, take the P-trap outside and rinse it out with your garden hose. Once it’s clean, bring it back inside and reassemble your drain pipes. You may want to pour some baking soda and vinegar down the drain to get rid of any lingering crud.

Last chance

If you’ve done everything we recommended above and still need to know how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain, you have one more option before calling in the pros. It’s time to think outside the box and look beyond your kitchen sink drain. In fact, it’s time to look outside.

Every house has a drain vent, which is an exterior vent where all indoor drains vent out of. Sometimes that vent becomes clogged, and that can cause the buildup and stink that attracts fruit flies. To determine whether or not this is your issue, you will need to look at that vent.

Using a ladder, climb up on your roof and look to see whether the vent is blocked. If it is, carefully take off the cover and clean it. It is not uncommon for leaves and other debris to block the vent.

Solved: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Drain

Knowing how to get rid of fruit flies in your drain can be a lifesaver when you want to enjoy cooking or eating in the kitchen. Luckily, it’s not difficult to do. Just follow the suggestions in this article, and soon, your kitchen drain will be free of fruit flies.

Did you have another method to help get rid of fruit flies? If so, we would love to hear your suggestions. Please leave them in the comments below!


You Need to Know When Choosing a PC: Which Is Better — SSD or HDD?

Every device or computer must have a drive upon which it can save information. For computers, the drive is either an SSD or HDD. And you might wonder which is better: SSD or HDD.

While you may hear a lot about which of these is superior, there is much more you have to know about each option to really get an idea of how they compare. So, we’re here to help you decide which is better: SSD or HDD.

What Is an HDD?

HDD stands for hard disk drive. PC Magazine explains it is the traditional drive used in most computers since the earliest times of computing. In the beginning, HDDs were incredibly large in physical size, but they held very little information.

By the 1980s, they had shrunk in size to 5.25 inches. These days, they are usually 3.5 inches for desktops and 2.5 inches for laptops. Today, you can get an HDD that holds up to 10TB of data.

It is a non-volatile storage option that keeps the information permanently on it. An HDD uses spinning metal platters coated in magnetic material and a read/write head.

You can think of it as a record player with the record as the hard disk and the needle and arm as the transducer. It works in a similar way as the transducer will read information from the hard disk. It can also write information.

What Is an SSD?

SSD stands for solid-state drive. SSDs are a much newer technology than HDD. Intel explains that it gets its name from the fact that it has no moving parts. It is just a solid piece that stores data in integrated circuits. An SSD has the same essential function as an HDD to save data, except it uses flash-memory chips called NAND.

SSDs can be very small. The typical size is 2.5 inches, but that is mainly just to allow it to fit in the standard size spots made for HDDs. They can go much smaller. For example, the M.2, which can mount directly on a motherboard, is about the same size as a stick of gum. Due to the size, SSDs are pretty standard now as the drive on most laptops and desktops except for lower-end models.

When it comes to capacity, there is a difference from HDDs. They used to max out around 2GB, but now the highest is around 8TB. A typical size, though, is 250GB.

Which Is Better: SSD or HDD — A Direct Comparison

In general, HDD and SSD are the same basic thing. They both serve as a drive for a computer and hold permanent data. Either of them can be internal or external. They both can boot your system.

However, there are some very distinct differences that you want to consider. When comparing HDD vs. SSD, you want to think about the following:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Power
  • Noise


When it comes to size, SSD wins easily. It just doesn’t have the limitations that an HDD has. You can’t really go smaller with HDDs than the 2.5 inches they are currently. There have been some attempts to reduce the size, but it hasn’t worked.

SSDs can still get smaller and probably will. The only reason many come in at the 2.5-inch size is for compatibility with a system made to accommodate HDDs. There’s no need for them to be so large.

Because SSDs have the ability to be smaller than HDDs, it offers a lot of flexibility in computer design. This is especially important as computers are popping up in smaller and smaller devices, such as watches. It’s also why most laptops on the market have SSDs instead of HDDs.


Capacity is where HDD has the edge. It’s not because SSDs cannot offer a lot of storage. It’s because of the cost of a higher storage SSD.

You’ll find that SSDs generally max out at 2TB. Finding something larger is not going to be easy because they just don’t make them for sale to consumers.

On the other hand, HDDs come in sizes up to 10TB, which is incredibly more storage power than 2TB. You have to consider that the more storage your drive offers, the more data you can keep on your computer without affecting function and performance.


When it comes to speed, which is better, SSD or HDD? SSD wins this race. It comes down to how each type of drive functions.

Because an HDD has moving parts, it takes time for it to warm up and get going. SSDs don’t have this issue. You turn them on, and they are ready to go.

An SSD boots in seconds. It runs programs faster because it can access the stored data quicker. It also transfers data more quickly.

An HDD is slower overall. It has to get the disk moving and read/write it every time you want to access the drive. In addition, an HDD can become fragmented, which means the data is scattered on the drive instead of lying in a continuous block. That cannot happen on an SSD.

When data is not in a block, the HDD has to search around for it to access, which slows it’s functioning down. You can defragment the drive, but that, too, takes time and effort on your part.


SSDs are more expensive than HDDs. As mentioned, you will get more disk space with an HDD for cheaper. SSDs can be almost double the amount of an HDD with the same storage. A good example is when you compare this SSD to this HDD.

HDD is older technology, so it’s going to remain more budget-friendly. Until things start to even out and SSDs are not the new kid on the block anymore, you can expect to pay more for them.


Looking again at the general function of each type of drive, you’ll discover that an SSD is much more durable than an HDD. HDDs have moving parts, whereas SSDs don’t. It makes all the difference.

You can’t drop an HDD without the risk of damaging the parts. Even a bump could damage it. This is why laptops usually use SSDs.


Longevity is a tricky one. Just looking at the general lifespan, HDDs win. They can wear out from constant use, but it’ll take a very long time.

However, the cells in SSDs can only withstand a certain number of times being written and erased, which is the measurement known as a TBW rating. The TBW rating was fairly low in the past, but technology is advancing, and now an SSD will likely outlive the device it is in.

The bottom line here is that HDDs and SSDs are pretty equal when it comes to longevity.


Again, the moving parts on an HDD are a negative. Because it has the spinning platters and constant need for energy, HDDs will use more power than SSDs. According to Avast, this is a benefit to having SSDs in laptops because they won’t use as much of the battery life.


Because HDDs have physical parts that move, they will be louder. SSDs make no noise, actually. They are a non-mechanical device. HDD noise may be minimalized due to technological advances, but an HDD is always going to make some sound.

How to Choose Between SSD and HDD

Both options have their pros ad cons. You have to weigh the details and features of each when considering what is best for you. Think about your needs because that will usually dictate which drive is the best choice.

HDD is best

An HDD may be the best choice if you have a lot of data to store. Video collections or other multimedia will take a lot of space. You can easily max out an SSD.

It is also a better purchase if you have a low budget.

SSD is best

For people who stream or use cloud storage for the most part, an SSD may be the best option. It is especially good for those who want portability. Anyone who wants quick data access will also prefer SSD. This type of drive is probably better for anyone who needs to minimize noise, such as musicians recording their own music. It’s also usually the top choice for gamers.

Which Is Better: SSD or HDD?

Returning to the original question, “Which is better: SSD or HDD?” we have to be honest. SSDs are usually going to be superior to HDDs. However, due to budgetary concerns, SSDs may not always work for all users. The bottom line is that you have to consider what you can afford and go from there when choosing which type of drive you will buy.